A meeting with Parson's construction manager, arranged by Dr. Teuscher, was held on 1/28/09. Miram Nichol, Mary Court, Jack Lawrence, and Mary (Broussard?) attended. I was unable to attend, but this is my understanding of the meeting:

The usual claims were made, that it costs more to redo than to build new. Parson's represented that the wiring, plumbing, roof, all need to be upgraded to bring the building up to code and stated that the steps also will need to be brought up to regulations by making a ramp and handrails. (I don't understand this because there is ample entrance into the building below the steps to accommodate the handicapped. The steps to the 2nd floor seem more decorative. But that's what they are saying). The new building will be two stories, and Parson's states that BISD instructed them to "preserve as much as they can." Apparently they are thinking specifically of the spires on either side of the stairs. Parsons will arrange another meeting with their architech and stated that the South Park representatives will be able to see and approve the final plans.

If anyone has info to add to or correct this summary, email me and I will make adjustments.
Sherry lumoto@msn.com


Report on Bond meeting held 12/16/2008: SP attendees were not acknowledged. Bond committee showed a pic of the new school and moved on through their agenda. Word is they will continue to use the name South Park.

School Board meeting held 12/18/2008: No reports.


My feelings now:
If they tear down our school and they don't save the outer walls, just put up some crappy building like Pietzsch, then we need to make DAMN SURE that they DO NOT NAME it SOUTH PARK! It's not South Park anymore. What they are doing to South Park only disgraces the name!

Thank you, Lou, for joining with me in the demand that the name South Park not be dishonored. (Our letters were published together Saturday, Dec 27, 2008)