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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S274 Linda Massia's Family Tree http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~lmassia/fam11212.htm
2 S967 Rootsweb Family Tree - Rosemary Smith Harris, genlady2
3 S968 Nowlin-Stone Genealogy by James Edmund Nowlin
4 S970 Familysearch.org
5 S983 Rootsweb Family Trees - Jennifer (renaywhittier@live.com) Missouri Families
6 S984 Roots Web Family Trees -Gary Jensen (gjensen11@hotmail.com) gjensen11
7 S988 Rootsweb - FamilyTree"My Bunch" Norma (nlndgrn@sbcglobal.net)
8 S1013 John Russell (acalrunner@hotmail.com)
9 S1017 Jerry Lee Broussard (jerryleebroussard@att.com)
10 S1018 Carla Hebert
11 S1025 Betty Wilson
12 S1026 Rootsweb Family Tree (Jerry Collins jerryhcollins@comcast.net) 18 June 2009
13 S1027 Ralph Doak (Cork, Ireland) ralphdoak@gmail.com
14 S1028 Boyd Sewell (bcs1947@yahoo.com)
15 S1029 
16 S1030 Rootsweb Tree Family Ties (Jay, chahtabear@aol.com)
17 S1031 Wild-Type Genealogy (http://wild-type.com)
18 S1033 James and Mary Crawford McBride (c 2012)
Glenn R. Morton (glennmorton@entouch.net) 
19 S1034 Glenn R. Morton (glennmorton@entouch.net)
20 S1035 Jim Keienburg
21 S1036 Ancestry.com/tree/3013390 (LloydAnnFairchild)
22 S1037 Robert Edward Oakley
23 S1039 Sons of the American Revolution
24 S1040 Daughters of the American Revolution
25 S1042 Weldon McDougle (weldon_mcdougle@yahoo.com)
26 S1043 1840 census, Peno, Pike Co, Missouri
27 S1048 
28 S1049 
29 S1050 Virginia Bruce Provost (vprovost@ymail.com)
30 S1051 Judy Alice Trahan
31 S1052 
32 S1053 
33 S1054 Steve Benson
34 S1055 Maxine Ramsay
35 S1056 Harriet W. Jewell Berry (109cookie@gmail.com)
36 S1058 Terry Pratt (andmpratt@prairieinet.net)
37 S1057 Priscilla Bruce (pmbruce45@msn.com)
38 S1059 Bernard Stone (J-FFDNA)
39 S1060 Dr. Richard Duane Sears (FFDNA)
40 S1061 Sally Bonham Mohle (FFDNA)
41 S1062 B. Clayton
42 S1063 Richard Wayne Seiler (J-pp-FFDNA)
43 S1064 Cindi Shelton (clshelton@grandecome.net)
44 S1067 Kenneth Ray Pergrem
45 S1128 Steve Carter (aggiefan1960@yahoo.com)
46 S1072 Brian Mavity (J-FFDNA)
47 S1074 Martha Prather Edwards
48 S1075 Randolph Burton Clapp (J-FFDNA)
49 S1077 Teresa Jean Mason (J-FFDNA)
50 S1078 Donetta Mindermann (S-FFDNA)
51 S1079 Dr. Donald R. Chesnut , Jr. (JS-FFDNA)
52 S1080 Linda Hollman (JS-FTNDA)
53 S1081 Melissa P. Phelps (J-FFDNA)
54 S1082 Ervin Stephen Pruitt (J-FFDNA)
55 S1084 
56 S1085 Constance McLarry Ausec (JS-FFDNA-4)
57 S1086 Holly Battle (hollybattle41@yahoo.com)
58 S1087 Vickie Lynn Vaughn (J-FFDNA-4)
59 S1088 Fansler, Kiser Family Tree (Ancestry: fkathy31)
60 S1089 Wilson-Vanleeuwen (Ancestry: Ted Wilson)
61 S1090 Krueger/Kohls/McMillen Family Tree (Ancestry: kelleykoh)
62 S1091 Mecum, Crayton/O'Neal, Noland Family Tree (Ancestry: CarolynMMP)
63 S1092 Lay/Keplinger/Siemiller/Pratt Family Tree (Ancestry: marystephenson54)
64 S1093 Farr Family Tree (Ancestry: darlapruitt)
65 S1094 Benny Joe Crafton (S-FFDNA)
66 S1095 Pennsylvania Pioneers and Their Descendants in Virginia--James Van Lieu Kiser (Woodstock, VA 2004)
67 S1096 Mrs. Gayle Hennington-Van Horn (J-FFDNA-4r)
68 S1097 Charleen J. Ferrell (J-FFDNA)
69 S1098 Ms. Donna Jean Gunter (JS-FFDNA-4r)
70 S1099  Roger Dyer, Pioneer Settler of the Virginia Frontier--Elva Dyer Forman (1999)
71 S1100 C. Kempton Adams (JS-FFDNA)
72 S1101 William LaBach (geni.com/people/Archibald-Preston/6000000004086575055)
73 S1102 Ms. Mary E. MacKay (J-FFDNA-5r)
74 S1103 J. R. "Rod" Burton (jrburton1953@gmail.com)
75 S1104 
76 S1105 
77 S1106 Roger D. Lee (rleedlee@hotmail.com)
78 S1107 "The Forman Genealogy"
Anne Spottswood Dandridge (1903) 
79 S1108 
80 S1109 Heidi Marie Chadwick (barracudawife@yahoo.com) (FFDNA-gsj)
81 S1110 Heidi White (mari383072@aol.com) (J-FF-4thr)
82 S1112 K.E. Ramsey (g-FF-4)
83 S1113 Diana Lynn Nelson Todd
84 S1114 Craig Varner - Varner-Brokaw-Thoen-Fetters Tree
85 S1115 Dr. William Howard Garner
86 S1117 Robert L. McIntosh Jr. mudskipper72@gmail.com (GLM-FF-4)
87 S1118 Mary Winn (Winnmmw@aol.com)
88 S1119 Lynda Lehmann French (tableshuffleboard.org)
89 S1120 Ella Hendrix (ehendrix1@elp.rr.com)
90 S1121 Bobbie (Marshall) Wooll (bobbie@wooll.com)
91 S1122 Bobbie (Marshall) Wooll (bobbie@wooll.com)
92 S1123 Doris Scanion (countryquilts14@msn.com)
93 S1126 Lawrence Madison Douglass (ldouglass@hotmail.com)
94 S1127 Ancestry tree of Kathy Burns903
95 S1129 Mary Hixson
96 S1130 Larry K. Stephens
97 S1131 Terri Seiley Ward
98 S1132 George Kelly VanHooser
99 S1133 Denise Lemon Knapp
100 S1134 Kenneth Allen Kent (GLM-FFdna 4r)

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