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James* H. Hayes, Sr

Male 1794 - Bef 1837  (~ 51 years)

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Albert Lee Myers
Male 1861-1917
New chart
Ira Alvin Myers
Male 1867-1897
James Orin Myers
Male 1829-1902
James Franklin Courts
Male 1865-Abt 1910
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Matilda Myers
Female 1831-1896
Jediah Myers
Male Abt 1832-Bef 1869
Mary Amelie Myers
Female 1858-Aft 1860
Benjamin Myers (Mayer)
Male 1835-Aft 1860
Matilda Kershaw
Female 1840-Aft 1869
Alice Frugia
Female 1868-1921
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Florence Guthrie Harding
Female Abt 1859-Abt 1881
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Leonard Morgan
Male 1860-Aft 1870
Renie Morgan
Female Abt 1863-Aft 1909
(..) Perry, Mr
Male Abt 1863-Aft 1884
Mary Alice Morgan
Female 1865-Aft 1909
Theodore Madison Saville
Male Abt 1865-Aft 1909
Eliza Myers
Female 1836-Aft 1868
Alvin Morgan
Male 1842-1909
Millie Ann Myers
Female 1838-Aft 1847
Mary Chambers
Female 1865-Aft 1870
Mahaly Chambers
Female 1867-Aft 1870
Melissa Ann Myers
Female 1843-Aft 1870
James Chambers
Male Abt 1849-Aft 1870
Louis Myers
Male Abt 1845-Bef 1869
Amelia "Milly" Hayes
Female 1813-Bef 1847
Benjamin Myers
Male 1805-Bef 1847
Eliza Hayes
Female 1837-Abt 1850
Stephen Hayes
Male 1842-1850
Sarah Hayes
Female 1869-Aft 1870
Plascede Hayes
Male 1847-Aft 1880
Mrs. Mary (..) Hayes
Female 1852-Aft 1870
Mary L. Hayes
Female 1879-Aft 1880
Howard Hayes
Male 1850-Aft 1870
Ralph Hayes
Male 1852-Aft 1870
Reuben Dola Hayes
Male 1854-Aft 1870
Martha A. Hayes
Female 1858-Aft 1860
Gabriel Hayes
Male 1859-Aft 1870
Theresa McCall
Female 1857-1864
Fannie A. Sweet
Female 1862-Aft 1910
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John P McCall
Male 1864-1888
Robert C McCall
Male 1867-Aft 1940
Mary McCall
Female 1869-1909
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James McCall
Male 1831-1872
Susan G. Webb
Female 1864-Aft 1900
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James A. Tyree
Male 1865-1953
Eva McCall
Female 1869-1941
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Andrew McCall
Male 1879-Aft 1900
Martha Ann Garner
Female 1842-Aft 1900
John McCall
Male 1832-1891
Harrell A Gripon
Male Abt 1866-Aft 1900
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Jacob W Johnson
Male 1868-Aft 1900
Frank Lewis Beular
Male Abt 1872-Aft 1910
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Benjamin R Johnson
Male Abt 1877-Aft 1900
Mary Ann Garner
Female 1844-1926
Bradley Johnson
Male 1841-1901
Leonard Garner
Male 1847-Bef 1906
Morcelia Gibney
Female Abt 1845-Aft 1867
Rachel Garner
Female 1865-1929
Nicholas Sweetland
Male 1849-Aft 1900
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Othneil Arthur Garner
Male 1876-Aft 1900
Camella Garner
Female 1882-Bef 1920
Sanford B. Johnson
Male 1880-Aft 1918
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Ida May Johnson
Female 1885-1968
New chart
Milton Garner
Male 1853-Aft 1910
Jack Garner
Male Aft 1852-Aft 1906
Camella Garner
Female 1882-Bef 1920
Sanford B. Johnson
Male 1880-Aft 1918
New chart
Ida May Johnson
Female 1885-1968
New chart
Milton Garner
Male 1853-Aft 1910
Addie M. Garner
Female 1902-Aft 1910
Allie Garner
Female 1855-Aft 1860
Hubert Garner
Male 1886-Aft 1910
Blanche Garner
Female 1888-1968
New chart
Dorsey Garner
Male 1891-Aft 1910
Bradley Garner
Male 1859-Aft 1914
Rachel Johnson
Female 1867-1929
Matilda Hayes
Female 1817-1895
Elizabeth Hayes
Female 1819-Aft 1840
Jeremiah Pack
Male Abt 1819-Aft 1840
Eliza Hayes
Female 1840-Aft 1850
Victor Aubey
Male 1871-1954
Lenora Burrell
Female 1873-1953
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Effie Aubey
Female 1873-1874
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Rosa Irene Aubey
Female 1877-1971
Will A. Balston
Male Abt 1877-Aft 1950
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Mary Ella Aubey
Female 1879-1882
Annie Mae Aubey
Female 1881-Aft 1910
L.A. Love
Male Abt 1881-Aft 1920
Horace Aubey
Male 1884-1937
Belva L. Aubey
Female 1888-Aft 1925
Grady Damer Clubb
Male 1892-Aft 1910
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Laura Hayes
Female Bef 1867-Aft 1880
Oscar Hayes
Male 1869-Aft 1880
Rachel Garner
Female 1865-1929
Ella Hayes
Female 1874-Aft 1880
Oscar Hayes
Male 1846-Bef 1877
Dave Stone
Male 1852-1888
New chart
Ada Linscomb
Female 1873-1956
New chart
Leonard Linscomb
John L. Linscomb
Male 1878-1960
Cecelia Benoit
Female 1882-1944
New chart
Joanna Hayes
Female 1845-1925
Armelin Linscomb
Male 1842-1914
Maurice Decater Shaw
Male 1867-Bef 1936
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(daughter) LeMaire
Female Abt 1875-Aft 1936
John Williams
Male Abt 1875-Aft 1936
(daughter) LeMaire
Female Abt 1889-Aft 1936
E. Vohman
Male Abt 1888-Aft 1936
Viola L. LeMaire
Female 1881-1976
Lemuel Edward Lockhart
Male 1875-Bef 1949
New chart
Ben J. LeMaire
Male 1882-1961
Avia Mathers
Female Abt 1882-Aft 1947
Kate LeMaire
Female 1886-Aft 1920
Willie LeMaire
Female 1888-1983
Gertrude LeMaire
Female 1892-Aft 1936
James T. Childress
Male 1897-Aft 1930
Lizzie LeMaire
Female Abt 1894-Aft 1936
(..) Jertzen
Male Abt 1893-Aft 1913
Viannah Hayes
Female 1849-1937
Annie Hayes
Female 1887-1964
Sidney H Keenan
Male Abt 1887-Aft 1964
Damian R Hayes
Male 1888-1967
Mark Hayes
Male 1894-1972
James Hayes
Male 1863-1939
New chart
Maude Hayes
Female 1887-Aft 1930
New chart
Ambrose Hayes
Male 1858-1940
Felisita Hayes
Female 1859-Aft 1860
Edgar E. Dickens
Male 1884-Aft 1920
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Philomena Hayes
Female 1864-1919
Felicity Gallier
Female 1821-Aft 1880
Louisiana Hayes
Female Abt 1823-Bef 1850
John Wilson
Male 1823-Aft 1850
Furney G. Peveto
Male 1858-1907
New chart
Emoline Granger
Female 1867-1913
New chart
Roxie Mitchell
Female 1889-1964
New chart
Ella Rivers
Female Abt 1867-Aft 1887
Joseph Green
Male Abt 1871-Aft 1892
Nora Sneed
Female Abt 1873-Aft 1894
Eleanora Smith
Female 1879-1930
New chart
Cecil McCade
Female Abt 1877-1902
Elva Maude Gallier
Female 1880-Bef 1881
Ella Gallier
Female 1882-Aft 1882
Serena Carr
Female 1838-1919
New chart
Olivia Levi Hargraves
Male 1865-Aft 1927
Elvira E. Taylor
Female 1858-1927
New chart
Philomena Hayes
Female 1864-1919
New chart
John H. Smith
Male 1866-1935
New chart
Joseph E. Hargraves
Male 1871-Aft 1929
Alzema Broussard
Female 1872-1929
Otiss L. Hargraves
Male 1873-Aft 1880
Ofelia Hargraves
Female 1880-Aft 1900
Julia Broussard
Female 1867-Aft 1880
James Hayes
Male 1863-1939
New chart
Lovan S Grammier
Male 1869-Bef 1920
New chart
Alzema Broussard
Female 1872-1929
Joseph E. Hargraves
Male 1871-Aft 1929
Leo Broussard
Male 1875-1965
Cora Burrell
Female 1878-1962
New chart
Naomi Broussard
Female 1879-Aft 1880
Mary Gallier
Female 1843-Aft 1931
Donneville Broussard
Male 1837-Aft 1880
George Grammier
Male Abt 1843-Aft 1880
Levy Gallier
Male 1864-Aft 1880
JJ Gallier
Male Abt 1867-Aft 1931
Mary Gallier
Female Abt 1869-Aft 1931
Jacob John Gallier
Male 1871-Aft 1880
New chart
Sidney Gallier
Male 1873-Aft 1880
Aldine Gallier
Female 1877-Aft 1931
Tracy Gallier
Female 1882-1913
Jacob Gallier
Male 1845-1931
Susan Frugia
Female 1845-1910
Levi Gallier
Male 1847-Aft 1850
J.H. Gallier
Male 1875-Aft 1880
Helen Gallier
Female 1878-1956
New chart
Alice Gallier
Female 1880-1921
Joseph Groves
Male 1846-1916
New chart
New chart
Stella Gallier
Female 1895-1961
Martin F. Alexander
Male Abt 1895-Bef 1961
Alvina Maass
Female 1849-1938
Ada Linscomb
Female 1873-1956
New chart
William Odom
Male Abt 1854-Aft 1856
Willie Gallier
Male 1879-1952
Louisa Dartez
Female 1881-1909
Martin Gallier
Male 1856-1935
Evelina Odom
Female 1855-Bef 1880
Oscar Gallier
Male 1883-Aft 1900
Lobe Gallier
Male 1884-Aft 1900
Joe Gallier
Male 1887-Aft 1900
Mrs (..) Gallier
Female Abt 1855-Aft 1900
James Dewees
Male 1865-Aft 1889
New chart
David J Dewees, Jr
Male 1870-Aft 1912
Hattie Bunch
Female Abt 1870-Aft 1898
New chart
Alzena Hayes
Female 1848-Aft 1884
Calvin W. Waley
Male 1880-1959
New chart
Mitchell Waley
Male 1852-Yes, date unknown
Ophelia Nobles
Female 1876-1901
New chart
Mary Emily Gentz
Female 1869-1924
New chart
New chart
Edith "Eda" Gentz
Female 1874-Bef 1930
Hugh B. (or E.) Gray
Male 1871-Aft 1903
New chart
New chart
Mrs. Mary (..) Gentz
Female 1885-Aft 1918
New chart
Johnnie M. Manovich
Male 1884-Aft 1954
New chart
Maude Williams Boyt
Female Abt 1890-1920
New chart
Odile Leger
Female Abt 1887-Aft 1963
Gilder "Doc" Gentz
Male 1889-Bef 1941
Henry Hill
Male 1887-Aft 1920
New chart
Joseph D. Guidry, Sr.
Male 1885-Aft 1940
New chart
Matilda* Hayes
Female 1849-1930
Nancy Elizabeth Hayes
Female 1852-Aft 1860
Minnie Myers
Female Abt 1876-Bef 1910
Geneva Adaway
Female 1897-Aft 1920
New chart
Emily Hemmenway
Female 1879-Aft 1880
Mitchell M. Carroll
Male 1878-Aft 1910
New chart
Ruth Hemmenway
Female 1887-Aft 1910
Mary E. Hayes
Female 1855-1940
H. Lawson Gray
Male 1847-Aft 1904
James* H. Hayes, Jr
Male 1826-Aft 1900
Emily* Burrell
Female 1829-Bef 1860
James Hayes
Male 1864-Bef 1958
A.W. Perry
Male Abt 1885-Aft 1962
Lucy (..) Hemmenway
Female Abt 1990-Aft 1920
Nettie E. Hemmenway
Female 1904-Aft 1920
Frankie E. Hemmenway
Female 1906-Aft 1920
Missouri Hayes
Female 1864-1949
Soloman Hayes
Male 1865-Aft 1870
Celina Maass
Female 1846-Bef 1870
William A. Peveto
Male 1877-Aft 1880
Claudie W. Peveto
Female 1878-Aft 1900
Jacob A. Peveto
Male 1879-Aft 1880
Mattie Mansfield
Female 1895-1983
New chart
Leonard Peveto
Male 1882-Aft 1900
Octavia Peveto
Female 1883-Aft 1910
Tracy Peveto
Female 1885-Aft 1910
Leonard Peveto
Male 1891-Aft 1910
Oliver Peveto-Thomas
Male 1843-Aft 1843
Missouri Hayes
Female 1826-1857
John Peveto
Male 1821-1910
Susan Thomas
Female 1851-1903
John Stephen Farrow
Male Abt 1850-Aft 1868
Lydia Thomas
Female 1852-Aft 1853
Felix Thomas
Male 1854-Aft 1854
Reese Thomas
Male 1856-Aft 1859
Mary J Hayes
Female 1848-Aft 1870
Sarah Elizabeth Hayes
Female 1851-Aft 1880
Alvin Morgan
Male 1842-1909
Nathan R Hayes
Male 1857-Aft 1870
Ann E Hayes
Female 1860-Aft 1870
Elijan R Hayes
Male 1865-Aft 1870
James E Hayes
Male 1869-Aft 1870
Alzena Hayes
Female 1828-1898
New chart
James* H. Hayes, Sr
Male 1794-Bef 1837
Maria I* Johnson
Female 1796-Aft 1880