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James* (Jacques) William Clark

Male 1768 - Aft 1815  (48 years)

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Angelle Clark
Female 1790-Aft 1798
Thomas Rowe
Male Abt 1790-Aft 1830
Sarah Harmon
Female 1838-1928
William M Harmon
Male 1840-1928
Martha (..) Harmon
Female 1843-Abt 1880
Sally Sanders
Female 1844-1876
John Harmon
Male 1846-1907
Eliza J. Jett
Female 1854-1924
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Rachel Berwick
Female 1858-1903
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Amanda C. Jett
Female 1852-1948
Joshua Harmon
Male Abt 1859-Aft 1860
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Mary Harmon
Female 1849-1891
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Jesse Harmon
Male 1853-Aft 1860
Elizabeth Harmon
Female 1855-Aft 1860
Emola Harmon
Female 1857-Aft 1860
Ann Harmon
Female 1856-1934
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James Frisbie
Male 1853-1927
Joannah Harmon
Female 1864-1902
Charles M. Burnett
Male Abt 1865-Bef 1902
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Joshua Harmon
Male 1821-1896
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Nancy Jane Bland
Female 1845-1933
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Joshua Bland
Male 1867-1947
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Susannah Harmon
Female 1823-1892
Peyton Bland
Male 1815-1872
Rachel Patillo
Female 1843-1909
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Phoebe Cole
Female 1854-1893
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Emily Patillo
Female 1847-1932
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Hester A Harmon
Female 1828-1865
Mark Cole
Male 1849-Aft 1850
Susannah Cole
Female 1851-1917
Hester Ann Cole
Female 1853-1928
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John Cole
Male 1855-Aft 1860
Patum Cole
Male 1858-Aft 1860
Ralph M. Cole
Male 1861-1891
Drusilla Cole
Female 1863-1887
Leonard Gibson
Male 1859-Aft 1880
Emeline Cole
Female 1866-1901
Altha Cole
Female 1868-1957
Silus Cole
Male 1871-1929
Rachel Cole
Female 1873-1918
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Gil Cole, (son?)
Male 1873-1940
Mrs Lena (..) Cole
Female Abt 1873-Aft 1940
Elizabeth Harmon
Female 1829-1892
Joshua Cole
Male 1828-1904
Martha Harmon
Female 1857-1916
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Milley Harmon
Female 1859-1895
Austin Abshier
Male 1852-1937
H.L. Weed
Female Abt 1861-Bef 1887
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John Harmon, Jr
Male 1836-1929
Mary Means
Female 1840-1873
Thomas Jefferson Singleton
Male Abt 1840-Aft 1860
Elizabeth Singleton
Female Abt 1847-1916
Elisha Wilson
Male Abt 1830-Aft 1868
Priscella Singleton
Female Abt 1850-Aft 1880
John A Parker
Male Abt 1850-Aft 1880
Priscilla Faulk
Female 1820-Abt 1888
Amos W Singleton
Male 1817-Bef 1853
Shelby Wilson
Male Abt 1820-Aft 1854
John Ripley Faulk, Jr
Male 1792-Aft 1821
John Orr
Male 1833-Aft 1900
Mrs. Mary (..) Orr
Female 1845-Bef 1900
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James Dewees
Male 1865-Aft 1889
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Rufus Jackson
Male 1853-Aft 1897
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Harkaway Burch
Male 1864-1942
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Dora Modawell
Female 1854-1933
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Mary Hart
Female 1883-1937
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Andrew Jackson
Male Abt 1870-Aft 1890
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Orelien Trahan
Male 1864-1929
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Mark T. Burch
Male 1875-Aft 1880
Joanna Orr
Female 1835-Aft 1906
Priscilla Clark
Female 1796-1870
George Orr
Male 1784-1835
Marie Louise Clark
Female 1798-Abt 1829
Thomas Rowe
Male Abt 1798-Aft 1830
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Lillie Perkins
Female 1894-1940
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Eldridge Madison Singleton
Male Abt 1821-Abt 1895
Mary McKinney
Female 1865-Aft 1891
Eli Clark, (Mulatto)
Male Abt 1866-Aft 1900
Kizzar Andeline Poole
Female Abt 1866-Aft 1900
James William Smithhart
Male Abt 1865-Yes, date unknown
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Laura Smithhart
Female 1872-1964
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Lavira Clark
Female Abt 1824-Aft 1840
Baptist Edmond
Male Abt 1817-Aft 1840
Lydia Clark
Female 1827-Aft 1842
William D Thomason
Male Abt 1827-Aft 1842
Rebecca Burney
Female 1799-1893
Rachel A. Clark
Female 1851-Aft 1860
Payton Clark
Male 1853-Aft 1880
Mrs. (..) Clark
Female Abt 1857-Bef 1880
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Sarah E. Clark
Female 1857-Aft 1860
(..) Mehaffy, Mr.
Male Abt 1850-Bef 1880
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Jonathan Clark
Male 1859-Aft 1880
John Clark
Male 1869-Aft 1880
John Van Ratliff
Male 1844-1930
W.H. Broadway
Male Abt 1833-Aft 1857
Charles H. Saxon
Male 1820-1919
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Rachel Clark
Female 1837-1924
Deshon Baptise Peveto
Male 1832-Aft 1880
(infant) Clark
Male Abt 1862-Bef 1865
Sarah G Cooper
Female Abt 1841-Bef 1865
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Ozea Gilbeau
Female Abt 1840-1927
Mary C Wadsworth
Female 1848-Aft 1850
William W Wadsworth
Male Abt 1827-Bef 1850
Solomon McGeehee
Male Abt 1831-Aft 1858
Caroline Bland
Female 1813-1888
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John Jay Burrell
Male 1846-1930
Alzena Carr
Female 1845-1917
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William Burrell
Male 1850-1872
(not married)
Male Abt 1854-Aft 1879
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William Burrell
Male 1847-Bef 1880
Mary Hollis
Female Abt 1847-Aft 1880
Robert Burrell
Male 1849-Aft 1870
Emily Burrell
Female 1852-Aft 1892
Flemming T Hall
Male Abt 1852-Bef 1891
Ed Hayes
Male Abt 1852-Aft 1892
David Burrell
Male 1856-1924
Artemese (Adou) Ardon
Female Abt 1856-Bef 1924
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Lucy Burrell
Female 1858-Aft 1859
Jefferson Burrell
Male 1861-Aft 1920
Ezelda Broussard
Female 1864-1940
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Jackson Burrell
Male 1862-Aft 1863
James Burrell
Male 1863-Aft 1910
Rosa Burrell
Female 1872-1933
John C. Johnson
Male Abt 1870-Aft 1933
James Burrell
Male 1826-1872
Elizabeth Arthur
Female 1832-Aft 1880
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Reese Allen Myers
Male 1825-Aft 1900
Alzena Hayes
Female 1848-Aft 1884
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Mitchell Waley
Male 1852-Yes, date unknown
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Matilda* Hayes
Female 1849-1930
New chart
Nancy Elizabeth Hayes
Female 1852-Aft 1860
Mary E. Hayes
Female 1855-1940
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H. Lawson Gray
Male 1847-Aft 1904
Emily* Burrell
Female 1829-Bef 1860
James* H. Hayes, Jr
Male 1826-Aft 1900
Susannah Berwick
Female 1849-1924
Rachel Berwick
Female 1858-1903
New chart
Frederick Berwick
Male 1861-Aft 1884
Zilpha Cole
Female 1866-Aft 1884
New chart
Berry Beasley
Male 1859-1933
New chart
Gilbert Berwick
Male 1827-1902
James Burrell
Male 1858-Aft 1870
Clarinda Burrell
Female 1858-1926
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New chart
Oliver Burrell
Male 1861-Aft 1870
David Burrell
Male 1835-1863
Hulda Cole
Female 1859-Aft 1860
New chart
Martin Cole
Male 1863-1922
New chart
Oliver Cole
Male 1865-Aft 1870
Caroline Cole
Female 1867-Aft 1870
Paulina Cole
Female 1868-Aft 1884
J.D. Pevito (Peveto)
Male Abt 1868-Aft 1884
Malona (Melancy) Cole
Female 1870-Aft 1871
William Gaines
Male 1868-1951
New chart
Hester Ann Burrell
Female 1839-Aft 1879
Mark Cole
Male 1834-Aft 1860
Louisa M. Dorman
Female Abt 1879-Aft 1880
James Dorman
Male Abt 1839-Aft 1879
Clevia R Burrell
Female 1870-1946
Thomas Bilbo
Male 1858-1924
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Ollie M Mitchell
Female 1894-1976
New chart
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Florence Rollins
Female Abt 1876-Aft 1910
Evaline Burrell
Female 1881-1969
New chart
Rachel Cole
Female 1853-1913
Susanne* Clark
Female Bef 1803-1860
Robert* Burrell
Male 1801-1858
Julienne Clark
Female 1834-Aft 1838
Anne Liza Clark
Female 1835-Aft 1850
Helene (Ellen) Clark
Female 1838-Aft 1850
Marguerite Clark
Female 1839-Bef 1850
Texana Clark
Female 1843-Aft 1850
Archibald Clark
Male 1846-Aft 1850
George William Clark
Male 1805-Aft 1850
Lucy McCleland
Female Abt 1805-Aft 1839
Filetha Millhamm, Mrs
Female Abt 1805-Aft 1832
David Hoosier
Male 1800-1878
John "Jean" Clark
Male 1809-Aft 1811
Francis E. Choate
Female 1859-Aft 1880
Nancy Ann Choate
Female 1862-Aft 1880
Rachel S. Choate
Female 1865-Aft 1880
Mary L. Choate
Female 1869-Aft 1880
John J. Choate
Male 1871-Aft 1880
James B. Choate
Male 1875-Aft 1880
Holston Choate
Male 1828-1885
Mary Jane Lee
Female 1837-Aft 1880
Messina Choate
Female 1852-1942
John Choate
Male 1858-Aft 1870
Merena Choate
Female 1860-Aft 1870
Camilla Choate-Johnson
Female 1862-Aft 1880
Emeline Sellers
Female 1862-Aft 1900
New chart
Roama Choate
Female 1867-Aft 1870
Rosa Choate
Female 1869-Aft 1870
Cornelia Choate
Female 1871-Aft 1880
Adelia Choate
Female 1873-Aft 1880
Adonia Choate
Female 1876-Aft 1880
Lila Choate
Female 1880-Aft 1880
Jackson Choate
Male 1834-1890
Elizabeth Mouton
Female 1838-Aft 1880
Samuel Choate
Male 1860-1905
Aleda Guidry
Female 1860-Aft 1900
New chart
Celestine Mallett
Female 1841-Aft 1890
William Choate
Male 1849-1923
New chart
New chart
Melvina Henarie/Henry
Female 1871-Aft 1910
John Crane
Male 1874-Aft 1910
New chart
Louisa Henarie/Henry
Female 1872-Aft 1880
Tezarah Henarie/Henry
Female 1875-Aft 1880
(..) (Mrs. William) Henarie
Female Abt 1848-Bef 1920
John Henarie/Henry
Male 1879-Aft 1900
Dora Henarie
Female 1881-Aft 1900
Leona Henarie
Female 1886-Aft 1900
Hester Clark
Female Abt 1810-Aft 1828
John Choate, Jr
Male 1806-Aft 1828
Visa Clark
Female Abt 1812-Aft 1828
Thomas Rowe
Male Abt 1800-Aft 1828
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