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Irene (Hirene) LeMaire

Female 1829 - 1860  (30 years)

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Adolf Bernard
Male 1887-Aft 1888
Eli Bernard
Male 1889-Aft 1890
Andre Bernard
Male 1890-Aft 1891
Albert Bernard
Male 1892-Aft 1893
Alfred Bernard
Male 1895-Aft 1896
Edmond Bernard
Male 1897-Aft 1898
Adelaide Bernard
Female Abt 1899-Aft 1900
Alphie Bernard
Male Abt 1902-Aft 1903
Wilfred Bernard
Male Abt 1904-Aft 1905
Louis N Bernard
Male Abt 1906-Aft 1907
Irene Hebert
Female 1868-1934
Louis N Bernard
Male Abt 1868-Aft 1907
Jane Hebert
Female Abt 1895-Aft 1920
Burton Laurents
Male Abt 1895-Aft 1920
Olive Hebert
Female Abt 1870-Aft 1900
Damase Hebert
Male Abt 1870-Aft 1900
Alice Hebert
Female 1870-1943
Olymph Tours
Male 1891-1984
Olymph Hebert
Male Abt 1872-Aft 1873
Dupre Hebert
Male Abt 1874-Aft 1875
Olive Hebert
Female 1876-1960
Demas Hebert
Male 1870-Aft 1897
Rosa Ella Hebert
Female 1909-1980
Homer Hebert
Male 1909-Aft 1910
Alfred Hebert
Male 1911-Aft 1911
Nelson Hebert
Male 1913-Aft 1914
Jeanette Hebert
Female 1915-1987
Beatrice Hebert
Female 1918-Aft 1919
Zulma Decuir
Female 1883-1969
Henrietta Hebert
Female 1899-1981
Rena Hebert
Female 1900-1981
Josephine Hebert
Female 1881-1901
Oscar Hebert
Male Abt 1881-Aft 1900
Whitney Decuir
Male 1902-Aft 1920
Walter Decuir
Male 1904-1914
Claud Decuir
Male 1905-1978
Joseph M Decuir
Male 1906-1906
Josephine Decuir
Female 1906-Aft 1920
Maud Decuir
Female 1910-Aft 1920
Mary Decuir
Female 1911-Aft 1920
Gladys Decuir
Female 1915-1952
Dalton D. Decuir
Male 1915-1994
Ada Hebert
Female 1883-1968
Clovis Decuir
Male 1880-1960
Andrew Hebert
Male 1914-1983
Ophy Hebert
Male 1885-1935
Edna Perry
Female 1893-1975
Leonard R. Lauve
Male 1909-1994
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Beulah LeBlanc
Female 1909-1910
Dorothy Bee Lehman
Female Abt 1916-1980
New chart
Walter D Griffith
Male Abt 1914-1967
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Clyde LeBlanc
Male 1916-1965
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Inez Hebert
Female 1887-1954
Ignace LeBlanc
Male 1882-1938
Eunice Hebert
Female 1887-1989
Jerome Nugier
Male 1890-Aft 1920
Alfred Hebert
Male 1847-1867
Delilah Hebert
Female 1868-Aft 1869
Joseph Mayo Hebert
Male 1871-Aft 1872
Amanda Stephens
Female 1848-Aft 1872
Joseph Wade Hebert
Male Abt 1848-Aft 1872
Ulysses LeMaire
Male Abt 1873-Aft 1874
(Mrs. J.I. Sr.) LeMaire
Female Abt 1898-Abt 1975
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Iny V. LeMaire
Male 1899-Aft 1900
Commial LeMaire
Female 1904-1924
Albert T. LeMaire
Male 1874-Aft 1965
Lodias LeMaire
Male Abt 1876-Aft 1877
Villier LeMaire
Male Abt 1880-Aft 1881
Augusta LeMaire
Female 1888-Aft 1900
Sarah Stephens
Female 1851-Aft 1881
Columbus LeMaire
Male 1853-Aft 1900
Emma Harrington
Female 1871-Aft 1893
Thomas N. Harrington
Male 1873-Aft 1880
(Mrs. J.I. Sr.) LeMaire
Female Abt 1898-Abt 1975
New chart
Iny V. LeMaire
Male 1899-Aft 1900
Commial LeMaire
Female 1904-1924
Albert T. LeMaire
Male 1874-Aft 1965
Francis M. Harrington
Male 1878-Aft 1880
Daisy Harrington
Female 1879-Aft 1880
Ella Harrington
Female 1881-Aft 1900
Laura Harrington
Female 1883-Aft 1900
New chart
Alice Harrington
Female 1885-Aft 1900
Monroe LeBlanc
Male Abt 1880-1974
Catherine Lee
Female 1889-Aft 1911
Owen Harrington
Male 1890-Aft 1900
Sarah Harrington
Female 1892-Aft 1900
Beulah Harrington
Female 1894-Aft 1900
Carmella Stephens
Female 1853-Aft 1897
Stephen Toups
Male Abt 1876-Aft 1877
Ambrose Toups
Male Abt 1878-Aft 1879
Joseph Toups
Male Abt 1880-Aft 1881
Alice Toups
Female Abt 1882-Aft 1883
Amanda Toups
Female Abt 1884-Aft 1885
Josephine Toups
Female Abt 1885-Aft 1886
Paul Toups
Male Abt 1897-Aft 1898
Tootsie Toups
Female Abt 1899-Aft 1900
Irene Toups
Female Abt 1901-Aft 1902
Alice Stephens
Female 1855-Aft 1902
Ambrose Toups
Male Abt 1855-Aft 1902
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Mary Augustine Hebert
Female Abt 1888-1974
Paul Alec Lang, Jr
Male Abt 1888-1956
Irene Stephens
Female 1860-Aft 1883
Arthur Hebert
Male Abt 1860-Aft 1883

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