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Mrs. Sarah* (..) Burnett (Everitt?), (prob related?)

Female Abt 1715 - Aft 1790  (~ 76 years)

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(son) Burnett
Male Aft 1765-Aft 1785
Eli Burnett
Male -Bef 1830
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James Burnett
Male -Aft 1822
(3 more daughters) Burnett
Female Bef 1785-Aft 1785
Turner Bryan
Male 1779-1851
Penelope Burnett
Female Abt 1785-
Simion Timmons
Male Abt 1785-
John Burnett, (eldest)
Male Abt 1732-1814
Mrs. Rebecca (..) Burnett
Female Abt 1760-Aft 1815
(4 sons) Burnett
Male 1785-Aft 1785
James Burnett
Male Abt 1733-Bef 1822
Mrs. Martha (..) Burnett
Female Abt 1740-Aft 1785
(son) Burnett
Male Aft 1764-Aft 1785
Elizabeth Burnett
Female Abt 1765-1822
John Duston Hyman, Jr.
Male Abt 1765-Aft 1822
(daughter) Burnett
Female Bef 1785-Aft 1785
(Mrs. Matthew Jr) Burnett
Female Abt 1735-Aft 1785
John Forman
Male 1789-Aft 1813
Rachel Barrow
Female 1790-Aft 1813
Annie Forman
Female 1790-Aft 1850
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William Forman
Male 1791-1864
Susan Cole
Female 1791-1865
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James Forman
Male 1792-Bef 1833
Mary "Polly" Cole
Female Abt 1795-Aft 1820
Thomas Grafton
Male 1790-1852
Amelia Forman
Female Abt 1796-Aft 1810
George Forman
Male 1764-1823
Dorothea Forman
Female 1784-Aft 1850
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Rachel Marie Forman
Female 1787-Aft 1860
John Michael Lyons, Jr
Male Abt 1783-1852
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Jacob Higginbotham
Male Abt 1790-Aft 1830
Tilithe Forman
Female 1792-Aft 1830
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Asa Forman
Male 1795-Aft 1850
Raquel (Rachel) Forman
Female 1797-Aft 1798
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Elizabeth Forman
Female 1800-Aft 1830
Alexander McClain
Male Abt 1800-Aft 1830
Elizabeth Brown
Female Abt 1765-Aft 1792
Charlotte Gaskins
Female Abt 1770-Aft 1810
Levina "Vinnie" Johnson
Female Abt 1791-Aft 1812
George Hudson
Male Abt 1791-Aft 1812
Henry Isaac Johnson
Male Bef 1765-Aft 1820
James* H. Hayes, Sr
Male 1794-Bef 1837
Maria I* Johnson
Female 1796-Aft 1880
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Susanne Hayes
Female 1787-Aft 1810
Gabriel Lyons
Male 1785-Bef 1843
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Jacob Hayes
Male 1794-1834
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Sarah Ashworth
Female 1797-Bef 1850
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Catherine Hayes
Female 1798-Aft 1832
Ephraim Jones
Male 1795-1829
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John W. Hayes
Male Abt 1799-Aft 1830
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(daughter 1) Hayes
Female Abt 1801-Aft 1810
(daughter 2) Hayes
Female Abt 1803-Aft 1810
(daughter 3) Hayes
Female Abt 1807-Aft 1810
Mary "Polly" Hayes
Female Abt 1809-1871
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Marie* Forman
Female Abt 1769-1812
Martha Hayes
Female 1788-1847
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Lucy Hayes
Female 1792-1880
James D Reeves
Male Abt 1789-1828
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Thomas A. Hayes
Male 1790-Aft 1850
Elizabeth Lyons
Female Abt 1775-Aft 1805
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Elizabeth Hayes
Female Abt 1793-Aft 1850
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Tabitha Hayes
Female Abt 1795-Aft 1840
Samuel Lyons
Male 1794-Bef 1837
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Gabriel Andrus
Male 1790-1838
Anna Hayes
Female 1799-1844
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Harriet "Hetty" Hayes
Female Abt 1800-Aft 1830
William Lyons
Male 1797-Bef 1829
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Bosman Hayes, Jr
Male 1801-1864
Mary Elizabeth Simmons
Female Abt 1800-Aft 1850
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Mary Ann Clark
Female Abt 1804-Aft 1863
Joshua Hayes
Male 1804-Aft 1870
Isaac Hayes
Male 1806-1867
Ellen R McCleland
Female 1811-Aft 1849
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James Forman, Jr.
Male Abt 1796-Aft 1827
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(son) Forman
Male 1804-Aft 1820
James Forman
Male 1774-Bef 1833
Sarah Forman
Female 1806-Aft 1860
John Laughlin
Male 1801-Aft 1860
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Catherine Forman
Female 1807-Aft 1831
Joshua Hayes
Male 1805-Aft 1831
Melissa Ann Forman
Female Abt 1812-Aft 1833
Tom Cannon
Male Abt 1812-Aft 1833
Mary Ann Forman
Female 1815-1889
Thomas A Hayes
Male 1809-1870
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George Miles Walsh
Male 1797-Aft 1831
Jacob Forman
Male Abt 1818-Aft 1839
Ellen Darwin
Female Abt 1818-Aft 1839
David L. Forman
Male 1819-1868
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Susanne Cole
Female 1789-1881
Levi Cherry
Male Abt 1755-1824
(daughter) Cherry
Female Bef 1790-Aft 1800
(son) Cherry
Male 1800-Aft 1800
(daughter) Cherry
Female Bef 1790-Aft 1790
William Cherry
Male Abt 1760-Aft 1790
(daughter) Cherry
Female 1800-Aft 1800
Willis "Wiley" Cherry
Male 1774-Aft 1800
(2 daughters) Cherry
Female 1790-Aft 1790
(2 sons) Cherry
Male 1790-Aft 1790
James Cherry
Male Abt 1765-Aft 1790
(son) Cherry
Male 1800-Aft 1800
(daughter) Cherry
Female 1800-Aft 1800
Peggy Cherry
Female 1798-Aft 1798
Theopilus Cherry
Male 1800-Aft 1800
Robert Cherry
Male Bef 1755-Aft 1900
Mary Worsley
Female 1758-Aft 1798
Mourning Biggs
Female 1755-1822
(2 sons) Cherry
Male 1810-Aft 1810
(daughter) Cherry
Female 1810-Aft 1810
Aaron Cherry
Male 1774-1840
(Mrs. Aaron) Cherry
Female 1784-Aft 1810
(2 daughters) Cherry
Female Bef 1774-Aft 1790
(son) Cherry
Male Bef 1774-Aft 1790
(2 sons) Cherry
Male 1790-Aft 1790
Judah (Judith) Burnett
Female Abt 1742-Aft 1805
Cader Cherry
Male Abt 1735-Bef 1782
Robert Hardy
Male Abt 1745-Bef 1821
Jean Burnett
Female Abt 1747-Aft 1780
(..) Ballentine (Ballinger)
Male Abt 1747-Aft 1780
(2 sons) Ballard
Male Aft 1765-Aft 1785
(daughter) Ballard
Female Bef 1785-Aft 1785
Elizabeth Burnett
Female Abt 1751-1823
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