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Catherine* Quinter

Female Abt 1720 - Aft 1766  (~ 47 years)

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Oliver Clark
Male Abt 1763-Aft 1805
Julienne Prudhomme
Female Abt 1769-1804
Sarah Sally (Lacombe) Burris
Female Abt 1763-Aft 1805
Edward John Thomas Clark
Male Abt 1738-Aft 1804
Mary Ann Brooks
Female Abt 1740-Aft 1804
Susanna Wade
Female Abt 1780-Aft 1810
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William Wade
Male Abt 1785-Aft 1810
Augustin Wade
Male 1798-Aft 1798
Sarah Wade
Female 1800-Aft 1801
Patience Wade
Female 1802-Aft 1804
Elizabeth Anna Clark
Female Abt 1760-Aft 1787
Richard Wade
Male Abt 1760-Aft 1787
Daniel James
Male Abt 1788-Aft 1813
Esther Clark
Female Bef 1790-Aft 1837
(..) Ferris
Male Abt 1790-Bef 1834
Patrick Clark
Male 1796-1827
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Maria Clark
Female 1799-Aft 1800
James Clark
Male 1800-Aft 1802
Susanna Clark
Female 1803-Aft 1804
Daniel Clark
Male 1806-Aft 1810
James (Jacobo) Clark
Male Abt 1765-Bef 1804
Michael Hooter
Male 1791-1867
Sarah Ann Potter
Female 1791-Aft 1854
Cynthia Harrison
Female Abt 1791-Aft 1828
Nancy Suttle
Female Abt 1791-Aft 1855
Louis Hooter
Male 1792-Aft 1813
Prudence Durpis
Female Abt 1792-Aft 1813
Joseph Hooter
Male 1794-Aft 1815
Zeline Celine Heraiut
Female Abt 1794-Aft 1815
Barbara Hooter
Female 1795-Aft 1816
George Killian
Male Abt 1795-Aft 1816
Maria Perkins
Female Abt 1799-Aft 1829
Nancy Smith
Female Abt 1799-Aft 1831
Sarah Jane Hooter
Female 1801-Aft 1822
William Ryan
Male Abt 1801-Aft 1822
Sarah Clark
Female Abt 1768-Aft 1806
Joseph Hooter
Male 1765-1809
Mary White
Female 1803-Aft 1804
Asa White, Jr
Male 1805-Aft 1806
Asa White
Male Abt 1765-Aft 1806
Daniel Clark
Male Abt 1770-Abt 1814
Mary (..) Clark
Female Abt 1770-Aft 1814
Richard Clark
Male Abt 1772-Aft 1800
Patrick Clark
Male Abt 1740-Abt 1809
Catherine Melon
Female Abt 1740-Aft 1766
Angelle Clark
Female 1790-Aft 1798
Thomas Rowe
Male Abt 1790-Aft 1830
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John Ripley Faulk, Jr
Male 1792-Aft 1821
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Priscilla Clark
Female 1796-1870
George Orr
Male 1784-1835
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Marie Louise Clark
Female 1798-Abt 1829
Thomas Rowe
Male Abt 1798-Aft 1830
Rebecca Burney
Female 1799-1893
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Caroline Bland
Female 1813-1888
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Susanne* Clark
Female Bef 1803-1860
Robert* Burrell
Male 1801-1858
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George William Clark
Male 1805-Aft 1850
Lucy McCleland
Female Abt 1805-Aft 1839
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Filetha Millhamm, Mrs
Female Abt 1805-Aft 1832
David Hoosier
Male 1800-1878
John "Jean" Clark
Male 1809-Aft 1811
Hester Clark
Female Abt 1810-Aft 1828
John Choate, Jr
Male 1806-Aft 1828
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Visa Clark
Female Abt 1812-Aft 1828
Thomas Rowe
Male Abt 1800-Aft 1828
Suzanne Clark
Female 1795-1855
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Rachel Clark
Female 1797-Bef 1870
George (McLee) Lee
Male 1790-Bef 1843
Mary Ann Clark
Female 1800-Aft 1821
John Simmons
Male 1801-Aft 1821
John Clark, Jr
Male 1807-Aft 1831
Anna Hanks
Female Abt 1807-Aft 1831
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Amelie "Emelie" Clark
Female 1810-Aft 1828
John Biggs
Male Abt 1808-Aft 1828
Celestine Clark
Female 1816-Aft 1833
John Drew Alston
Male 1802-1876
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John Little "Jean" Clark
Male Abt 1771-Bef 1820
Sarah Celeste Robert
Female Abt 1774-Aft 1817
Rachel N Andrus
Female 1789-1831
James L Johnson
Male Abt 1782-1830
New chart
Joseph Andrus
Male 1794-1840
Rachel Nicholson
Female Abt 1794-Aft 1822
Elizabeth Borel
Female Abt 1805-Aft 1826
Anna Andrus
Female 1795-Bef 1827
Nicholas Edgar
Male Abt 1785-Abt 1863
Lavina Andrus
Female 1798-Aft 1850
John C Clark, III
Male 1792-Bef 1850
New chart
James Andrus
Male 1799-Aft 1824
Adelaide Bertrand
Female Abt 1800-Aft 1820
Jeanne Andrus
Female 1799-Bef 1824
Rosela Emilia Andrus
Female Abt 1800-Abt 1850
Benjamin Borel
Male 1792-Aft 1821
Solomon Andrus, Jr
Male 1801-Bef 1824
Marie Ann Andrus
Female 1803-Bef 1824
Celeste Andrus
Female 1806-Bef 1824
Solomon Andrus, Sr
Male Abt 1769-Bef 1808
Louis Moore, Sr
Male Abt 1773-1831
William Hayes
Male 1799-1882
Phoebe Cole
Female 1811-Aft 1880
New chart
Sarah Hayes
Female 1799-Aft 1840
Solomon Green
Male 1791-Bef 1840
New chart
John B Robinson
Male Abt 1793-Aft 1840
John Hayes, Jr
Male 1801-Aft 1833
Martha Laughlin
Female 1810-Aft 1833
Joshua Hayes
Male 1805-Aft 1831
Catherine Forman
Female 1807-Aft 1831
Rachael Hayes
Female 1805-1889
New chart
Thomas A Hayes
Male 1809-1870
Mary Ann Forman
Female 1815-1889
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Anne Clark
Female 1775-Bef 1821
Mary Stine
Female 1792-Aft 1811
Joseph French
Male Abt 1792-Aft 1811
New chart
Barbara Stine
Female 1795-Aft 1796
Jeanne Stine
Female 1797-Aft 1798
John Stine, Jr
Male Abt 1800-Aft 1818
Sally Garrett
Female Abt 1797-Aft 1818
Anne Stine
Female 1802-Aft 1803
William Stine
Male 1804-Aft 1804
Rachel Stine
Female 1807-Aft 1808
Philip Stine
Male 1809-Aft 1810
Hypolite Stine
Male 1810-Bef 1860
Mrs. Melacy (..) Stine
Female 1827-Bef 1860?
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Elizabeth Isabel Clark
Female Abt 1777-1832
John Stine, Sr
Male Bef 1770-1829
Susan Clark
Female 1788-Aft 1806
William "Billy" Andrus
Male 1788-Aft 1811
New chart
Jesse Clark
Male 1789-Bef 1821
Marie McCleland
Female Bef 1791-Aft 1822
New chart
John C Clark, III
Male 1792-Bef 1850
Lavina Andrus
Female 1798-Aft 1850
New chart
Nancy Ann Clark
Female 1794-Aft 1825
Ruben Andrus
Male Bef 1790-Bef 1825
New chart
Joseph Clark
Male 1796-1846
Deodimy Stanton
Female 1808-Aft 1846
New chart
Marie Ann Clark
Female 1803-Aft 1826
John Beckham
Male Abt 1803-Aft 1826
John (of VA) Clark, II
Male Abt 1765-Aft 1827
John Clark, I
Male Abt 1745-Aft 1766
Mary Dikelson
Female Abt 1745-Aft 1766
Mary Ann Clark
Female Abt 1811-Aft 1831
John Johnson
Male 1802-1841
George Miles Walsh
Male 1797-Aft 1831
William Nolan Clark
Male Abt 1821-Aft 1823
James Clark
Male Abt 1775-Aft 1830
Nancy Ann Nolan
Female Abt 1775-Aft 1830
Jacob Clark
Male Abt 1750-Aft 1776
Rosa Higgins
Female Abt 1750-Aft 1776
Roger Clark
Male Abt 1751-Aft 1792
Rebecca Ivey (or Ivy)
Female Abt 1751-Aft 1792
Catherine* Quinter
Female Abt 1720-Aft 1766
Nicholas* Clark
Male Abt 1717-Aft 1766