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Webster Co, Kentucky



Matches 101 to 200 of 269

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Oglesby, Thomas Floyd  13 Mar 1877Webster Co, Kentucky I50741
102 Payne, Mary  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I60887
103 Powell, Clistie Jane  5 Feb 1892Webster Co, Kentucky I63703
104 Powell, J.L.   I63709
105 Powell, Lintie  Oct 1899Webster Co, Kentucky I63706
106 Powell, Mary Jane   I63708
107 Powell, Noah H.  1895Webster Co, Kentucky I63704
108 Powell, Toy  Sep 1897Webster Co, Kentucky I63705
109 Shelton, Agnes "Aggy"  19 May 1858Webster Co, Kentucky I51059
110 Shelton, Albert V.  14 Nov 1862Webster Co, Kentucky I51060
111 Shelton, Amos Mansfield  11 Feb 1855Webster Co, Kentucky I50981
112 Shelton, Andrew J.  1853Webster Co, Kentucky I51937
113 Shelton, Arthur H.  Mar 1900Webster Co, Kentucky I61252
114 Shelton, Beatrice  2 Mar 1899Webster Co, Kentucky I51099
115 Shelton, Benjamin Harrison  5 Jan 1889Webster Co, Kentucky I50985
116 Shelton, Bertha Jane  8 Apr 1880Webster Co, Kentucky I50982
117 Shelton, Bessie M.  May 1897Webster Co, Kentucky I61251
118 Shelton, Carrie Vinson  26 May 1896Webster Co, Kentucky I51007
119 Shelton, Charles Andrew  6 Jun 1893Webster Co, Kentucky I50987
120 Shelton, Charles D.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I51940
121 Shelton, Charles Frederick  1886Webster Co, Kentucky I51005
122 Shelton, Chester  23 Jul 1915Webster Co, Kentucky I88822
123 Shelton, Clarrie J.  1879Webster Co, Kentucky I52223
124 Shelton, Cora Alice  1883Webster Co, Kentucky I51003
125 Shelton, Cosby Ray Sambo  12 Apr 1933Webster Co, Kentucky I88826
126 Shelton, Daisy  25 Aug 1880Webster Co, Kentucky I51093
127 Shelton, Dillian  7 Dec 1885Webster Co, Kentucky I51095
128 Shelton, Durwood Belmont  15 Dec 1895Webster Co, Kentucky I51098
129 Shelton, Edger H.  1876Webster Co, Kentucky I52222
130 Shelton, Edward Emerson  1 Mar 1895Webster Co, Kentucky I50988
131 Shelton, Effie Bell  1892Webster Co, Kentucky I51006
132 Shelton, Elijah D.  1851Webster Co, Kentucky I51936
133 Shelton, Elijah Franklin  20 Jan 1863Webster Co, Kentucky I51000
134 Shelton, Elizabeth A.  1855Webster Co, Kentucky I51938
135 Shelton, Euladell  1906Webster Co, Kentucky I51086
136 Shelton, Francis J.  1848Webster Co, Kentucky I51934
137 Shelton, Francis Marion  1885Webster Co, Kentucky I51004
138 Shelton, Francis Newton  4 Nov 1863Webster Co, Kentucky I61125
139 Shelton, Frank Marion  Abt 1868Webster Co, Kentucky I51933
140 Shelton, George Bailey  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I51002
141 Shelton, Gustavus Franklin "Gus"  31 Mar 1882Webster Co, Kentucky I50983
142 Shelton, Henry S.  1865Webster Co, Kentucky I51001
143 Shelton, Huston  1912Webster Co, Kentucky I51087
144 Shelton, Jack Harrison  21 Sep 1892Webster Co, Kentucky I60827
145 Shelton, James  1858Webster Co, Kentucky I63700
146 Shelton, James D.  30 Apr 1923Webster Co, Kentucky I88823
147 Shelton, Jay Z.  14 Sep 1889Webster Co, Kentucky I51096
148 Shelton, Joseph Finley  20 Nov 1879Webster Co, Kentucky I51072
149 Shelton, Joy  2 Dec 1892Webster Co, Kentucky I51097
150 Shelton, Lee Artis  7 Feb 1891Webster Co, Kentucky I50986
151 Shelton, Lettice J.  1850Webster Co, Kentucky I51935
152 Shelton, Lula V.  23 Dec 1883Webster Co, Kentucky I51073
153 Shelton, Maggie May  Abt 1901Webster Co, Kentucky I50991
154 Shelton, Marshal O.  1857Webster Co, Kentucky I51939
155 Shelton, Martha J.  1879Webster Co, Kentucky I61253
156 Shelton, Mary (Sarah) E.  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I52149
157 Shelton, Millard Mansfield  6 Dec 1886Webster Co, Kentucky I50984
158 Shelton, Naomi  11 Oct 1876Webster Co, Kentucky I51091
159 Shelton, Noah Jackson  26 Nov 1886Webster Co, Kentucky I61249
160 Shelton, Ora M.  Feb 1900Webster Co, Kentucky I55351
161 Shelton, Pernecia Catherine  1 Feb 1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50999
162 Shelton, Queen  1864Webster Co, Kentucky I52151
163 Shelton, Robert Lee  3 Sep 1925Webster Co, Kentucky I88824
164 Shelton, Sarah Ann  7 May 1857Webster Co, Kentucky I50998
165 Shelton, Sarah Ellen  30 Dec 1856Webster Co, Kentucky I51058
166 Shelton, Starling E.  1874Webster Co, Kentucky I52221
167 Shelton, Theodore  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I63701
168 Shelton, Verna Bell  Mar 1899Webster Co, Kentucky I50990
169 Shelton, Wanda  30 Oct 1912Webster Co, Kentucky I51478
170 Shelton, William Garrett  May 1898Webster Co, Kentucky I50989
171 Shelton, Willie "Bill"  1928Webster Co, Kentucky I88825
172 Shelton, Winfield Scott (Y-DNA source-John sh-62)  7 Dec 1851Webster Co, Kentucky I51056
173 Shelton, Zilpha  8 Nov 1882Webster Co, Kentucky I51094
174 Stone, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  12 Feb 1885Webster Co, Kentucky I51153
175 Stone, Andrew Lee  1874Webster Co, Kentucky I98166
176 Stone, Benjamin  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I61353
177 Stone, Clarence W.  21 Jul 1912Webster Co, Kentucky I51142
178 Stone, David Edward  3 Apr 1872Webster Co, Kentucky I60510
179 Stone, Delia Ann  27 Mar 1879Webster Co, Kentucky I60506
180 Stone, Dorcas  1855Webster Co, Kentucky I61352
181 Stone, Dosha Marie  5 Nov 1919Webster Co, Kentucky I51145
182 Stone, General S.  1858Webster Co, Kentucky I98219
183 Stone, George  1848Webster Co, Kentucky I60802
184 Stone, George Washington  1846Webster Co, Kentucky I60804
185 Stone, George William "Bud"  8 Feb 1874Webster Co, Kentucky I60509
186 Stone, Henry  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I60810
187 Stone, Henry Lewis  Mar 1877Webster Co, Kentucky I98167
188 Stone, Isaac  1850Webster Co, Kentucky I60803
189 Stone, Isaac  1866Webster Co, Kentucky I61361
190 Stone, James A.  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I61331
191 Stone, James Adre  16 Aug 1888Webster Co, Kentucky I51154
192 Stone, James Douvall  10 Nov 1921Webster Co, Kentucky I51146
193 Stone, James Franklin  1837Webster Co, Kentucky I60673
194 Stone, Jeremiah "Jerry" (relative 1850)  Jan 1836Webster Co, Kentucky I60521
195 Stone, Jerry Oliver  2 Apr 1902Webster Co, Kentucky I98171
196 Stone, John  1854Webster Co, Kentucky I60808
197 Stone, John  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I61358
198 Stone, John Franklin  1866Webster Co, Kentucky I98164
199 Stone, John Theodore  14 Feb 1882Webster Co, Kentucky I51152
200 Stone, John W.  1872Webster Co, Kentucky I61332

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