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Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Dial (or Doyle), Curtis  1872Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107167
102 Drake, Ellender "Ellen"  1840Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107127
103 Dyson, William  30 Jul 1843Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79996
104 Fannett, Marie Clemence  20 Apr 1851Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I60604
105 Ferguson, Annie Mae  16 Jan 1913Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102657
106 Forman, Isaac  1868Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33779
107 Forman, Lucinda  1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57622
108 Garner, Jacob Harmon  1814Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1422
109 Gillen, Jesse Burton  31 Oct 1846Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31865
110 Gillis, Charles Frederick  6 Feb 1914Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7684
111 Gillis, Charles Pleasant  9 Mar 1884Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7659
112 Gillis, Hazel Verna   I7688
113 Gillis, Herbert Leroy "Roy"  8 Jun 1912Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7683
114 Gillis, John Floyd  24 Apr 1918Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7686
115 Gillis, Margaret Rosabelle "Rosie"  2 Dec 1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7660
116 Gillis, Mary Isabelle "Belle"  30 Jan 1920Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7687
117 Green, Solomon  1856Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I28281
118 Green, Thomas  1830Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7446
119 Green, Uriah  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I28280
120 Hamshire, Lovan  17 Mar 1831Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I21408
121 Hargraves, Levi Columbus  01 Oct 1835Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1495
122 Harmon, David Burnes  03 Jun 1842Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23250
123 Harmon, Martha Jane  1835Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23423
124 Hartman, Cloud  1876Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26523
125 Hartman, Lidda S.  1874Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26522
126 Hartman, Virginia J.  1879Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26524
127 Hayes, Carol Ann   I7675
128 Hayes, Elijah Cabot Sr. (son?)  17 Sep 1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I28285
129 Hayes, Elisa  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57653
130 Hayes, Enoch  1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57652
131 Hayes, La Vaughn Harold "LV"   I7662
132 Hayes, Lucretia  1867Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57655
133 Hayes, Paren  12 Feb 1869Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57656
134 Hayes, Sarah  1863Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57654
135 Hayes, Theophilus  10 Jan 1830Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7413
136 Hester, Ada  1908Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46951
137 Hester, Binum L. "Bennie"  11 Feb 1892Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46946
138 Hester, Ebbie  1905Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46952
139 Hester, Elmer  1906Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46953
140 Hester, Gilbert P.  Jan 1898Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46949
141 Hester, Loamie Alfred  Mar 1896Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46948
142 Hester, Mary Ollie.  May 1894Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46947
143 Hester, Obbie  1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46954
144 Hester, Tesie L. (or P.)  Feb 1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46950
145 House, Missouri  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107367
146 Howard, William Asa "Bill" Sr  27 Sep 1862Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7712
147 Jackson, Mary C.  12 May 1872Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I41311
148 Johnson, Amy Ann  1822Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107497
149 Johnson, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1844Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106799
150 Johnson, Jackson  1847Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I90178
151 Johnson, Jeptha  1859Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79968
152 Johnson, Jethro  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79967
153 Johnson, Josia (or Jonah)  1848Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I90179
154 Johnson, Josiah M.  1855Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106809
155 Johnson, Sarah  1847Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106800
156 Landry, Alice  1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40665
157 Landry, Aristide  Dec 1895Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40651
158 Landry, Durelia  15 Aug 1902Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40662
159 Landry, Edda  Jul 1899Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40653
160 Landry, Eldege  Mar 1897Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40652
161 Landry, Leonard  Jun 1893Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40649
162 Landry, Leonide  Sep 1894Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40650
163 Landry, Marcelette  1904Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40663
164 Landry, Nola  1906Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40664
165 LeBleu, Onezilia Julia  6 Mar 1849Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I99162
166 LeBleu, Onezime  1844Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I99160
167 LeBoeuf, Louis  Jan 1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I24114
168 LeBouef, Aladin  1853Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23650
169 Lyons, Emily A  31 Jul 1840Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23437
170 Lyons, Isaac  Dec 1852Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23443
171 Lyons, John L. III  5 Jul 1804Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33782
172 Lyons, Martha  Jul 1847Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1677
173 Lyons, Martha  Jul 1851Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23442
174 Lyons, Rebecca  1838Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23436
175 Marcantale, Almonce  Mar 1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I41436
176 McClain, Elizabeth Jane  4 Apr 1833Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7729
177 Mccorcodel, Commodore J. "Commi"  1876Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26532
178 Mccorcodel, Mary Catherine  1854Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26516
179 Mccorcodel, Thomas Dundan  12 Jan 1878Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26533
180 Mccorcodel, William  1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26517
181 Mitchell, Ollie M  12 Oct 1894Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I21462
182 Moss, Robert Lee  26 Aug 1866Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I97496
183 Mudd, Cornelia  1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I77516
184 Myers (Mayer), Benjamin  1 Oct 1835Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I13942
185 Nelson, Lydia  1862Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107148
186 Nelson, Nancy Eelestine "Nannie"  1879Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107149
187 Nichols, Ellen Dora  05 Aug 1842Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23326
188 Parker, Bob  Aft 1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102139
189 Parker, Eliza (twin)  1869Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102763
190 Parker, Freddie  1908Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102679
191 Parker, Omer (twin)  1869Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102764
192 Parker, Thomas  1866Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102762
193 Peloquin, Marie Felix  1835Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I25353
194 Perkins, Clara E. (Mulatto)  1880Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106980
195 Perkins, Minnie Irene  1882Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107135
196 Perkins, Oliver L. (Mulatto)  1878Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106979
197 Peveto, Ardron  24 Feb 1897Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31901
198 Pharis (or Pharris), John B.  1874Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I88088
199 Reeves, David George  20 Jun 1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23300
200 Reeves, George R.  Abt 1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I88080

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