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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Nearing, Dorothy  4 Apr 1888Pennsylvania I85978
202 Newcomer, Elizabeth Beidler  10 Oct 1773Pennsylvania I94661
203 Nichols, James  1 Feb 1775Pennsylvania I80640
204 Nichols, William W.  1896Pennsylvania I65273
205 Orr, George  1784Pennsylvania I7411
206 Palmer, William  1784Pennsylvania I12109
207 Parkhurst, Mary Ann  1808Pennsylvania I71808
208 Patterson, Samuel  Abt 1782Pennsylvania I40600
209 Patterson (Shannon), Charles  20 Jul 1808Pennsylvania I40724
210 Patton, Andrew Jr.  1772Pennsylvania I31050
211 Patton, Sarah  1770Pennsylvania I31048
212 Pelton, Mrs. Minnie (..)  May 1865Pennsylvania I59960
213 Pennebaker, William  Abt 1755Pennsylvania I76474
214 Pennington, Ephraim  Abt 1745Pennsylvania I80378
215 Pennington, Ephraim^ V  Abt 1720Pennsylvania I80369
216 Pennington, Micajah (or son of Benajah?)  1743Pennsylvania I80377
217 Pennington, Richard  Abt 1748Pennsylvania I10775
218 Pennington, Timothy^  Abt 1758Pennsylvania I77571
219 Pfiefer, Barbara  1765Pennsylvania I56004
220 Phillips, Maria  1786Pennsylvania I71893
221 Polk, Ezekiel  7 Dec 1747Pennsylvania I91567
222 Poole, Mary  1697Pennsylvania I22910
223 Potts, Jefferson "Jesse"  19 Jan 1880Pennsylvania I66489
224 Price, Jemima  Abt 1760Pennsylvania I40599
225 Pritchard, Ann  Abt 1755Pennsylvania I28519
226 Randles, Phebe  15 May 1778Pennsylvania I103508
227 Rich, Samuel F.  15 Mar 1788Pennsylvania I35569
228 Richards, Susannah  7 Jul 1787Pennsylvania I41770
229 Rittenhouse, Abraham  Abt 1738Pennsylvania I11888
230 Rittenhouse, Barbara  Abt 1744Pennsylvania I11894
231 Rittenhouse, Isaac  Abt 1740Pennsylvania I11889
232 Rittenhouse, Jacob  Abt 1736Pennsylvania I11887
233 Rittenhouse, Margaret  Abt 1742Pennsylvania I11893
234 Rittenhouse, Mary  Abt 1744Pennsylvania I11891
235 Rittenhouse, Nicholas  Abt 1732Pennsylvania I11877
236 Rittenhouse, Susannah  Abt 1746Pennsylvania I11892
237 Rittenhouse, William  Abt 1734Pennsylvania I11886
238 Rizor, Elijah  30 Mar 1816Pennsylvania I108092
239 Rizor, George Christopher  12 Apr 1787Pennsylvania I17592
240 Rizor, William George  1825Pennsylvania I108100
241 Robert, Abraham  Abt 1755Pennsylvania I1481
242 Sarver, William  Abt 1800Pennsylvania I33541
243 Schell, Mary A.  Abt 1862Pennsylvania I68392
244 Schell, Mrs. Minnie V. (..)  1890Pennsylvania I72049
245 Schell (Batz), Ida  Abt 1864Pennsylvania I68393
246 Scott, John  Abt 1779Pennsylvania I23091
247 Setter, Jacob  1738Pennsylvania I69042
248 Sharp, Margaret  1746Pennsylvania I69046
249 Sharp, Margaret  Abt 1781Pennsylvania I69051
250 Sharp, Rebecca  1744Pennsylvania I69045
251 Shivell, Rachel  Abt 1805Pennsylvania I89604
252 Skinner, Henry Osmun  27 May 1941Pennsylvania I85981
253 Skinner, John F.  1827Pennsylvania I26229
254 Skinner, Louesa M.  Abt 1852Pennsylvania I26230
255 Skinner, Mrs. Mary (..)  1793Pennsylvania I26260
256 Sloan, John  17 Mar 1759Pennsylvania I95089
257 Snyder, Catherine  5 Nov 1813Pennsylvania I95254
258 Snyder, David  24 Jul 1791Pennsylvania I95353
259 Snyder, George (related??)  7 Mar 1778Pennsylvania I95255
260 Snyder, Jonathan  1796Pennsylvania I95354
261 Snyder, Mary E. (..) (prob not parent)  Abt 1770Pennsylvania I26730
262 Snyder, Michael  1787Pennsylvania I95351
263 Snyder (Snider), (son)  Between 1825 and 1830Pennsylvania I68831
264 Snyder (Snider), Abraham (prob not parent)  Abt 1770Pennsylvania I26729
265 Snyder (Snider), Arthur P.  1905Pennsylvania I68729
266 Snyder (Snider), Barbara   I68776
267 Snyder (Snider), Caroline  1839Pennsylvania I68826
268 Snyder (Snider), David  1864Pennsylvania I68850
269 Snyder (Snider), Elizabeth "Betsy"  1848Pennsylvania I68828
270 Snyder (Snider), Elsie  1930Pennsylvania I68731
271 Snyder (Snider), Harriet  1835Pennsylvania I68820
272 Snyder (Snider), Helen M.  1833Pennsylvania I68824
273 Snyder (Snider), Hiram  1825Pennsylvania I68832
274 Snyder (Snider), Louisa  1833Pennsylvania I68819
275 Snyder (Snider), Lucy  1835Pennsylvania I68825
276 Snyder (Snider), Paul P.  1929Pennsylvania I68730
277 Snyder (Snider), Virginia A.   I68732
278 Snyder (Snider), Warren  1854Pennsylvania I68848
279 Snyder (Snider), William  1861Pennsylvania I68849
280 Stahl, Elizabeth  1730Pennsylvania I38534
281 Steele, Catherine  1803Pennsylvania I60248
282 Stephens, George Honnore William  1780Pennsylvania I7974
283 Stevenson, Famy  17 Dec 1824Pennsylvania I86014
284 Stone, Benjamin  1828Pennsylvania I22027
285 Stone, Charles H. (son?)  1830Pennsylvania I65942
286 Stone, John Z.  10 Jan 1824Pennsylvania I20369
287 Stoner, Frederick  27 Feb 1813Pennsylvania I56358
288 Stoner, Susan  31 Jan 1841Pennsylvania I56150
289 Sturgeon, Ann Runie   I32245
290 Sutton, Ivah  10 Sep 1792Pennsylvania I87216
291 Sweitzer, George  19 Oct 1882Pennsylvania I34375
292 Swihart, Andrew D.  26 Oct 1808Pennsylvania I107740
293 Swihart, William David  14 Dec 1812Pennsylvania I107663
294 Swinehart (or Swihart), George  1 May 1805Pennsylvania I100654
295 Taggert, David  21 Feb 1769Pennsylvania I40594
296 Taggert, Thomas Jr.  22 Oct 1762Pennsylvania I40722
297 Thomas, Ann  1740Pennsylvania I42012
298 Thomas, Bunriah S.  1836Pennsylvania I38227
299 Thomas, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  1815Pennsylvania I38226
300 Thomas, Joshua  1837Pennsylvania I38220

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