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Augusta Co, Virginia


Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


Latitude: 38.2004562, Longitude: -79.24511489999998


Petition, between 23 Mar 1767 and 18 Mar 1768
Petition, between 23 Mar 1767 and 18 Mar 1768
Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia.
Extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. vol. 1.
Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1966.

To the Worshipful Court of Augusta County the Petition of the Inhabitants of Reedy Creek - regarding old road leading from Capt. Ingle's Ferry to James Davis's, on the head of the Holston River.

Signatures of: Robert Breckenridge; George* Breckenridge; Alexander* Breckenridge; Robert Doak; William Doak; Patrick Campbell; Arthur Campbell; and others.Augusta Co, Virginia
linked to:
Alexander* Breckenridge, Sr (I5769)
George* Breckenridge (I5772)
Robert Breckenridge (I5815)
Arthur Campbell (I50007)
Patrick Campbell (I50024)
Robert Doak (I361)
William Doak (I327)
1810 Virginia, Augusta County census
1810 Virginia, Augusta County census
Analysis of the Doaks found in 1810 Augusta census, and their position in the family of Immigrant Samuel Doak

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Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


Report: People who lived in Augusta County Virginia


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Mary  4 Jul 1760Augusta Co, Virginia I53270
2 Allison, Mrs. Nancy Agnes (..)  1753Augusta Co, Virginia I35716
3 Allison, Elde Richard Summerfield  6 Nov 1798Augusta Co, Virginia I64824
4 Beard, Robert  Mar 1764Augusta Co, Virginia I50405
5 Beard, Sally  Abt 1787Augusta Co, Virginia I50406
6 Beatty, James  20 Oct 1741Augusta Co, Virginia I69744
7 Beatty, Wallace  Abt 1743Augusta Co, Virginia I69745
8 Blackburn, Edward  29 May 1775Augusta Co, Virginia I898
9 Blackburn, William  1755Augusta Co, Virginia I865
10 Bowyer, Michael Jr.  1730Augusta Co, Virginia I58173
11 Bragg, Capt Thomas  Abt 1754Augusta Co, Virginia I53634
12 Breckenridge, Capt Alexander* Sr  Bef 16 May 1743Augusta Co, Virginia I5769
13 Breckenridge, Octavia  1751Augusta Co, Virginia I56734
14 Breckenridge, Robert  1743Augusta Co, Virginia I5815
15 Breckenridge, William  02 May 1759Augusta Co, Virginia I64
16 Brown, John  Abt 1788Augusta Co, Virginia I50349
17 Brown, John (infirm)  Abt 1761Augusta Co, Virginia I50380
18 Brown, Mary  Abt 1773Augusta Co, Virginia I50356
19 Brown, Robert  Abt 1765Augusta Co, Virginia I50358
20 Brown, Samuel  Abt 1760Augusta Co, Virginia I50350
21 Brown, Thomas  Abt 1759Augusta Co, Virginia I50348
22 Brown, William Jr.  Abt 1762Augusta Co, Virginia I50353
23 Brown, William  Abt 1785Augusta Co, Virginia I50351
24 Brown, William  Aft 1793Augusta Co, Virginia I62091
25 Bryan, Joseph Jr  Abt 1762Augusta Co, Virginia I10936
26 Bryan, Mary  1 Jun 1745Augusta Co, Virginia I10930
27 Buchanan, Ann  28 Nov 1765Augusta Co, Virginia I50034
28 Buchanan, Margaret  28 Dec 1755Augusta Co, Virginia I50031
29 Buchanan, Sally Jane  1759Augusta Co, Virginia I315
30 Bush, David  12 Nov 1778Augusta Co, Virginia I15209
31 Callahan (?), Catherine  1730Augusta Co, Virginia I56577
32 Callison, Robert  Abt 1765Augusta Co, Virginia I50404
33 Campbell, Arthur  3 Nov 1743Augusta Co, Virginia I50007
34 Campbell, Charles Henry  1780Augusta Co, Virginia I50338
35 Campbell, David  1750Augusta Co, Virginia I50015
36 Campbell, Colonel David  Aug 1753Augusta Co, Virginia I50014
37 Campbell, Elizabeth Ann  13 Jun 1831Augusta Co, Virginia I59865
38 Campbell, James  13 Dec 1775Augusta Co, Virginia I91002
39 Campbell, John  20 Apr 1742Augusta Co, Virginia I50012
40 Campbell, Judge John Wilson  23 Feb 1782Augusta Co, Virginia I64013
41 Campbell, Margaret  31 Mar 1748Augusta Co, Virginia I50013
42 Campbell, Margaret  1757Augusta Co, Virginia I50006
43 Campbell, Patrick (Patricks in sequence?)  Abt 1750Augusta Co, Virginia I91001
44 Campbell, Patrick  1757Augusta Co, Virginia I50017
45 Campbell, Robert  May 1755Augusta Co, Virginia I50016
46 Campbell, General William  1754Augusta Co, Virginia I50336
47 Carson, Elijah  17 Jan 1789Augusta Co, Virginia I99215
48 Carson, John Linn  31 Jan 1774Augusta Co, Virginia I38302
49 Chesnut, Abraham Thomas  17 Feb 1782Augusta Co, Virginia I91760
50 Chrisman, Isaac  3 Dec 1775Augusta Co, Virginia I103289
51 Clark, Jane Jean  1726Augusta Co, Virginia I67928
52 Coyner, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1796Augusta Co, Virginia I104899
53 Coyner, Sarah B.  Abt 1805Augusta Co, Virginia I30949
54 Craig, Isabella Helena  29 May 1745Augusta Co, Virginia I52952
55 Craig, Capt. James  22 Sep 1762Augusta Co, Virginia I64780
56 Craig, James*  1750Augusta Co, Virginia I52257
57 Craig, John  1740Augusta Co, Virginia I63668
58 Craig, Thomas  Abt 1738Augusta Co, Virginia I63666
59 Cunningham, Ellen Rosanna  24 Sep 1826Augusta Co, Virginia I53377
60 Cunningham, Hugh Doak  13 Dec 1822Augusta Co, Virginia I53375
61 Cunningham, Jane Eliza  Nov 1813Augusta Co, Virginia I53369
62 Cunningham, Martha Ann  10 Oct 1820Augusta Co, Virginia I53373
63 Cunningham, Mary Margaret  17 Mar 1817Augusta Co, Virginia I53371
64 Cunningham, Samuel  Abt 1785Augusta Co, Virginia I53364
65 Cunningham, Sarah Frances  25 Sep 1824Augusta Co, Virginia I53376
66 Cunningham, William  1790Augusta Co, Virginia I53306
67 Cunningham, William Rufus  8 Oct 1818Augusta Co, Virginia I53372
68 Cushing, Edwin Merrill  7 Sep 1830Augusta Co, Virginia I99837
69 Cushing, William Amiss  20 Feb 1855Augusta Co, Virginia I99838
70 Dixon, George  17 Feb 1754Augusta Co, Virginia I15548
71 Doak, (daughter)  Between 1785 and 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I52969
72 Doak, (daughter)  Abt 1800Augusta Co, Virginia I52971
73 Doak, (daughter)  Abt 1803Augusta Co, Virginia I52963
74 Doak, (daughter)  Abt 1805Augusta Co, Virginia  I52964
75 Doak, (daughter)  Abt 1807Augusta Co, Virginia I52965
76 Doak, (daughter)  Between 1810 and 1820Augusta Co, Virginia I53262
77 Doak, (son)  Between 1810 and 1820Augusta Co, Virginia I53263
78 Doak, (son)  Between 1810 and 1820Augusta Co, Virginia I53264
79 Doak, Alcinda Jane  Abt 1820Augusta Co, Virginia I50175
80 Doak, David Jr.  1775Augusta Co, Virginia I50089
81 Doak, David  Between 1785 and 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I52967
82 Doak, Dorcas  1785Augusta Co, Virginia I50096
83 Doak, Eleanor  1739Augusta Co, Virginia I351
84 Doak, Eleanor "Elly" (Ellen)  11 Sep 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I50098
85 Doak, Eliza Catherine  Abt 1822Augusta Co, Virginia I50176
86 Doak, Elizabeth  27 Feb 1778Augusta Co, Virginia I50330
87 Doak, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1779Augusta Co, Virginia I50093
88 Doak, Elizabeth Wilson "Betsey"  Between 1785 and 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I50178
89 Doak, Fanny  Between 1785 and 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I50095
90 Doak, Hugh Davis  Between 1785 and 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I50086
91 Doak, Isabel  Between 1753 and 1766Augusta Co, Virginia I353
92 Doak, Jane  10 Sep 1776Augusta Co, Virginia I50329
93 Doak, Jenny (Jane)  Abt 1770Augusta Co, Virginia I50090
94 Doak, John  Between 1785 and 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I50313
95 Doak, John  Between 1800 and 1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50317
96 Doak, John Shields  Jul 1808Augusta Co, Virginia I50113
97 Doak, Julia  10 Aug 1776Augusta Co, Virginia I50152
98 Doak, Julia  Abt 1783Augusta Co, Virginia I50315
99 Doak, Lucina  1782Augusta Co, Virginia I50418
100 Doak, Margaret  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50101

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Doak, Eleanor  9 Dec 1740Augusta Co, Virginia I351
2 Finley, Robert  23 Jun 1745Augusta Co, Virginia I50204
3 Steele, Martha Rosanna  24 Apr 1767Augusta Co, Virginia I50205


Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allison, Robert (of Wythe) (son of who?)  15 Aug 1769Augusta Co, Virginia I64794
2 Barger, Philip  Aft 1730Augusta Co, Virginia I48138
3 Beard, Elizabeth  Mar 1830Augusta Co, Virginia I50385
4 Beard, Thomas  Bef 28 Nov 1769Augusta Co, Virginia I50414
5 Bell, James Alexander  13 Sep 1875Augusta Co, Virginia I30948
6 Bond, Mary (immigrant)  Aft 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I49734
7 Breckenridge, Adam  Bef 16 Mar 1756Augusta Co, Virginia I10
8 Buchanan, Capt/Gent John Floyd  1769Augusta Co, Virginia I48144
9 Caldwell, Mary  1787Augusta Co, Virginia I52978
10 Campbell, Captain Charles  Jan 1767Augusta Co, Virginia I50005
11 Campbell, Charles Henry  1786Augusta Co, Virginia I50338
12 Campbell, Mary  Bef 1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50147
13 Carson, Samuel  24 Mar 1824Augusta Co, Virginia I38304
14 Chesnut, William III  16 Sep 1788Augusta Co, Virginia I56556
15 Clark, Jane Jean  11 Jan 1780Augusta Co, Virginia I67928
16 Craig, Robert  Jun 1788Augusta Co, Virginia I53952
17 Craig, Robert Thomas* (not son of Wm & Janet)  Abt 1749Augusta Co, Virginia I52259
18 Craig, William M.  20 Nov 1759Augusta Co, Virginia I52262
19 Crawford, George  Abt 1780Augusta Co, Virginia I56455
20 Cushing, William Amiss  8 Sep 1907Augusta Co, Virginia I99838
21 Doak, Mrs. Darcie (..)  Bef 1810Augusta Co, Virginia I52966
22 Doak, Eleanor  6 Jul 1834Augusta Co, Virginia I351
23 Doak, Elizabeth  27 Oct 1821Augusta Co, Virginia I50330
24 Doak, Jane (Jean)  Aft 1809Augusta Co, Virginia I349
25 Doak, John  Bef 23 Jun 1806Augusta Co, Virginia I346
26 Doak, Margaret  1836Augusta Co, Virginia I50101
27 Doak, Robert* (immigrant)  1753Augusta Co, Virginia I5719
28 Doak, Samuel Sr. (Immigrant)  Bef 19 May 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I342
29 Doak, Thomas Mitchell  Nov 1825Augusta Co, Virginia I50174
30 Finley, John  Bef 28 Dec 1807Augusta Co, Virginia I52988
31 Finley, John (of Beverley Manor)  Bef 19 Aug 1782Augusta Co, Virginia I52977
32 Finley, William  Bef 1743Augusta Co, Virginia I53004
33 Finley, William  Bef 15 Sep 1789Augusta Co, Virginia I52996
34 Frazier, Samuel  1816Augusta Co, Virginia I52953
35 Fuchs, Anna Maria Margaret (immigrant)  1725Augusta Co, Virginia I69059
36 Greer, John  Bef Sep 1750Augusta Co, Virginia I53282
37 Hanna, (dau Mrs. Col Samuel Doak)  Bef 1827Augusta Co, Virginia I50168
38 Henderson, Martha  1798Augusta Co, Virginia I5696
39 Hogshead, Agnes (Nancy)  Aft 1805Augusta Co, Virginia I30951
40 Keisling, Christopher  1774Augusta Co, Virginia I56368
41 Kiser, Daniel  30 Aug 1742Augusta Co, Virginia I56033
42 McClanahan, Elijah  02 May 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I13
43 McClanahan, Elijah  02 May 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I30975
44 McCoy, William Judson  15 Nov 1861Augusta Co, Virginia I99835
45 McTeer, James  1793Augusta Co, Virginia I50327
46 McTeer, James  1812Augusta Co, Virginia I81190
47 Mitchell, Eleanor (..)  Abt 1760Augusta Co, Virginia I49627
48 Mitchell, Capt James Sr.  1816Augusta Co, Virginia I50384
49 Mitchell, Janet  1791Augusta Co, Virginia I49731
50 Mitchell, Jean (America Jane) (immigrant)  Abt 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I343
51 Mitchell, John  14 Feb 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I49733
52 Mitchell, Thomas Jr.  Aft 1812Augusta Co, Virginia I81200
53 Montgomery, Esther Houston  1807Augusta Co, Virginia I357
54 Moore, Moses (son?) (immigrant)  Nov 1758Augusta Co, Virginia I50394
55 Moore, Captain Moses*  Nov 1758Augusta Co, Virginia I2525
56 Netherton, Henry II  Abt 1788Augusta Co, Virginia I46230
57 Patton, Capt John J. (immigrant)  10 Mar 1757Augusta Co, Virginia I48122
58 Patton, Margaret Belle (immigrant)  Aft 1770Augusta Co, Virginia I48143
59 Poague, Elizabeth  1791Augusta Co, Virginia I56454
60 Preston, Mary  23 Jun 1742Augusta Co, Virginia I48137
61 Robertson, Nancy  Abt 1820Augusta Co, Virginia I50167
62 Robinson, Catherine (..)  Bef 1757Augusta Co, Virginia I49454
63 Robinson, George  Bef 25 Jun 1763Augusta Co, Virginia I49440
64 Robinson, Samuel  Bef 8 Mar 1821Augusta Co, Virginia I49463
65 Russell, Isabella Helena  Aft 1780Augusta Co, Virginia I52948
66 Stuart (Stewart), Janet Jean  20 Nov 1759Augusta Co, Virginia I52263
67 Thompson, Hugh  1762Augusta Co, Virginia I52875
68 Thomson, (Mrs. John Finley)  Bef 22 May 1750Augusta Co, Virginia I52987
69 Trimble, Joseph  Bef 29 Oct 1789Augusta Co, Virginia I380
70 Vanderhoof (Vanderhoef), Mary (Immigrant)  1768Augusta Co, Virginia I68295
71 Wilson, Andrew  Abt 1780Augusta Co, Virginia I63674
72 Wilson, John (Immigrant)  1754Augusta Co, Virginia I68300
73 Wilson, Robert David (Immigrant)  16 Nov 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I68294


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doak, Dorcas  Between 1781 and 1790Augusta Co, Virginia I50096
2 Doak, Eleanor "Elly" (Ellen)  Between 1785 and 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I50098


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Davis, Jennet  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I34530
2 Doak, (daughter)  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I52969
3 Doak, (daughter)  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I52971
4 Doak, David Jr.  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50089
5 Doak, David  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I52967
6 Doak, Dorcas M.  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50335
7 Doak, Eleanor  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50333
8 Doak, Eleanor "Elly" (Ellen)  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50098
9 Doak, Elizabeth Wilson "Betsey"  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50178
10 Doak, Fanny  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50095
11 Doak, Hugh Davis  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50086
12 Doak, Isabella M.  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50334
13 Doak, John  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50313
14 Doak, John  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50317
15 Doak, John  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50331
16 Doak, John Shields  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50113
17 Doak, Nancy  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50314
18 Doak, Polly  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50097
19 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I350
20 Doak, Rosanna  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50177
21 Doak, Samuel  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50312
22 Doak, Colonel Samuel Alexander  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50088
23 Doak, Thomas Mitchell  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50174
24 Doak, Washington  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I50316
25 Finley, David (son?)  1787Augusta Co, Virginia I378
26 Finley, John (immigrant)  1787Augusta Co, Virginia I319
27 Finley, Robert  1787Augusta Co, Virginia I50204
28 Finley, Robert Osborne (son?)  1787Augusta Co, Virginia I93
29 Finley, Capt William  1787Augusta Co, Virginia I52990
30 Mitchell, Elizabeth  1810Augusta Co, Virginia I52968


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Doak, Capt Robert  18 Apr 1787Augusta Co, Virginia I329
2 Thompson, Lt. Colonel Alexander  Between 1773 and 1778Augusta Co, Virginia I52853


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  12 Dec 1794Augusta Co, Virginia I350
2 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  1812Augusta Co, Virginia I350
3 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  Mar 1813Augusta Co, Virginia I350
4 McBride, Rev James Sr.  1760Augusta Co, Virginia I32598


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Poague, Robert  1745Augusta Co, Virginia I56443


Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Beatty, Ensign Francis Sr. (immigrant)  24 Aug 1752Augusta Co, Virginia I49629
2 Berry, James  1799Augusta Co, Virginia I50091
3 Breckenridge, Capt Alexander* Sr  Between 23 Mar 1767 and 18 Mar 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I5769
4 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  1742Augusta Co, Virginia I5772
5 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  7 Aug 1744Augusta Co, Virginia I5772
6 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  10 Dec 1745Augusta Co, Virginia I5772
7 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  17 Jun 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I5772
8 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  19 Jun 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I5772
9 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  17 Jul 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I5772
10 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  Aug 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I5772
11 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  Between 23 Mar 1767 and 18 Mar 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I5772
12 Breckenridge, James  19 Jun 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I5774
13 Breckenridge, Col/Capt Robert Sheriff  23 Sep 1755Augusta Co, Virginia I5806
14 Breckenridge, Robert  Between 23 Mar 1767 and 18 Mar 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I5815
15 Brown, Robert  26 Jun 1809Augusta Co, Virginia I50358
16 Brown, William II  5 Nov 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I358
17 Buchanan, Capt/Gent John Floyd  1746Augusta Co, Virginia I48144
18 Campbell, Arthur  Between 23 Mar 1767 and 18 Mar 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I50007
19 Campbell, Patrick  Between 23 Mar 1767 and 18 Mar 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I50024
20 Davis, Jennet  28 Jun 1803Augusta Co, Virginia I34530
21 Doak, Ann* (Immigrant)  17 Jun 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I5773
22 Doak, Rev. David Sr.  5 Nov 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I345
23 Doak, David Jr.  28 Jun 1803Augusta Co, Virginia I50089
24 Doak, Eleanor  5 Nov 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I351
25 Doak, John (Immigrant)  17 Apr 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I370
26 Doak, Capt Robert  Mar 1767Augusta Co, Virginia I329
27 Doak, Capt Robert  Mar 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I329
28 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  5 Nov 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I350
29 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  28 Jun 1803Augusta Co, Virginia I350
30 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  21 Mar 1804Augusta Co, Virginia I350
31 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  Apr 1812Augusta Co, Virginia I350
32 Doak, Samuel Sr. (Immigrant)  17 Apr 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I342
33 Doak, Samuel Sr. (Immigrant)  28 Nov 1750Augusta Co, Virginia I342
34 Doak, Colonel Samuel Alexander  28 Jun 1803Augusta Co, Virginia I50088
35 Doak, Captain William  Between 23 Mar 1767 and 18 Mar 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I327
36 Doak, Captain William  1768Augusta Co, Virginia I327
37 Finley, John (immigrant)  13 May 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I319
38 Finley, John (immigrant)  Mar 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I319
39 Finley, John (immigrant)  20 Jul 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I319
40 Finley, John (immigrant)  5 Nov 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I319
41 Finley, John (immigrant)  16 Mar 1773Augusta Co, Virginia I319
42 Greer, John  21 Sep 1750Augusta Co, Virginia I53282
43 Hays, Patrick  26 Jun 1809Augusta Co, Virginia I50355
44 Jones, Rev. John  8 Dec 1770Augusta Co, Virginia I47895
45 McBride, Rev James Sr.  1755Augusta Co, Virginia I32598
46 McBride, Rev James Sr.  26 Mar 1764Augusta Co, Virginia I32598
47 McBride, Rev James Sr.  17 May 1764Augusta Co, Virginia I32598
48 McClanahan, Robert  23 Sep 1755Augusta Co, Virginia I16
49 McTeer, James  10 Aug 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I50327
50 McTeer, William  1812Augusta Co, Virginia I81189
51 Mitchell, Capt James Sr.  28 Nov 1769Augusta Co, Virginia I50384
52 Mitchell, Capt James Sr.  14 Feb 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I50384
53 Mitchell, Capt James Sr.  19 May 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I50384
54 Mitchell, Capt James Sr.  10 Jun 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I50384
55 Mitchell, John  28 Nov 1750Augusta Co, Virginia I49634
56 Mitchell, John Jr.  19 May 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I49640
57 Mitchell, Thomas  14 Oct 1805Augusta Co, Virginia I49638
58 Mitchell, Thomas Jr.  1812Augusta Co, Virginia I81200
59 Montgomery, John  28 Nov 1769Augusta Co, Virginia I50415
60 Patton, Col Gent James (immigrant)  1746Augusta Co, Virginia I48121
61 Patton, Col Gent James (immigrant)  15 Aug 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I48121
62 Preston, Colonel John (Immigrant)  7 Aug 1744Augusta Co, Virginia I48115
63 Preston, Colonel John (Immigrant)  May 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I48115
64 Preston, Colonel William (Immigrant)  23 Sep 1755Augusta Co, Virginia I48125
65 Russell, Bryce  20 May 1760Augusta Co, Virginia I52934
66 Russell, Bryce  15 Nov 1762Augusta Co, Virginia I52934
67 Smith, John  1746Augusta Co, Virginia I48222
68 Tate, John  10 Oct 1769Augusta Co, Virginia I49631
69 Tate, John  5 Nov 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I49631
70 Tate, Col. John Jr.  19 May 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I50029
71 Tate, William  19 May 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I50030
72 Thompson, Lt. Colonel Alexander  16 Jul 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I52853
73 Thompson, Hugh  Abt 1745Augusta Co, Virginia I52875
74 Thompson, Hugh  1762Augusta Co, Virginia I52875
75 Thompson, Robert  1785Augusta Co, Virginia I52855


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Doak, David Jr.  1799Augusta Co, Virginia I50089
2 Doak, Rosannah  1799Augusta Co, Virginia I50092
3 Doak, Colonel Samuel Alexander  1799Augusta Co, Virginia I50088


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Gray, Robert  Between 1751 and 1771Augusta Co, Virginia I69747
2 Mitchell, Jean (America Jane) (immigrant)  5 Nov 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I343
3 Mitchell, John  1744Augusta Co, Virginia I49735
4 Robinson, George  25 Jul 1746Augusta Co, Virginia I49440
5 Thompson, Hugh  Bef Feb 1745Augusta Co, Virginia I52875
6 Thompson, John  Abt 1743Augusta Co, Virginia I52868
7 Thompson, Capt William Jr.  3 Jul 1739Augusta Co, Virginia I52850

Research Notes

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Research Notes    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Capt Alexander* Sr  13 Jun 2014Augusta Co, Virginia I5769


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Craig, William M.  Abt 1740Augusta Co, Virginia I52262
2 Doak, Ann* (Immigrant)  Abt 1740Augusta Co, Virginia I5773
3 Finley, David  Between 1786 and 1787Augusta Co, Virginia I52985
4 Finley, John (immigrant)  Between 1737 and 1739Augusta Co, Virginia I319
5 Finley, John (of Beverley Manor)  30 Oct 1745Augusta Co, Virginia I52977
6 Jones, Ebenezer  Between 1787Augusta Co, Virginia I87782
7 Jones, Gabriel Esq.  Aft 3 Dec 1753Augusta Co, Virginia I47750
8 Jones, Rev. John  18 Oct 1768Augusta Co, Virginia I47895
9 Mathes (Matthews), Alexander A.* Sr. (immigrant)  1737Augusta Co, Virginia I2188
10 McBride, Rev James Sr.  1759Augusta Co, Virginia I32598


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Beard, Thomas  28 Nov 1769Augusta Co, Virginia I50414
2 Brown, William II  19 Apr 1809Augusta Co, Virginia I358
3 Craig, William M.  26 Nov 1754Augusta Co, Virginia I52262
4 Doak, Rev. David Sr.  26 Jun 1799Augusta Co, Virginia I345
5 Doak, Rev. David Sr.  28 Jun 1803Augusta Co, Virginia I345
6 Doak, John  21 Mar 1804Augusta Co, Virginia I346
7 Doak, Colonel Robert (wives?)  26 Mar 1832Augusta Co, Virginia I350
8 Doak, Samuel Sr. (Immigrant)  19 May 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I342
9 Doak, Samuel Sr. (Immigrant)  10 Jun 1772Augusta Co, Virginia I342
10 Finley, John (immigrant)  7 Aug 1791Augusta Co, Virginia I319
11 Finley, William  15 Sep 1789Augusta Co, Virginia I52996
12 Greer, John  28 Nov 1750Augusta Co, Virginia I53282
13 McDonald, Bryan  16 Aug 1757Augusta Co, Virginia I49448
14 McTeer, James  1793Augusta Co, Virginia I50327
15 McTeer, James  1812Augusta Co, Virginia I81190
16 Poague, Robert  20 Oct 1773Augusta Co, Virginia I56443
17 Robinson, George  25 Jun 1763Augusta Co, Virginia I49440
18 Thompson, Hugh  19 Feb 1762Augusta Co, Virginia I52875


Matches 1 to 77 of 77

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Beard / Mitchell  30 May 1785Augusta Co, Virginia F16601
2 Berry / Doak  10 Jan 1787Augusta Co, Virginia F16504
3 Blackburn / Mathews  18 Aug 1785Augusta Co, Virginia F418
4 Bowyer / Carpenter  1766Augusta Co, Virginia F19183
5 Brown / Doak  Abt 1758Augusta Co, Virginia F162
6 Caldwell / Finley  Abt 1760Augusta Co, Virginia F17359
7 Callison / Mitchell  Abt 1792Augusta Co, Virginia F16600
8 Campbell / Buchanan  Abt 1743Augusta Co, Virginia F16473
9 Campbell / Campbell  10 May 1773Augusta Co, Virginia F16474
10 Campbell / Campbell  1774Augusta Co, Virginia F16477
11 Campbell / Conyngham  Abt 1750Augusta Co, Virginia F16479
12 Campbell / James  1751Augusta Co, Virginia F16481
13 Campbell / Weir (or Wear?)  2 Nov 1774Augusta Co, Virginia F16480
14 Chesnut / Wade  Abt 17 Nov 1772Augusta Co, Virginia F18596
15 Chrisman / Stephens  Abt 1759Augusta Co, Virginia F21004
16 Clark / Summers  1725Augusta Co, Virginia F21975
17 Craig / Cox  1761Augusta Co, Virginia F20995
18 Craig / Crawford(?)  Abt 1738Augusta Co, Virginia F17134
19 Craig / Jameson  18 Nov 1759Augusta Co, Virginia F20566
20 Craig / Montgomery  Abt 1787Augusta Co, Virginia F20996
21 Craig / Russell  11 Jun 1744Augusta Co, Virginia F17338
22 Cunningham / Doak  28 Dec 1812Augusta Co, Virginia F17434
23 Cunningham / Steele  Abt 1780Augusta Co, Virginia F17468
24 Doak / Alexander  30 Oct 1762Augusta Co, Virginia F159
25 Doak / Davis  Bef 2 Dec 1782Augusta Co, Virginia F12021
26 Doak / Doak  28 Mar 1774Augusta Co, Virginia F17393
27 Doak / Doak  Abt 1775Augusta Co, Virginia F16532
28 Doak / Hanna  Between 1820 and 1827Augusta Co, Virginia F16527
29 Doak / Mitchell  28 Mar 1774Augusta Co, Virginia F16579
30 Doak / Mitchell  Between 1782 and 1785Augusta Co, Virginia F12020
31 Doak / Mitchell  Abt 1799Augusta Co, Virginia F17345
32 Doak / Noel  Bef 1829Augusta Co, Virginia F16525
33 Doak / Porter  Abt 1840Augusta Co, Virginia F16506
34 Doak / Robertson  Aft 1814Augusta Co, Virginia F16526
35 Drake / Buchanan  1780Augusta Co, Virginia F16485
36 Edmundson / Thompson  Abt 1750Augusta Co, Virginia F17302
37 Finley / Breckenridge  8 Feb 1777Augusta Co, Virginia F48
38 Finley / Caldwell  21 Apr 1741Augusta Co, Virginia F17351
39 Finley / Doak  20 Aug 1805Augusta Co, Virginia F16516
40 Finley / Henderson  5 Jun 1750Augusta Co, Virginia F2394
41 Finley / Steele  Abt 1760Augusta Co, Virginia F17354
42 Finley / Steele  1767Augusta Co, Virginia F16543
43 Finley / Wilson  10 Mar 1791Augusta Co, Virginia F176
44 Frazier / Craig  1782Augusta Co, Virginia F17340
45 Gum / Wade  8 Jun 1785Augusta Co, Virginia F18612
46 Hawpe / Doak  7 Feb 1828Augusta Co, Virginia F16511
47 Hawpe / Mitchell  30 Nov 1847Augusta Co, Virginia F16533
48 Hays / Brown  25 Jan 1802Augusta Co, Virginia F16588
49 Henry / Thompson  Abt 1754Augusta Co, Virginia F17304
50 Kesterson / Johnson  16 Dec 1806Augusta Co, Virginia F30205
51 Larew / Doak  11 Mar 1799Augusta Co, Virginia F16529
52 Lilley / Doak  1 Jul 1797Augusta Co, Virginia F20691
53 Lynn / Miller  1749Augusta Co, Virginia F35140
54 Mathes / Netherton  12 Aug 1758Augusta Co, Virginia F12016
55 Mathews / Paul  Abt 1759Augusta Co, Virginia F16429
56 McClanahan / Breckenridge  Abt 1750Augusta Co, Virginia F12
57 McCoy / Carson  Abt 1828Augusta Co, Virginia F33569
58 McNutt / Finley  Abt 1770Augusta Co, Virginia F26285
59 Milliken / Doak  28 Sep 1786Augusta Co, Virginia F17430
60 Mills / Breckenridge  1769Augusta Co, Virginia F18663
61 Mitchell / Brown  23 Jun 1806Augusta Co, Virginia F16589
62 Mitchell / Glass  Abt 1755Augusta Co, Virginia F16416
63 Moore / Risk  1761Augusta Co, Virginia F16594
64 Roark / Grigsby  1766Augusta Co, Virginia F30895
65 Robinson / McKay  Abt 1758Augusta Co, Virginia F16307
66 Runyon / Custer  Abt 1771Augusta Co, Virginia F4669
67 Smith / Doak  Bef 1820Augusta Co, Virginia F17435
68 Tate / McClanahan  27 Feb 1794Augusta Co, Virginia F26503
69 Thompson / Buchanan  Abt 1760Augusta Co, Virginia F17317
70 Thompson / Patton  Abt 1748Augusta Co, Virginia F17300
71 Thompson / Thompson  Jun 1761Augusta Co, Virginia F17305
72 Thompson / Thompson  24 May 1799Augusta Co, Virginia F17307
73 Trumbo / Hawes  1791Augusta Co, Virginia F18404
74 Trumbo / Lair (Lehrer)  1774Augusta Co, Virginia F18401
75 Wade / Callahan  26 Mar 1788Augusta Co, Virginia F18613
76 Wright / Mitchell  Aft 1771Augusta Co, Virginia F16363
77 Young / Peake  Abt 1705Augusta Co, Virginia F29446