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Barren Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Betsy  1793Barren Co, Kentucky I105674
2 Barton, Caleb  17 Jul 1806Barren Co, Kentucky I72114
3 Billingsly, John M.  19 Nov 1805Barren Co, Kentucky I1180
4 Davis, Lou Anne  2 Feb 1917Barren Co, Kentucky I105533
5 Elmore, Mrs. Frances Belle  6 Jan 1902Barren Co, Kentucky I94785
6 Emerson, Ann Eliza  Feb 1835Barren Co, Kentucky I20803
7 Emerson, Annie Cleveland  Mar 1885Barren Co, Kentucky I20759
8 Emerson, Asa  25 Feb 1829Barren Co, Kentucky I20804
9 Emerson, Catherine (Kittie) Ella  11 Jan 1878Barren Co, Kentucky I20838
10 Emerson, Dora Gertrude  23 May 1881Barren Co, Kentucky I20763
11 Emerson, Fountain Furlong  30 Dec 1855Barren Co, Kentucky I20823
12 Emerson, Henry Clay  Mar 1877Barren Co, Kentucky I20757
13 Emerson, Henry Franklin  02 Sep 1869Barren Co, Kentucky I20835
14 Emerson, James F.  15 Jun 1851Barren Co, Kentucky I20811
15 Emerson, Kitty  21 Jan 1859Barren Co, Kentucky I20807
16 Emerson, Margaret  1831Barren Co, Kentucky I20801
17 Emerson, Marguret  Feb 1861Barren Co, Kentucky I20810
18 Emerson, Thomas Woodford  06 Feb 1872Barren Co, Kentucky I20837
19 Emerson, William Hade  16 Aug 1870Barren Co, Kentucky I20836
20 Emerson, William Pleasant  1878Barren Co, Kentucky I20825
21 Emerson, William Warner  19 Jan 1887Barren Co, Kentucky I20760
22 Emmerson, James  1832Barren Co, Kentucky I20802
23 Emmerson, John Cosby  07 Mar 1803Barren Co, Kentucky I20869
24 Emmerson, Martha J  Abt 1847Barren Co, Kentucky I20871
25 Emmerson, William Henry  08 Feb 1826Barren Co, Kentucky I20873
26 Emmerson, Zachariah Joseph  01 Apr 1830Barren Co, Kentucky I20874
27 Eubanks, Patsy Ann "Polly"  27 Dec 1851Barren Co, Kentucky I102513
28 Frasher, Helena "Lena" Wilhemina  20 Jul 1857Barren Co, Kentucky I17881
29 Hamilton, Rebecca  27 Oct 1791Barren Co, Kentucky I61394
30 Hunt, Lizzie  14 Jan 1887Barren Co, Kentucky I105530
31 Jones, Junius Ray  29 Apr 1924Barren Co, Kentucky I94788
32 Jones, R.L.  8 Jan 1902Barren Co, Kentucky I94776
33 Jones, Sylvia Evaline  12 Oct 1909Barren Co, Kentucky I94778
34 Jones, T.C.  5 Oct 1907Barren Co, Kentucky I94777
35 Jones, Violet Venoy  21 Feb 1922Barren Co, Kentucky I94787
36 Jones, William Hollis "Bill"  27 May 1932Barren Co, Kentucky I94789
37 Jones, William Thomas  22 Dec 1912Barren Co, Kentucky I105532
38 Lawrence, Katherine Ann "Kitty"  19 Mar 1831Barren Co, Kentucky I20834
39 Marshall, Elizabeth Early  8 Oct 1847Barren Co, Kentucky I88806
40 Pardue, Nancy Elizabeth  24 Jun 1851Barren Co, Kentucky I105528
41 Petty, William Henry  19 Jul 1877Barren Co, Kentucky I100615
42 Poe (or Powe), Alice  1813Barren Co, Kentucky I75445
43 Poynter, Elijah  1805Barren Co, Kentucky I21886
44 Poynter, James T  11 Feb 1839Barren Co, Kentucky I21887
45 Renfro, Lydia "Lide"  30 Aug 1762Barren Co, Kentucky I15058
46 Reynolds, Bessie Pauline  Sep 1896Barren Co, Kentucky I82817
47 Scott, Larkin Jones  17 Feb 1818Barren Co, Kentucky I106528
48 Scott, Margaret Ann (DNA Circle-g)  31 Aug 1831Barren Co, Kentucky I106527
49 Siddens, Mary  Abt 1801Barren Co, Kentucky I4711
50 Siddens, Nancy E.  13 Aug 1808Barren Co, Kentucky I72112
51 Siddens, Sarah  Abt 1815Barren Co, Kentucky I72110
52 Smith, Susannah M.  25 Jan 1813Barren Co, Kentucky I60582
53 Stone, Lucetta Thomas  1866Barren Co, Kentucky I84543
54 Thacker, America  20 Apr 1820Barren Co, Kentucky I22095
55 Thacker, Martin Van Buren  01 Nov 1810Barren Co, Kentucky I22113
56 Thacker, Mary  3 Feb 1824Barren Co, Kentucky I18345
57 Thomas, Permelia  1815Barren Co, Kentucky I73047
58 Trent, Thomas E.  1815Barren Co, Kentucky I73048
59 Williams, Jula Ann  29 Jan 1857Barren Co, Kentucky I20824


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Margaret  1853Barren Co, Kentucky I49759
2 Dowell, Mariah Minerva Sache  4 Jan 1911Barren Co, Kentucky I84542
3 Emerson, Asa  10 Jan 1919Barren Co, Kentucky I20804
4 Emerson, Fountain Furlong  14 May 1923Barren Co, Kentucky I20823
5 Emerson, Henry Jr  Aft 1850Barren Co, Kentucky I20799
6 Emerson, Henry Franklin  19 Mar 1936Barren Co, Kentucky I20835
7 Emerson, James F.  13 Jan 1918Barren Co, Kentucky I20811
8 Emerson, Pleasant  Oct 1839Barren Co, Kentucky I20882
9 Emerson, William Hade  11 Jan 1952Barren Co, Kentucky I20836
10 Emerson, William T  17 Mar 1963Barren Co, Kentucky I20809
11 Emerson (or Emmerson), Henry  1883Barren Co, Kentucky I20889
12 Emmerson, John Cosby  02 Jun 1857Barren Co, Kentucky I20869
13 Emmerson, Martha J  21 Aug 1854Barren Co, Kentucky I20871
14 Emmerson, William Henry  29 Jun 1899Barren Co, Kentucky I20873
15 Emmerson, Zachariah Joseph  02 Nov 1866Barren Co, Kentucky I20874
16 Emmerson (Emerson), William  Bef Oct 1812Barren Co, Kentucky I20876
17 Emmerson (Emerson), Zachariah  10 May 1851Barren Co, Kentucky I20880
18 Furlong, Elizabeth  26 May 1852Barren Co, Kentucky I20885
19 Hamilton, Abner  Jul 1837Barren Co, Kentucky I76487
20 Hunt, Lizzie  1 Nov 1966Barren Co, Kentucky I105530
21 Jones, Alonzo  8 Apr 1958Barren Co, Kentucky I105531
22 Jones, C.C.  1 Apr 1906Barren Co, Kentucky I94771
23 Jones, E.T.  3 Mar 1893Barren Co, Kentucky I94773
24 Jones, George R.  11 Oct 1914Barren Co, Kentucky I94774
25 Jones, Joseph  22 Jan 1925Barren Co, Kentucky I94770
26 Jones, Magnolia Jane  1 Jun 1913Barren Co, Kentucky I94772
27 Jones, R.L.  11 Sep 1904Barren Co, Kentucky I94776
28 Jones, Sylvia Evaline  5 Jan 1911Barren Co, Kentucky I94778
29 Jones, T.C.  28 Oct 1908Barren Co, Kentucky I94777
30 Jones, W.H.F.  18 Dec 1897Barren Co, Kentucky I94775
31 Lawrence, Katherine Ann "Kitty"  25 Mar 1931Barren Co, Kentucky I20834
32 Mann, William Sr.  May 1857Barren Co, Kentucky I64951
33 Melton, Armilda  23 Jul 1963Barren Co, Kentucky I94769
34 Pardue, Francis Marion "Frank"  13 May 1853Barren Co, Kentucky I105525
35 Pardue, Nancy Elizabeth  8 Jan 1935Barren Co, Kentucky I105528
36 Peach (or Peak), Esther  8 May 1851Barren Co, Kentucky I15060
37 Pennington, Timothy^  1826Barren Co, Kentucky I77571
38 Pickett, Elizabeth  1828Barren Co, Kentucky I89425
39 Pickett, Nancy  19 Nov 1854Barren Co, Kentucky I89429
40 Renfro, John  22 Apr 1846Barren Co, Kentucky I15061
41 Renfro, Lydia "Lide"  11 May 1848Barren Co, Kentucky I15058
42 Settle, Willis  30 Nov 1864Barren Co, Kentucky I89432
43 Sutherland, Diannah  1850Barren Co, Kentucky I20881
44 Tadlock, James Carter  26 Sep 1808Barren Co, Kentucky I97013
45 Wheeler, Mary "Polly"  1863Barren Co, Kentucky I100617
46 Wilson, William Hughlette  30 Aug 1849Barren Co, Kentucky I76465
47 Withers, Hannah  1809Barren Co, Kentucky I89419
48 Yates, George Woodford  1835Barren Co, Kentucky I61292


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Emerson, Samuel  1860Barren Co, Kentucky I17882
2 Frasher, George J  1870Barren Co, Kentucky I20770
3 Peach (or Peak), Esther  1840Barren Co, Kentucky I15060
4 Renfro, Rev. James Jr  1809Barren Co, Kentucky I15164
5 Renfro, John  1810Barren Co, Kentucky I15061
6 Renfro, John  1820Barren Co, Kentucky I15061
7 Renfro, John  1840Barren Co, Kentucky I15061


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chadd, Patience  1820Barren Co, Kentucky I23015
2 Ewing, Judge Young  Barren Co, Kentucky I74901
3 Renfro, John  Between 1802 and 1846Barren Co, Kentucky I15061
4 Siddens, James  1810Barren Co, Kentucky I48739


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Peach (or Peak), Esther  16 Sep 1848Barren Co, Kentucky I15060
2 Renfro, John  16 Feb 1829Barren Co, Kentucky I15061
3 Tadlock, James Carter  28 Sep 1808Barren Co, Kentucky I97013


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dickerson / Grider  24 Apr 1804Barren Co, Kentucky F25199
2 Emerson / Furlong  14 Mar 1836Barren Co, Kentucky F7648
3 Emerson / Furlong  20 Nov 1849Barren Co, Kentucky F7660
4 Emerson / Kidd  18 Dec 1878Barren Co, Kentucky F7662
5 Emerson / Wheeler  26 May 1814Barren Co, Kentucky F33858
6 Emerson / Williams  Abt 1876Barren Co, Kentucky F7663
7 Emerson (or Emmerson) / McGuire  16 Jan 1828Barren Co, Kentucky F7659
8 Emmerson / Emmerson  28 Apr 1825Barren Co, Kentucky F7678
9 Emmerson / Emmerson  Abt 1845Barren Co, Kentucky F7676
10 Emmerson / Mitchell  12 Nov 1857Barren Co, Kentucky F7664
11 Frasher / Edmunds  Abt 1878Barren Co, Kentucky F7657
12 Grider / James  14 Sep 1814Barren Co, Kentucky F25193
13 Helm / Box  19 Feb 1814Barren Co, Kentucky F8320
14 Hunt / Pardue  1874Barren Co, Kentucky F35659
15 Landrum / Cosby  25 Jul 1814Barren Co, Kentucky F7680
16 Lawrence / Emerson  Abt 1869Barren Co, Kentucky F7665
17 Pardue / Dossey  24 Sep 1850Barren Co, Kentucky F35658
18 Petty / Emerson  1896Barren Co, Kentucky F33856
19 Wilson / Wooten  2 Feb 1832Barren Co, Kentucky F24833


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Frasher / Edmunds  Bef 1880Barren Co, Kentucky F7657

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