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Beauregard Parish, Louisiana



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrow, Dewel Bosby "Pink"  15 Feb 1903Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I7701
2 Cole, Harley Alton  3 Jan 1915Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8684
3 Cooley, Ada L.  1908Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41483
4 Cooley, Alpha B.  1919Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41477
5 Cooley, Attis D.  1911Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41484
6 Cooley, Azelie G.  1907Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41482
7 Cooley, Eddie A.  1904Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41480
8 Cooley, Herbert E.  1918Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41488
9 Cooley, Jessie L.  1913Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41485
10 Cooley, Leon C.  1915Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41486
11 Cooley, Levisa A.  1908Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41474
12 Cooley, Lillie H.  1906Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41481
13 Cooley, Lonnie Dewey  14 Jun 1899Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41478
14 Cooley, Loyd B.  1904Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41476
15 Cooley, Maggie S.  1904Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41471
16 Cooley, Mary L.  1908Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41473
17 Cooley, Minnie A.  25 Dec 1898Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I42075
18 Cooley, Pearl R.  1916Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41487
19 Cooley, Thomas Jefferson Jr.  17 Sep 1880Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41421
20 Cooley, Vergia J.  1906Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41472
21 Cooley, William L.  1911Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41475
22 Hester, Walter Berry  2 Jun 1886Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I46944
23 Perkins, Della A (..)  27 Feb 1874Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8722
24 Perkins, Dempsy  27 Feb 1874Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8720
25 Perkins, Denise  10 Dec 1876Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8721
26 Perkins, Eugene  27 Feb 1872Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8719
27 Perkins, Washington Evander  18 Mar 1846Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8717
28 Whitaker, Martha  3 Oct 1843Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8718


Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alston, Elizabeth "Lizzy"  12 Feb 1944Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41314
2 Alston, Lucinda Rachel  28 Nov 1917Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41324
3 Andrus, Floyd Percy  18 Aug 1975Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I26537
4 Arrington, Milly Ann  Abt 1846Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41644
5 Ashworth, Isaiah Thompson  1901Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I107145
6 Ashworth, Levi Thomas  9 Jun 1959Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I7695
7 Baggett, David M  05 Jun 1952Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I23337
8 Baggett, Julia  5 Oct 1920Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41352
9 Clark, Alexander L "Babe" (Mu)  12 Oct 1920Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I7649
10 Clark, Irene  3 Aug 2002Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I99147
11 Cole, Hardy Louis  21 Dec 1885Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8680
12 Cole, Harley Alton  21 Apr 1919Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8684
13 Cole, Harley E  7 Aug 1961Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8682
14 Cole, Oakentine Columbus  27 Feb 1937Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8679
15 Cole, Stephen Davis  22 Apr 1877Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8649
16 Cooley, Asa W.  25 May 1913Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41338
17 Cooley, Azalie  1950Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41327
18 Cooley, Basheba "Basha"  1 Jan 1942Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41331
19 Cooley, Cornelia C. "Nellie"  14 Oct 1944Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41309
20 Cooley, Fountain "Bud"  13 Jul 1956Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41326
21 Cooley, Ira  17 Aug 1908Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I28794
22 Cooley, Lena  17 Mar 1953Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41329
23 Cooley, Lonnie Dewey  28 May 1973Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41478
24 Cooley, Middleton Ezekiel  10 Jul 1926Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41313
25 Cooley, Nancy Ann  11 Jun 1931Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41204
26 Cooley, Sarah L.  1888Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41316
27 Cooley, Sina Maybelle  25 May 1955Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41335
28 Cooley, Thomas Jefferson "Jeff"  22 Feb 1943Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41341
29 Cooley, William Madison  25 May 1955Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41332
30 Forman, Lydia Ann  10 Jan 1887Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8656
31 Hagar, Sarah  30 Jul 1942Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I94260
32 Herbert, Francis  02 May 1957Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I26534
33 Hester, William T.  4 Jun 1966Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I46941
34 Johnson, John "Jack or Jock" (Mulatto)  1 Feb 1883Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I90228
35 Mccorcodel, Commodore J. "Commi"  1933Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I26532
36 Mccorcodel, Daniel  1922Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I23175
37 Mccorcodel, Thomas Dundan  04 Apr 1955Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I26533
38 Mitchell, Julia E.  30 Apr 1947Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41351
39 Parker, Miles Alfred "Doc"  25 Feb 1997Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I88083
40 Perkins, Adeline  31 Mar 1908Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I68986
41 Perkins, Castus "Cassie"  15 Apr 1953Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I107136
42 Perkins, Della A (..)  3 Mar 1968Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8722
43 Perkins, Dempsy  28 Dec 1948Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8720
44 Perkins, Denise  5 Apr 1926Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8721
45 Perkins, Erastus R.  30 Sep 1957Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I107132
46 Perkins, Eugene  1944Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8719
47 Perkins, Minnie Irene  1919Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I107135
48 Perkins, Oliver P.  27 Dec 1912Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I107133
49 Perkins, Washington Evander  2 Apr 1909Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8717
50 Simmons, Nancy Mitchell  27 Mar 1905Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8648
51 Singleton, Emma  24 Feb 1940Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8681
52 Smith, Frances Elizabeth  26 Sep 1945Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I33763
53 Smith, Shelly Ann  15 Jun 1917Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I41337
54 Stephens, Margaret Molly A.  1936Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I26531
55 Watson, James Harvey  4 Sep 1934Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I94204
56 Wellman, Allie  12 Oct 1965Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8683
57 Whitaker, Martha  15 Aug 1907Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I8718


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Hester, Ira Pierce  1920Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I46940
2 Hester, Ira Pierce  1930Beauregard Parish, Louisiana I46940


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooley / Baggett  Abt 1898Beauregard Parish, Louisiana F13848
2 Cooley / Whiddon  Abt 1909Beauregard Parish, Louisiana F30073
3 Perkins / Perkins  Abt 1894Beauregard Parish, Louisiana F3497
4 Perkins / Perkins  Abt 1896Beauregard Parish, Louisiana F3496
5 Perkins / Whitaker  Abt 1870Beauregard Parish, Louisiana F3495

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