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Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lyons, John L. III  5 Jul 1804Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33782
2 Garner, Jacob Harmon  1814Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1422
3 Johnson, Amy Ann  1822Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107497
4 Green, Thomas  1830Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7446
5 Hayes, Theophilus  10 Jan 1830Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7413
6 Hamshire, Lovan  17 Mar 1831Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I21408
7 McClain, Elizabeth Jane  4 Apr 1833Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7729
8 Harmon, Martha Jane  1835Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23423
9 Peloquin, Marie Felix  1835Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I25353
10 Hargraves, Levi Columbus  01 Oct 1835Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1495
11 Myers (Mayer), Benjamin  1 Oct 1835Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I13942
12 Lyons, Rebecca  1838Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23436
13 Drake, Ellender "Ellen"  1840Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107127
14 Lyons, Emily A  31 Jul 1840Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23437
15 Harmon, David Burnes  03 Jun 1842Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23250
16 Nichols, Ellen Dora  05 Aug 1842Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23326
17 Dyson, William  30 Jul 1843Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79996
18 Johnson, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1844Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106799
19 LeBleu, Onezime  1844Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I99160
20 Andrus, Jeane  1845Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33758
21 Ashworth, Rachel  1845Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I85546
22 Wisby, Mary Jane  1845Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I90187
23 Gillen, Jesse Burton  31 Oct 1846Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31865
24 Clark, John Harvey "Little John" Jr. (Mulatto)  1847Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7645
25 Johnson, Jackson  1847Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I90178
26 Johnson, Sarah  1847Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106800
27 Williamson, W. Preston "Press"  24 Mar 1847Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I84404
28 Lyons, Martha  Jul 1847Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1677
29 Johnson, Josia (or Jonah)  1848Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I90179
30 Cole, Mary Louise  22 Feb 1848Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I88078
31 Varner, Sarah  18 May 1848Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107134
32 Clark, James Valentine "Bud" (Mu)  1849Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7647
33 LeBleu, Onezilia Julia  6 Mar 1849Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I99162
34 Reeves, Solomon D.  9 Jun 1849Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I80221
35 Cole, Mary Elizabeth  10 Oct 1849Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I8677
36 Mccorcodel, William  1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26517
37 Mudd, Cornelia  1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I77516
38 Clark, Alexander L "Babe" (Mu)  4 Jul 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7649
39 Ashworth, Celia Ann  12 Jul 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7650
40 Fannett, Marie Clemence  20 Apr 1851Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I60604
41 Lyons, Martha  Jul 1851Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23442
42 Simmons, Jacob  Abt 1852Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23295
43 Andrus, Gabriel Albert  2 Jan 1852Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I25566
44 Ashworth, Elias Arthur (Mulatto)  23 Apr 1852Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7705
45 Tanner, Richard James  2 Jul 1852Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107390
46 Lyons, Isaac  Dec 1852Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23443
47 Clark, Richard "Dick" (Mu)  1853Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7651
48 LeBouef, Aladin  1853Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23650
49 Simmons, Sarah Louise Eliza  May 1853Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31612
50 Simmons, Tabitha  13 Aug 1853Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23296
51 Mccorcodel, Mary Catherine  1854Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I26516
52 Simmons, Laura  1854Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31623
53 Johnson, Josiah M.  1855Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106809
54 Williamson, Emelia  14 Oct 1855Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I21450
55 Green, Solomon  1856Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I28281
56 Clark, Archibald "Archie" (Mu)  13 Oct 1856Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7654
57 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth (Mu)  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7704
58 Green, Uriah  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I28280
59 Johnson, Jethro  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79967
60 Simmons, Missouri  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31624
61 Strahan, Martha  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79977
62 Young, Edmonia  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I77515
63 Williamson, George  11 Mar 1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I43330
64 Simmons, Alice Berry  22 Aug 1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23297
65 Alston, William  Sep 1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I41449
66 Andrus, Alice  1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40634
67 Andrus, Celista  1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107398
68 Forman, Lucinda  1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57622
69 Hayes, Enoch  1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57652
70 Marcantale, Almonce  Mar 1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I41436
71 Reeves, David George  20 Jun 1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23300
72 Johnson, Jeptha  1859Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79968
73 Simmons, Eliza  1859Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23298
74 Williamson, William  11 Sep 1859Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I43331
75 Hayes, Elisa  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57653
76 LeBoeuf, Louis  Jan 1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I24114
77 Andrus, Rosa  May 1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40635
78 Hayes, Elijah Cabot Sr. (son?)  17 Sep 1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I28285
79 Williamson, Mary Jane  27 May 1861Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I43332
80 Nelson, Lydia  1862Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107148
81 Williamson, Jasper  16 May 1862Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I21456
82 Ashworth, Elizabeth Ann (Mulatto)  28 Jun 1862Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7655
83 Howard, William Asa "Bill" Sr  27 Sep 1862Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7712
84 Hayes, Sarah  1863Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57654
85 Williamson, Melisa Ann  15 Jun 1864Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I21480
86 Smithhart, James William  Abt 1865Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107129
87 Alston, George W.  Nov 1865Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I41445
88 Clark, Eli (Mulatto)  Abt 1866Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7709
89 Parker, Thomas  1866Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102762
90 Moss, Robert Lee  26 Aug 1866Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I97496
91 Clark, James Joseph "Joe"  1867Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107150
92 Hayes, Lucretia  1867Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57655
93 Alston, John  1868Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I41446
94 Dial, Alexander  1868Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107165
95 Forman, Isaac  1868Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33779
96 Bailey, Mary  8 Dec 1868Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46945
97 Parker, Eliza (twin)  1869Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102763
98 Parker, Omer (twin)  1869Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102764
99 Hayes, Paren  12 Feb 1869Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I57656
100 Clark, Rachel (Mu)  Apr 1869Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7710

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Matches 1 to 79 of 79

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashworth, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1844Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I65585
2 Lyons, Sarah "Sally"  26 Jun 1845Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7440
3 Ryan, John Jacob  7 Sep 1846Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I97538
4 Hargraves, Mary Anne  16 Oct 1848Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I97539
5 Ashworth, Emaline (Mulatto)  Aft 1848Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23946
6 Andrus, James (Jacques) H Jr.  1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1640
7 Bunch, Ann  1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106954
8 Hayes, Ellen  Dec 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7495
9 Harmon, David  17 Nov 1855Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23247
10 Clark, Lucy Adelaide  1856Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1820
11 Reeves, William Green  Aft 1855Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I80215
12 Williamson, George  26 Oct 1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I43330
13 Mccorcodel, Sarah Jean  Aft 1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23162
14 Goins, Levina  Aft 1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I85547
15 Williamson, Mary Jane  27 Sep 1861Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I43332
16 Williamson, William  20 Feb 1862Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I43331
17 Reeves, Isaac Monte  14 Dec 1863Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I6886
18 Farque (or Faulk), Joseph Pierre  Abt 1865Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I81207
19 Ryan, Anne (or Anna)  7 Apr 1866Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I97534
20 Cole, John Roosevelt  1868Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33794
21 Lyons, Abel Gabriel  30 Aug 1868Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7435
22 Mitchell, Nancy  Between 1869 and 1872Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I8178
23 Broussard, Victorie  Bef 1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I80335
24 Clark, Mrs. Sarah (..)  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106967
25 Dyson, Jesse  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I8046
26 Andrus, Susan  Bef Jun 1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1517
27 Dial, Solomon  1 Aug 1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107153
28 Moss, Henry K.  Jan 1875Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I97533
29 Vincent, Ida J.  Feb 1880Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33578
30 Lyons, Mary J  04 Feb 1880Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23440
31 Broussard, Lethan  10 Oct 1880Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I80231
32 Alston, Church Wells  5 Nov 1881Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I41336
33 Bryan, Mary Ann  03 Jun 1882Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23432
34 Guidry, Mary Ann  3 Jun 1882Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I99939
35 Lyons, David  10 Apr 1887Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7492
36 Guidry, Scholastique Lezima  21 Nov 1889Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33788
37 Perkins, Allen J.  Aft 1890Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107495
38 Holland, Elizabeth  1893Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1701
39 Holland, William Thomas  1893Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1689
40 Reeves, William "Billy"  1895Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I88079
41 Singleton, Eldridge Madison  Abt 1895Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7713
42 Clark, John Harvey Sr (Mulatto)  1897Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7166
43 Andrus, James  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7514
44 Andrus, Charles Hiram  14 Oct 1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33787
45 Myers, Reese Allen  Aft 1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I101428
46 Varner, Lucinda Ann  Aft 1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107496
47 Dyson, William  8 Jun 1901Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79996
48 Cooley, Little Berry  23 May 1903Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I28792
49 Stanton, Amanda F.  28 Jan 1904Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33783
50 West, Abel  1 Aug 1905Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7524
51 Lyons, Martha  15 Jun 1909Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1677
52 Lyons, Martha  15 Jun 1909Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23442
53 Cooley, William Arthur  21 Oct 1909Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I41323
54 Lyons, Amanda  31 Dec 1909Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23439
55 Mudd, Mary Ann Constance  Bef 1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23627
56 Vincent, Ursan Jennings  27 Nov 1914Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I80232
57 Moss, Alfred  11 Apr 1915Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I97495
58 Quebodeaux, Terzille  22 Mar 1919Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I28293
59 Simmons, Alice Berry  28 Mar 1919Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23297
60 Varner, Sarah  9 Nov 1919Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107134
61 Rainey (Renard, Raynor), Ananciade Georgetta "Georgia"  12 May 1921Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I25885
62 Holland, John Lee  19 Nov 1921Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1704
63 Gillis, John Floyd  1 Oct 1923Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7686
64 Holland, David Crockett  27 Oct 1924Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1694
65 Lyons, Emily A  28 Dec 1929Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23437
66 Reeves, David George  12 Jan 1931Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23300
67 Jones, Nicolas "Colas"  25 Dec 1936Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I100241
68 Gillis, Jonathan Larkin  24 Sep 1940Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I96585
69 Clark, Callie Castine (Mulatto)  14 Mar 1951Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I90215
70 Sibert (or Siebert), James Monroe  5 Jul 1954Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I85567
71 Johnson, James Wise "Jim"  1956Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I90214
72 Havenar, Sidney Mathewson  2 May 1957Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I94592
73 Hayes, Harold Smith  1 Nov 1966Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7661
74 Wilson, Minnie  21 Feb 1982Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23462
75 Stanley, Thomas Walter  30 Oct 1983Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I76853
76 Landry, M. Nelda  1987Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I83213
77 Istre, Lula  5 Sep 2002Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I76854
78 Foreman (Forman), Loraine  22 Dec 2009Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I80995
79 Stanley, Joseph P.  15 Nov 2010Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I76851


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LeBouef, Aladin  1930Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23650


Matches 1 to 78 of 78

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Gibson, Uriah  1840Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I9423
2 Johnson, John L. "Saddler" (not son of Moses, son of who?)  1840Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I90193
3 Andrus, James (Jacques) H Jr.  1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1640
4 Andrus, Stephen  1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1515
5 Lyons, Abel Gabriel  14 Dec 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7435
6 Burge, Eliza Rebecca  22 Dec 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23154
7 Harris, Peter  22 Dec 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23155
8 Mccorcodel, Duncan (Mccorquodale)  22 Dec 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23167
9 Mccorcodel, Sarah Jean  22 Dec 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23162
10 Andrus, David D.  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40613
11 Andrus, James  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7514
12 Andrus, Stephen  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1515
13 Berwick, Hilaire Eli  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79950
14 Block, Charles (Carl) Lewis Theodore  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I22688
15 Clark, James (Mulatto)  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106972
16 Forman, David L.  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I8654
17 Gallier, Francis (Francois) III  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I21257
18 Gibson, Uriah  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I9423
19 Gillen, Michael  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31890
20 Griffith, Joshua Benjamin Sr.  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I101291
21 Hayes, Paren "Perrin"  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1549
22 Hayes, Thomas A  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1544
23 Holland, William Thomas  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1689
24 Johnson, Benjamin  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79965
25 Lejeune-Young, Austin  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23317
26 Mccorcodel, Duncan (Mccorquodale)  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23167
27 Mudd, Sylvester Leopold  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23625
28 Peveto, John  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1428
29 Peveto, Joseph Belone  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31844
30 Peveto, Michel Anzero II  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31626
31 Simmons, Jacob J.  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I31625
32 Stine, Florida  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107399
33 Stine, Mary  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107400
34 Strahan, Charles  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79973
35 Strahan, Martha  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I79977
36 Tanner, Thomas Lodowick  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107392
37 Young, Onezeam (Lezime, Onizieme) (son of who?)  1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23652
38 LeBouef, Aladin  04 Jul 1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23650
39 Mccorcodel, Duncan (Mccorquodale)  27 Aug 1860Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23167
40 Andrus, Charles Hiram  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33787
41 Andrus, David D.  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40613
42 Clark, James (Mulatto)  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I106972
43 Clark, John Harvey Sr (Mulatto)  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7166
44 Forman, David Daniel  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I27255
45 Forman, James  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I27259
46 Hayes, Paren "Perrin"  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1549
47 Hayes, Thomas A  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1544
48 House, Hardy  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I107362
49 Parker, Albert B. (or D.) (twin)  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102662
50 Parker, Thomas J.  1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102519
51 Andrus, Stephen  15 Jun 1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I1515
52 Chambless, Lydia  05 Aug 1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I23168
53 Parker, Thomas J.  1880Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102519
54 Andrus, Isaac E.  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40617
55 Landry, Clopha  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40648
56 Parker, Albert B. (or D.) (twin)  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102662
57 Ritter, Cody Allen  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I3085
58 Ritter, James Wilson  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I94585
59 Valdetero, Naomie  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40643
60 Young, Oscar  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I24072
61 Andrus, Charles Hiram  7 Jul 1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I33787
62 Andrus, David D.  7 Jul 1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40613
63 Ferguson, Capt. John Sr.  1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102445
64 Hester, Ira Pierce  1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I46940
65 Landry, Clopha  1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40648
66 Parker, Albert B. (or D.) (twin)  1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102662
67 Ritter, James Wilson  1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I94585
68 Valdetero, Naomie  1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I40643
69 Hayes, Rev. Dallas  6 May 1910Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I7450
70 Harrington, Zildia  1920Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I24359
71 Parker, Albert B. (or D.) (twin)  1920Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102662
72 Young, Tom  1920Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I24280
73 Kingham, John F.  1930Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I47242
74 Parker, Albert B. (or D.) (twin)  1930Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102662
75 Parker, John Abner (twin)  1930Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102760
76 Smith, Charles Clifton (nephew of Ed Rosenbaum)  1930Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I101253
77 Kingham, John F.  1940Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I47242
78 Parker, John Abner (twin)  1940Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana I102760


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cole / Fruge  1842Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F29177
2 Dyson / Perkins  Abt 1842Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F26045
3 Andrus / Coward  25 May 1842Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F3494
4 Johnson (maybe Davis) / Cooper (or Johnson?)  Abt 1845Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F30075
5 Perry / Harrington  1845Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F9748
6 Neyland / Lyons  1846Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F8446
7 Ashworth / Drake  Abt 1849Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F33123
8 Simmons / Lyons  Abt 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F3464
9 Reeves / Cole  15 Jan 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F2214
10 Alston / Smith  25 Feb 1850Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13841
11 Williamson / Desmarais  12 Dec 1854Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F7879
12 Ashworth / Bass  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F36195
13 Young / Mudd  1857Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F8541
14 Reeves / Harmon  Abt 1858Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F8444
15 Ashworth / Perkins  Abt 1859Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F28116
16 Perkins / Varner  1866Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F36256
17 Forman / Andrus  1867Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F11793
18 Perkins / Perkins  Abt 1867Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F36193
19 Reeves / Cole  Abt 1869Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F26121
20 Hebert / Hayes  Bef 10 Jun 1870Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F3134
21 Pharis (or Pharris) / Cooley  Abt 1871Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F29182
22 Cooley / Alston  Abt 1872Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13840
23 Hartman / Mccorcodel  Abt 1873Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F9378
24 Cooley / Marcantale  Abt 1875Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13864
25 Mccorcodel / Stephens  Abt 1875Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F9382
26 Andrus / Andrus  Abt 1878Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13653
27 Valdetero / Valdetero  Abt 1878Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13657
28 Cooley / Alston  1880Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13839
29 Cooley / Cooley  1884Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13863
30 Hester / Bailey  1890Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F15515
31 Cooley / Cooley  1892Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13862
32 Alston / Vincent  1893Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13867
33 Brown / Young  Abt 1893Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F25177
34 Landry / Valdetero  9 Oct 1893Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13658
35 Alston / Alston  1894Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13868
36 Andrus / Andrus  1897Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13652
37 Reeves / Adams  1897Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F29176
38 Mumford / Sarver  1898Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F9631
39 Cooley / Cooley  1900Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F13865
40 LeBouef / LeBoeuf  Abt 1904Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F8690
41 Andrus / Mccorcodel  02 Feb 1911Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F9384
42 Baggett / Soileau  21 Mar 1911Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F8462
43 Myers (Mayeau) / Forman  3 Jul 1917Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F26150
44 Young / Young  1919Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F8740
45 Hoffpauir / Demeritt  7 Nov 1924Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F34422
46 Andrus / Smith  Abt 1935Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F9385
47 Hayes / Gillis  5 Nov 1937Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana F3186

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