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District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky



1850 Kentucky, Christian County, District 2 census
1850 Kentucky, Christian County, District 2 census
transcription of listing of several members of the Oglesby, Knight, Harkins, Mannana, Fox, Grace, Johnson, Lewis, Dukes, and Allison families living in the Christian County in 1850 within their own community. Census notation is made to the head of the families.

note - see note of Jane Oglesby. She was living with a Johnson family from VA not yet identified but seems to have early ties with the Meltons who show up later. There is another Johnson family in this community from NC who connected a little later with the Dukes and Grace families.


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Allison, Abraham  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52075
2 Crabtree, Permelia Harkins  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51461
3 Dukes, Ephraim Herrod  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51434
4 Fox, James W.  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52130
5 Fox, Jesse  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52129
6 Grace, Alfred  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52036
7 Grace, Divinah  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51510
8 Grace, Hannah  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52052
9 Grace, Irvin  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52044
10 Grace, John H.  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51997
11 Grace, Joseph  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51995
12 Grace, William  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52032
13 Harkins, James  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51987
14 Harkins, John  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51546
15 Harkins, William  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51982
16 Johnson, George Nash  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52123
17 Johnson, Robinson  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52105
18 Johnson, Samuel  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52124
19 Johnson, William A.  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52716
20 Johnson, William J. (son?)  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52094
21 Knight, Barney K.  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51537
22 Knight, Elizabeth  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I52128
23 Knight, Henry Farley  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51539
24 Knight, Ira  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I50720
25 Knight, John  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51492
26 Mannahan, Mrs. Malinda  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51553
27 Mitchell, Eunice (relative)  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51552
28 Oglesby, Benjamin Franklin  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51465
29 Oglesby, Christian C.  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I50725
30 Oglesby, George Washington  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51435
31 Oglesby, Jacob B.  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51460
32 Oglesby, Mrs. Jane (..)  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51522
33 Oglesby, John  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51535
34 Oglesby, John C.  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51459
35 Oglesby, Julia Bartilda (relative)  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51498
36 Oglesby, Mary Elizabeth  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51536
37 Oglesby, Matthew Wilson  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I50739
38 Oglesby, Parmelia "Amelia"  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51538
39 Oglesby, Statia A.  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51534
40 Oglesby, William L.^  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I50718
41 Wade, Sarah^  1850District 2, Christian Co, Kentucky I51487

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