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Goochland Co, Virginia



Matches 1 to 62 of 62

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Appleberry, William  1733Goochland Co, Virginia I52710
2 Ashley, Nancy Ann  Abt 1761Goochland Co, Virginia I52722
3 Bostick, John  Abt 1709Goochland Co, Virginia I36922
4 Bostick, Lucy  Abt 1734Goochland Co, Virginia I36873
5 Cabell, Joseph  19 Sep 1732Goochland Co, Virginia I91507
6 Cardwell, John  1750Goochland Co, Virginia I72705
7 Chesley, Elizabeth  Abt 1709Goochland Co, Virginia I36923
8 Chichester, Mary  22 Jul 1753Goochland Co, Virginia I47513
9 Christian, James  Abt 1691Goochland Co, Virginia I81641
10 Christian, Mary  Abt 1694Goochland Co, Virginia I81642
11 Christian, Mourning  Abt 1697Goochland Co, Virginia I81643
12 Christian, Rebecca  Abt 1699Goochland Co, Virginia I81644
13 Christian, Robert  Abt 1701Goochland Co, Virginia I81645
14 Christian, Thomas  Abt 1702Goochland Co, Virginia I81646
15 Christian, Thomas^  1664Goochland Co, Virginia I81639
16 Christian, William  Abt 1706Goochland Co, Virginia I81647
17 Clements, Elizabeth  Abt 1808Goochland Co, Virginia I97058
18 Connelly (or Conerly), Elizabeth "Betty"^  1730Goochland Co, Virginia I97043
19 Drury (or Daulton?), Dorcas Poole  1710Goochland Co, Virginia I81629
20 Embree, Joel Joseph  1730Goochland Co, Virginia I47499
21 Emerson, Henry  1733Goochland Co, Virginia I20878
22 Ferguson, Sarah  1730Goochland Co, Virginia I63259
23 Furlong, Hubbard  13 Jun 1768Goochland Co, Virginia I20812
24 Heard, Capt Thomas  1742Goochland Co, Virginia I56434
25 Johnson, Joanna  19 Feb 1795Goochland Co, Virginia I97537
26 Koger, Obedience  1768Goochland Co, Virginia I73411
27 Lawson, Henry  1774Goochland Co, Virginia I71198
28 Martin, Hannah Delilah  11 Apr 1761Goochland Co, Virginia I91793
29 Martin, Royal "Rial"  1802Goochland Co, Virginia I83898
30 Melton, William Samuel  23 Nov 1729Goochland Co, VIrginia I52175
31 Moss, Nathaniel  25 Dec 1752Goochland Co, Virginia I97536
32 Mullins, Anthony  Abt 1759Goochland Co, Virginia I97047
33 Mullins, Elizabeth  16 May 1756Goochland Co, Virginia I97054
34 Mullins, Frances  5 Dec 1766Goochland Co, Virginia I97049
35 Mullins, Joel  23 Jul 1762Goochland Co, Virginia I97068
36 Mullins, Mary  1 Feb 1760Goochland Co, Virginia I97056
37 Mullins, William  6 Mar 1764Goochland Co, Virginia I97046
38 Napier, Mary Julia  Abt 1750Goochland Co, Virginia I47631
39 Oglesby, Christian C.  1780Goochland Co, Virginia I50725
40 Oglesby, Constant^ Sr. (FFDNA-Y step 2)  Abt 1755Goochland Co, Virginia I50717
41 Oglesby, Elizabeth  1713Goochland Co, Virginia I81650
42 Oglesby, Elizabeth  1752Goochland Co, Virginia I72451
43 Oglesby, Jacob B.  1777Goochland Co, Virginia I51460
44 Oglesby, Jacob^ Y-DNA-step 2 match  1732Goochland Co, Virginia I50742
45 Oglesby, James  17 Dec 1756Goochland Co, Virginia I72452
46 Oglesby, Jesse Y-DNA-step 2 match  15 Nov 1763Goochland Co, Virginia I50744
47 Oglesby, Mourning  Abt 1711Goochland Co, Virginia I81649
48 Oglesby, Richard  1730Goochland Co, Virginia I63258
49 Oglesby, Thomas  1750Goochland Co, Virginia I83340
50 Oglesby, William  1727Goochland Co, Virginia I71863
51 Oglesby, William  22 Aug 1751Goochland Co, Virginia I72450
52 Payne, John  9 Feb 1740Goochland Co, Virginia I91427
53 Payne, Phillip  29 Mar 1760Goochland Co, Virginia I91436
54 Payne, Robert  1738Goochland Co, Virginia I92578
55 Quisenberry, Winnifred  13 Jul 1783Goochland Co, Virginia I50912
56 Randolph, Thomas Mann  1741Goochland Co, Virginia I107563
57 Randolph, Thomas Mann Jr.  1791Goochland Co, Virginia I107564
58 Stone, Tabitha  1733Goochland Co, Virginia I47531
59 Stovall, John  1737Goochland Co, Virginia I60147
60 Thurmond, Benjamin C.  1736Goochland Co, Virginia I56317
61 Walker, Judith  1722Goochland Co, Virginia I63359
62 Woodson, Mary Perrin "Molly"  5 Feb 1727Goochland Co, Virginia I56430


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Mullins, Elizabeth  13 Jun 1756Goochland Co, Virginia I97054
2 Mullins, Frances  3 Feb 1767Goochland Co, Virginia I97049
3 Mullins, Joel  29 Aug 1762Goochland Co, Virginia I97068
4 Mullins, Mary  27 Apr 1760Goochland Co, Virginia I97056
5 Mullins, William  22 Apr 1764Goochland Co, Virginia I97046


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bradshaw (Bratcher), William Larner (immigrant)  Aft 1700Goochland Co, Virginia I105415
2 Christian, Thomas^  Between 16 Oct 1737 and 17 May 1737Goochland Co, Virginia I81639
3 Connelly (or Conerly), Elizabeth "Betty"^  Sep 1805Goochland Co, Virginia I97043
4 Mullins, Connerly (or Connelly)  Aft 1826Goochland Co, Virginia I97044
5 Mullins, Henry  1798Goochland Co, Virginia I97066
6 Mullins, Joel  Bef 16 Jun 1783Goochland Co, Virginia I97068
7 Mullins, Mary  Bef 1808Goochland Co, Virginia I97056
8 Oglesby, Alice  Aft 1735Goochland Co, Virginia I81651
9 Payne, John  12 Dec 1795Goochland Co, Virginia I47521
10 Pharis (or Pharris), Moses Penn  25 Jan 1885Goochland Co, Virginia I88087
11 Randolph, Thomas Mann  20 Nov 1793Goochland Co, Virginia I107563
12 Witt, John  1751Goochland Co, Virginia I100367


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Mullins, Connerly (or Connelly)  20 Jun 1808Goochland Co, Virginia I97044
2 Mullins, John^  14 Dec 1798Goochland Co, Virginia I97016


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Christian, Thomas^  17 May 1737Goochland Co, Virginia I81639
2 Mullins, Connerly (or Connelly)  1826Goochland Co, Virginia I97044
3 Mullins, John^  20 Jun 1808Goochland Co, Virginia I97016


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Appleberry / Melton  1766Goochland Co, Virginia F17262
2 Bostick / Chesley  Abt 1744Goochland Co, Virginia F12668
3 Christian / Steth  Abt 1690Goochland Co, Virginia F26688
4 Emmerson (Emerson) / Walker  Abt 1731Goochland Co, Virginia F7683
5 Ennis / Mullins  Abt 1787Goochland Co, Virginia F32642
6 Gividen / Mimms  31 Jan 1784Goochland Co, Virginia F24667
7 Gividen (Gevaudan) / Chastain  1755Goochland Co, Virginia F29949
8 Mullins / Connelly (or Conerly)  16 May 1756Goochland Co, Virginia F32626
9 Mullins / Lewis  14 Jun 1779Goochland Co, Virginia F32649
10 Mullins / Walton  Dec 1762Goochland Co, Virginia F32650
11 Oglesby / Ferguson  17 Dec 1750Goochland Co, Virginia F20432