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Greene Co, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Uriah Sherrill  1 Feb 1782Greene Co, Tennessee I65103
2 Baker, Agnes  Abt 1784Greene Co, Tennessee I19795
3 Broyles, Hosea Lotspeich  11 Feb 1824Greene Co, Tennessee I99123
4 Doak, Rev. Alexander Mason  26 Mar 1819Greene Co, Tennessee I52919
5 Doak, Calvin Luther  9 May 1863Greene Co, Tennessee I52814
6 Doak, John Valentine  1840Greene Co, Tennessee I77337
7 Doak, Samuel Harvey  21 May 1800Greene Co, Tennessee I77312
8 Doak, William Clay  1844Greene Co, Tennessee I77338
9 Haggard, Noah  Apr 1788Greene Co, Tennessee I37292
10 Hixson, Alexander  Abt 1803Greene Co, Tennessee I46512
11 Hixson, David  9 Mar 1820Greene Co, Tennessee I13514
12 Hixson, Ephraim  14 Oct 1797Greene Co, Tennessee I46430
13 Hixson, Houston  Abt 1795Greene Co, Tennessee I46578
14 Hixson, William  1804Greene Co, Tennessee I46574
15 Kennedy, John  1783Greene Co, Tennessee I97009
16 Lane, Delila (dau?)  5 Mar 1795Greene Co, Tennessee I48744
17 Lovelady, Rebecca  Abt 1786Greene Co, Tennessee I1969
18 Lovelady, Sarah  1794Greene Co, Tennessee I1590
19 Marsh, Hannah  1801Greene Co, Tennessee I72525
20 Masoner, Tavenor  1805Greene Co, Tennessee I86443
21 McMurtry, Elizabeth  1793Greene Co, Tennessee I105299
22 Parman, Jacob  1795Greene Co, Tennessee I37763
23 Patton, Robert  1769Greene Co, Tennessee I31047
24 Randolph, Chisolm  1799Greene Co, Tennessee I77690
25 Randolph, Lancaster  1803Greene Co, Tennessee I85116
26 Roberts, Jesse  Abt 1797Greene Co, Tennessee I72524
27 Shelton, Cuthbert "C.B."  21 Mar 1813Greene Co, Tennessee I72630
28 Shelton, Gladys (granddau)  1910Greene Co, Tennessee I72556
29 Snapp, Elizabeth Diane  1806Greene Co, Tennessee I77335
30 Snider, Amanda  1847Greene Co, Tennessee I68682
31 Snider, Barbara  1808Greene Co, Tennessee I68670
32 Snider, Catherine (relative)  1844Greene Co, Tennessee I68683
33 Snider, David  1807Greene Co, Tennessee I68674
34 Snider, Elizabeth  1844Greene Co, Tennessee I68681
35 Snider, Harriet  1839Greene Co, Tennessee I68679
36 Snider, John  1831Greene Co, Tennessee I68678
37 Snider, Margaret  1841Greene Co, Tennessee I68680
38 Snider, Martha  1839Greene Co, Tennessee I68672
39 Snider, Mary Ann  1834Greene Co, Tennessee I68677
40 Snider, Samuel  1850Greene Co, Tennessee I68669
41 Snider, Solomon  1836Greene Co, Tennessee I68676
42 Snider (or unk), (daughter)  Between 1831 and 1835Greene Co, Tennessee I68673
43 Snider (or unk), (son)  Between 1835 and 1840Greene Co, Tennessee I68671
44 Snodgrass, Mary  30 Sep 1781Greene Co, Tennessee I38303
45 Tadlock, Dr. Alexander Brabson  28 Mar 1836Greene Co, Tennessee I97000
46 Tadlock, Rev. James Doak  4 Aug 1825Greene Co, Tennessee I96996
47 Tadlock, Landon Carter  1 Apr 1804Greene Co, Tennessee I97006
48 Tadlock, Lewis Montgomery  20 Dec 1822Greene Co, Tennessee I96995
49 Tadlock, Mary Jane Blair  21 Dec 1829Greene Co, Tennessee I96998
50 Tadlock, Sevier (eldest son)  10 Mar 1801Greene Co, Tennessee I96984
51 Tadlock, William Carmichael  7 Oct 1827Greene Co, Tennessee I96997
52 Toby, Mary E.  23 Mar 1850Greene Co, Tennessee I105304
53 Wampler, Mrs. Susannah  28 Jan 1810Greene Co, Tennessee I68675
54 Wilcox, Thomas A.  1799Greene Co, Tennessee I69618
55 Willhite, John Wesley  24 May 1800Greene Co, Tennessee I103876
56 Witt, Elizabeth  1777Greene Co, Tennessee I84856
57 Witt, Rev. Pleasant Alfred  18 Feb 1800Greene Co, Tennessee I100242


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Babb, Philip Sr.  19 Jan 1813Greene Co, Tennessee I72195
2 Blair, Mary (..)  Aft 1809Greene Co, Tennessee I97018
3 Blair, Mary Jane "Polly"  11 Aug 1879Greene Co, Tennessee I96993
4 Hall, Alexander  Bef Dec 1854Greene Co, Tennessee I81182
5 Hall, William  12 Mar 1846Greene Co, Tennessee I81183
6 Hixson, Joseph  26 Nov 1803Greene Co, Tennessee I46514
7 Holt, Elizabeth Elmira  Feb 1871Greene Co, Tennessee I43244
8 Holt, Jacob  17 Sep 1844Greene Co, Tennessee I43241
9 Holt, Jesse  16 Jul 1881Greene Co, Tennessee I43242
10 Marsh, Hannah  1831Greene Co, Tennessee I72525
11 McEwen, Sarah Houston  1864Greene Co, Tennessee I52805
12 Miller, Emily Sophie  2 Apr 1864Greene Co, Tennessee I97003
13 Moyers, Susannah  Aft 1809Greene Co, Tennessee I13962
14 Shelton, Mrs. Margaret (..)  Aft 1910Greene Co, Tennessee I72550
15 Shelton, Martha Jane Hensley  12 Nov 1945Greene Co, Tennessee I72579
16 Smith, Nathaniel  Aft 1809Greene Co, Tennessee I13963
17 Snapp, Elizabeth Diane  19 Jun 1878Greene Co, Tennessee I77335
18 Snider, Abraham  Feb 1850Greene Co, Tennessee I68665
19 Stephens, Mary  6 Aug 1838Greene Co, Tennessee I88555
20 Tadlock, Lewis Montgomery  15 Oct 1910Greene Co, Tennessee I96995
21 Tadlock, Mary Jane Blair  26 Oct 1862Greene Co, Tennessee I96998
22 Tadlock, Sevier (eldest son)  6 Dec 1882Greene Co, Tennessee I96984
23 Tadlock, Sevier Newton  1 Mar 1853Greene Co, Tennessee I96999
24 Webb, John  Yes, date unknownGreene Co, Tennessee I105254


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Doak, Samuel Witherspoon (Whitfield) Jr.  1830Greene Co, Tennessee I50419
2 Doak, Samuel Witherspoon (Whitfield) Jr.  1840Greene Co, Tennessee I50419
3 Doak, Samuel Witherspoon (Whitfield) Jr.  1850Greene Co, Tennessee I50419
4 Norton, James Anderson  1910Greene Co, Tennessee I71977
5 Shrum, Catherine  1850Greene Co, Tennessee I68666
6 Snider, Abraham  1820Greene Co, Tennessee I68665
7 Snider, Abraham  1830Greene Co, Tennessee I68665
8 Snider, Abraham  1840Greene Co, Tennessee I68665
9 Snider, Barbara  1820Greene Co, Tennessee I68670
10 Snider, Barbara  1840Greene Co, Tennessee I68670
11 Snider, Barbara  1850Greene Co, Tennessee I68670
12 Snider, David  1820Greene Co, Tennessee I68674
13 Snider, David  1830Greene Co, Tennessee I68674
14 Snider, David  1840Greene Co, Tennessee I68674
15 Snider, David  1850Greene Co, Tennessee I68674
16 Snider, Jacob  1820Greene Co, Tennessee I68667


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Russell, Catherine  1 Jul 1850Greene Co, Tennessee I99794
2 Snider, Martha Jane (or June)  1 Jul 1850Greene Co, Tennessee I99798


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, John* Sr., Rev War  Bef 1760Greene Co, Tennessee I1635
2 Moyer, Magdalena  Abt 1780Greene Co, Tennessee I42166
3 Moyers, Adam  Abt 1780Greene Co, Tennessee I13960
4 Moyers, Christopher* Jr  Abt 1780Greene Co, Tennessee I825
5 Moyers, Susannah  Abt 1793Greene Co, Tennessee I13962
6 Snider, Abraham  1812Greene Co, Tennessee I68665
7 Snider, Abraham  1836Greene Co, Tennessee I68665
8 Snider, Abraham* (related?)  1812Greene Co, Tennessee I16789
9 Snider, David  1836Greene Co, Tennessee I68674


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Snider, Abraham  Jul 1850Greene Co, Tennessee I68665


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Breckenridge / Roberts  Abt 1886Greene Co, Tennessee F20528
2 Caldwell / Moore  23 Aug 1791Greene Co, Tennessee F25656
3 Caldwell / Moore  11 Jun 1798Greene Co, Tennessee F25659
4 Doak / Doak  Abt 1858Greene Co, Tennessee F17325
5 Doak / Snapp  5 Oct 1830Greene Co, Tennessee F25119
6 Doak / West  27 Mar 1845Greene Co, Tennessee F17288
7 Duncan / Cooper  12 May 1926Greene Co, Tennessee F4954
8 Duncan / Lovelady  2 Feb 1789Greene Co, Tennessee F874
9 Ford / Lane  4 Nov 1817Greene Co, Tennessee F16101
10 Garoutte / Reynolds  1 Jun 1822Greene Co, Tennessee F33058
11 Gragg / Holt  29 Sep 1842Greene Co, Tennessee F35566
12 Hixson / Hixson  Abt 1794Greene Co, Tennessee F15378
13 Hixson / Hughes  6 Feb 1786Greene Co, Tennessee F4959
14 Hixson / Hughes  26 Sep 1795Greene Co, Tennessee F1132
15 Lovelady / Wear  8 Oct 1792Greene Co, Tennessee F447
16 Lovelady / Wear (Weir)  Abt 1765Greene Co, Tennessee F847
17 Massengale / Sitton  28 Dec 1813Greene Co, Tennessee F25468
18 Mathes / Ord  6 Mar 1840Greene Co, Tennessee F27335
19 McMurtry / Reynolds  22 Jul 1786Greene Co, Tennessee F35542
20 Moyers (Myers) / Blackburn  3 Nov 1789Greene Co, Tennessee F389
21 Padfield / Tadlock  10 May 1787Greene Co, Tennessee F32641
22 Roberts / Marsh  24 1 1819Greene Co, Tennessee F23494
23 Roberts / Moyers  8 Jul 1790Greene Co, Tennessee F5290
24 Sevier / Witt  1802Greene Co, Tennessee F27838
25 Snider / Lentz  14 Nov 1808Greene Co, Tennessee F33550
26 Snider / Wampler  1830Greene Co, Tennessee F22200
27 Tadlock / Blair  Bef 1809Greene Co, Tennessee F32617
28 Tadlock / Blair  14 Sep 1820Greene Co, Tennessee F32618
29 Wear / Bean  17 Mar 1789Greene Co, Tennessee F1205
30 Wilcox / Tilson  25 Nov 1819Greene Co, Tennessee F22492
31 Willoughby / Stanberry  14 Feb 1853Greene Co, Tennessee F35167