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Hampshire Co, West Virginia



Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alkire, Margaret  1857Hampshire Co, West Virginia I56101
2 Allen, Elizabeth  Abt 1790Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86178
3 Allen, Frances "Fannie"  1 Aug 1797Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86179
4 Allen, Joseph  Abt 1792Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86177
5 Allen, William  4 Jul 1782Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86173
6 Ashby, Henry  1716Hampshire Co, West Virginia I72702
7 Bonham, Martha Divine  1804Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49495
8 Bonham, Nancy N.  1809Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49496
9 Boxwell, Elizabeth  1809Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49586
10 Boxwell, John  1816Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49589
11 Boxwell, Joseph  1813Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49587
12 Boxwell, Letty  1814Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49588
13 Boxwell, Martha  1807Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49585
14 Boxwell, Nancy  1819Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49590
15 Callahan, Louisa Jane  1806Hampshire Co, West Virginia I92100
16 Calmes, Sarah  28 Jun 1786Hampshire Co, West Virginia I42791
17 Forman, Aaron  Sep 1755Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90017
18 Forman, Aaron  Apr 1769Hampshire Co, West Virginia I89955
19 Forman, Benjamin (of New Jersey) III  10 May 1745Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86150
20 Forman, Bowman  Abt 1760Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90021
21 Forman, Catherine  1757Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90018
22 Forman, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1766Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91078
23 Forman, Grace  27 Oct 1776Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86209
24 Forman, James  Abt 1764Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90023
25 Forman, James  Abt 1790Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86184
26 Forman, Margaret  19 May 1775Hampshire Co, West Virginia I89976
27 Forman, Mary  1755Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90016
28 Forman, Mary "Polly"  15 Aug 1772Hampshire Co, West Virginia I89959
29 Forman, Reuben  1753Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90015
30 Forman, Sarah (Nancy Ann)  1762Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90022
31 Forman, William  1751Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90014
32 Forman, William  Abt 1757Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86157
33 Hartley, Druscilla  16 Mar 1774Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91031
34 Henderson, Jane Ellen  12 Apr 1801Hampshire Co, West Virginia I56125
35 Jackson, Margaret  27 Aug 1795Hampshire Co, West Virginia I104908
36 Kelsey, Ann  15 Jun 1815Hampshire Co, West Virginia I72217
37 Lander, Mary  12 Feb 1782Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91082
38 Lander, Rebecca  1 Jun 1788Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91086
39 Lee, Mark Sr  1786Hampshire Co, West Virginia I8267
40 Parker, Catherine  5 Dec 1735Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91074
41 Parker, Susie Sinclair  15 Jun 1809Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91095
42 Purgett, Frederick  1786Hampshire Co, West Virginia I80467
43 Shoemaker, Marie Magdalena "Mollie"  10 Feb 1790Hampshire Co, West Virginia I80468
44 Smith, John Jackman  23 Feb 1780Hampshire Co, West Virginia I56124
45 Taylor, John Simon  27 Feb 1760Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91079
46 Taylor, Rebecca  1773Hampshire Co, West Virginia I8083
47 Taylor, Simon  17 Jan 1784Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91085
48 Throckmorton, Lewis Jr.  1773Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91030
49 Vandiver, Mary  Abt 1755Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86158
50 Yoakum, George  15 Jan 1752Hampshire Co, West Virginia I15524
51 Zumwalt, Adam  Abt 1754Hampshire Co, West Virginia I51772


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, Janet "Jane"  Bef 1800Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86152
2 Bonham, Jonathan  Bef 14 Dec 1818Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49494
3 Bonham, Samuel  26 Jun 1866Hampshire Co, West Virginia I4491
4 Calmes, Col. George Gibbs  20 Nov 1834Hampshire Co, West Virginia I36398
5 Chesnut, Alexander Samuel (immigrant)  1749Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91898
6 Colvin (or Calvin), Robert  Aft 1820Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86156
7 Conway, Nancy Ann (1st c to Pres GW)  Apr 1796Hampshire Co, West Virginia I42613
8 Demoss, Rachel  1798Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91029
9 Dubois, Hannah  1760Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91077
10 Forman, Benjamin Sr.  Bef 4 Aug 1751Hampshire Co, West Virginia I57519
11 Forman, William M.  27 Sep 1777Hampshire Co, West Virginia I89981
12 Fox, Ivea  Abt 1784Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86145
13 Lupton, Jesse  10 Jun 1841Hampshire Co, West Virginia I89687
14 Mounts, Rachel  Abt 1760Hampshire Co, West Virginia I90012
15 Neff, Hans Leonard (immigrant)  May 1778Hampshire Co, West Virginia I56095
16 Parker, Catherine  11 May 1779Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91074
17 Parker, John  1760Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91075
18 Rogers, Jane Ann  1730Hampshire Co, West Virginia I75829
19 Taliaferro, Elizabeth (dau of who?)  12 Sep 1786Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91076
20 Taylor, John Simon  13 Oct 1809Hampshire Co, West Virginia I91079
21 Thorn, Susannah  29 Aug 1771Hampshire Co, West Virginia I36574
22 Vandiver, Catherine  1849Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86161
23 Warford, Ann  1762Hampshire Co, West Virginia I68329


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bonham, Aaron Sr. (son?)  1790Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49491
2 Bonham, Hezekiah  1790Hampshire Co, West Virginia I4214
3 Bonham, Jeremiah  1820Hampshire Co, West Virginia I4469
4 Bonham, Jeremiah  1830Hampshire Co, West Virginia I4469
5 Bonham, Jeremiah  1840Hampshire Co, West Virginia I4469
6 Bonham, Jeremiah  1850Hampshire Co, West Virginia I4469
7 Bonham, Samuel  1830Hampshire Co, West Virginia I4491
8 Forman, Benjamin (of New Jersey) III  1782Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86150


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Thompson, John  23 Jun 1801Hampshire Co, West Virginia I52854


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Forman, Grace  1824Hampshire Co, West Virginia I86209
2 Thompson, William  3 Jul 1749Hampshire Co, West Virginia I52851


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Boxwell, Joseph  1818Hampshire Co, West Virginia I49499


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Alkire / Neff  1782Hampshire Co, West Virginia F18410
2 Bonham / Yinger  28 Aug 1823Hampshire Co, West Virginia F2067
3 Forman / Allen  Abt 1781Hampshire Co, West Virginia F28339
4 Forman / Forman  Abt 1760Hampshire Co, West Virginia F30003
5 Forman / Hogan  Abt 1754Hampshire Co, West Virginia F12173
6 Forman / Parker  1761Hampshire Co, West Virginia F30450
7 Forman / Vandiver  Abt 1790Hampshire Co, West Virginia F28340
8 Kuykendall / Hampton  Abt 1743Hampshire Co, West Virginia F13980
9 Lander / Forman  1 Mar 1781Hampshire Co, West Virginia F30454
10 Taylor / Forman  27 Mar 1783Hampshire Co, West Virginia F30453
11 Throckmorton / Hartley  1794Hampshire Co, West Virginia F30430