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Hopkins Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 71 of 71

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Catherine S.  4 May 1813Hopkins Co, Kentucky I61228
2 Campbell, William Thomas  9 Jun 1914Hopkins Co, Kentucky I83377
3 Cardwell, Elizabeth Ann  1774Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72704
4 Chandler, David Monroe  1844Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72710
5 Chandler, Kendall B.  10 Jan 1867Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72717
6 Chandler, Sarah J.  1837Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50980
7 Coombs, Elizabeth Melinda  28 Feb 1904Hopkins Co, Kentucky I100644
8 Coombs, Lena Beatrice  18 Nov 1905Hopkins Co, Kentucky I79113
9 Crowley, Hamilton Linton  10 Sep 1882Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51297
10 Crowley, Hamilton Linton  10 Sep 1882Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51298
11 Curtis, Matilda Ann  1808Hopkins Co, Kentucky I80713
12 Dickerson, Phillip Douglas  17 Sep 1862Hopkins Co, Kentucky I73821
13 Dunlap, William Roach  26 Aug 1873Hopkins Co, Kentucky I85190
14 Foster, James William  6 Aug 1866Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51139
15 Fox, Mrs. Martha J. (..)  Jan 1843Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72276
16 Goad, Margaret A. "Peggy"  26 Mar 1793Hopkins Co, Kentucky I101739
17 Grayson, Alice  9 Apr 1887Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51296
18 Grider, John Manford  27 Nov 1861Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52494
19 Hall, Maude  Aug 1865Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66221
20 Hankins, Rachel  1793Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51505
21 Holeman, Jesse W.  1836Hopkins Co, Kentucky I61226
22 Knight, Mary Ann "Polly"^  14 Apr 1802Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50694
23 Lynn, James  7 Dec 1827Hopkins Co, Kentucky I104093
24 Moore, Ammie Rleney  28 Feb 1876Hopkins Co, Kentucky I80717
25 Nance, Harriet Louise  11 Jul 1877Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51082
26 OBryant, Ella Nora  9 Dec 1871Hopkins Co, Kentucky I85759
27 Oglesby, Arthur B.  26 Jan 1895Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51416
28 Oglesby, Audie Campbell Jr.  14 Nov 1927Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52800
29 Oglesby, Braxton Walker "Brack"  8 Feb 1849Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50692
30 Oglesby, Cordelia M. "Cordie"  4 Apr 1890Hopkins Co, Kentucky I23795
31 Oglesby, Harvey A. "Harve"  24 Dec 1878Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51429
32 Oglesby, Henry Harrison  27 Nov 1843Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50699
33 Oglesby, Hettie Rosetta  10 Oct 1876Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51428
34 Oglesby, James Elliot  1857Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50712
35 Oglesby, James J. (or W.)  14 Apr 1837Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50698
36 Oglesby, John Robert  5 Nov 1869Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51425
37 Oglesby, Kizann A.  20 Mar 1839Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51419
38 Oglesby, Lana Elizabeth  1 Jun 1923Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52799
39 Oglesby, Leland W. "Lee"  12 Sep 1873Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51414
40 Oglesby, Lewis M.  1851Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50711
41 Oglesby, Lillie G.  1864Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51410
42 Oglesby, Loyd  13 Jul 1910Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51418
43 Oglesby, Lunetta Frances (Samentha)  1 Oct 1834Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50697
44 Oglesby, Mary America (or Angeline)  6 Jul 1874Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51427
45 Oglesby, Mary Elizabeth (or Elizabeth Hannah)  21 Jan 1832Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51408
46 Oglesby, Mary Lou  1865Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51412
47 Oglesby, Narcissa A.  2 Apr 1831Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51406
48 Oglesby, Oliver  25 Jun 1900Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51417
49 Oglesby, Ollie Ann  31 Jul 1881Hopkins Co, Kentucky I23789
50 Oglesby, Sarah W.  16 Apr 1828Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50696
51 Oglesby, Sidney Elbert "Sid"  19 Dec 1867Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51422
52 Oglesby, Silvanus  24 Apr 1846Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50701
53 Oglesby, Susan  1849Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50704
54 Oglesby, Thomas Jacob  23 Jan 1872Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51426
55 Oglesby, William Henry  1874Hopkins Co, Kentucky I60874
56 Oglesby, William Mills^  20 Dec 1826Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50695
57 Payne, Fielding A. "Felix"  1818Hopkins Co, Kentucky I60885
58 Randolph, Artelia Elzara  14 Jul 1862Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66551
59 Randolph, Carl  25 Jun 1902Hopkins Co, Kentucky I93690
60 Randolph, George W.  7 Jan 1858Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66549
61 Randolph, Harriett Carraway  28 Oct 1860Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66550
62 Randolph, J.R.  Dec 1856Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66548
63 Randolph, Jesse Mason  20 Oct 1833Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66546
64 Randolph, Jesse McCoy  20 Sep 1870Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66555
65 Randolph, Matthew Burton  7 Dec 1868Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66554
66 Randolph, Melvine Mason  1864Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66552
67 Randolph, Zelpha Elizabeth  15 Oct 1865Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66553
68 Ray, Emilie J.  1841Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72277
69 Shelton, Benjamin Marsh  18 Sep 1861Hopkins Co, Kentucky I53290
70 Stanley, James O.  18 Mar 1873Hopkins Co, Kentucky I60876
71 Younger, Hannah L.  13 Dec 1841Hopkins Co, Kentucky I99913


Matches 1 to 66 of 66

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Akin, Lucretia T.  14 Nov 1898Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51409
2 Allen, Dorothy G.  Mar 1860Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50702
3 Allen, John Crittendon  29 Apr 1853Hopkins Co, Kentucky I101738
4 Ashby, Lucy Jeanette  Dec 1869Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72709
5 Bounds, Eleanor  1811Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72701
6 Cates, Beulah M.  4 Apr 1977Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52795
7 Coats, Louise Jane  16 Dec 1883Hopkins Co, Kentucky I19413
8 Coker, Warren P.  1860Hopkins Co, Kentucky I63850
9 Cunningham, Mary  1864Hopkins Co, Kentucky I63851
10 Curneal, Narcissus F.  Between 1850 and 1852Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72712
11 Dillender, Charles  31 Aug 1852Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51405
12 Earle, Mary  14 Sep 1834Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72203
13 Finley, Howard  5 Sep 1840Hopkins Co, Kentucky I107780
14 Ford, Joseph Homer  22 Nov 1984Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72074
15 Garrett, James W.  Bef 1880Hopkins Co, Kentucky I23803
16 Goad, Margaret A. "Peggy"  18 Feb 1888Hopkins Co, Kentucky I101739
17 Grace, Joseph Devany  29 Dec 1923Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51413
18 Groves, Martha Ann  1 Feb 1916Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66556
19 Hobbs, Charlotte Lynn  Bef 1847Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52776
20 Hughes, Lillie D.  1 Dec 1972Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72407
21 Ingelhart, George Matthew  28 Aug 1958Hopkins Co, Kentucky I80758
22 Johnson, Elizabeth  23 Mar 1847Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52109
23 Johnson, Mary Ann  27 Jan 1907Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52111
24 Knight, Daniel Harvey  26 Oct 1927Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51496
25 Knight, Mary Ann "Polly"^  12 Aug 1877Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50694
26 Knight, Rozzie C.  3 Feb 1870Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51415
27 Knight, Sarah Elvira  27 Nov 1928Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51497
28 Melton, Mary Dixie  20 Jul 1952Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51932
29 Moreland, Lieuvenia Caroline  20 Oct 1936Hopkins Co, Kentucky I69590
30 Nance, Harriet Louise  28 Apr 1964Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51082
31 Oglesby, Audie Campbell "Aud" Sr.  29 Oct 1963Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52792
32 Oglesby, Cordelia M. "Cordie"  23 Oct 1918Hopkins Co, Kentucky I23795
33 Oglesby, Dillard Cleveland "Cleve"  19 Mar 1944Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52791
34 Oglesby, Estella Katherine "Stella"  26 Jun 1956Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52793
35 Oglesby, Eva  27 Apr 1965Hopkins Co, Kentucky I60875
36 Oglesby, Harvey A. "Harve"  1 Feb 1966Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51429
37 Oglesby, Henry Harrison  13 Apr 1913Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50699
38 Oglesby, John Delbert  22 Jan 1977Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52790
39 Oglesby, John Robert  25 Apr 1943Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51425
40 Oglesby, Leland W. "Lee"  23 May 1936Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51414
41 Oglesby, Loyd  13 Jul 1910Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51418
42 Oglesby, Lunetta Frances (Samentha)  20 Oct 1853Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50697
43 Oglesby, Mary America (or Angeline)  13 Jul 1961Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51427
44 Oglesby, Mary Lou  1919Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51412
45 Oglesby, Minerva  2 Sep 1986Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51424
46 Oglesby, Nancy H.  30 Oct 1912Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50707
47 Oglesby, Oliver  30 Oct 1900Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51417
48 Oglesby, Ollie Ann  23 Apr 1934Hopkins Co, Kentucky I23789
49 Oglesby, Sarah W.  2 Feb 1891Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50696
50 Oglesby, Silvanus  10 Oct 1864Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50701
51 Oglesby, William Henry  Abt 1918Hopkins Co, Kentucky I60874
52 Oglesby, William L.^  Jan 1859Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50718
53 Pruett, Rebecca  5 Mar 1997Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51483
54 Randolph, Jesse Mason  1870Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66546
55 Randolph, Melvine Mason  1864Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66552
56 Randolph, Robert Mason^ Jr.  1859Hopkins Co, Kentucky I66544
57 Ray, Emilie J.  1880Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72277
58 Shelton, Dillian  18 Jan 1966Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51095
59 Sigler, George W.  1858Hopkins Co, Kentucky I61279
60 Smith, Paul Owen  22 Oct 1918Hopkins Co, Kentucky I23800
61 Stanley, Gilbert Asbestos  16 Mar 1926Hopkins Co, Kentucky I72208
62 Stanley, James O.  29 Aug 1956Hopkins Co, Kentucky I60876
63 Timmons, Mariah Jane "Dixie"  1 Jul 1931Hopkins Co, Kentucky I52787
64 Wales, Nancy Agnes  Abt 1823Hopkins Co, Kentucky I61131
65 Wilson, Shedrick W.  25 Apr 1987Hopkins Co, Kentucky I63739
66 Yates, David W.  19 Sep 1968Hopkins Co, Kentucky I51062


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Oglesby, James J. (or W.)  1860Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50698
2 Oglesby, Thomas Jacob^  1850Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50693
3 Oglesby, Thomas Jacob^  1860Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50693
4 Oglesby, Thomas R.  1850Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50705
5 Oglesby, Thomas R.  1860Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50705
6 Oglesby, William Mills^  1850Hopkins Co, Kentucky I50695


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Moore  10 Apr 1837Hopkins Co, Kentucky F34300
2 Allen / Oglesby  11 Mar 1849Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16888
3 Allen / Oglesby  11 Mar 1861Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16893
4 Chandler / Ashby  25 Nov 1865Hopkins Co, Kentucky F23545
5 Chandler / Booth  24 Dec 1890Hopkins Co, Kentucky F23549
6 Chandler / Curneal  12 Oct 1837Hopkins Co, Kentucky F23546
7 Dillingham / Jones  24 Jul 1817Hopkins Co, Kentucky F18438
8 Dunlap / Oglesby  25 Dec 1895Hopkins Co, Kentucky F27965
9 Fox / Fox  17 Dec 1862Hopkins Co, Kentucky F23419
10 Fox / Ray  11 Dec 1962Hopkins Co, Kentucky F23420
11 Fraser (Frazier) / Maloney  Abt 1848Hopkins Co, Kentucky F17283
12 Garrett / Oglesby  Abt 1878Hopkins Co, Kentucky F14408
13 Grace / Hite  21 Mar 1857Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16926
14 Hamilton / Buntin  21 Jan 1846Hopkins Co, Kentucky F13052
15 Henderson / Dukes  16 Nov 1875Hopkins Co, Kentucky F17232
16 Holeman / Baker  29 Feb 1832Hopkins Co, Kentucky F20042
17 Holeman / Sigler  12 Aug 1824Hopkins Co, Kentucky F20063
18 Jenkins / Sigler  29 Jul 1833Hopkins Co, Kentucky F20062
19 Knight / Hankins  4 Apr 1816Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16924
20 Melton / Marks  8 Jan 1852Hopkins Co, Kentucky F17177
21 Oates / Earle  7 Apr 1807Hopkins Co, Kentucky F23388
22 Oglesby / Akin  23 Nov 1859Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16889
23 Oglesby / Allen  Abt 1842Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16697
24 Oglesby / Barnett  Abt 1896Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16895
25 Oglesby / Knight  29 Mar 1894Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16892
26 Oglesby / Meredith  1823Hopkins Co, Kentucky F21513
27 Oglesby / Randolph  19 Sep 1860Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16820
28 Randolph / Dillingham  13 Jan 1862Hopkins Co, Kentucky F23390
29 Randolph / Groves  1890Hopkins Co, Kentucky F21546
30 Randolph / Moore  24 Apr 1871Hopkins Co, Kentucky F23491
31 Randolph / Oates  22 Jun 1832Hopkins Co, Kentucky F21545
32 Shelton / Chandler  Feb 1856Hopkins Co, Kentucky F16776
33 Smith / Oglesby  Bef 1918Hopkins Co, Kentucky F14405
34 Sparks / Newton  13 Jun 1842Hopkins Co, Kentucky F17057
35 Stanley / Oglesby  Abt 1922Hopkins Co, Kentucky F19929
36 Stewart / Curtis  22 Jan 1835Hopkins Co, Kentucky F26331
37 Stone / Hall  31 Mar 1892Hopkins Co, Kentucky F21440
38 Teague / Oglesby  31 Mar 1898Hopkins Co, Kentucky F14404

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