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Jackson Co, Missouri



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowers, (daughter)  Between 1835 and 1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74724
2 Bowers, John H.  1847Jackson Co, Missouri I45709
3 Bowers, Leonard  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74532
4 Bowers, Mary  1838Jackson Co, Missouri I74531
5 Bowers, Mary Jane  4 Oct 1842Jackson Co, Missouri I74547
6 Bowers, Robert M.  1845Jackson Co, Missouri I45708
7 Bowers, Sarah  1847Jackson Co, Missouri I45712
8 Burgin, Jesse M.  1909Jackson Co, Missouri I97959
9 Butts, Alcy E. (Elsie)  1857Jackson Co, Missouri I45658
10 Butts, James Henry  23 Feb 1836Jackson Co, Missouri I3140
11 Butts, Levina  1838Jackson Co, Missouri I45629
12 Butts, Napoleon Boneparte  Sep 1841Jackson Co, Missouri I45630
13 Cox, Samuel  Abt 1820Jackson Co, Missouri I33000
14 Edie, (son)  1871Jackson Co, Missouri I5420
15 Edie (Edick), George Walter  15 Apr 1882Jackson Co, Missouri I62626
16 Hawkins, Jesse Andrew  1834Jackson Co, Missouri I45667
17 Hawkins, Dr. Salathiel  1835Jackson Co, Missouri I45668
18 Jent, Catherine (twin)  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74801
19 Jent, Henry Thomas (twin)  22 Sep 1841Jackson Co, Missouri I74802
20 Johnson, James Gann  1834Jackson Co, Missouri I37056
21 Johnson, Mary A.  20 May 1838Jackson Co, Missouri I37058
22 Johnson, William Barnett  1 Apr 1836Jackson Co, Missouri I37057
23 Linville, (son1)  Between 1825 and 1830Jackson Co, Missouri I32740
24 Linville, (son3)  Between 1811 and 1815Jackson Co, Missouri I32742
25 Linville, Olive Ogeal  30 Mar 1848Jackson Co, Missouri I40852
26 Linville, William  2 Mar 1839Jackson Co, Missouri I40881
27 Lovelady, Ann  Between 1823 and 1825Jackson Co, Missouri I1456
28 Lovelady, Eliza Ann  10 Jan 1837Jackson Co, Missouri  I12994
29 Lovelady, Thomas Henry Benton  7 Aug 1840Jackson Co, Missouri I13288
30 Mails, Carry  1870Jackson Co, Missouri I74671
31 McCarty, Edward Wilburn  1827Jackson Co, Missouri I9284
32 McCarty, William Rucker  4 Dec 1829Jackson Co, Missouri I12995
33 Moutrey, Fanny Stella  28 Sep 1869Jackson Co, Missouri I97850
34 Neff, George Edward  16 Oct 1907Jackson Co, Missouri I97952
35 Shannon, Frederick Augustus  3 Aug 1879Jackson Co, Missouri I74648
36 Shannon, Thomas William  31 Jan 1877Jackson Co, Missouri I74647
37 Staton (Staten), (daughter)  Abt 1830Jackson Co, Missouri I74836
38 Swihart, Gene Ernest  12 Oct 1926Jackson Co, Missouri I107709
39 Wyatt, Charles Samuel  23 Jun 1885Jackson Co, Missouri I79797
40 Young, George Washington  26 Feb 1842Jackson Co, Missouri I74506


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beets, John George  14 Nov 1853Jackson Co, Missouri I45670
2 Boone, Daniel Morgan  13 Jul 1839Jackson Co, Missouri I10720
3 Bowers, Henry Nave  Bef 1850Jackson Co, Missouri I40871
4 Bowers, Rev. Jonathan Buck  28 Sep 1854Jackson Co, Missouri I74687
5 Bowers, Lucinda  Aft 1870Jackson Co, Missouri I74667
6 Bowers, William Nave  Aft 1840Jackson Co, Missouri I7267
7 Butts, James Henry  10 Oct 1842Jackson Co, Missouri I3140
8 Butts, Regnal N.  1857Jackson Co, Missouri I60170
9 Chesnut, Edna  24 May 1968Jackson Co, Missouri I91768
10 Crook, William  1841Jackson Co, Missouri I39123
11 Edie (Edick), Joseph C  6 May 1925Jackson Co, Missouri I5416
12 Forman, Margaret  24 Oct 1859Jackson Co, Missouri I89976
13 Glasscock, Charnal  1845Jackson Co, Missouri I36346
14 Hawkins, James J.  10 Jun 1848Jackson Co, Missouri I45662
15 Jackman, Warren E.  2 Oct 1994Jackson Co, Missouri I51457
16 King, Kitty  Bef 1895Jackson Co, Missouri I97956
17 Lewis, Everett Hervey  Jul 1971Jackson Co, Missouri I98851
18 Lewis, Rachel  Bef 1837Jackson Co, Missouri I74502
19 Lovelady, Jesse  1834Jackson Co, Missouri I1550
20 Nave, Rev. Abraham Vanderpool  10 Aug 1885Jackson Co, Missouri I74677
21 Nave, Elizabeth  Bef 1849Jackson Co, Missouri I74540
22 Neff, George Edward  4 Sep 1963Jackson Co, Missouri I97952
23 Owen, Frances  30 Jul 1860Jackson Co, Missouri I47487
24 Staton (Staten, Stayton), Arthur Isaac  22 Aug 1838Jackson Co, Missouri I74848
25 Staton (Staten, Stayton), David (son?)  Aft 1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74845
26 Staton (Staten, Stayton), Katharine (dau? dau-in-law?)  Aft 1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74846
27 Thompson, Allen Melvin  18 Dec 1946Jackson Co, Missouri I91756


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bowers, Henry B. Nave  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I40861
2 Bowers, Leonard B.  1870Jackson Co, Missouri I40862
3 Bowers, William Nave  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I7267
4 Bowers, William Nave  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I7267
5 Brown, Francis "Frank" (FFDNA-GJM 5R) (RELATED??)  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I65770
6 Butts, Salathiel Henry  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I30346
7 Butts, Salathiel Henry  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I30346
8 Dodson, Jemimah Ruth  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I10801
9 Jent, Henry  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74790
10 Johnston (Johnson), Gan  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I32689
11 Jones, Henry  1870Jackson Co, Missouri I74664
12 Jones, Nancy (..)  1850Jackson Co, Missouri I74662
13 Jones, Riley (deaf)  1870Jackson Co, Missouri I74666
14 Linville, Abraham Jr.  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I7309
15 Linville, Catherine  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I3134
16 Linville, James  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I7314
17 Linville, Thomas Jr.  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I3133
18 Linville, Thomas* Sr.  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I3126
19 Linville, William  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I40850
20 Lovelady, Rev. James*  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I1020
21 Meeks, Zachariah  1860Jackson Co, Missouri I74745
22 Shelton, James Thomas  1900Jackson Co, Missouri I1490
23 Staton (Staten), John  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I74837
24 Staton (Staten), John  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74837
25 Staton (Staten), Thomas Arthur Sr.  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74832
26 Staton (Staten, Stayton), David (son?)  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74845
27 Staton (Staten, Stayton), Katharine (dau? dau-in-law?)  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74846
28 Willoughby, Nancy Ann  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74847
29 Young, Chesney (son)  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I45888
30 Young, Chesney (son)  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I45888
31 Young, James (next to Butts)  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I74882
32 Young, James (next to Butts)  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I74882
33 Young, James B. (related to Duke Young?)  1830Jackson Co, Missouri I37050
34 Young, James B. (related to Duke Young?)  1840Jackson Co, Missouri I37050


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Bowers, William Nave  1 Nov 1830Jackson Co, Missouri I7267
2 Bowers, William Nave  24 Dec 1831Jackson Co, Missouri I7267
3 Linville, Catherine  1 Nov 1830Jackson Co, Missouri I3134
4 Linville, Catherine  24 Dec 1831Jackson Co, Missouri I3134
5 Linville, Thomas Jr.  24 Dec 1831Jackson Co, Missouri I3133
6 Linville (maybe), Nancy* (dau?)  1 Nov 1830Jackson Co, Missouri I1031
7 Linville (maybe), Nancy* (dau?)  24 Dec 1831Jackson Co, Missouri I1031
8 Lovelady, Rev. James*  15 Oct 1828Jackson Co, Missouri I1020
9 Lovelady, Rev. James*  1 Nov 1830Jackson Co, Missouri I1020
10 Lovelady, Rev. James*  24 Dec 1831Jackson Co, Missouri I1020
11 Young, Chesney (son)  1833Jackson Co, Missouri I45888
12 Young, Chesney (son)  1834Jackson Co, Missouri I45888


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Rev. James*  9 Jul 1834Jackson Co, Missouri I1020


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Andrew Jackson  1832Jackson Co, Missouri I1329
2 Lovelady, Rev. James*  1833Jackson Co, Missouri I1020
3 Lovelady, Margaret A.  1835Jackson Co, Missouri I1351
4 Trapp, John  Between 1817 and 1850Jackson Co, Missouri I46369
5 Young, Chesney (son)  1828Jackson Co, Missouri I45888


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Barnes / Nobles  16 Apr 1885Jackson Co, Missouri F13314
2 Belknap / Young  1863Jackson Co, Missouri F23011
3 Bowers / Dehoney  7 May 1846Jackson Co, Missouri F15142
4 Bowers / Johnson  31 Mar 1845Jackson Co, Missouri F24219
5 Bowers / Montredie  25 Oct 1847Jackson Co, Missouri F13727
6 Bowers / Montredie  25 Oct 1847Jackson Co, Missouri F24172
7 Bowers / Young  16 Oct 1834Jackson Co, Missouri F24171
8 Butts / Beets  6 Sep 1846Jackson Co, Missouri F15125
9 Butts / Carmichael  28 Oct 1858Jackson Co, Missouri F17693
10 Butts / Drummond  4 Aug 1831Jackson Co, Missouri F15355
11 Butts / Johnston  1880Jackson Co, Missouri F15134
12 Butts / Lovelady  29 Jan 1835Jackson Co, Missouri F451
13 Butts / Roberts  4 Jul 1852Jackson Co, Missouri F19719
14 Butts / Stayton (Staten)  Abt 1826Jackson Co, Missouri F15124
15 Cox / Stanfield  1818Jackson Co, Missouri F11559
16 Crook / Lovelady  22 Sep 1835Jackson Co, Missouri F581
17 Grindle / Wright  26 May 1921Jackson Co, Missouri F34416
18 Hawkins / Butts  14 Mar 1850Jackson Co, Missouri F15133
19 Hylton / Young  Abt 1687Jackson Co, Missouri F23013
20 Johnson / Trapp  18 Oct 1827Jackson Co, Missouri F11597
21 Jones / Young  21 Jun 1849Jackson Co, Missouri F24166
22 Lewis / Wyatt  12 Dec 1912Jackson Co, Missouri F33199
23 Linville / Bowers  9 Jul 1834Jackson Co, Missouri F13726
24 Linville / Johnston (Johnson)  15 Dec 1840Jackson Co, Missouri F11447
25 McGlathery / Spears  8 Jun 1934Jackson Co, Missouri F32921
26 Neff / McClathery  1 Feb 1934Jackson Co, Missouri F32916
27 Parsons / Hunt  28 Nov 1917Jackson Co, Missouri F36487
28 Sisk / Wyatt   F33193
29 Staton (Staten) / Staten  Abt 1829Jackson Co, Missouri F24264
30 Welch / Jent  Abt 1840Jackson Co, Missouri F24294
31 Wyatt / Burrus  6 Sep 1924Jackson Co, Missouri F33197
32 Young / King  Bef 1880Jackson Co, Missouri F32926
33 Young / King  24 Nov 1895Jackson Co, Missouri F32928
34 Young / Lewis  16 Oct 1829Jackson Co, Missouri F24165
35 Young / Sanford (or Stanford)  12 Sep 1838Jackson Co, Missouri F24164