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Madison Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baugh, James Finley  12 Apr 1808Madison Co, Kentucky I82461
2 Bolling (Bowling, Boling), Mary "Polly"  7 Dec 1801Madison Co, Kentucky I91990
3 Boone, Cassandra  1796Madison Co, Kentucky I10753
4 Boone, Lucy  Abt 1792Madison Co, Kentucky I10751
5 Boone, Matilda  1 Dec 1795Madison Co, Kentucky I10752
6 Boone, Mildred  Abt 1790Madison Co, Kentucky I10750
7 Boone, Nestor  5 Mar 1804Madison Co, Kentucky I10755
8 Boone, William Crawford  2 Aug 1812Madison Co, Kentucky I10756
9 Brown, Captain Henry Stevenson  8 Mar 1793Madison Co, Kentucky I83015
10 Burnam, Foster  4 Aug 1795Madison Co, Kentucky I86932
11 Carson, Christopher "Kit"  24 Dec 1804Madison Co, Kentucky I11167
12 Clay, General Cassius Marcellus  19 Oct 1810Madison Co, Kentucky I28458
13 Clubb, Elizabeth  2 Nov 1808Madison Co, Kentucky I35130
14 Clubb, Jane  6 Sep 1798Madison Co, Kentucky I45051
15 Clubb, John Henry  7 Nov 1801Madison Co, Kentucky I35211
16 Clubb, Mary "Polly"  15 Oct 1803Madison Co, Kentucky I45049
17 Clubb, Matilda  12 Oct 1805Madison Co, Kentucky I45044
18 Clubb, Nancy  24 Jul 1800Madison Co, Kentucky I45050
19 Dillingham, Elihu Park  16 Apr 1830Madison Co, Kentucky I91774
20 Dillingham, Sheriff John Henry  29 Sep 1853Madison Co, Kentucky I91776
21 Doak, Amanda Alvira  5 Sep 1819Madison Co, Kentucky I51754
22 Doak, Eunice Ann  10 Jul 1830Madison Co, Kentucky I51758
23 Duncan, Charlotte  1797Madison Co, Kentucky I85068
24 Durbin, Christopher K.  1793Madison Co, Kentucky I34188
25 Durbin, Joseph Pius Sr.  1765Madison Co, Kentucky I34190
26 Durbin, Squire Joseph Pius Jr.  9 Jan 1800Madison Co, Kentucky I103693
27 Eaglin, Richard Thomas  13 Sep 1929Madison Co, Kentucky I99168
28 Henderson, Louvisa  26 Apr 1811Madison Co, Kentucky I55076
29 Henson, Alfred  19 Mar 1822Madison Co, Kentucky I7304
30 Jasper, Elizabeth  30 Sep 1833Madison Co, Kentucky I100732
31 Jones, Frances B.  21 Mar 1813Madison Co, Kentucky I86919
32 Jones, Humphrey  1800Madison Co, Kentucky I86916
33 Jones, Robert  1810Madison Co, Kentucky I86918
34 Jones, Major William James  1796Madison Co, Kentucky I86917
35 Kidwell, Jane  1878Madison Co, Kentucky I79814
36 Kirkendall, Nanca  1869Madison Co, Kentucky I98859
37 Lea, Sarah Ann  12 Jan 1803Madison Co, Kentucky I88989
38 Logsdon, Elizabeth  Abt 1765Madison Co, Kentucky I34191
39 Moberly, Rufus Eli  28 Oct 1830Madison Co, Kentucky I55020
40 Oden, Jacob Norris  13 Apr 1800Madison Co, Kentucky I54983
41 Oglesby, Elizabeth Sue  20 Mar 1807Madison Co, Kentucky I81667
42 Oglesby, John Burgess Jr.  27 Nov 1849Madison Co, Kentucky I50747
43 Oglesby, Pleasant Gillum  12 Mar 1804Madison Co, Kentucky I81666
44 Oldham, Richard Braxton  23 Jul 1823Madison Co, Kentucky I95229
45 Park, Charity  22 Dec 1793Madison Co, Kentucky I91773
46 Reeves, Rebecca  1795Madison Co, Kentucky I23083
47 Roberts, Margaret  2 Aug 1800Madison Co, Kentucky I32751
48 Scrivner, Nancy  1802Madison Co, Kentucky I55068
49 Skinner, Anderson Turner  5 Apr 1833Madison Co, Kentucky I55652
50 Skinner, Madad I.  Abt 1805Madison Co, Kentucky I55636
51 Stone, Dudley Lewis Jr.  1800Madison Co, Kentucky I54998
52 Stone, Francis Epperson  25 Dec 1800Madison Co, Kentucky I54997
53 Stone, Susan D.  9 Mar 1829Madison Co, Kentucky I55000
54 Thorp, Major John C.  18 Oct 1796Madison Co, Kentucky I47092
55 Tribble, Matilda  1 May 1808Madison Co, Kentucky I10917
56 Warner, Edward  1 Feb 1830Madison Co, Kentucky I55047
57 Williams, Sally  1 Mar 1806Madison Co, Kentucky I91781
58 Willis, Rachel  1797Madison Co, Kentucky I34189
59 Wyatt, Delaney Wilkerson "Lain"  12 Nov 1846Madison Co, Kentucky I98712
60 Wyatt, Leslie John  1877Madison Co, Kentucky I98713
61 Wyatt, Ollie  1879Madison Co, Kentucky I79809


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boone, George  Bef 18 Nov 1811Madison Co, Kentucky I10738
2 Boone, Mary  14 Sep 1831Madison Co, Kentucky I10741
3 Boone, Susanna  16 Oct 1804Madison Co, Kentucky I10742
4 Breckenridge, Jane Doak  1790Madison Co, Kentucky I4
5 Clay, General Cassius Marcellus  22 Jul 1903Madison Co, Kentucky I28458
6 Clay, General Green  21 Oct 1828Madison Co, Kentucky I28456
7 Dillingham, Henry Harris  7 Mar 1851Madison Co, Kentucky I91772
8 Dillingham, Joshua  20 Jun 1821Madison Co, Kentucky I91770
9 Durbin, Christopher  19 Dec 1825Madison Co, Kentucky I34192
10 Epperson, Mary  Abt 1826Madison Co, Kentucky I54996
11 Gentry, Susannah "Suckey"  Dec 1841Madison Co, Kentucky I86915
12 Gillum, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1818Madison Co, Kentucky I81660
13 Jackson, Margaret  1872Madison Co, Kentucky I15156
14 Jones, Foster  8 Sep 1841Madison Co, Kentucky I86927
15 Jones, Colonel Humphrey  23 Jan 1853Madison Co, Kentucky I86914
16 Kirkendall, Rhueba  Bef 1880Madison Co, Kentucky I98858
17 Lewis, Sarah "Sally"  07 Jul 1867Madison Co, Kentucky I28457
18 Lisenbee, Reuben  1 Jan 1905Madison Co, Kentucky I56339
19 Moberly, Rufus Eli  21 Mar 1891Madison Co, Kentucky I55020
20 Murray, Sarah Elizabeth  25 Jun 1952Madison Co, Kentucky I103115
21 Oglesby, David Anderson  24 Mar 1928Madison Co, Kentucky I51241
22 Oglesby, Elizabeth Sue  1823Madison Co, Kentucky I81667
23 Oglesby, Frances  25 May 1819Madison Co, Kentucky I81663
24 Oglesby, Jesse Y-DNA-step 2 match  23 Mar 1852Madison Co, Kentucky I50744
25 Oller, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1848Madison Co, Kentucky I103726
26 Owen, Barnett  Bef 4 May 1829Madison Co, Kentucky I47490
27 Park, Charity  5 May 1831Madison Co, Kentucky I91773
28 Rogers, Elizabeth  Apr 1808Madison Co, Kentucky I86924
29 Stone, Benjamin (NC to Estill, KY) (FFDNA-JS)  Abt 1794Madison Co, Kentucky I54978
30 Stone, Dean Oldham  Bef 1900Madison Co, Kentucky I55022
31 Stone, Dudley Lewis Sr.  Abt 1835Madison Co, Kentucky I54995
32 Stone, Jefferson  30 Jan 1933Madison Co, Kentucky I55021
33 Stone, Joshua III  20 Oct 1812Madison Co, Kentucky I55057
34 Stone, Mary Ann  23 Dec 1923Madison Co, Kentucky I55019
35 Taylor, Margaret  Between 1850Madison Co, Kentucky I88987
36 Thorp, Dodson  1815Madison Co, Kentucky I47488
37 Warford, Elizabeth (Eliza)  23 Dec 1932Madison Co, Kentucky I51240
38 Whitlow, Frances  Aft 1829Madison Co, Kentucky I47491
39 Winkler, Annie Elizabeth  2 Dec 1930Madison Co, Kentucky I51245


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Kidwell (?), Elizabeth  1880Madison Co, Kentucky I98711
2 Renfro, Rev Joseph  1820Madison Co, Kentucky I15155
3 Renfro, Rev Joseph  1850Madison Co, Kentucky I15155
4 Renfro, Peter Jr.  12 Aug 1800Madison Co, Kentucky I15032
5 Renfro, Peter Jr.  1810Madison Co, Kentucky I15032
6 Renfro, Peter Jr.  1820Madison Co, Kentucky I15032
7 Renfro, Peter Jr.  1830Madison Co, Kentucky I15032
8 Renfro, Peter III  1830Madison Co, Kentucky I15074
9 Renfro, Peter Jr.  1840Madison Co, Kentucky I15032
10 Renfro, Peter III  1850Madison Co, Kentucky I15074
11 Wyatt, Delaney Wilkerson "Lain"  1880Madison Co, Kentucky I98712
12 Wyatt, James Milton  1880Madison Co, Kentucky I78092


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Renfro, Rev Joseph  1825Madison Co, Kentucky I15155
2 Renfro, Rev Joseph  1825Madison Co, Kentucky I15155
3 Renfro, Rev Joseph  1845Madison Co, Kentucky I15155


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Stone, Benjamin (NC to Estill, KY) (FFDNA-JS)  1789Madison Co, Kentucky I54978


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID 
1 Renfro, Samuel  1809Madison Co, Kentucky I15071
2 Renfro, Samuel  1811Madison Co, Kentucky I15071
3 Renfro, Samuel  1812Madison Co, Kentucky I15071
4 Renfro, Samuel  1813Madison Co, Kentucky I15071


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Stone, Benjamin (NC to Estill, KY) (FFDNA-JS)  4 Aug 1795Madison Co, Kentucky I54978


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boone / Grubbs  16 Apr 1789Madison Co, Kentucky F4175
2 Boone / Grubbs  Abt 1792Madison Co, Kentucky F4106
3 Brackenridge / Hockersmith  Feb 1798Madison Co, Kentucky F29866
4 Burnam / Jones  20 Sep 1792Madison Co, Kentucky F28680
5 Butcher / Renfro  25 Feb 1807Madison Co, Kentucky F5656
6 Chesnut / Gum  9 Dec 1807Madison Co, Kentucky F30861
7 Clubb / Wainscott  4 Nov 1797Madison Co, Kentucky F12197
8 Dillingham / Park  24 Sep 1812Madison Co, Kentucky F30789
9 Dillingham / White  Dec 1852Madison Co, Kentucky F30790
10 Hendren / Lea  10 Feb 1819Madison Co, Kentucky F29591
11 Hunter / Renfro  4 Oct 1822Madison Co, Kentucky F5626
12 Hunter / Renfro  12 Aug 1826Madison Co, Kentucky F5664
13 Jones / Gentry  7 Jul 1795Madison Co, Kentucky F28677
14 Kidwell / Kidwell  Abt 1877Madison Co, Kentucky F25968
15 Land / Renfro  15 Apr 1802Madison Co, Kentucky F5655
16 Oden / Stone  14 May 1789Madison Co, Kentucky F18007
17 Oglesby / Barnett  17 May 1828Madison Co, Kentucky F16839
18 Oldham / Williams  2 Nov 1824Madison Co, Kentucky F30793
19 Renfro / Land  29 Dec 1812Madison Co, Kentucky F5670
20 Renfro / Wright  11 Mar 1830Madison Co, Kentucky F5663
21 Steel / Boone  Oct 1805Madison Co, Kentucky F4181
22 Stone / Epperson  Abt 1799Madison Co, Kentucky F18011
23 Stone / Skinner  30 Mar 1828Madison Co, Kentucky F18012
24 Stone / Webb  18 Dec 1818Madison Co, Kentucky F18014
25 Thorp / Owen  25 Jan 1795Madison Co, Kentucky F15673
26 Tribble / Boone  24 Jun 1810Madison Co, Kentucky F4185
27 Wyatt / Kidwell  5 Jan 1874Madison Co, Kentucky F25373
28 Wyatt / Kidwell (?)  Abt 1877Madison Co, Kentucky F33145


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Renfro / Land  29 Dec 1812Madison Co, Kentucky F5670
2 Renfro / Land  29 Dec 1812Madison Co, Kentucky F5670
3 Renfro / Wright  11 Mar 1830Madison Co, Kentucky F5663
4 Renfro / Wright  11 Mar 1830Madison Co, Kentucky F5663

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