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Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albee, Abigail  18 Apr 1707Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29033
2 Albee, Abner  23 Oct 1751Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29045
3 Albee, Deborah  16 Mar 1705Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29032
4 Albee, Deborah  02 Nov 1710Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29034
5 Albee, Hannah  11 Oct 1718Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29037
6 Albee, James  Mar 1680Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29017
7 Albee, James  21 Feb 1710Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29024
8 Albee, John  01 May 1717Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29036
9 Albee, John  15 Feb 1720Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29042
10 Albee, Keziah  04 Apr 1713Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29035
11 Albee, Martha  16 May 1714Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29025
12 Albee, Mary  12 Apr 1710Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29023
13 Albee, Rachel  11 Jun 1725Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29043
14 Albee, Seth  Abt 1716Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29022
15 Albee, Thomas  Abt 1718Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29021
16 Albee, Timothy  Abt 1712Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29018
17 Aldrich, Abel  15 Nov 1704Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2284
18 Aldrich, Abner  17 Nov 1727Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2441
19 Aldrich, Alice  28 Apr 1772Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69487
20 Aldrich, Chiron  25 Jul 1805Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69889
21 Aldrich, David Jr  26 Jul 1711Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2220
22 Aldrich, David  Abt 1738Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69369
23 Aldrich, David* Sr  23 May 1685Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2225
24 Aldrich, Deborah  25 Feb 1703Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69168
25 Aldrich, Edward  7 Sep 1713Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2219
26 Aldrich, Elizabeth  16 Jun 1715Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2218
27 Aldrich, Elizabeth  13 Jan 1740Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I8927
28 Aldrich, Henry  13 Aug 1746Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I8929
29 Aldrich, Huldah  17 Nov 1680Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2246
30 Aldrich, Jacob  26 Jun 1710Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I49867
31 Aldrich, Jeremiah  6 Oct 1711Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1949
32 Aldrich, Joanna  14 Dec 1738Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I8926
33 Aldrich, John  27 Nov 1688Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1945
34 Aldrich, Jonathan  21 Apr 1717Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2221
35 Aldrich, Jonathan  2 Jan 1718Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I70791
36 Aldrich, Jonathan Capt  3 Aug 1721Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2222
37 Aldrich, Judge Joseph Caleb  14 Jan 1726Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69478
38 Aldrich, Levi Capt  19 Dec 1729Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2442
39 Aldrich, Margaret  24 Apr 1723Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2440
40 Aldrich, Margery  30 Sep 1732Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91650
41 Aldrich, Mercy  17 Feb 1692Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2251
42 Aldrich, Moses  1 Apr 1690Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2576
43 Aldrich, Moses  19 Apr 1732Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69480
44 Aldrich, Moses  5 Dec 1763Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69489
45 Aldrich, Noah  13 Aug 1713Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I70795
46 Aldrich, Peter Sr.  17 Oct 1686Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2250
47 Aldrich, Peter Jr.  19 Nov 1722Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27796
48 Aldrich, Peter*  19 Apr 1719Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2223
49 Aldrich, Phillip  Mar 1744Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I6816
50 Aldrich, Rachel  22 Feb 1682Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2247
51 Aldrich, Rachel  27 Dec 1694Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I71053
52 Aldrich, Rachel  28 Jun 1713Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1950
53 Aldrich, Rachel  12 Aug 1714Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1951
54 Aldrich, Rachel*  10 Jan 1742Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2217
55 Aldrich, Robert  11 Dec 1719Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69887
56 Aldrich, Ruth  16 Sep 1716Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1952
57 Aldrich, Samuel  4 Apr 1712Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I57478
58 Aldrich, Sarah  24 Oct 1683Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2249
59 Aldrich, Sarah  12 Dec 1707Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I70788
60 Aldrich, Seth  19 Sep 1701Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I8229
61 Aldrich, Silas  Jan 1749Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I8930
62 Aldrich, Thomas  17 Jul 1768Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69479
63 Aldrich, William  5 Sep 1706Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I70787
64 Bartlett, Jacob  Abt 1674Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30705
65 Bartlett, Joseph  1715Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30702
66 Bartlett, Samuel  1670Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I6880
67 Benson, Sarah  28 Jul 1715Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I14353
68 Brown, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1730Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69684
69 Brown, Mary  12 Dec 1740Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I1944
70 Butterworth, Mary  Mar 1665Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91652
71 Chapin, Bethiah Abiather  16 Feb 1694Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I90123
72 Chapin, Gershom  27 May 1734Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69197
73 Chapin, Phineas  3 Aug 1769Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69235
74 Cook, Nicholas  1687Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91659
75 Darling, Ruth  20 Sep 1695Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I70215
76 Dunbar, John  26 Dec 1680Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2243
77 Fletcher, Mary  1708Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91649
78 Gaskill, Samuel  Abt 1790Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30645
79 Green, Rachel  14 Mar 1747Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29040
80 Hayward, Benjamin  14 Feb 1689Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2587
81 Hayward, Bethia  Abt 1676Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2577
82 Hayward, Deborah  9 Nov 1682Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2255
83 Hayward, Experience  1 Mar 1688Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2586
84 Hayward, Hannah  18 Aug 1680Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2252
85 Hayward, Hulda  Abt 1671Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2573
86 Hayward, Jonathan  10 Oct 1686Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2584
87 Hayward, Margery  Abt 1672Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2575
88 Hayward, Mary  Abt 1669Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2571
89 Hayward, Mehitable  1670Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2580
90 Hayward, Samuel  2 Feb 1682Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2583
91 Hayward, Sarah  2 Mar 1675Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2356
92 Southwick, John  06 Jul 1749Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30704
93 Sprague, Ebenezer  1682Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I88879
94 Staples, Abraham  1668Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2581
95 Thayer, Benjamin  1674Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2304
96 Thayer, Beulah  10 May 1733Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I6818
97 Thayer, Comfort  19 Feb 1700Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I6894
98 Thayer, David  17 Sep 1677Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2305
99 Thayer, David  08 Feb 1700Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29011
100 Thayer, Deborah  04 Nov 1687Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29030

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albee, Deborah  Aft 1706Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29032
2 Albee, John  Aft 1717Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29036
3 Albee, John  25 Mar 1799Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29042
4 Aldrich, George*^  1 Mar 1683Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2231
5 Aldrich, Hannah  Aft 1790Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69976
6 Aldrich, Jacob  1752Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91648
7 Aldrich, Jacob  23 Aug 1753Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I8824
8 Aldrich, Jacob  Aft Oct 11, 1775Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I49867
9 Aldrich, Jacob*  22 Oct 1695Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2406
10 Aldrich, Jonathan  28 Aug 1718Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2221
11 Aldrich, Luke  23 Dec 1814Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I27651
12 Aldrich, Margery  11 May 1759Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91650
13 Aldrich, Mercy  18 Mar 1693Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2251
14 Aldrich, Moses  9 Sep 1761Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2576
15 Ballou, Priscilla  30 Jul 1804Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91656
16 Capron, Hannah*  17 Feb 1732Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2227
17 Chapin, Bethiah Abiather  1 Apr 1753Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I90123
18 Chapin, Josiah  10 Sep 1726Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I4882
19 Chapin, Seth "Captain"  1 Apr 1746Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I90121
20 Cook, Nicholas  1779Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91659
21 Darling, Ruth  1728Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I70215
22 Fletcher, Mary  1750Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91649
23 Gulley, Mercy  14 Feb 1814Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69484
24 Hayward, Huldah*  1 Sep 1690Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2278
25 Hayward, Jonathan  14 Jul 1760Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2584
26 Hayward, Margery  Bef 20 Apr 1722Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2575
27 Hayward, Mary  1730Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2390
28 Hayward, Samuel  16 May 1708Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2583
29 Mann, Mehitable  26 Mar 1774Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I8925
30 Poole, Mary  8 Dec 1745Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2346
31 Read (or Reed), Samuel  14 Feb 1725Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts  I89214
32 Seald, Katherine*^  1 Jan 1691Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2232
33 Southwick, Daniel  19 Nov 1776Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I30660
34 Sprague, John  26 Oct 1683Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I88881
35 Staples, Abraham  1707Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2581
36 Thayer, Benjamin  1728Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2304
37 Thayer, David  29 Aug 1678Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2305
38 Thayer, Deborah  Aft 1725Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29030
39 Thayer, Ferdinando*  28 Mar 1713Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2296
40 Thayer, Hedzekial  08 Feb 1680Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29026
41 Thayer, Huldah  07 Jul 1739Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29027
42 Thayer, Jonathan  1690Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2288
43 Thayer, Jonathan  27 Apr 1753Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I90124
44 Thayer, Josiah  1728Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2302
45 Thayer, Mary  Aft 1714Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29007
46 Thayer, Samuel  19 Dec 1721Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2301
47 Thayer, Samuel  21 Jul 1764Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29009
48 Thayer, Seth  24 May 1803Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I90125
49 Thayer, Thomas  1 May 1738Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2300
50 Thurston, Bethiah  2 Mar 1744Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I90122
51 Trask, Robert  Bef 2 Feb 1761Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I71206
52 Wheelock, Benjamin  13 Sep 1746Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29028
53 Wheelock, Caleb  Aft 1790Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I29039
54 White, Joseph  28 Oct 1757Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I91651
55 White, Samuel  Aft 1790Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I69977
56 Young, Mastin Comer  Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I75358


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Abner  18 Mar 1758Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2441


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, David Jr  30 Aug 1730Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I2220


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Jacob  11 Oct 1775Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts I49867


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Albee / Corbett  Abt 1743Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10137
2 Albee / Penniman  1754Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10138
3 Albee / Thayer  06 Jun 1705Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10134
4 Albee / Thayer  03 Jan 1708Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10131
5 Aldrich / Aldrich  Aft 1715Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10805
6 Aldrich / Ballou  4 May 1771Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22405
7 Aldrich / Capron  1710Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1071
8 Aldrich / Fletcher  Abt 1731Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F30724
9 Aldrich / Hayward  15 Sep 1699Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1225
10 Aldrich / Hayward  3 Sep 1700Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1085
11 Aldrich / Hayward  Abt 1706Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1089
12 Aldrich / Lapham  Abt 1731Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F30723
13 Aldrich / Thayer  3 Nov 1675Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F937
14 Aldrich / Trask  Abt 1760Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22407
15 Aldrich / White  23 Apr 1711Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1226
16 Butterworth / Hayward  6 Jan 1692Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1224
17 Carpenter / Ballou  14 May 1775Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F36524
18 Chapin / Thurston  25 Mar 1691Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F30055
19 Cook / Hayward  18 Dec 1712Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1230
20 Cook / Thayer  16 Apr 1684Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1108
21 Read (or Reed) / Chapin  8 Jul 1693Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F29697
22 Rockwood / Hayward  1688Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1223
23 Sherman / Burch  26 Sep 1744Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10261
24 Staples / Thayer  15 Sep 1698Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1149
25 Stevens / Thayer  1676Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1116
26 Thayer / Aldrich  13 Mar 1716Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F23000
27 Thayer / Bass  1690Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1119
28 Thayer / Bass  7 Jan 1690Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1120
29 Thayer / Chapin  1 Oct 1714Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F30056
30 Thayer / Darling  Abt 1716Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22733
31 Thayer / Freeburg  Aft 1690Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1114
32 Thayer / Hayward  15 Sep 1699Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1121
33 Thayer / Hayward  1703Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1113
34 Thayer / Hayward  20 Dec 1712Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1122
35 Thayer / Sampson  Abt 1720Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10132
36 Thayer / Thompson  13 Jun 1695Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1112
37 Thayer / Woodcock  1 Feb 1691Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1110
38 Trask / Aldrich  17 Nov 1763Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F22408
39 Wheelock / Albee  20 May 1740Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10135
40 Wheelock / Green  27 Nov 1766Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10136
41 Wheelock / Thayer  09 Dec 1700Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F10133
42 White / Aldrich  Abt 1750Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F30725
43 Wilkinson / Aldrich  13 Apr 1697Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts F1086

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