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Newton Co, Texas


Latitude: 30.9359604, Longitude: -93.6623239


Matches 1 to 77 of 77

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Alton  1908Newton Co, Texas I82959
2 Bean, Ava G. (or Elva J.)  Mar 1895Newton Co, Texas I82954
3 Bean, Bertie  1893Newton Co, Texas I103023
4 Bean, Carrie L.  Nov 1895Newton Co, Texas I82972
5 Bean, Charles  May 1899Newton Co, Texas I82962
6 Bean, Dewey A.  23 Aug 1898Newton Co, Texas I82909
7 Bean, Dora E. (or Dara)  Dec 1892Newton Co, Texas I82902
8 Bean, Eliza G.  Dec 1886Newton Co, Texas I82968
9 Bean, Ella E.  1900Newton Co, Texas I82956
10 Bean, Ellie F.  Jul 1890Newton Co, Texas I82970
11 Bean, Emily Hazel  1908Newton Co, Texas I82948
12 Bean, Iva  1906Newton Co, Texas I82958
13 Bean, James Edgar  Feb 1893Newton Co, Texas I82944
14 Bean, Jerdie Ethel  Aug 1895Newton Co, Texas I82945
15 Bean, John G.  Apr 1897Newton Co, Texas I82955
16 Bean, Leola "Ola"  1901Newton Co, Texas I103022
17 Bean, Mittie W.  14 Oct 1856Newton Co, Texas I81003
18 Bean, Myrtle Tallie  9 Jul 1901Newton Co, Texas I102320
19 Bean, Mytie G.  1900Newton Co, Texas I82947
20 Bean, Nelson Scott  1906Newton Co, Texas I102105
21 Bean, Neva  1903Newton Co, Texas I82951
22 Bean, Riley  Jan 1893Newton Co, Texas I82971
23 Bean, Sarah Alma  Mar 1889Newton Co, Texas I82943
24 Bean, Simon E.  1902Newton Co, Texas I82957
25 Bean, Stella C.  26 Aug 1898Newton Co, Texas I82946
26 Bean, Sud (?)  Jul 1887Newton Co, Texas I82942
27 Bean, Thomas W.  Jul 1885Newton Co, Texas I82941
28 Bean, Walter  23 Nov 1883Newton Co, Texas I82940
29 Bean, William  Mar 1888Newton Co, Texas I82969
30 Bean, William A.  Apr 1872Newton Co, Texas I82952
31 Bean, William J.  1903Newton Co, Texas I102104
32 Biscamp, Judge W.  25 May 1892Newton Co, Texas I102653
33 Booker, Thomas Hampton  29 Jun 1882Newton Co, Texas I73399
34 Clark, Helen C  1877Newton Co, Texas I13958
35 Cochran, Cornelia  1864Newton Co, Texas I94212
36 Cochran, Malinda Caroline  12 Jan 1865Newton Co, Texas I79979
37 Cochran, Martha Jane  1862Newton Co, Texas I94206
38 Cooper, Jessie Ferrelle  Nov 1898Newton Co, Texas I82986
39 Droddy, Isaac Calvary  25 Sep 1855Newton Co, Texas I106737
40 Dufner, Nancy Ann Elizabeth "Lizzie"  3 Jun 1869Newton Co, Texas I60337
41 Ferguson, Samuel  6 Oct 1887Newton Co, Texas I102433
42 Fowler, Cecil Leray  27 Dec 1931Newton Co, Texas I102388
43 Hamilton, Mack Lee  4 Dec 1927Newton Co, Texas I103028
44 Holley, Lucille Lavelle  1 Jan 1925Newton Co, Texas I102267
45 Love, Arlan  1918Newton Co, Texas I102621
46 Love, Della  1897Newton Co, Texas I102616
47 Love, Florence  1914Newton Co, Texas I102620
48 Love, Josephus "Joe"  1900Newton Co, Texas I102617
49 Love, Lula  1921Newton Co, Texas I102622
50 Love, William Perry  1909Newton Co, Texas I102619
51 Mears, Charles Jordan "Charlie"  20 Jun 1909Newton Co, Texas I103025
52 Mehaffy, William A.  1877Newton Co, Texas I13959
53 Nation, Jessie Boon  3 Sep 1848Newton Co, Texas I102755
54 Nation, Sarah Octvine  16 Oct 1891Newton Co, Texas I102737
55 Parker, Martha Elizabeth  Apr 1854Newton Co, Texas I102765
56 Richardson, Amos Preston  12 May 1914Newton Co, Texas I97601
57 Richardson, Birdie Laura  6 Mar 1905Newton Co, Texas I97594
58 Richardson, Cora Lee  10 Apr 1911Newton Co, Texas I97597
59 Richardson, Kathlene  22 Nov 1922Newton Co, Texas I97603
60 Richardson, Lillie Mae  3 Aug 1900Newton Co, Texas I97585
61 Richardson, Ruth Evelyn  16 May 1919Newton Co, Texas I97602
62 Richardson, Thomas Richard  13 Jan 1903Newton Co, Texas I97593
63 Simmons, Letha Menerva  6 Apr 1918Newton Co, Texas I36084
64 Stewart, Robert Matthew  Jan 9 1846Newton Co, Texas I73401
65 Teal, Sarah Ellen  19 May 1847Newton Co, Texas I102470
66 Teal, William Charles  1845Newton Co, Texas I102469
67 Walters, Bessie Margaret  8 Aug 1914Newton Co, Texas I102315
68 Watson, Emma A.  1879Newton Co, Texas I94261
69 Whittaker, Jennie  1904Newton Co, Texas I102607
70 Whittaker, William Elton "Willie"  20 Jul 1901Newton Co, Texas I102606
71 Willett, Mary Elizabeth "Betty"  16 Jan 1865Newton Co, Texas I41511
72 Wilson, Adam Lackey "Ad"  15 Apr 1858Newton Co, Texas I73384
73 Wilson, Albert E.  1905Newton Co, Texas I73393
74 Wilson, Asberry Andrew "Berry"  11 Mar 1888Newton Co, Texas I73387
75 Wilson, Clara  15 Apr 1901Newton Co, Texas I73394
76 Wilson, Nancy Jane "Nannie"  20 Jan 1852Newton Co, Texas I73397
77 Wilson, William Thomas "Willie"  24 Mar 1892Newton Co, Texas I73389


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bean, Annie  3 Dec 1895Newton Co, Texas I102113
2 Bean, John D.  1968Newton Co, Texas I102177
3 Bean, Mittie Eugenia  1939Newton Co, Texas I82900
4 Bean, William A.  Between 1910 and 1940Newton Co, Texas I82952
5 Bean, William James  1891Newton Co, Texas I82916
6 Bean, Willie Edmon  7 May 2012Newton Co, Texas I102136
7 Binghan, Mary Susan  1915Newton Co, Texas I82967
8 Biscamp, Judge W.  25 Jul 1963Newton Co, Texas I102653
9 Booker, Thomas Hampton  29 Jul 1967Newton Co, Texas I73399
10 Bostick, Mary Isabel  16 Sep 1888Newton Co, Texas I82973
11 Cooper, Chester A.  1898Newton Co, Texas I82985
12 Erwin, William James "Jim"  7 Oct 1939Newton Co, Texas I85855
13 McMahon, Margaret Frances  29 Jan 1859Newton Co, Texas I73400
14 Mehaffy, (..) Mr.  Bef 1880Newton Co, Texas I13957
15 Reese, Jerusha Jane Wilmoth  5 Jun 1900Newton Co, Texas I82885
16 Reese, Sarah "Bonnie"  14 Jan 1970Newton Co, Texas I102232
17 Roberts, Minerva E.  8 Jun 1896Newton Co, Texas I102420
18 Scarborough, Mary Anice  1902Newton Co, Texas I73370
19 Sheppard, William Fielding  17 Jan 1943Newton Co, Texas I102233
20 Stewart, Adam Lackey  1 Feb 1859Newton Co, Texas I73287
21 Stewart, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1888Newton Co, Texas I73396
22 Stewart, Robert Matthew  10 Dec 1924Newton Co, Texas I73401
23 Stone, William Pierce  1905Newton Co, Texas I55546
24 Teal, Andrew Jackson  14 Jul 1848Newton Co, Texas I102468
25 Teal, Mary Jane  11 May 1935Newton Co, Texas I82961
26 Wiggins, Sarah Elonora  3 Nov 1916Newton Co, Texas I14377
27 Wilson, Asberry (or Asbury)  8 Aug 1888Newton Co, Texas I73395
28 Wilson, Asberry Andrew "Berry"  29 Jan 1975Newton Co, Texas I73387
29 Wilson, Bessie  30 Sep 1979Newton Co, Texas I73390
30 Wilson, Nancy Jane "Nannie"  30 May 1900Newton Co, Texas I73397


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bean, Alfred H.  1900Newton Co, Texas I72007
2 Bean, Egbert Bell  1900Newton Co, Texas I82960
3 Bean, John Egbert  1900Newton Co, Texas I82917
4 Bean, John Egbert  1910Newton Co, Texas I82917
5 Bean, John T.  1900Newton Co, Texas I82938
6 Bean, Marion  1900Newton Co, Texas I82965
7 Bean, Robertson  1860Newton Co, Texas I82884
8 Bean, Robertson  1900Newton Co, Texas I82884
9 Bean, William A.  1900Newton Co, Texas I82952
10 Bean, William A.  1910Newton Co, Texas I82952
11 Clark, Oliver Comstock  1880Newton Co, Texas I7722
12 Clark, Oliver Comstock  1900Newton Co, Texas I7722
13 Cooper, Robert Jackson  1900Newton Co, Texas I82984
14 Parker, Thomas J.  1860Newton Co, Texas I102519
15 Sanders, Benjamin Worth  1900Newton Co, Texas I73286


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bean / Binghan  1885Newton Co, Texas F27116
2 Bean / Burton  1886Newton Co, Texas F23313
3 Bean / Teal  1898Newton Co, Texas F27114
4 Bean / West  20 Dec 1894Newton Co, Texas F34462
5 Bean / Williams  1894Newton Co, Texas F27113
6 Clark / Clark  Abt 1876Newton Co, Texas F21258
7 Cochran / Stone  10 Jun 1861Newton Co, Texas F31704
8 Dunn / Bean  12 Dec 1938Newton Co, Texas F34524
9 Ellis / Willett  27 Mar 1890Newton Co, Texas F13877
10 Love / Ferguson  10 Jan 1897Newton Co, Texas F34629
11 Mears / Bean  Bef 1910Newton Co, Texas F34778
12 Peveto / Depwe  27 Aug 1894Newton Co, Texas F26073
13 Powell / Bean  1 Jan 1911Newton Co, Texas F34521
14 Powell / Lavine  3 Aug 1969Newton Co, Texas F34551
15 Sanders / Wilson  15 Nov 1877Newton Co, Texas F23741
16 Stone / Bennington  9 Feb 1854Newton Co, Texas F18244
17 West / Cochran  3 Apr 1851Newton Co, Texas F32836
18 Williams / Bean  1900Newton Co, Texas F27112

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