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Oregon Trail



Albums  Oregon Trail (3)


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crowley, Matilda  Nov 1846Oregon Trail I80166


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Crowley, (child)  Abt 1846Oregon Trail I80169
2 Crowley, (infant)  27 Oct 1846Oregon Trail I80172
3 Crowley, Matilda  Nov 1846Oregon Trail I80166
4 Crowley, Melissa  27 Oct 1846Oregon Trail I80171
5 Lovelady, Elizabeth  13 Nov 1846Oregon Trail I1566
6 Thorp, Melissa  Nov 1846Oregon Trail I80168
7 Yount, Magdaline "Molly" or "Mary"  22 Nov 1846Oregon Trail I7354


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Bounds, Amanda Mary  1846Oregon Trail I1561
2 Bounds, John Bird (or James B.)  1846Oregon Trail I1570
3 Bounds, Nancy  1946Oregon Trail I7252
4 Brink, Martha Ann  1846Oregon Trail I9169
5 Crowley, (child)  1846Oregon Trail I80169
6 Crowley, (infant)  1846Oregon Trail I80172
7 Crowley, Calvin  1846Oregon Trail I80167
8 Crowley, John  1846Oregon Trail I80352
9 Crowley, Margaret  1846Oregon Trail I80351
10 Crowley, Martha Leland  1846Oregon Trail I80170
11 Crowley, Matilda  1846Oregon Trail I80166
12 Crowley, Melissa  1846Oregon Trail I80171
13 Crowley, Nancy  1846Oregon Trail I80353
14 Crowley, Thomas  1846Oregon Trail I80173
15 Crowley, Thomas Leland  1846Oregon Trail I7264
16 Ford, Nat  1844Oregon Trail I80164
17 Fulkerson, Hannah  1846Oregon Trail I80348
18 Fulkerson, James Monroe  1846Oregon Trail I80347
19 Fulkerson, Robert  1846Oregon Trail I80349
20 Linville, Catherine  1846Oregon Trail I32634
21 Linville, Cordela  1846Oregon Trail I7256
22 Linville, Harriet Irene Green  1846Oregon Trail I7255
23 Linville, Harrison  1846Oregon Trail I7253
24 Linville, John Brown  1846Oregon Trail I9186
25 Linville, Margaret  1846Oregon Trail I32638
26 Linville, Mary E  1846Oregon Trail I7254
27 Linville, Richard  1846Oregon Trail I7353
28 Lovelady, Andrew Jackson Sr.  1846Oregon Trail I12996
29 Lovelady, Eliza Ann  1846Oregon Trail I12994
30 Lovelady, Elizabeth  1846Oregon Trail I1566
31 Lovelady, Margaret A.  1846Oregon Trail I12998
32 Lovelady, Preston W.  1846Oregon Trail I9322
33 Lovelady, Thomas Bounds  1846Oregon Trail I12993
34 Lovelady, Thomas J. (Jesse or Jefferson)  1846Oregon Trail I1579
35 McBride, Elizabeth  1846Oregon Trail I9267
36 McBride, Henry Clay  1846Oregon Trail I32588
37 McBride, Lavina  1846Oregon Trail I23689
38 McBride, Nancy Jane  1846Oregon Trail I9288
39 McBride, Dr. Thomas Crawford Jr.  1846Oregon Trail I9269
40 Thorp, Major John C.  Between 1844 and 1845Oregon Trail I47092
41 Thorp, Melissa  1846Oregon Trail I80168
42 Vanderpool, Medders  1846Oregon Trail I80165
43 Yount, Magdaline "Molly" or "Mary"  1946Oregon Trail I7354