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Platte Co, Missouri



1840 Missouri, Platte County Census - Lovelady
1840 Missouri, Platte County Census - Lovelady
Jane Wear Lovelady (widowed mother, living with William)
James* Lovelady, wife Nancy, dau Ann
Thomas J. Lovelady and wife Amanda Mary Bounds
William Lovelady
Andrew Jackson Lovelady (living with William)
granddau Jane Lovelady (dau of another brother Jesse) and newlywed husband Thomas Dyer

Nathan Newby, (In-law He 2nd m Nancy Bounds, mother of Jane, 1st wife of Jesse. Newby's dau later m Andrew Jackson Lovelady.)

John Young, father of Duke Young who married Sarah Lovelady, sister of Lovelady brothers.
1850 Missouri, Platte County, Marshall Twp Census
1850 Missouri, Platte County, Marshall Twp Census
Jane Wear Lovelady (living with son Andrew Jackson Lovelady)
A.J. Lovelady and Judy Newby Lovelady
Nathan Newby and Nancy Bounds Lovelady Newby, and her sons with m1 Jesse Lovelady: Thomas, Moses, and Margaret
Jefferson Dyer and wife Jane Lovelady (daughter of Jesse and Nancy Bounds Lovelady Newby)


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Ben F.  1877Platte Co, Missouri I43438
2 Allison, Cynthia Green  15 Apr 1870Platte Co, Missouri I34215
3 Allison, Henry Duke  8 Sep 1871Platte Co, Missouri I34216
4 Allison, Rachel Ann  27 Nov 1868Platte Co, Missouri I34214
5 Allison, Robert Edmond  21 Oct 1867Platte Co, Missouri I34213
6 Boydston, Strother J.  1883Platte Co, Missouri I55849
7 Breckenridge, Catherine Victoria "Kate"  3 Jun 1869Platte Co, Missouri I81111
8 Brown, Sarah C.  1 Aug 1833Platte Co, Missouri I33108
9 Chesnut, Edna  25 Nov 1887Platte Co, Missouri I91768
10 Crook, John S.  Between 1835 and 1840Platte Co, Missouri I8899
11 Dillingham, Joseph Bobley "Jay B"  8 Mar 1910Platte Co, Missouri I91759
12 Dillingham, Joseph Bobley "Joe" Sr.  23 Feb 1883Platte Co, Missouri I91769
13 Dyer, Nancy  1846Platte Co, Missouri I9359
14 French, Monie  1879Platte Co, Missouri I55864
15 Graves, Judith Howard (Juda)  22 Oct 1866Platte Co, Missouri I9558
16 Graves, Maude  Oct 1875Platte Co, Missouri I9560
17 Graves, Nathan Newby  29 Jul 1880Platte Co, Missouri I33077
18 Graves, William Thomas Shortridge  Oct 1883Platte Co, Missouri I49676
19 Henderson, Cynthia Adeline  19 Jul 1848Platte Co, Missouri I46693
20 Henson, Carrie  1866Platte Co, Missouri I55375
21 Henson, William  1864Platte Co, Missouri I55374
22 Iler (or Eiler), Sarah Emily Elizabeth  19 Dec 1839Platte Co, Missouri I60300
23 Layton, May  27 Apr 1875Platte Co, Missouri I9572
24 Layton, Nancy "Nannie"  21 Jan 1872Platte Co, Missouri I9571
25 Linville, David T.  1865Platte Co, Missouri I43441
26 Linville, Eva N.  1877Platte Co, Missouri I43440
27 Linville, James Robert  1867Platte Co, Missouri I43442
28 Linville, John W.  1869Platte Co, Missouri I43443
29 Linville, Joseph W.  1876Platte Co, Missouri I43439
30 Linville, Laura A.  1878Platte Co, Missouri I64946
31 Linville, Martha A.  1873Platte Co, Missouri I43445
32 Linville, Samuel F.  1876Platte Co, Missouri I64945
33 Linville, William C.  1872Platte Co, Missouri I64944
34 Linville, William J.  1871Platte Co, Missouri I43444
35 Lollar, Bird R.  1844Platte Co, Missouri I55370
36 Lollar, Cornetta (Fernette)  1847Platte Co, Missouri I55371
37 Lollar, Mary Jane  1840Platte Co, Missouri I55369
38 Lovelady, Andrew Jackson Sr.  12 Apr 1839Platte Co, Missouri I12996
39 Lovelady, John B  3 Jan 1845Platte Co, Missouri  I9565
40 Lovelady, Robert Edward Lee  17 May 1868Platte Co, Missouri  I9598
41 Lovelady, Sarah Jane "Sallie"  18 Oct 1851Platte Co, Missouri  I9570
42 Lovelady, William Benton  15 May 1842Platte Co, Missouri I13619
43 Moore, Annie B.  1874Platte Co, Missouri I40184
44 Moore, Joseph C.  1876Platte Co, Missouri I40185
45 Newby, Alfred B  Dec 1846Platte Co, Missouri I9328
46 Newby, James  9 Feb 1841Platte Co, Missouri I9324
47 Shannon, Elizabeth  1844Platte Co, Missouri I74620
48 Shannon, Malinda  1847Platte Co, Missouri I74621
49 Shannon, Mittie Lee  1876Platte Co, Missouri I74613
50 Siler, Nancy E.  16 Jun 1848Platte Co, Missouri I5632
51 Stoehr, Rosalie Agnes  8 Feb 1857Platte Co, Missouri I103998
52 Stone, George F.  11 Sep 1874Platte Co, Missouri I55854
53 Stone, James W.  27 Mar 1867Platte Co, Missouri I55853


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Baber, Isham  28 Jun 1862Platte Co, Missouri I91794
2 Bigham, Martha A  Aft 1873Platte Co, Missouri I7321
3 Borden, Mary Elizabeth  23 Mar 1882Platte Co, Missouri I55850
4 Bounds, Nancy  16 Sep 1881Platte Co, Missouri  I1528
5 Boydston, Mary Tom (dau of who?)  18 Dec 1960Platte Co, Missouri I55857
6 Brasfield, Thomas Wiley Ray  8 Nov 1873Platte Co, Missouri I95225
7 Breckenridge, Elizabeth  1 May 1889Platte Co, Missouri I95224
8 Breckenridge, Elmore B.  25 Nov 1880Platte Co, Missouri I50294
9 Chesnut, David Abraham  8 Feb 1922Platte Co, Missouri I91764
10 Crump, Mary Jane  15 Nov 1885Platte Co, Missouri I55408
11 Dillingham, Elihu Park  1 Sep 1916Platte Co, Missouri I91774
12 Dillingham, Sheriff John Henry  20 Aug 1900Platte Co, Missouri I91776
13 Dye, John Kenneth  9 Jun 1874Platte Co, Missouri I87478
14 Dye, Margaret C. "Maggie"  10 Mar 1948Platte Co, Missouri I91765
15 Elliott, Sarah Eleanor  12 Jun 1884Platte Co, Missouri I55863
16 Estes, Emeranda  11 Jun 1915Platte Co, Missouri I81110
17 Frazier, George (Immigrant-Ireland)  1883Platte Co, Missouri I55862
18 French, Willis Adam  11 May 1919Platte Co, Missouri I55856
19 Gabbert, Michael Henry (son of who?)  16 Aug 1898Platte Co, Missouri I101075
20 Gordon, Elizabeth  1850Platte Co, Missouri I91795
21 Gow, Parthena Frances  Aft 1860Platte Co, Missouri I87479
22 Graves, James L.  14 Mar 1874Platte Co, Missouri I5629
23 Graves, Nathan Newby  13 Aug 1880Platte Co, Missouri I33077
24 Holliman, Sarah  29 Aug 1884Platte Co, Missouri I5630
25 Johnson, Nannie V.  10 Aug 1963Platte Co, Missouri I55852
26 Lampton, Charlotte Jane "Lottie"  29 Sep 1919Platte Co, Missouri I91754
27 Lollar, Levi  21 Aug 1901Platte Co, Missouri I39434
28 Lovelady, Andrew Jackson  10 Apr 1898Platte Co, Missouri  I1329
29 Lovelady, Cynthia A.  18 Jun 1895Platte Co, Missouri  I9552
30 Lovelady, John B  13 Sep 1861Platte Co, Missouri  I9565
31 Lovelady, Lizzie  27 Jul 1883Platte Co, Missouri I59465
32 Madding (Madden), Scarlett W.  1898Platte Co, Missouri I55377
33 Mason, Jane  1848Platte Co, Missouri I32625
34 Newby, Judah "Judy"  2 Feb 1885Platte Co, Missouri  I1340
35 Oldham, Anna Lea "Annie"  20 Jan 1891Platte Co, Missouri I91784
36 Oldham, Francis Marion  16 Dec 1904Platte Co, Missouri I91782
37 Reynolds, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie"  12 Jan 1915Platte Co, Missouri I91783
38 Rhea (Ray), Mahalia  28 Aug 1891Platte Co, Missouri I55365
39 Shannon, John Dillard  14 Aug 1989Platte Co, Missouri I35959
40 Stone, Elizabeth S.  20 Mar 1880Platte Co, Missouri I55855
41 Stone, George F.  15 Sep 1876Platte Co, Missouri I55854
42 Stone, James W.  10 Mar 1877Platte Co, Missouri I55853
43 Stone, John Churchill  5 Feb 1915Platte Co, Missouri I55786
44 Stone, John S.  27 Jun 1917Platte Co, Missouri I55851
45 Stone, Strother Smith  28 Nov 1901Platte Co, Missouri I55407
46 Strode, Letitia  17 Dec 1893Platte Co, Missouri I81108
47 West, Alexander  1860Platte Co, Missouri I74622
48 White, Mary Jane  21 Dec 1899Platte Co, Missouri I91775
49 Young, (daughter)  Aft 1840Platte Co, Missouri I45702
50 Young, (Mrs. David)  Aft 1840Platte Co, Missouri I45700


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bounds, Amanda Mary  Nov 1840Platte Co, Missouri I1561
2 Bounds, Nancy  Nov 1840Platte Co, Missouri I1528
3 Brown, Andrew  1840Platte Co, Missouri I33087
4 Brown, Isaiah  1840Platte Co, Missouri I33105
5 Butts, Andrew Jackson Sr  1839Platte Co, Missouri I1463
6 Cox, Joseph  1840Platte Co, Missouri I32727
7 Cox, William  1840Platte Co, Missouri I32725
8 Crook, Allen  1840Platte Co, Missouri I1362
9 Dyer, Thomas Jefferson  Nov 1840Platte Co, Missouri I1505
10 French, Willis Adam  1870Platte Co, Missouri I55856
11 Jones, Eliza Ann  1840Platte Co, Missouri I3191
12 Jones, Emmeline  1840Platte Co, Missouri I3192
13 Jones, John W.  1840Platte Co, Missouri I3189
14 Jones, Susan  1840Platte Co, Missouri I3188
15 Jones, Thomas Jefferson  1840Platte Co, Missouri I3190
16 Linville, Granville  1839Platte Co, Missouri I32635
17 Linville (maybe), Nancy* (dau?)  Nov 1840Platte Co, Missouri I1031
18 Lovelady, Ann  Nov 1840Platte Co, Missouri I1456
19 Lovelady, Jane  Nov 1840Platte Co, Missouri I1516
20 Lovelady, Moses Jones  1840Platte Co, Missouri I13142
21 Newby, James  14 Sep 1850Platte Co, Missouri I9324
22 Newby, Nathan  Nov 1840Platte Co, Missouri I9323
23 Stone, Strother Smith  1880Platte Co, Missouri I55407
24 Young, David  1840Platte Co, Missouri I33034
25 Young, John (NC) Jr.  Nov 1840Platte Co, Missouri I45825


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Rev. James*  22 Aug 1840Platte Co, Missouri I1020


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Moses Armstrong  1 Apr 1846Platte Co, Missouri I1474


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Crook, Allen  1832Platte Co, Missouri I1362


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Benner / Breckenridge  15 May 1891Platte Co, Missouri F26501
2 Bowers / Meeks (Mecke)  21 Jul 1849Platte Co, Missouri F24175
3 Breckenridge / Estes  25 Oct 1861Platte Co, Missouri F26500
4 Brown / Schrivner  20 Oct 1853Platte Co, Missouri F21297
5 Chesnut / Dye  2 Sep 1886Platte Co, Missouri F30785
6 Dye / Guthrie  9 Oct 1856Platte Co, Missouri F30786
7 French / Boydston  Abt 1880Platte Co, Missouri F18350
8 French / Stone  Abt 1870Platte Co, Missouri F18349
9 Gabbert / Cox  2 Aug 1853Platte Co, Missouri F34041
10 Heath / Frazier  4 Sep 1859Platte Co, Missouri F18352
11 Henson / Miller  12 Oct 1851Platte Co, Missouri F14576
12 Layton / Lovelady  9 Jan 1877Platte Co, Missouri F3796
13 Moore / Allison  Abt 1873Platte Co, Missouri F13535
14 Smith / Graves  Abt 1890Platte Co, Missouri F16376
15 Stone / Johnson  Abt 1908Platte Co, Missouri F18348
16 Thorp / Linville  26 May 1846Platte Co, Missouri F11438