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Polk Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Galloway, Elbert  18 Sep 1860Polk Co, Texas I75515
2 Galloway, Lee  1870Polk Co, Texas I79254
3 Galloway, Nathan  1874Polk Co, Texas I79256
4 Galloway, Samuel  1872Polk Co, Texas I79255
5 Hayes, William D.  13 Jun 1879Polk Co, Texas I93066
6 Hooker, Carroway P.  Oct 1869Polk Co, Texas I79244
7 Hooker, James  1879Polk Co, Texas I79246
8 Hooker, Lilly  Oct 1876Polk Co, Texas I79245
9 Hooker, Mary C.  1868Polk Co, Texas I79252
10 Hooker, Robert (or William)  1858Polk Co, Texas I93265
11 Hooker, Susan  1867Polk Co, Texas I79251
12 Jones, Bessie Mae  11 Nov 1897Polk Co, Texas I103205
13 Jones, Elberta  1904Polk Co, Texas I103217
14 Jones, Ethel Jessie  Jul 1895Polk Co, Texas I103204
15 Jones, Irene  1911Polk Co, Texas I103220
16 Jones, Jesse M.  1868Polk Co, Texas I103210
17 Jones, Jesse Riggs  14 Feb 1881Polk Co, Texas I103225
18 Jones, Jessie Riggs "J.R."  23 Jun 1908Polk Co, Texas I103219
19 Jones, John Thomas  28 Jan 1883Polk Co, Texas I103226
20 Jones, Leana  5 Oct 1877Polk Co, Texas I103213
21 Jones, Leora  22 Aug 1876Polk Co, Texas I103212
22 Jones, Maria Clisby  1849Polk Co, Texas I23831
23 Jones, Mary S. "Madie"  1914Polk Co, Texas I103221
24 Jones, Mildred Agnes "Pete"  14 Aug 1916Polk Co, Texas I103222
25 Jones, Oscar E.  1 Apr 1879Polk Co, Texas I103214
26 Jones, Pearl Vivian  15 Sep 1901Polk Co, Texas I103216
27 Jones, Samuel Bradford Jr.  26 Aug 1899Polk Co, Texas I94824
28 Leggett, Lessie Amanda  31 Aug 1876Polk Co, Texas I93067
29 Locke, Robert Chester   I102488
30 Loving, Edith Maxine  16 Mar 1930Polk Co, Texas I87026
31 Low, Isaac Barton  6 Jun 1845Polk Co, Texas I102512
32 Marsh, Lavinia Elizabeth "Vina"  27 Mar 1852Polk Co, Texas I93038
33 Marsh, Manton Eddie  13 Oct 1899Polk Co, Texas I87714
34 McCormick, Harriet C.  19 Feb 1859Polk Co, Texas I93049
35 McCormick, Ida G.  29 Jan 1870Polk Co, Texas I93050
36 Murphy, Sally Lowe  21 Aug 1878Polk Co, Texas I101929
37 Newman, Louise Jane  Jul 1861Polk Co, Texas I83972
38 Richardson, John  30 Oct 1864Polk Co, Texas I97557
39 Sargent, Dougal Lee  16 Jun 1882Polk Co, Texas I107311
40 Sherman, Claud James Jr   I6563
41 Skinner, James Verdo   I97821
42 Smith, Virginia May Bell  31 Aug 1896Polk Co, Texas I97815
43 Stephens, Cora Belle  25 Mar 1923Polk Co, Texas I106731
44 Stone, Jason Allen   I20347
45 Teal, Arvis   I102463
46 Walker, Sarah Ann  26 Nov 1866Polk Co, Texas I103139
47 Wilson, Rose May "Rosie"  23 Sep 1887Polk Co, Texas I100777


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Cora Evelyn  3 Jan 1917Polk Co, Texas I106740
2 Boozer, Rebecca  1866Polk Co, Texas I93052
3 Buller, John Pierre  11 Nov 1862Polk Co, Texas I93036
4 Buller, Nicholas Calhoun  12 Aug 1930Polk Co, Texas I93037
5 Gay, Mary Jane  9 May 1897Polk Co, Texas I103211
6 Hayes, William D.  22 Jun 1896Polk Co, Texas I93066
7 Jones, Enoch Clisy  10 Jul 1861Polk Co, Texas I52684
8 Jones, Jesse Riggs  8 Jun 1965Polk Co, Texas I103225
9 Jones, John Callahan  1918Polk Co, Texas I23798
10 Jones, Martin Alexander  17 Jan 1867Polk Co, Texas I87721
11 Jones, Martin William "Gobbler" Sr.  8 Aug 1887Polk Co, Texas I19090
12 Jones, Oscar E.  16 Mar 1899Polk Co, Texas I103214
13 Lewis, Eliza Emaline  21 Oct 1926Polk Co, Texas I106738
14 Loving, James Archie Jr.  14 Dec 1961Polk Co, Texas I102806
15 Marsh, Lavinia Elizabeth "Vina"  17 Aug 1923Polk Co, Texas I93038
16 Matlock, Mary Melvina  9 Sep 1973Polk Co, Texas I101544
17 Maze, Lee Undis  31 Aug 1935Polk Co, Texas I101547
18 McCormick, Harriet C.  28 Feb 1915Polk Co, Texas I93049
19 McCormick, Ida G.  7 Jun 1939Polk Co, Texas I93050
20 McCormick, James Franklin  8 Feb 1921Polk Co, Texas I93047
21 McCormick, John Hodge  4 Mar 1956Polk Co, Texas I87711
22 McCormick, Lucinda Rebecca  1912Polk Co, Texas I93046
23 Netherlands, Molly F. "Polly"  1870Polk Co, Texas I106769
24 Oates, Mary Nancy A.  1880Polk Co, Texas I23834
25 Oates (also Cates), Carraway  14 Sep 1860Polk Co, Texas I73642
26 Robinette, Sarah Ann  7 Jun 1882Polk Co, Texas I93035
27 Skinner, Catherine  5 Oct 1869Polk Co, Texas I73643
28 Smith, Elizabeth  1859Polk Co, Texas I93258
29 Smith, Mary A.  6 Jun 1936Polk Co, Texas I102805
30 Smith, Virginia "Jenny"  1894Polk Co, Texas I5792
31 Vanwinkle, Lucinda  Aft 1870Polk Co, Texas I23828


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Jones, Enoch Calvin  1850Polk Co, Texas I19102
2 Jones, Jessie M. Riggs  1870Polk Co, Texas I87706
3 Jones, Jessie M. Riggs  1880Polk Co, Texas I87706
4 Jones, John Hodges  1850Polk Co, Texas I20566
5 Jones, Martin William Jr.  1850Polk Co, Texas I19101
6 Jones-Hooker, Francis Franklin (or Femis)  1870Polk Co, Texas I52688
7 Sherman, Claud James Sr  1910Polk Co, Texas I6561
8 Sherman, Paul William  1910Polk Co, Texas I6552
9 Teal, Arlia Adrian  1930Polk Co, Texas I102395


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Jones, Clisby Riggs  1846Polk Co, Texas I19167


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hooker, William Noland  Between 1839 and 1874Polk Co, Texas I79243


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Buller / Marsh  30 Nov 1871Polk Co, Texas F31296
2 Buller / McCormick  3 Aug 1923Polk Co, Texas F31297
3 Buller / Robinette  21 Dec 1837Polk Co, Texas F31295
4 Farrar / Lowe   F11072
5 Hayes / Galloway  Abt 1870Polk Co, Texas F31302
6 Hayes / Leggett  Abt 1896Polk Co, Texas F31303
7 Hayes / McCormick  Abt 1900Polk Co, Texas F31301
8 Hooker / Oates  21 Jun 1864Polk Co, Texas F25784
9 Hooker / Smith  9 Dec 1852Polk Co, Texas F31387
10 Jones / Jones  Abt 1880Polk Co, Texas F34856
11 Jones / Oates  28 Oct 1857Polk Co, Texas F3604
12 Marsh / McCormick  10 Mar 1923Polk Co, Texas F29023
13 McCormick / Jones  23 Sep 1852Polk Co, Texas F29021
14 McCormick / Tullos  18 Jun 1903Polk Co, Texas F29022
15 Robertson / Smith  8 Dec 1950Polk Co, Texas F34140
16 Stephens / Droddy  2 Jul 1922Polk Co, Texas F36131
17 Yarborough / Andrews (or Anders)  10 Oct 1896Polk Co, Texas F27120

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