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Rowan Co, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnhardt, Sally Jewel  3 Jun 1930Rowan Co, North Carolina I87191
2 Boone, Charity  11 Oct 1758Rowan Co, North Carolina I10675
3 Boone, Edward  Abt 1783Rowan Co, North Carolina I10745
4 Boone, Elizabeth  1765Rowan Co, North Carolina I10735
5 Boone, George  Abt 1770Rowan Co, North Carolina I10738
6 Boone, George Washington  6 Mar 1777Rowan Co, North Carolina I38529
7 Boone, Jane  18 Sep 1762Rowan Co, North Carolina I10683
8 Boone, Joseph Sr  Abt 1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I10678
9 Boone, Leah  1749Rowan Co, North Carolina I11115
10 Boone, Levi  7 Mar 1766Rowan Co, North Carolina I10704
11 Boone, Mariah "Marian"  Abt 1780Rowan Co, North Carolina I10743
12 Boone, Mary  Nov 1764Rowan Co, North Carolina I10666
13 Boone, Mary  2 Apr 1776Rowan Co, North Carolina I10741
14 Boone, Nestor  Abt 1785Rowan Co, North Carolina I10746
15 Boone, Phillip  1775Rowan Co, North Carolina I38528
16 Boone, Rebecca  30 Apr 1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I10702
17 Boone, Samuel Jr  21 Mar 1758Rowan Co, North Carolina I10711
18 Boone, Sarah  6 Mar 1771Rowan Co, North Carolina I10685
19 Boone, Sarah "Sally"  Abt 1774Rowan Co, North Carolina I10740
20 Boone, Squire  Abt 1772Rowan Co, North Carolina I10739
21 Boone, Susanna  22 Apr 1778Rowan Co, North Carolina I10742
22 Boone, Thomas  1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I10701
23 Boone, William Linville  22 Feb 1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I10737
24 Bryan, Samuel  6 May 1756Rowan Co, North Carolina I81267
25 Claver, Susannah Clair  1767Rowan Co, North Carolina I67926
26 Dawson, Mary  Feb 1728Rowan Co, North Carolina I97072
27 Elliott, Willis Willard  7 Aug 1799Rowan Co, North Carolina I33129
28 Faw, Barbara  1770Rowan Co, North Carolina I40062
29 Ferguson, Mrs. Cassander (..)  1774Rowan Co, North Carolina I62555
30 Forcum, Thomas  1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I105127
31 Glasscock, Charnal  7 Jan 1770Rowan Co, North Carolina I36346
32 Glasscock, Nancy  Abt 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina I64941
33 Goodman, Mary "Polly"  10 Jan 1781Rowan Co, North Carolina I72940
34 Gray, Elizabeth  Abt 1772Rowan Co, North Carolina I69749
35 Haga, David  15 Jun 1785Rowan Co, North Carolina I49226
36 Hainline (or Haneline), George Sr.  Jan 1762Rowan Co, North Carolina I85083
37 Haneline (or Hainline or Hainly), Abraham  Abt 1771Rowan Co, North Carolina I85088
38 Haneline (or Hainline), John  2 Dec 1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I85087
39 Hill, Catherine  1766Rowan Co, North Carolina I79280
40 Hilton, Elvira  4 Jan 1818Rowan Co, North Carolina I48088
41 Holbrook, Samuel Asberry Sr. (DNA-LL)  25 May 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina I105575
42 Holeman, John  15 May 1770Rowan Co, North Carolina I61135
43 Holt, Mary  29 Apr 1801Rowan Co, North Carolina I43237
44 Houston, David John  1718Rowan Co, North Carolina I49619
45 Huffman, Margaret  1766Rowan Co, North Carolina I20184
46 Hunt, Mary Isabel  9 Apr 1759Rowan Co, North Carolina I81268
47 Hunter, Charles  1770Rowan Co, North Carolina I43261
48 Hunter, Henry  1749Rowan Co, North Carolina I43259
49 Hutchins, Charity  1754Rowan Co, North Carolina I10979
50 Jones, Anna  21 Mar 1792Rowan Co, North Carolina I94457
51 Jones, Jane  1740Rowan Co, North Carolina I72498
52 Jones, Lewis Milton  23 Jun 1790Rowan Co, North Carolina I94449
53 Jones, Mary "Polly"  11 Nov 1781Rowan Co, North Carolina I107599
54 Lackey (or Luckey), Mary "Polly"  Abt 1770Rowan Co, North Carolina I36347
55 Ladd, Elizabeth  24 Oct 1757Rowan Co, North Carolina I36896
56 Line, Nathaniel  2 Apr 1790Rowan Co, North Carolina I84285
57 Line, William  1762Rowan Co, North Carolina I87281
58 Loving, Elizabeth  Abt 1767Rowan Co, North Carolina I48046
59 Loving, Mary  1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I48043
60 Matthews, James III  23 Oct 1766Rowan Co, North Carolina I71376
61 Matthews, John  24 Oct 1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I71363
62 McMahan, Sarah  1750Rowan Co, North Carolina I88641
63 Moore, Nancy  1765Rowan Co, North Carolina I35367
64 Morgan, Joseph  1750Rowan Co, North Carolina I36990
65 Moulder (Mohler, Moler), Daniel William  25 Jul 1795Rowan Co, North Carolina I104406
66 Nave, Abraham  24 Mar 1769Rowan Co, North Carolina I76917
67 Notson, Sarah  26 Sep 1774Rowan Co, North Carolina I64953
68 Ockerman, Anna  31 Mar 1796Rowan Co, North Carolina I84196
69 Osborne, Ellender  1751Rowan Co, North Carolina I49220
70 Pangle, Frederick  1762Rowan Co, North Carolina I20185
71 Penn, Joseph  1793Rowan Co, North Carolina I104594
72 Perkins, Olive  1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I106822
73 Phelps, Sarah  1800Rowan Co, North Carolina I54933
74 Ray-Beeson, Elizabeth  1758Rowan Co, North Carolina I84313
75 Robertson, Levina Penn  3 Apr 1780Rowan Co, North Carolina I104387
76 Rowland, Mary Frances  1786Rowan Co, North Carolina I83420
77 Rutledge, Elizabeth  1758Rowan Co, North Carolina I105128
78 Sigler, George W.  21 May 1786Rowan Co, North Carolina I61279
79 Skinner, Nancy Rebecca  23 Jul 1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I55072
80 Sparks, Abel  8 Jan 1767Rowan Co, North Carolina I6148
81 Sparks, David  Apr 1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I92178
82 Sparks, Elizabeth  Abt 1765Rowan Co, North Carolina I92179
83 Sparks, Ester  20 Mar 1770Rowan Co, North Carolina I10576
84 Sparks, Isaac  15 Jul 1780Rowan Co, North Carolina I74108
85 Sparks, Jesse  23 Jul 1773Rowan Co, North Carolina I89501
86 Sparks, Mary Elizabeth "Polly"  11 Feb 1797Rowan Co, North Carolina I92182
87 Sparks, Reuben  Abt 1755Rowan Co, North Carolina I6125
88 Stone, Benjamin (NC to Estill, KY) (FFDNA-JS)  26 Sep 1747Rowan Co, North Carolina I54978
89 Swaim, Charity  1747Rowan Co, North Carolina I43097
90 Swaim, John  26 Apr 1748Rowan Co, North Carolina I43109
91 Swaim, Michael  Abt 1761Rowan Co, North Carolina I43287
92 Swaim, Moses  Abt 1750Rowan Co, North Carolina I42575
93 Swaim, Rachel Bess  1749Rowan Co, North Carolina I43225
94 Swaim, Solomon Davis  1756Rowan Co, North Carolina I43253
95 Swaim, William  17 Apr 1745Rowan Co, North Carolina I42917
96 Tucker, Juliana  1778Rowan Co, North Carolina I20188
97 Van Hooser, (dau)  Abt 1758Rowan Co, North Carolina I20032
98 Van Hooser, Abraham  Abt 1756Rowan Co, North Carolina I19778
99 Van Hooser, Curate  Abt 1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I19787
100 Van Hooser, Elizabeth  1766Rowan Co, North Carolina I19784

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Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beck, Margaret "Peggy"  14 Feb 1859Rowan Co, North Carolina I71941
2 Boone, Mary  16 Jan 1774Rowan Co, North Carolina I10832
3 Coker, William  1721Rowan Co, North Carolina I63772
4 Compton, Mary Ann  2 Feb 1826Rowan Co, North Carolina I2772
5 Damourvell, Magdalene  Bef 24 Nov 1767Rowan Co, North Carolina I40812
6 Davenport, Augustin  Abt 1800Rowan Co, North Carolina I13804
7 Davis, Joanna^  Nov 1775Rowan Co, North Carolina I80372
8 Elliott, John  Jul 1804Rowan Co, North Carolina I67925
9 Ellis, John Evan Sr.  22 Dec 1796Rowan Co, North Carolina I42137
10 Glasscock, Peter Sr.  1784Rowan Co, North Carolina I36342
11 Glasscock, Peter Jr.  1801Rowan Co, North Carolina I36344
12 Grider, Hans Martin (immigrant)  4 Jul 1775Rowan Co, North Carolina I78052
13 Haneline (or Hainline), Jacob Sr.  Aft 20 Oct 1812Rowan Co, North Carolina I58680
14 Henlein (Haneline, Hainline), John (Johannes) (immigrant)  Bef 1 Aug 1775Rowan Co, North Carolina I85085
15 Hilton, Lemuel  1821Rowan Co, North Carolina I2769
16 Hilton, Lemuel G. Jr.  22 Mar 1905Rowan Co, North Carolina I48089
17 Hix, Henry*  Bef 22 Oct 1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I12938
18 Line, John (immigrant)  10 Nov 1784Rowan Co, North Carolina I87307
19 Maddox, Notley  8 Nov 1813Rowan Co, North Carolina I48081
20 Matthews, James III  1795Rowan Co, North Carolina I71376
21 Moore, Nancy  1780Rowan Co, North Carolina I35367
22 Osborne, Caleb  7 Aug 1781Rowan Co, North Carolina I62278
23 Patton, Robert M. Sr.  Bef May 1772Rowan Co, North Carolina I48192
24 Pennington, Benajah  1794Rowan Co, North Carolina I80373
25 Pennington, Ephraim^ IV  Bef 1772Rowan Co, North Carolina I80371
26 Pennington, Ephraim^ V  1789Rowan Co, North Carolina I80369
27 Smoot, William  31 Aug 1815Rowan Co, North Carolina I66992
28 Sparks, Jonas  11 May 1805Rowan Co, North Carolina I6132
29 Sparks, William Sample  1765Rowan Co, North Carolina I74110
30 Ward, Charles Alexander  10 Apr 1888Rowan Co, North Carolina I55170
31 Welty, Abraham*  Jul 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina I15867
32 Zerwe (Zerbe), Maria Barbara  Bef 1779Rowan Co, North Carolina I20104


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Lovelady (Lovelatty), Thomas Jr  3 Jul 1754Rowan Co, North Carolina I12940


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Beatty, Ensign Francis Sr. (immigrant)  18 Nov 1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I49629
2 Gray, Robert  18 Nov 1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I69747
3 Jenkins, Martha "Patsy"  1802Rowan Co, North Carolina I58807
4 Jenkins, Martha "Patsy"  1808Rowan Co, North Carolina I58807


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Doak, Captain James Wilson Sr.  1761Rowan Co, North Carolina I49951
2 Doak, John (Immigrant)  1759Rowan Co, North Carolina I370
3 Doak, John (Immigrant)  1761Rowan Co, North Carolina I370
4 Doak, Robert  1756Rowan Co, North Carolina I51668
5 Doak, Robert  1761Rowan Co, North Carolina I51668
6 Foster, John Alexander  Abt 1766Rowan Co, North Carolina I56773
7 Glasscock, Peter Jr.  Between 1782 and 1783Rowan Co, North Carolina I36344
8 Hanna, John  Bef 1760Rowan Co, North Carolina I49992
9 Hanna, John  1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I49992
10 Hanna, Robert Sr.  1768Rowan Co, North Carolina I50284
11 Parker, Edward  1796Rowan Co, North Carolina I53430
12 Rector, Mary  1784Rowan Co, North Carolina I36348
13 Sparks, Jonas  Rowan Co, North Carolina I6132
14 Sparks, Jonathan  Abt 1761Rowan Co, North Carolina I6133
15 Sparks, Solomon* Sr  Rowan Co, North Carolina I6085
16 Sparks, Solomon* Sr  1753Rowan Co, North Carolina I6085


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Glasscock, Peter Sr.  24 Oct 1783Rowan Co, North Carolina I36342
2 Haneline (or Hainline), Jacob Sr.  20 Oct 1812Rowan Co, North Carolina I58680
3 Henlein (Haneline, Hainline), John (Johannes) (immigrant)  1 Aug 1775Rowan Co, North Carolina I85085


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Bryan  25 Sep 1798Rowan Co, North Carolina F4261
2 Boone / Bryan  14 Aug 1756Rowan Co, North Carolina F4107
3 Boone / McMahan  1772Rowan Co, North Carolina F29433
4 Bryan / Boone  1755Rowan Co, North Carolina F4148
5 Bryan / Hunt  5 Oct 1775Rowan Co, North Carolina F26563
6 Bryan / Sparks  11 Feb 1786Rowan Co, North Carolina F30956
7 Caton / Sparks  20 Jan 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina F4090
8 Crook / Lee  1805Rowan Co, North Carolina F13258
9 Crook / Lee  1816Rowan Co, North Carolina F11569
10 Davidson / Brevard  19 Dec 1767Rowan Co, North Carolina F10898
11 Elliott / Claver  18 Sep 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina F21973
12 Forcum / Rutledge  1782Rowan Co, North Carolina F35489
13 Glasscock / Garner  15 Feb 1825Rowan Co, North Carolina F15324
14 Glasscock / Lackey (or Luckey)  25 Oct 1794Rowan Co, North Carolina F12506
15 Glasscock / Madden  Abt 1768Rowan Co, North Carolina F12505
16 Haga / Delp  15 Jun 1785Rowan Co, North Carolina F16249
17 Hawkins / Goodman  27 Dec 1798Rowan Co, North Carolina F23637
18 Hearne / Boone  8 Apr 1795Rowan Co, North Carolina F4180
19 Hendricks / Welty  1785Rowan Co, North Carolina F34072
20 Hilton / Maddox  19 Mar 1817Rowan Co, North Carolina F1332
21 Holeman / Sigler  20 Dec 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina F20017
22 Holt /   Abt 1800Rowan Co, North Carolina F14386
23 Howard / Bryan  7 Mar 1789Rowan Co, North Carolina F4264
24 Hughey (Huey) / Moore  Abt 1785Rowan Co, North Carolina F12236
25 Leach / Glasscock  27 Dec 1816Rowan Co, North Carolina F21057
26 Line / Robinson  11 Jan 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina F28855
27 Line / Wiseman  13 Dec 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina F28843
28 Linville / Hutchins  23 Mar 1769Rowan Co, North Carolina F4274
29 Matthews / Doak  Feb 1766Rowan Co, North Carolina F16352
30 Mohler (Moler) / Swingle (Schwaengeler)  1755Rowan Co, North Carolina F35241
31 Nave / Vanderpool  1768Rowan Co, North Carolina F24993
32 Pangle / Van Hooser  23 Feb 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina F7483
33 Shelton / Jenkins  1803Rowan Co, North Carolina F19344
34 Skinner / Reed  18 Jun 1793Rowan Co, North Carolina F18045
35 Sparks / Little  5 Sep 1786Rowan Co, North Carolina F2622
36 Van Hooser / Huffman  7 Dec 1787Rowan Co, North Carolina F7481
37 Van Hooser / Tucker  31 Jan 1799Rowan Co, North Carolina F7482
38 Van Hooser / Worley  1793Rowan Co, North Carolina F7331
39 Warford / Skinner  Abt 1790Rowan Co, North Carolina F18040
40 Welty / Gochnauer  23 Nov 1758Rowan Co, North Carolina F181
41 Wilcoxson / Notson  1767Rowan Co, North Carolina F21060
42 Winters / Raney  1813Rowan Co, North Carolina F13489
43 Yount / Crook  Abt 1790Rowan Co, North Carolina F11573

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