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Saint Mary Co, Maryland



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aisquith, William  Bef 1644Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21813
2 Briscoe, George  Abt 1730Saint Mary Co, Maryland I10147
3 Briscoe, John III, Dr  Abt 1678Saint Mary Co, Maryland I10141
4 Briscoe, John IV, Dr.  Abt 1727Saint Mary Co, Maryland I10146
5 Briscoe, John Hanson Jr  Abt 1708Saint Mary Co, Maryland I3042
6 Briscoe, Robert  Abt 1733Saint Mary Co, Maryland I10148
7 Briscoe, Walter (Samuel) (parents not proven)  Abt 1736Saint Mary Co, Maryland I10149
8 Clarke, Benjamin  Bef 1721Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21737
9 Clarke, Eleanor  Abt 1696Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21743
10 Clarke, Jane  Abt 1694Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21742
11 Clarke, Mary Ann  Abt 1692Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21741
12 Clarke, Robert Jr  Mar 1652Saint Mary Co, Maryland I4689
13 Clarke, Robert  Abt 1689Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21739
14 Clarke, Sarah  Abt 1690Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21740
15 Clarke, Thomas  Abt 1682Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21738
16 Combs, Abraham (Coombes)  Bef 1650Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21734
17 Combs, Sarah  Abt 1659Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21733
18 Dent, Abigail  1690Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2850
19 Dent, Anne  1688Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2849
20 Dent, Barbara  1676Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2814
21 Dent, George  1666Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2817
22 Dent, Mary  1684Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2846
23 Dent, Michal  1680Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2845
24 Dent, Peter  1678Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2844
25 Dent, Thomas  1662Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2820
26 Goodrick, Anne  Aft 1731Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21839
27 Greenfield, Marianne Truman  Abt 1710Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21788
28 Hatch, Mary  1647Saint Mary Co, Maryland I16080
29 Langworth, William  Abt 1658Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21873
30 Swann, Captain James Jr  1672Saint Mary Co, Maryland I16102
31 Swann, Susannah*  Abt 1650Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2792


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Aisquith, William  01 Apr 1719Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21813
2 Briscoe, John III, Dr  Aft 1737Saint Mary Co, Maryland I10141
3 Briscoe, Dr. John*  Aft 1678Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2794
4 Briscoe, Walter Hanson  30 Dec 1885Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21782
5 Clarke, Eleanor  Aft 1 Mar 1757Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21743
6 Clarke, Jane  Aft 1736Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21742
7 Clarke, Robert Jr  31 Jan 1725Saint Mary Co, Maryland I4689
8 Clarke, Robert  1736Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21739
9 Clarke, Sarah  Abt 1715Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21740
10 Clarke, Thomas  24 Dec 1733Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21738
11 Combs, Abraham (Coombes)  Bef 30 Jan 1683Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21734
12 Combs, Sarah  Aft 1696Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21733
13 Compton, James  Aft 1747Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2859
14 Compton, Mathew* Jr  14 Mar 1770Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2887
15 Dent, George  5 Apr 1746Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2817
16 Dent, John Sr  1712Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2841
17 DuBois, Elizabeth* Attaway  Aft 1634Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2796
18 Hatch, Mary  1712Saint Mary Co, Maryland I16080
19 Howard, George  1742Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2914
20 Howard, Henry  Aug 1775Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2833
21 Hussey, Mary  Aft 1694Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21874
22 Langworth, William  Bef 01 May 1694Saint Mary Co, Maryland I21873
23 Seybourne, Winefred*  01 Oct 1656Saint Mary Co, Maryland I3181
24 Swann, Captain James Jr  19 Jan 1707Saint Mary Co, Maryland I16102
25 Wilson, Eleanor  Aft 1730Saint Mary Co, Maryland I2963


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hatch, Mary  Saint Mary Co, Maryland I16080


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Clarke, Robert Jr  31 Jan 1725Saint Mary Co, Maryland I4689


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Briscoe / Compton  13 May 1762Saint Mary Co, Maryland F1396
2 Briscoe / deCourcy  Abt 1725Saint Mary Co, Maryland F3952
3 Briscoe / DuBois  Abt 1647Saint Mary Co, Maryland F1346
4 Briscoe / McMillan  Abt 1750Saint Mary Co, Maryland F3954
5 Clarke / Combs  Abt 1675Saint Mary Co, Maryland F7987
6 Clarke / Seybourne  Abt 1651Saint Mary Co, Maryland F1326
7 Combs /   Bef 1656Saint Mary Co, Maryland F7988
8 Dent / Hatch  Abt 1670Saint Mary Co, Maryland F1379
9 Dent / Wilkinson  1651Saint Mary Co, Maryland F1354
10 Hagan / Aisquith  09 Jun 1670Saint Mary Co, Maryland F8017
11 Langworth / Hussey  Abt 1678Saint Mary Co, Maryland F8042