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Shelby Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, John  1 Jan 1825Shelby Co, Kentucky I89465
2 Banta, Peter Seever  1795Shelby Co, Kentucky I89759
3 Baskett, Nannie Elizabeth  14 Apr 1856Shelby Co, Kentucky I89703
4 Boone, Hampton Lynch  29 Jun 1802Shelby Co, Kentucky I10754
5 Boone, Susan  1802Shelby Co, Kentucky I10479
6 Boone, Tabitha  Abt 1815Shelby Co, Kentucky I10890
7 Ditto, Cassandra R.  12 Dec 1812Shelby Co, Kentucky I89817
8 Ditto, William  30 Aug 1810Shelby Co, Kentucky I89813
9 Finley, Robert Steele  15 Feb 1790Shelby Co, Kentucky I52995
10 Fitzsimmons, Mashaek  22 Sep 1826Shelby Co, Kentucky I41156
11 Ford, Zina  24 Aug 1808Shelby Co, Kentucky I35065
12 Goldman, Eliza Lucy  Abt 1781Shelby Co, Kentucky I18677
13 Harford, Rebecca Jane  Abt 1833Shelby Co, Kentucky I35128
14 Helm, Samuel  Abt 1808Shelby Co, Kentucky I66073
15 Herndon, John H.  3 May 1810Shelby Co, Kentucky I66078
16 Kendall, Susan Mary  7 Apr 1869Shelby Co, Kentucky I64714
17 Lyle, Martha F.  Abt 1819Shelby Co, Kentucky I36154
18 Midkiff, Rebecca 'Sallie'  1806Shelby Co, Kentucky I18889
19 Moreland, Susan  1810Shelby Co, Kentucky I106445
20 Owen, Harriet Dupuy  15 Feb 1790Shelby Co, Kentucky I36130
21 Owen, Lucy Wooten  10 Jun 1799Shelby Co, Kentucky I36180
22 Pace, Ann Elizabeth  20 May 1830Shelby Co, Kentucky I89466
23 Raisor (Razor), Memory  1823Shelby Co, Kentucky I89596
24 Shively, Sarah "Sally"  23 Mar 1792Shelby Co, Kentucky I101095
25 Shuck, John Young  1813Shelby Co, Kentucky I36153
26 Shuck, Margaret  Abt 1802Shelby Co, Kentucky I36150
27 Shuck, Martha "Patsy"  Abt 1804Shelby Co, Kentucky I36158
28 Shuck, Mary Ann "Polly"  1803Shelby Co, Kentucky I35947
29 Shuck, Nancy  25 Jul 1800Shelby Co, Kentucky I36149
30 Shuck, Samuel  1801Shelby Co, Kentucky I75737
31 Smith, Mary Keziah  1797Shelby Co, Kentucky I36175
32 Tingle, Daisy   I89752
33 Tingle, Goldie   I89751


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allison, Frances "Fannie"  3 Jan 1914Shelby Co, Kentucky I66800
2 Allison, Mary L. (..)  Abt 1850Shelby Co, Kentucky I39053
3 Banta, Daisy Lee  26 Jun 1942Shelby Co, Kentucky I89744
4 Banta, Hendrick  14 Oct 1805Shelby Co, Kentucky I89764
5 Barnhill, Persis Hanna  16 Feb 1886Shelby Co, Kentucky I62204
6 Bohannan, Abraham  1850Shelby Co, Kentucky I77814
7 Bohannan, John  1832Shelby Co, Kentucky I77808
8 Boone, Josiah Noah Jr  1822Shelby Co, Kentucky I10839
9 Boone, Lucy  Aug 1868Shelby Co, Kentucky I10751
10 Boone, Martha B.  13 Oct 1857Shelby Co, Kentucky I43252
11 Boone, Mildred  Aft 1807Shelby Co, Kentucky I10750
12 Boone, Samuel Jr  Abt 1805Shelby Co, Kentucky I10821
13 Boone, William Linville  13 Apr 1847Shelby Co, Kentucky I10737
14 Bright, Elizabeth  30 Apr 1862Shelby Co, Kentucky I13989
15 Bright, Tobias  13 Sep 1801Shelby Co, Kentucky I36013
16 Bryan, Eleanor  1820Shelby Co, Kentucky I10934
17 Cook, Helen  28 Jun 1837Shelby Co, Kentucky I77809
18 Depauw, Maria Shelby  Bef 1870Shelby Co, Kentucky I36156
19 Farrell, Rebecca  1840Shelby Co, Kentucky I75740
20 Ford, Jane  17 Mar 1817Shelby Co, Kentucky I36014
21 Ford, John  13 Apr 1803Shelby Co, Kentucky I36015
22 Gividen, Ann  30 Jan 1823Shelby Co, Kentucky I89819
23 Graves, David  Abt Feb 1808Shelby Co, Kentucky I62047
24 Henton (Hinton), Percis  1815Shelby Co, Kentucky I10847
25 Herndon, James White  1837Shelby Co, Kentucky I66091
26 Hollingsworth, George  6 Sep 1823Shelby Co, Kentucky I34987
27 Jones, Albert  2 Apr 1930Shelby Co, Kentucky I35085
28 Jones, Alfred  7 Feb 1830Shelby Co, Kentucky I35634
29 Jones, Lowry  22 Apr 1830Shelby Co, Kentucky I35026
30 Jones, Mabel Elizabeth "Lizzie"  16 Jan 1982Shelby Co, Kentucky I89922
31 Jones, Prudence  Aft 1850Shelby Co, Kentucky I77815
32 Louden, Green Berry  5 Mar 1965Shelby Co, Kentucky I45175
33 Louden, Haddie  28 Nov 1939Shelby Co, Kentucky I45179
34 Louden, Susan Mary  20 Oct 1962Shelby Co, Kentucky I45080
35 Lyle, Martha F.  1868Shelby Co, Kentucky I36154
36 Malin, Sarah  1794Shelby Co, Kentucky I75831
37 McCormick, John  25 Aug 1817Shelby Co, Kentucky I43393
38 McKee, Willard  26 Mar 1950Shelby Co, Kentucky I75891
39 Ray, Cora May  9 Jul 1931Shelby Co, Kentucky I75911
40 Roberts, George  1810Shelby Co, Kentucky I64150
41 Roberts, Jasper Newton  28 Feb 1914Shelby Co, Kentucky I64158
42 Shuck, Andrew (Immigrant)  1803Shelby Co, Kentucky I36160
43 Shuck, Cornelius  1840Shelby Co, Kentucky I75739
44 Shuck, John  3 Jan 1858Shelby Co, Kentucky I36147
45 Shuck, John Young  1846Shelby Co, Kentucky I36153
46 Shuck, Mrs. Margaret (..) (Immigrant)  1 Jan 1820Shelby Co, Kentucky I36161
47 Shuck, Martha "Patsy"  Aft 1860Shelby Co, Kentucky I36158
48 Shuck, Nancy  4 Jul 1853Shelby Co, Kentucky I36149
49 Smith, Edward  Aft 1827Shelby Co, Kentucky I36159
50 Spencer, Rachel  1790Shelby Co, Kentucky I36016
51 Stout, Elizabeth Ann  1825Shelby Co, Kentucky I90646
52 Terrell, Nancy H.  23 May 1988Shelby Co, Kentucky I64723
53 Terrell, Robert Lee  16 Oct 1920Shelby Co, Kentucky I64721
54 Tribble, Andrew Major  Dec 1869Shelby Co, Kentucky I10898
55 Young, Jerome Buchanan  17 Apr 1913Shelby Co, Kentucky I66794


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Blevins, John  1810Shelby Co, Kentucky I37808


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Comstock, Samuel Oliver  25 Aug 1800Shelby Co, Kentucky I7369
2 Helm, Nancy  Between 1820 and 1860Shelby Co, Kentucky I55445
3 Stone, James Harvey  Between 1820 and 1860Shelby Co, Kentucky I55444


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allison / Allison  Abt 1790Shelby Co, Kentucky F13250
2 Banta / List  26 Nov 1818Shelby Co, Kentucky F29913
3 Barnhill / Boone  1804Shelby Co, Kentucky F4227
4 Barnhill / Boone  22 Feb 1810Shelby Co, Kentucky F14027
5 Boone / Goldman  08 Feb 1797Shelby Co, Kentucky F6853
6 Canaday / Helm  27 Nov 1822Shelby Co, Kentucky F21381
7 Davis / Bryan-Davis  8 Dec 1797Shelby Co, Kentucky F4260
8 Hamner / Hooker  19 Jan 1858Shelby Co, Kentucky F19945
9 Hamner / Hooker  12 Sep 1902Shelby Co, Kentucky F19944
10 Herndon / Canaday  1 Oct 1840Shelby Co, Kentucky F21383
11 Hoskins / Milner  31 Dec 1808Shelby Co, Kentucky F18619
12 Karn / Boone  17 Apr 1808Shelby Co, Kentucky F4226
13 Mavity / Shively  30 Jan 1817Shelby Co, Kentucky F34052
14 Raisor / Reasor  9 Jul 1817Shelby Co, Kentucky F12378
15 Shuck / Depauw  14 Jan 1846Shelby Co, Kentucky F12456
16 Shuck / Lyle  21 May 1838Shelby Co, Kentucky F12455
17 Smith / Dowdall  14 Aug 1810Shelby Co, Kentucky F21149
18 Smith / Neavill  16 Apr 1799Shelby Co, Kentucky F25772
19 Stout / Van Dyke  7 May 1804Shelby Co, Kentucky F30246


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Raisor / Rowlett  28 Aug 1810Shelby Co, Kentucky F14918

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