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Stokes Co, North Carolina



Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnhill, James B.  5 Jun 1900Stokes Co, North Carolina I68549
2 Blackburn, Israel  1772Stokes Co, North Carolina I34467
3 Blackburn, Israel  1772Stokes Co, North Carolina I34479
4 Fulp, John William  27 Aug 1865Stokes Co, North Carolina I103632
5 Gordon, Elizabeth "Betsie"  28 Mar 1797Stokes Co, North Carolina I36840
6 Gordon, Mary "Polly"  1796Stokes Co, North Carolina I36839
7 Grubbs, Benjamin  Abt 1780Stokes Co, North Carolina I88364
8 Guymon, Elizabeth  10 Feb 1783Stokes Co, North Carolina I71838
9 Holder, Mary Ann  4 Oct 1794Stokes Co, North Carolina I13499
10 Hunter, David  1767Stokes Co, North Carolina I17617
11 Jones, Martha "Patsy"  1808Stokes Co, North Carolina I61571
12 Linville, (son)  1794Stokes Co, North Carolina I37029
13 Linville, Charity  1774Stokes Co, North Carolina I37026
14 Linville, David  Abt 1769Stokes Co, North Carolina I10967
15 Linville, John  1784Stokes Co, North Carolina I37028
16 Linville, Mary Sybilla "Libby"  1778Stokes Co, North Carolina I96141
17 Linville, Polly  1794Stokes Co, North Carolina I37021
18 Linville, Preston P.  1805Stokes Co, North Carolina I71823
19 Linville, Rebecca  23 Mar 1798Stokes Co, North Carolina I32632
20 Linville, Richard  1777Stokes Co, North Carolina I7353
21 Linville, Richard  1797Stokes Co, North Carolina I37031
22 Linville, William  1776Stokes Co, North Carolina I37020
23 Long, Chester Reid  5 Jun 1899Stokes Co, North Carolina I96095
24 McAnally, Charles  1776Stokes Co, North Carolina I36887
25 McAnally, Elisha  1794Stokes Co, North Carolina I36892
26 McAnally, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1774Stokes Co, North Carolina I36891
27 McAnally, John  1792Stokes Co, North Carolina I36884
28 McAnally, Littleberry  1775Stokes Co, North Carolina I36890
29 McAnally, Lois Lovey  1777Stokes Co, North Carolina I36886
30 McAnally, Martin  1802Stokes Co, North Carolina I36888
31 McAnally, Massy  1779Stokes Co, North Carolina I36885
32 McAnally, William  7 Jan 1793Stokes Co, North Carolina I36889
33 Parsons, Jonathan  1 Jun 1797Stokes Co, North Carolina I55829
34 Patterson, Lydia  1802Stokes Co, North Carolina I55828
35 Richardson, Joseph W.  1826Stokes Co, North Carolina I103625
36 Richardson, Mary Adline  23 Mar 1911Stokes Co, North Carolina I103620
37 Roark, Delilah  Between 1792 and 1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71837
38 Roark, Elijah  Between 1792 and 1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71834
39 Roark, John  1788Stokes Co, North Carolina I71831
40 Roark, Mrs. Judith (..)  1764Stokes Co, North Carolina I71829
41 Roark, Nancy  Between 1792 and 1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71833
42 Roark, Polly  Between 1792 and 1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71832
43 Roark, Rebecca  Between 1792 and 1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71835
44 Roark, Timothy  1781Stokes Co, North Carolina I71830
45 Roark, William  1787Stokes Co, North Carolina I71836
46 Sapp, Zacheus (or Zachariah)  22 Jun 1797Stokes Co, North Carolina I38145
47 Stone, Jeanette Elizabeth "Betty"  13 May 1835Stokes Co, North Carolina I50548
48 Stone, Joel J.  19 May 1828Stokes Co, North Carolina I50546
49 Stone, Lindsey H.  10 Feb 1823Stokes Co, North Carolina I50544
50 Stone, Mary Ann  1 Oct 1825Stokes Co, North Carolina I50545
51 Stone, Rebecca "Becky"  10 Jun 1819Stokes Co, North Carolina I50542
52 Stone, Sally  16 Oct 1832Stokes Co, North Carolina I50547
53 Stone, William G.  4 May 1821Stokes Co, North Carolina I50543
54 Ward, Judah Ladd  16 Jul 1803Stokes Co, North Carolina I103613
55 Welch, Emily A.  Jul 1837Stokes Co, North Carolina I74994
56 Welch, Samuel  1800Stokes Co, North Carolina I74995


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carmichael, Archibald  17 Mar 1827Stokes Co, North Carolina I14065
2 Curry, Bethsey  Abt 1812Stokes Co, North Carolina I36760
3 Gordon, John  1839Stokes Co, North Carolina I36841
4 Guymon, Elizabeth  1806Stokes Co, North Carolina I71838
5 Hutchins, Charity  1824Stokes Co, North Carolina I10979
6 King, Rachel  Aft 1801Stokes Co, North Carolina I100746
7 Linville, Aaron  Sep 1824Stokes Co, North Carolina I10978
8 Linville, David  Abt 1811Stokes Co, North Carolina I10967
9 Linville, David  1843Stokes Co, North Carolina I37019
10 Linville, Elijah  Abt 1860Stokes Co, North Carolina I103627
11 Linville, John  Bef 1870Stokes Co, North Carolina I37028
12 Linville, Polly  1846Stokes Co, North Carolina I37021
13 Linville, William  Jun 1848Stokes Co, North Carolina I37020
14 Martin, Barzilla  1864Stokes Co, North Carolina I36842
15 Moore, Nancy  1850Stokes Co, North Carolina I37022
16 Nix, Elizabeth  1814Stokes Co, North Carolina I14174
17 Richardson, Green Lee  6 Feb 1857Stokes Co, North Carolina I103612
18 Richardson, Mary Adline  10 Oct 1997Stokes Co, North Carolina I103620
19 Roark, Elijah (immigrant)  21 Mar 1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71828
20 Stone, Anderson Hubbard  18 Jan 1894Stokes Co, North Carolina I50538
21 Stone, Jeanette Elizabeth "Betty"  Aft 1880Stokes Co, North Carolina I50548
22 Stone, Joel J.  Aft 1900Stokes Co, North Carolina I50546
23 Stone, John M. (or R.)  25 Nov 1880Stokes Co, North Carolina I50541
24 Stone, John* (Surry NC) Sr. match 7A  Bef 1819Stokes Co, North Carolina I36741
25 Stone, Lindsey H.  15 Jun 1867Stokes Co, North Carolina I50544
26 Stone, Martha "Patsy"  Aft 1880Stokes Co, North Carolina I50540
27 Stone, Mary Ann  Aft 1860Stokes Co, North Carolina I50545
28 Stone, Rebecca "Becky"  Aft 1900Stokes Co, North Carolina I50542
29 Stone, William match 7G  29 Nov 1863Stokes Co, North Carolina I39613
30 Swaim, John  Abt 1803Stokes Co, North Carolina I42705
31 Swaim, William  1813Stokes Co, North Carolina I42917
32 Ward, Judah Ladd  1835Stokes Co, North Carolina I103613


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Linville, Aaron  1810Stokes Co, North Carolina I10978
2 Linville, William  1810Stokes Co, North Carolina I37020


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Roark, Mrs. Judith (..)  1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71829
2 Roark, Timothy  9 Sep 1801Stokes Co, North Carolina I71830
3 Roark, Timothy  1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71830


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Roark, Elijah (immigrant)  Abt 21 Mar 1807Stokes Co, North Carolina I71828


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carmichael / Holder  28 Aug 1812Stokes Co, North Carolina F2426
2 Crim / Linville  18 Mar 1801Stokes Co, North Carolina F12713
3 Linville / Cook  15 Sep 1798Stokes Co, North Carolina F33893
4 Linville / Crim  27 Jul 1818Stokes Co, North Carolina F14879
5 Linville / King  9 Sep 1801Stokes Co, North Carolina F33907
6 Linville / Moore  1812Stokes Co, North Carolina F12710
7 Linville / Preston  14 Sep 1819Stokes Co, North Carolina F15906
8 Richardson / Richardson  12 Dec 1853Stokes Co, North Carolina F35003
9 Roark / Chandler  21 Mar 1807Stokes Co, North Carolina F23246
10 Roark / Guymon  3 Sep 1801Stokes Co, North Carolina F23245
11 Roark / Roark  1783Stokes Co, North Carolina F23244
12 Stone / Hauser  17 Feb 1846Stokes co, North Carolina F18208
13 Weatherly / Roark  27 Dec 1821Stokes Co, North Carolina F33013

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