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Surry Co, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, John Crittendon  4 May 1791Surry Co, North Carolina I101738
2 Blackburn, John  1762Surry Co, North Carolina I34475
3 Blackburn, Mary  1768Surry Co, North Carolina I34477
4 Blackburn, Nancy  1784Surry Co, North Carolina I6153
5 Blackburn, Reuben  1770Surry Co, North Carolina I34478
6 Blackburn, William (son of who?) (FFDNA-J)  1764Surry Co, North Carolina I49895
7 Blackburn, William  1767Surry Co, North Carolina I34476
8 Blackburn, Younger  Abt 1755Surry Co, North Carolina I34474
9 Brewer, James  Abt 1775Surry Co, North Carolina I102072
10 Bruner, John Henry  11 Mar 1849Surry Co, North Carolina I100351
11 Bruner, Martha Viola  18 Sep 1870Surry Co, North Carolina I100352
12 Bryson, Susanna (Susan)  18 May 1773Surry Co, North Carolina I52974
13 Carmichael, Archibald  5 Nov 1800Surry Co, North Carolina I13590
14 Cartwright, Mary  1669Surry Co, North Carolina I63773
15 Coker, Phillip Sr.  1764Surry Co, North Carolina I63776
16 Denny, Edmond  5 Oct 1811Surry Co, North Carolina I55512
17 Denny, Elizabeth  7 Jun 1832Surry Co, North Carolina I55522
18 Denny, Joel  19 Sep 1813Surry Co, North Carolina I55514
19 Denny, Martha "Patsy"  5 Feb 1824Surry Co, North Carolina I55519
20 Denny, Martin  Abt 1816Surry Co, North Carolina I55516
21 Denny, Mary "Polly"  24 Oct 1829Surry Co, North Carolina I55521
22 Denny, Nancy  Abt 1791Surry Co, North Carolina I36838
23 Denny, Nancy  1793Surry Co, North Carolina I100334
24 Denny, Nancy  4 Jul 1817Surry Co, North Carolina I55517
25 Denny, Sarah  Abt 1787Surry Co, North Carolina I55454
26 Denny, Sarah "Sally"  14 Oct 1826Surry Co, North Carolina I55520
27 Denny, William  25 Nov 1821Surry Co, North Carolina I55518
28 Ellison (Allison?), Amanda Sophronia  Abt 1825Surry Co, North Carolina I40229
29 Ellison (Allison?), Mary Martha  7 Mar 1820Surry Co, North Carolina I40228
30 Ellison (Allison?), Tirus E. (Tyras or Lewis)  Between 1781 and 1790Surry Co, North Carolina I39614
31 Frazier, Elizabeth  1803Surry Co, North Carolina I88045
32 Fulk, Martin A.  29 Aug 1861Surry Co, North Carolina I96093
33 Fulk, Sadie Alma  19 Mar 1897Surry Co, North Carolina I96094
34 Galaglee, Elizabeth  1762Surry Co, North Carolina I19225
35 Gray, Martha Patsy  Abt 1806Surry Co, North Carolina I57974
36 Hagler, Benjamin  Abt 1776Surry Co, North Carolina I19489
37 Hagler, Elizabeth  Abt 1772Surry Co, North Carolina I19485
38 Hanna, James Abner  15 Jun 1765Surry Co, North Carolina I49994
39 Highsmith, James  17 Jun 1786Surry Co, North Carolina I35728
40 Holliman, William  1775Surry Co, North Carolina I5640
41 Horton, Mary "Polly"  14 Feb 1789Surry Co, North Carolina I97035
42 Howard, Sarah  1774Surry Co, North Carolina I5639
43 Hughlette, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1788Surry Co, North Carolina I76464
44 Johnson, Reuben  1 Jan 1759Surry Co, North Carolina I68028
45 Jones, Nancy Boaz  Abt 1813Surry Co, North Carolina I55515
46 Key, Lucinda Frances  Abt 1851Surry Co, North Carolina I100350
47 Linville, Boyd  24 Dec 1810Surry Co, North Carolina I100747
48 Linville, David  1770Surry Co, North Carolina I37019
49 Linville, Elizabeth  1772Surry Co, North Carolina I37024
50 Linville, Elizabeth  1780Surry Co, North Carolina I70260
51 Linville, Moses  1765Surry Co, North Carolina I10958
52 Linville, Richard  Abt 1740Surry Co, North Carolina I10957
53 Linville, William  1770Surry Co, North Carolina I48661
54 Matthews, Agnes  8 Sep 1786Surry Co, North Carolina I71374
55 Matthews, Joseph H.  13 Jan 1779Surry Co, North Carolina I71352
56 Matthews, Prudence  23 Mar 1789Surry Co, North Carolina I71375
57 Matthews, Samuel  27 Dec 1782Surry Co, North Carolina I71373
58 Patterson, Joel  1780Surry Co, North Carolina I55826
59 Pennington, Martha "Patsy"  25 Jan 1802Surry Co, North Carolina I13592
60 Scott, Bertha Mae  18 Apr 1913Surry Co, North Carolina I100355
61 Shelton, Enoch  1 Jun 1819Surry Co, North Carolina I55533
62 Shelton, Ezekiel Henderson Sr. (related - son?) (FFDNA-J-5R)  1772Surry Co, North Carolina I67598
63 Shelton, Lucinda  18 Aug 1821Surry Co, North Carolina I55535
64 Shinault, Patsy Sue (P.L.) (Afm-DNA-4th-6th)  31 Oct 1933Surry Co, North Carolina I100356
65 Shinault, William Cornelius "Willy"  1 Sep 1869Surry Co, North Carolina I100353
66 Shinault, William Taft  14 Feb 1907Surry Co, North Carolina I100354
67 Shores, Sarah  Abt 1757Surry Co, North Carolina I6086
68 Sisk, John  1762Surry Co, North Carolina I100170
69 Sparks, Abel  1778Surry Co, North Carolina I59470
70 Sparks, Joel  1784Surry Co, North Carolina I6098
71 Sparks, Jonathan  Abt 1792Surry Co, North Carolina I6158
72 Sparks, Levi (Wolf)  2 Oct 1778Surry Co, North Carolina I6089
73 Sparks, Mary  Abt 1782Surry Co, North Carolina I6097
74 Sparks, Robert  Abt 1782Surry Co, North Carolina I6099
75 Spencer, John  Abt 1800Surry Co, North Carolina I57973
76 Stamps, Joshua Washington  1801Surry Co, North Carolina I73119
77 Stanley, William M.  1818Surry Co, North Carolina I65091
78 Stidham, Judith  1789Surry Co, North Carolina I55118
79 Stone, (daughter)  Between 1800 and 1810Surry Co, North Carolina I55558
80 Stone, (son)  Between 1800 and 1810Surry Co, North Carolina I55557
81 Stone, Andrew  1833Surry Co, North Carolina I37314
82 Stone, Anna Susannah  1834Surry Co, North Carolina I37311
83 Stone, Armistead  Between 1810 and 1820Surry Co, North Carolina I55486
84 Stone, Augustine A.  20 Dec 1820Surry Co, North Carolina I55487
85 Stone, Bathsheba  Abt 1792Surry Co, North Carolina I37351
86 Stone, Calvin Gordon  10 Sep 1821Surry Co, North Carolina I36848
87 Stone, Conway  1786Surry Co, North Carolina I55469
88 Stone, Conway Jr.  1796Surry Co, North Carolina I37350
89 Stone, Conway  4 Feb 1809Surry Co, North Carolina I55457
90 Stone, Corder  Abt 1770Surry Co, North Carolina I36746
91 Stone, Elizabeth "Betsey"  21 Jun 1810Surry Co, North Carolina I55458
92 Stone, Emaline J. "Emily"  2 Jul 1826Surry Co, North Carolina I55491
93 Stone, Enoch Jr.  8 Nov 1791Surry Co, North Carolina I36783
94 Stone, Enoch A.  Abt 1825Surry Co, North Carolina I55544
95 Stone, Enoch Anthony  Feb 1822Surry Co, North Carolina I55489
96 Stone, Enoch J.  1847Surry Co, North Carolina I36855
97 Stone, Enoch M.  10 Jun 1835Surry Co, North Carolina I36847
98 Stone, Enoch S.  2 Nov 1812Surry Co, North Carolina I55497
99 Stone, Ephraim (son?)  1793Surry Co, North Carolina I37306
100 Stone, Ezekiel  Between 1774 and 1790Surry Co, North Carolina I55482

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Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eunice  Aft 1819Surry Co, North Carolina I49886
2 Bohannan, Rebecca  1840Surry Co, North Carolina I55824
3 Combs (or Coombs), Mason Stafford Sr.  16 Nov 1785Surry Co, North Carolina I92024
4 Dawson, Mary  29 Mar 1828Surry Co, North Carolina I97072
5 Denny, Edmond  14 Dec 1887Surry Co, North Carolina I55512
6 Denny, Joel  4 May 1896Surry Co, North Carolina I55514
7 Denny, Nancy  Bef 1812Surry Co, North Carolina I36838
8 Denny, Nancy  Bef 1813Surry Co, North Carolina I100334
9 Denny, William  1820Surry Co, North Carolina I55510
10 Flippin, Lucy  Aft 1890Surry Co, North Carolina I55488
11 Flynn, Sarah  Apr 1803Surry Co, North Carolina I65050
12 Fulk, Bryson  Aft 1900Surry Co, North Carolina I55492
13 Gentry, Wiley  27 May 1878Surry Co, North Carolina I6183
14 Gordon, U.S. Senator Thomas (Immigrant)  Apr 1803Surry Co, North Carolina I65049
15 Hanna, John  Between Apr 1793 and Feb 1794Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
16 Hendricks (Hendrix), Henry  Abt 1779Surry Co, North Carolina I11050
17 Howard, Philip  1 Aug 1809Surry Co, North Carolina I5636
18 Johnson, William (NC)  Bef May, 1821Surry Co, North Carolina I52118
19 Jones, Jesse Riggs*  Aft 1800Surry Co, North Carolina I19089
20 Jones, Nancy Boaz  Aft 1895Surry Co, North Carolina I55515
21 Key, Linsey M.  1865Surry Co, North Carolina I100349
22 Key, Lucinda Frances  16 Jan 1929Surry Co, North Carolina I100350
23 Linville, Moses  1826Surry Co, North Carolina I10980
24 Linville, Richard  1821Surry Co, North Carolina I10957
25 Madden, Elizabeth (Glasscock)  Bef 1803Surry Co, North Carolina I36345
26 Matthews, Prudence  1789Surry Co, North Carolina I71375
27 Patterson, Greenberry  1801Surry Co, North Carolina I55825
28 Pennington, Isaac  Abt 1832Surry Co, North Carolina I84314
29 Poindexter, Sarah Carolina  Aft 1900Surry Co, North Carolina I55526
30 Shelton, Dorcas  1855Surry Co, North Carolina I17616
31 Shinault, William Cornelius "Willy"  28 Jul 1956Surry Co, North Carolina I100353
32 Sparks, Hannah  Jul 1822Surry Co, North Carolina I6146
33 Sparks, Matilda  18 Aug 1878Surry Co, North Carolina I6177
34 Sparks, Matthew  Aft 26 Mar 1819Surry Co, North Carolina I49885
35 Spencer, John  1840Surry Co, North Carolina I57973
36 Stone, (son)  Aft 1810Surry Co, North Carolina I55557
37 Stone, Augustine A.  19 Aug 1891Surry Co, North Carolina I55487
38 Stone, Emaline J. "Emily"  24 Jan 1903Surry Co, North Carolina I55491
39 Stone, Enoch Jr.  11 Oct 1876Surry Co, North Carolina I36783
40 Stone, Enoch Anthony  Aft 1850Surry Co, North Carolina I55489
41 Stone, Ezekiel  Aft 1819Surry Co, North Carolina I55482
42 Stone, Francis Rutherford  30 Mar 1918Surry Co, North Carolina I55525
43 Stone, John  1785Surry Co, North Carolina I37068
44 Stone, Melissa A.  31 Oct 1891Surry Co, North Carolina I55493
45 Stone, Nancy  May 1880Surry Co, North Carolina I100348
46 Stone, Sarah "Sally"  Abt 1852Surry Co, North Carolina I100347
47 Stone, William  Bef May 1858Surry Co, North Carolina I55483
48 Stone, William "Billy"  May 1858Surry Co, North Carolina I36782
49 Suddarth (or Southard), Sarah  Bef 1800Surry Co, North Carolina I55456
50 Swaim, Martha  1815Surry Co, North Carolina I42681
51 Vaughn, Gideon Yancy  Aft 1890Surry Co, North Carolina I55528
52 Whitaker, Aaron David  Aft 1890Surry Co, North Carolina I55494
53 Wooten, Richard  1808Surry Co, North Carolina I92531
54 Wooten, Thomas Jr.  1796Surry Co, North Carolina I92529


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sparks, William*  1785Surry Co, North Carolina I427


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ellison (Allison?), Tirus E. (Tyras or Lewis)  1830Surry Co, North Carolina I39614
2 Hanna, John  1790Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
3 Hanna, Samuel  1786Surry Co, North Carolina I49997
4 Linville, Aaron  1771Surry Co, North Carolina I10978
5 Linville, David  1771Surry Co, North Carolina I10977
6 Linville, Moses  1771Surry Co, North Carolina I10980
7 Linville, Richard  1771Surry Co, North Carolina I10957
8 Linville, Thomas*  1771Surry Co, North Carolina I7268
9 Sparks, Joel  1840Surry Co, North Carolina I6098
10 Stone, Conway Jr.  1830Surry Co, North Carolina I37350
11 Stone, John* (Surry NC) Sr. match 7A  1771Surry Co, North Carolina I36741
12 Stone, John* (Surry NC) Sr. match 7A  1790Surry Co, North Carolina I36741
13 Stone, Marble (Marvel) (son of who?) (of Albermarle Co)  1771Surry Co, North Carolina I36872
14 Stone, Marble (Marvel) (son of who?) (of Albermarle Co)  1772Surry Co, North Carolina I36872
15 Stone, William  1850Surry Co, North Carolina I55483
16 Stone, William* (Surry NC)  1771Surry Co, North Carolina I19060
17 Stone, William* (Surry NC)  1772Surry Co, North Carolina I19060
18 Weatherly, Zebediah  1820Surry Co, North Carolina I50321


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Hanna, John  1775Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
2 Hanna, John Doak  1794Surry Co, North Carolina I49996
3 Hanna, William  1775Surry Co, North Carolina I50285
4 Linville, Aaron  1775Surry Co, North Carolina I10978
5 Linville, Moses  1775Surry Co, North Carolina I10980
6 Linville, Richard  1775Surry Co, North Carolina I10957


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Doak, Alexander  17 Nov 1796Surry Co, North Carolina I331
2 Hanna, John  13 Jun 1778Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
3 Hanna, John  1 Apr 1783Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
4 Hanna, John  4 May 1790Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
5 Hanna, John Doak  13 Jun 1778Surry Co, North Carolina I49996
6 Matthews, James Jr.  1 Apr 1783Surry Co, North Carolina I49612
7 Matthews, James Jr.  4 May 1790Surry Co, North Carolina I49612
8 Stone, William* (Surry NC)  1786Surry Co, North Carolina I19060


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Doak, Alexander  1790Surry Co, North Carolina I331
2 Doak, Thankful (dau of John or Samuel?)  Bef 1779Surry Co, North Carolina I371
3 Hanna, John  1780Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
4 Hanna, John  1782Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
5 Hanna, John  1785Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
6 Hanna, John  1786Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
7 Hanna, Samuel  1785Surry Co, North Carolina I49997
8 Stone, Marble (Marvel) (son of who?) (of Albermarle Co)  Between 1772 and 1782Surry Co, North Carolina I36872
9 Stone, Solomon Sr.  1774Surry Co, North Carolina I36874


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Hanna, John  15 Apr 1793Surry Co, North Carolina I49992
2 Sparks, Matthew  26 Mar 1819Surry Co, North Carolina I49885
3 Stone, William  May 1868Surry Co, North Carolina I55483


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Wainscott  13 Dec 1785Surry Co, North Carolina F35839
2 Blackburn / Younger  Abt 1754Surry Co, North Carolina F12003
3 Bruner / Key  5 Jun 1870Surry Co, North Carolina F33743
4 Bryan / Hinkle  17 Sep 1797Surry Co, North Carolina F4263
5 Coker / Cartwright  1691Surry Co, North Carolina F20598
6 Denny / Farris (Faires)  Abt 1841Surry Co, North Carolina F18230
7 Denny / Jones  21 Dec 1838Surry Co, North Carolina F18231
8 Ellison (Allison?) / Stone  31 Mar 1820Surry Co, North Carolina F13384
9 Farris (Faires) / Stone  Abt 1841Surry Co, North Carolina F18218
10 Fulk / Stone  22 Feb 1844Surry Co, North Carolina F18232
11 Fulk / Stone  1 Oct 1846Surry Co, North Carolina F18221
12 Fulk / Stone  18 Jul 1850Surry Co, North Carolina F18234
13 Fulk / Stone  10 Aug 1882Surry Co, North Carolina F32323
14 Garner / Howard  21 May 1793Surry Co, North Carolina F33899
15 Key / Stone  24 Jul 1832Surry Co, North Carolina F33742
16 Moore / Linville  26 Jun 1795Surry Co, North Carolina F12712
17 Morgan / Hall  Abt 1783Surry Co, North Carolina F16519
18 Riddle / Hawkins  1783Surry Co, North Carolina F23437
19 Roark / Linville  25 Oct 1806Surry Co, North Carolina F22747
20 Shelton / Stone  14 May 1818Surry Co, North Carolina F18239
21 Shinault / Bruner  17 Aug 1890Surry Co, North Carolina F33744
22 Shinault / Scott  23 Dec 1927Surry Co, North Carolina F33745
23 Sigler / Wales  8 Jul 1791Surry Co, North Carolina F20015
24 Sparks / Shores  1777Surry Co, North Carolina F2596
25 Sparks / Swaim  26 Nov 1817Surry Co, North Carolina F2630
26 Spencer / Gray  Abt 1830Surry Co, North Carolina F19126
27 Stone / Crouse  5 Jan 1821Surry Co, North Carolina F12800
28 Stone / Denny  12 Jun 1785Surry Co, North Carolina F12647
29 Stone / Denny  10 Feb 1808Surry Co, North Carolina F18210
30 Stone / Denny  12 Jun 1809Surry Co, North Carolina F33741
31 Stone / Dodson  Abt 1846Surry Co, North Carolina F12652
32 Stone / Fletcher  4 Feb 1812Surry Co, North Carolina F18223
33 Stone / Flippin  29 May 1844Surry Co, North Carolina F18219
34 Stone / Gordon  22 Jul 1813Surry Co, North Carolina F18217
35 Stone / Gordon  21 Oct 1819Surry Co, North Carolina F12649
36 Stone / Gordon  Abt 1846Surry Co, North Carolina F18220
37 Stone / King  Abt 1820Surry Co, North Carolina F18242
38 Stone / Poindexter  4 Mar 1852Surry Co, North Carolina F18233
39 Stone / Vaughn  11 Jan 1867Surry Co, North Carolina F18235
40 Stults / Forkum  7 Sep 1815Surry Co, North Carolina F35488
41 Swaim / Hines  11 Jun 1779Surry Co, North Carolina F9871
42 Vaughn / Stone  11 Jan 1867Surry Co, North Carolina F18236
43 Whitaker / Stone  Abt 1861Surry Co, North Carolina F18222

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