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Webster Co, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Melton, Joseph  18 Apr 1818Webster Co, Kentucky I52205
2 Stone, Jeremiah "Jerry" (relative 1850)  Jan 1836Webster Co, Kentucky I60521
3 Stone, James Franklin  1837Webster Co, Kentucky I60673
4 Grayson, Seley Elvira  1839Webster Co, Kentucky I51955
5 Hill, Sarah Martha  1840Webster Co, Kentucky I51171
6 Melton, George W.  4 Dec 1842Webster Co, Kentucky I51100
7 Stone, Phillip "Sonny" Jr.  Mar 1843Webster Co, Kentucky I60781
8 Fortner, Andrew J.  21 Oct 1844Webster Co, Kentucky I104949
9 Wilson, Amos Melchoir  1845Webster Co, Kentucky I63733
10 Stone, George Washington  1846Webster Co, Kentucky I60804
11 Stone, Levi  1846Webster Co, Kentucky I60801
12 Melton, John Wesley  21 Jan 1847Webster Co, Kentucky I51103
13 Grayson, Rachel E.  1848Webster Co, Kentucky I51956
14 Shelton, Francis J.  1848Webster Co, Kentucky I51934
15 Stone, George  1848Webster Co, Kentucky I60802
16 Fraser (Frazier), Samuel  1849Webster Co, Kentucky I55353
17 Yates, Manerva Jane  1849Webster Co, Kentucky I51168
18 Shelton, Lettice J.  1850Webster Co, Kentucky I51935
19 Stone, Isaac  1850Webster Co, Kentucky I60803
20 Stone, Levi  1850Webster Co, Kentucky I60807
21 Melton, David J.  19 Feb 1850Webster Co, Kentucky I51116
22 Gibson, George  1851Webster Co, Kentucky I61340
23 Oglesby, Nancy C.  1851Webster Co, Kentucky I51123
24 Shelton, Elijah D.  1851Webster Co, Kentucky I51936
25 Melton, Sarah Amanda  Nov 1851Webster Co, Kentucky I51953
26 King, Mary T. "Texanna"  18 Nov 1851Webster Co, Kentucky I52215
27 Shelton, Winfield Scott (Y-DNA source-John sh-62)  7 Dec 1851Webster Co, Kentucky I51056
28 Grisham, Permelia A.  1853Webster Co, Kentucky I51266
29 Morehead, James K.  1853Webster Co, Kentucky I61219
30 Shelton, Andrew J.  1853Webster Co, Kentucky I51937
31 Yates, George W.  1853Webster Co, Kentucky I51156
32 Oglesby, Josiah  14 Feb 1853Webster Co, Kentucky I50729
33 Wilson, Mary J.  4 Dec 1853Webster Co, Kentucky I61342
34 Grisham, Peter  1854Webster Co, Kentucky I51267
35 Oglesby, Franklin Pierce  1854Webster Co, Kentucky I51122
36 Stone, John  1854Webster Co, Kentucky I60808
37 Stone, Lucinda A. "Dutch"  1854Webster Co, Kentucky I60694
38 Grayson, F.P.  1855Webster Co, Kentucky I51954
39 Grisham, William A.  1855Webster Co, Kentucky I51268
40 Shelton, Elizabeth A.  1855Webster Co, Kentucky I51938
41 Stone, Dorcas  1855Webster Co, Kentucky I61352
42 Yates, Catherine  1855Webster Co, Kentucky I51157
43 Shelton, Amos Mansfield  11 Feb 1855Webster Co, Kentucky I50981
44 Melton, Emily Frances (FFDNA-no match)  14 Nov 1855Webster Co, Kentucky I51975
45 Gibson, Lucy J.  1856Webster Co, Kentucky I61341
46 Grisham, Mary  1856Webster Co, Kentucky I51269
47 Morehead, Permelia P.  1856Webster Co, Kentucky I61220
48 Oglesby, Sarah E.  1856Webster Co, Kentucky I51124
49 Stone, Phillip  1856Webster Co, Kentucky I60806
50 Oglesby, Margaret Ann  7 Apr 1856Webster Co, Kentucky I50740
51 Shelton, Sarah Ellen  30 Dec 1856Webster Co, Kentucky I51058
52 Grayson, James B.  1857Webster Co, Kentucky I51957
53 Grisham, James L.  1857Webster Co, Kentucky I51270
54 Shelton, Marshal O.  1857Webster Co, Kentucky I51939
55 Yates, Nancy  1857Webster Co, Kentucky I51158
56 Shelton, Sarah Ann  7 May 1857Webster Co, Kentucky I50998
57 Gibson, Joel  1858Webster Co, Kentucky I61335
58 Shelton, James  1858Webster Co, Kentucky I63700
59 Stone, General S.  1858Webster Co, Kentucky I98219
60 Shelton, Agnes "Aggy"  19 May 1858Webster Co, Kentucky I51059
61 Marks, Elizabeth Frances  23 Nov 1858Webster Co, Kentucky I52767
62 Grisham, Jefferson  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I51271
63 Holeman, Hardy F.  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I61349
64 Oglesby, Matison W. (Matthew)  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I51125
65 Payne, Mary  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I60887
66 Shelton, Mary (Sarah) E.  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I52149
67 Stone, Benjamin  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I61353
68 Stone, John  1859Webster Co, Kentucky I61358
69 Grayson, Uriah Isabel "Belle"  31 Jul 1859Webster Co, Kentucky I51943
70 Melton, Lewis  Abt 1860Webster Co, Kentucky I51104
71 Shelton, Charles D.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I51940
72 Shelton, Theodore  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I63701
73 Stone, Henry  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I60810
74 Yates, William  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I51159
75 Shelton, Pernecia Catherine  1 Feb 1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50999
76 Wilson, George W.  5 Jul 1860Webster Co, Kentucky I63761
77 Oglesby, Sirena Isabelle  4 Sep 1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50731
78 Grayson, Isaiah Marks  1861Webster Co, Kentucky I51950
79 Grisham, Robert  1861Webster Co, Kentucky I51272
80 Morehead, David W.  1861Webster Co, Kentucky I61215
81 Stone, William Wesley  1861Webster Co, Kentucky I98162
82 Wilson, Stephen  1861Webster Co, Kentucky I61345
83 Wilson, Susan Katherine  4 Mar 1861Webster Co, Kentucky I63728
84 Stone, Sarah Frances  Sep 1861Webster Co, Kentucky I63762
85 Melton, Thomas A.  1862Webster Co, Kentucky I51105
86 Stone, Rachel  1862Webster Co, Kentucky I61359
87 Wilson, Stephen A.  1862Webster Co, Kentucky I60840
88 Yates, Mary E.  1862Webster Co, Kentucky I51160
89 Timmons, Mariah Jane "Dixie"  20 Aug 1862Webster Co, Kentucky I52787
90 Shelton, Albert V.  14 Nov 1862Webster Co, Kentucky I51060
91 Jenkins, Mary E.  1863Webster Co, Kentucky I61326
92 Morehead, Noah Bartennie  1863Webster Co, Kentucky I61216
93 Oglesby, George W.  1863Webster Co, Kentucky I51963
94 Yates, Ellis U.  1863Webster Co, Kentucky I51277
95 Shelton, Elijah Franklin  20 Jan 1863Webster Co, Kentucky I51000
96 Shelton, Francis Newton  4 Nov 1863Webster Co, Kentucky I61125
97 Jenkins, William R.  1864Webster Co, Kentucky I61327
98 Melton, Lee  1864Webster Co, Kentucky I51106
99 Shelton, Queen  1864Webster Co, Kentucky I52151
100 Stone, Margaret Jane  1864Webster Co, Kentucky I98163

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Knight, Louisa Betty  4 Sep 1815Webster Co, Kentucky I51121
2 Skinner, John Wesley  1845Webster Co, Kentucky I89521
3 Brackett, Almeda Jane  Aft 1850Webster Co, Kentucky I52451
4 Lynn, Thomas  1851Webster Co, Kentucky I61164
5 Lynn, William "Willie" E.  3 Jul 1852Webster Co, Kentucky I61158
6 Lynn, Elias Givens  Sep 1853Webster Co, Kentucky I61146
7 Sparks, Samuel P.  1857Webster Co, Kentucky I15804
8 Belk, Mary  21 Aug 1858Webster Co, Kentucky I89522
9 Shelton, Josiah  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I63757
10 Jenkins, John "Jack"  Feb 1860Webster Co, Kentucky I61276
11 Baker, Catherine S.  19 Oct 1860Webster Co, Kentucky I61228
12 Holeman, William H.M.  15 May 1861Webster Co, Kentucky I61227
13 Hankins, Barney L. Sr.  2 Aug 1862Webster Co, Kentucky I50972
14 Lynn, Mary Ann "Polly"  1863Webster Co, Kentucky I104087
15 Hankins, Barney L. Jr.  21 Jan 1864Webster Co, Kentucky I80971
16 Mauney, Sarah L.  17 Mar 1864Webster Co, Kentucky I52180
17 Shelton, Josiah  Bef 21 Nov 1864Webster Co, Kentucky I51032
18 Shelton, Elijah Franklin  Feb 1866Webster Co, Kentucky I51017
19 Shelton, Agnes  25 Jul 1866Webster Co, Kentucky I50971
20 Shelton, Josiah Cyrus  7 Nov 1867Webster Co, Kentucky I50736
21 Gibson, Isaac Oliver  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I60792
22 Oliver, Mary Ann  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I72403
23 Ross, Nancy  Aft 1870Webster Co, Kentucky I52374
24 Stone, John Squire  1871Webster Co, Kentucky I60669
25 Melton, Robert  29 Jul 1874Webster Co, Kentucky I52422
26 Stone, Martha A.  6 Jul 1876Webster Co, Kentucky I60676
27 Melton, Reuben Anderson  3 May 1879Webster Co, Kentucky I50964
28 Stone, John C.  28 Dec 1879Webster Co, Kentucky I60796
29 Crowley, William  Bef 1880Webster Co, Kentucky I51280
30 Parrick, Elizabeth  Jan 1880Webster Co, Kentucky I61225
31 Melton, William Allen  26 Aug 1883Webster Co, Kentucky I52747
32 Melton, William Richardson  5 Sep 1883Webster Co, Kentucky I52425
33 Shelton, Cora Alice  4 Aug 1884Webster Co, Kentucky I51003
34 Shelton, William J.  25 Apr 1885Webster Co, Kentucky I50994
35 Brackett, James M.  1886Webster Co, Kentucky I52449
36 Yates, Charles  18 Jul 1887Webster Co, Kentucky I60818
37 Morehead, Dr. James  28 Jun 1889Webster Co, Kentucky I61205
38 Sigler, Jane W.  14 Dec 1889Webster Co, Kentucky I61665
39 Shelton, Pinckney  1890Webster Co, Kentucky I50965
40 Newton, Lucinda  7 Oct 1890Webster Co, Kentucky I51971
41 Sparks, Jasper Newton  1891Webster Co, Kentucky I15941
42 Sigler, Margaret  6 Aug 1891Webster Co, Kentucky I61277
43 Gibson, Eleanor  1892Webster Co, Kentucky I60678
44 Sparks, Martha Jane  8 Nov 1893Webster Co, Kentucky I51972
45 Sigler, Elizabeth Ann  28 Dec 1893Webster Co, Kentucky I50993
46 Melton, Joseph T.  15 Nov 1897Webster Co, Kentucky I52433
47 Oglesby, Andrew Sherman  1898Webster Co, Kentucky I50735
48 Sparks, Noah  1 Jan 1898Webster Co, Kentucky I51970
49 Morehead, Nancy Jane  16 Jul 1898Webster Co, Kentucky I61209
50 Stone, Sarah Frances  Aug 1900Webster Co, Kentucky I63762
51 Marks, Martha Jane  10 Sep 1901Webster Co, Kentucky I52426
52 Stone, George Washington  1902Webster Co, Kentucky I60804
53 Shelton, Lucinda  Bef 1903Webster Co, Kentucky I50973
54 Shelton, Martha Jane  Bef 1903Webster Co, Kentucky I50968
55 Shelton, Lee  28 Jan 1904Webster Co, Kentucky I51075
56 Stone, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy"  1905Webster Co, Kentucky I60672
57 Shelton, Sidney  19 Dec 1907Webster Co, Kentucky I61248
58 Brackett, Will L.  21 Dec 1907Webster Co, Kentucky I52460
59 Stone, Matilda "Telia"  13 Jan 1908Webster Co, Kentucky I63729
60 Shelton, Noah Jackson  5 Jul 1912Webster Co, Kentucky I61249
61 Below, Massie Melvinia  13 Sep 1912Webster Co, Kentucky I61178
62 Marks, William A.  20 Oct 1912Webster Co, Kentucky I52754
63 Shelton, Benjamin Franklin  28 Oct 1912Webster Co, Kentucky I50992
64 Gibson, Sarah Ann "Sally"  10 May 1913Webster Co, Kentucky I60794
65 Newton, Lucretia  9 Oct 1914Webster Co, Kentucky I52766
66 Shelton, Chester  23 Jul 1915Webster Co, Kentucky I88822
67 Stone, Lavina Caroline  11 Aug 1915Webster Co, Kentucky I60522
68 Yates, Berry Morgan  22 Aug 1915Webster Co, Kentucky I51061
69 Shelton, Sarah Ellen  Aft 1915Webster Co, Kentucky I51058
70 Melton, John Wesley  29 Jan 1916Webster Co, Kentucky I51112
71 Stone, Delia Ann  8 Dec 1916Webster Co, Kentucky I60506
72 Stone, Jeremiah "Jerry" (relative 1850)  1 Nov 1918Webster Co, Kentucky I60521
73 Stone, Alexander Barrett "A.B." (res w/ Yates 1870)  21 Feb 1920Webster Co, Kentucky I60695
74 Yates, Agnes "Aggy"  14 Mar 1920Webster Co, Kentucky I60690
75 Shelton, Henry S.  15 Aug 1920Webster Co, Kentucky I51001
76 Shelton, Amos Mansfield  2 Apr 1924Webster Co, Kentucky I50981
77 Stone, Lottie Maxine  18 Oct 1924Webster Co, Kentucky I51147
78 Oglesby, Franklin Pierce  6 Jul 1925Webster Co, Kentucky I51122
79 Lynn, Katherine Richards "Kate, Kitty"  25 Aug 1928Webster Co, Kentucky I61165
80 Stone, Isaac  8 Mar 1929Webster Co, Kentucky I60803
81 Payne, Sarah Elizabeth  24 Nov 1932Webster Co, Kentucky I61294
82 Stone, Levi Jackson "Bud"  2 Jul 1936Webster Co, Kentucky I60795
83 Yates, Priscilla  22 Dec 1936Webster Co, Kentucky I60820
84 Frazier, Virgil Azores  22 Mar 1939Webster Co, Kentucky I51120
85 Frasier (Frazier, Fraser), William Thomas  15 Dec 1946Webster Co, Kentucky I60507
86 McMullin, Annie Skidmore  7 Mar 1947Webster Co, Kentucky I51064
87 Shelton, George Bailey  30 Dec 1949Webster Co, Kentucky I51002
88 Wilson, George W.  31 Aug 1951Webster Co, Kentucky I63761
89 Melton, Other Jackson  3 Jul 1955Webster Co, Kentucky I52211
90 Stone, Jackie Mae  5 Dec 1998Webster Co, Kentucky I60709


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Gibson, John G.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I61354
2 Holeman, Jesse W.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I61226
3 Melton, Elisha E.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50962
4 Melton, Reuben Anderson  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50964
5 Oglesby, Elvira F.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I51545
6 Oglesby, Gustavus Adolphus (Y-DNA step 2 match)  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50727
7 Oglesby, Stephen Decatur  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50738
8 Shelton, Hamilton P.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50966
9 Shelton, Joseph Zealot  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50974
10 Shelton, Josiah Cyrus  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50736
11 Shelton, Pinckney  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I50965
12 Sigler, Margaret  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I61277
13 Sparks, Noah  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I51970
14 Stone, Joel (son?)  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I61356
15 Stone, John C.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I60796
16 Stone, Moses Levi  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I60511
17 Stone, Phillip J. "Sonny" Sr.  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I60713
18 Stone, Sarah "Sally"  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I60784
19 Stone, William  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I60799
20 Wilson, William Fred  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I60789
21 Yates, John Martin (host Payne, Shelton, Stone, Hill)  1860Webster Co, Kentucky I51170
22 Melton, Reuben Anderson  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I50964
23 Oglesby, Gustavus Adolphus (Y-DNA step 2 match)  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I50727
24 Shelton, Agnes "Aggy"  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I51059
25 Shelton, Albert V.  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I51060
26 Shelton, Joseph Zealot  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I50974
27 Shelton, Lucinda  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I50973
28 Shelton, Sarah Ellen  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I51058
29 Shelton, Winfield Scott (Y-DNA source-John sh-62)  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I51056
30 Stone, Alexander Barrett "A.B." (res w/ Yates 1870)  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I60695
31 Stone, Joel (son?)  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I61356
32 Stone, Moses Levi  1870Webster Co, Kentucky I60511
33 Shelton, Lucinda  1880Webster Co, Kentucky I50973
34 Woodward, Susan Annie  1900Webster Co, Kentucky I98176
35 Walker, Lee Jerneld  1910Webster Co, Kentucky I51077


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Shelton, Lucinda  1868Webster Co, Kentucky I50973


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Grisham / Gipson  Abt 1849Webster Co, Kentucky F16817
2 Oglesby / Shelton  14 Apr 1852Webster Co, Kentucky F16702
3 Stone / Stone  Abt 1858Webster Co, Kentucky F20077
4 Morehead / Morehead  Abt 1860Webster Co, Kentucky F20038
5 Wilson / Grishman  Bef 1860Webster Co, Kentucky F20075
6 Wilson / Wilson  Abt 1861Webster Co, Kentucky F19921
7 Shelton / Stone  25 Feb 1861Webster Co, Kentucky F19815
8 Stone / Pressley  10 Oct 1861Webster Co, Kentucky F19913
9 Shelton / Gates  Abt 1863Webster Co, Kentucky F17097
10 Shelton / Mayberry  20 Apr 1865Webster Co, Kentucky F19818
11 Shelton / Brackett  26 Oct 1865Webster Co, Kentucky F16782
12 Frazier (Fraser) / Frazier  Abt 1866Webster Co, Kentucky F16848
13 Melton / King  Abt 1868Webster Co, Kentucky F17122
14 Hill / Shelton  1 Apr 1868Webster Co, Kentucky F19920
15 Shelton / Shelton  1869Webster Co, Kentucky F19819
16 Gibson / Gibson  Bef 1870Webster Co, Kentucky F20076
17 Grayson / Grayson  Abt 1870Webster Co, Kentucky F17046
18 Grisham / Yates  18 Aug 1870Webster Co, Kentucky F16818
19 Melton / Melton  15 Sep 1870Webster Co, Kentucky F17055
20 Stone / Fraser (Frazier, Frasier)  13 Oct 1870Webster Co, Kentucky F16815
21 Hughes / Allen  16 Oct 1870Webster Co, Kentucky F23454
22 Yates / Shelton  1871Webster Co, Kentucky F16797
23 Yates / Payne  22 Jun 1871Webster Co, Kentucky F20068
24 Wilson / Gibson  13 Mar 1872Webster Co, Kentucky F19908
25 Jenkins / Jenkins  Abt 1873Webster Co, Kentucky F20073
26 Shelton / Shelton  Abt 1873Webster Co, Kentucky F17123
27 Head / Sparks  11 Dec 1873Webster Co, Kentucky F17058
28 Frazier (Fraser) / Brackett  23 Jan 1874Webster Co, Kentucky F17185
29 Shelton / Wilson  26 Mar 1874Webster Co, Kentucky F20583
30 Shelton / McMullin  22 Nov 1875Webster Co, Kentucky F16798
31 Amberson / Melton  4 May 1876Webster Co, Kentucky F23200
32 Crowley / Allen  Abt 1877Webster Co, Kentucky F16852
33 Grayson / Oglesby  7 Feb 1877Webster Co, Kentucky F16849
34 Oglesby / Marks  22 Nov 1877Webster Co, Kentucky F17278
35 Shelton / Shelton  2 Oct 1878Webster Co, Kentucky F20052
36 Shelton / Oglesby  27 Nov 1878Webster Co, Kentucky F16777
37 Wilson / Stone  Abt 1880Webster Co, Kentucky F20593
38 Frazier (Fraser) / Oglesby  Aft 1880Webster Co, Kentucky F16845
39 Frazier (Fraser) / Marks  1 Nov 1882Webster Co, Kentucky F17276
40 Shelton / Morehead  Abt 1884Webster Co, Kentucky F20012
41 Shelton / Berry  1885Webster Co, Kentucky F16802
42 Foster / Yates  Abt 1886Webster Co, Kentucky F16813
43 Powell / Shelton  1887Webster Co, Kentucky F20578
44 Stone / Cates  24 Feb 1887Webster Co, Kentucky F19879
45 Wilson / Yates  May 1893Webster Co, Kentucky F20582
46 Stone / Crain  8 May 1895Webster Co, Kentucky F32984
47 Willoughby / Shelton  17 Sep 1895Webster Co, Kentucky F16799
48 Majors / Shelton  18 Oct 1899Webster Co, Kentucky F17188
49 Dodson / Shelton  22 Nov 1899Webster Co, Kentucky F17193
50 Frasier (Frazier, Fraser) / Stone  13 May 1900Webster Co, Kentucky F19813
51 Melton / Grayson  1901Webster Co, Kentucky F16850
52 Stone / Brinkley  5 May 1901Webster Co, Kentucky F32983
53 Shelton / Blackstone  Abt 1905Webster Co, Kentucky F16807
54 Yates / Powell  Abt 1908Webster Co, Kentucky F20580
55 Crowley / Grayson  Oct 1909Webster Co, Kentucky F16851
56 Shelton / Nance  Bef 1910Webster Co, Kentucky F16805
57 Shelton / Thomas  3 Feb 1916Webster Co, Kentucky F16804
58 Shelton / Stone  1924Webster Co, Kentucky F19884
59 Powell / Powell  Abt 1925Webster Co, Kentucky F20579
60 Wilson / Yates  Abt 1930Webster Co, Kentucky F20589

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