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Acadia Parish, Louisiana



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amy, Amelia Virginia  1830Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108068
2 Andrus, Johnny Irving   I105370
3 Andrus, Joseph Wilford Jr.  26 Jan 1917Acadia Parish, Louisiana I105368
4 Bellard, Alicia  1908Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25341
5 Bellard, Annelise  1908Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25429
6 Bellard, Armand  Jan 1894Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25337
7 Bellard, Arminie B.  19 Feb 1908Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25339
8 Bellard, Ben  22 Jul 1913Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25321
9 Bellard, Caroline  Dec 1897Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25344
10 Bellard, Doris  1906Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25428
11 Bellard, Eddie Joseph  02 Aug 1927Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25309
12 Bellard, Ella M.   I25306
13 Bellard, Eurben  26 Jun 1905Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25340
14 Bellard, Eve  1900Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25427
15 Bellard, Ilia  1915Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25421
16 Bellard, Ines   I25324
17 Bellard, Irene   I25304
18 Bellard, Joyce  1931Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25312
19 Bellard, Lawrence  19 Mar 1923Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25320
20 Bellard, Lawrence J.  09 Jan 1908Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25308
21 Bellard, Leancie  1914Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25420
22 Bellard, Lois  1921Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25323
23 Bellard, Octave  1918Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25322
24 Bellard, Sidney  1911Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25419
25 Bellard, Zoya (Joan)  Nov 1895Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25338
26 Bonvillain, Whitney Joseph  15 Sep 1905Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108043
27 Guidry, Abbie   I39845
28 Guidry, August  1922Acadia Parish, Louisiana I39844
29 Hanks, Theola  21 May 1910Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108042
30 Harmon, Amelia  1834Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108064
31 Harmon, David  1810Acadia Parish, Louisiana I23247
32 Hayes, Lillie B.  22 Jan 1900Acadia Parish, Louisiana I41785
33 Hayes, Martha  6 Dec 1788Acadia Parish, Louisiana I7177
34 Hayes, Overton Cade  7 Mar 1908Acadia Parish, Louisiana I41792
35 Hoffpauir, Asa  15 Mar 1871Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27328
36 Hoffpauir, Irene  04 Jan 1849Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27409
37 Hoffpauir, Lydia  07 Dec 1857Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27425
38 Jeansonne, Francoise  5 May 1777Acadia Parish, Louisiana I13731
39 Lyons, Joanna "Annie"  01 Oct 1819Acadia Parish, Louisiana I1668
40 Morgan, Dan Albert  1832Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27197
41 Parker, James David  4 Sep 1917Acadia Parish, Louisiana I95535
42 Robinson (Robertson), William Watson  14 Jul 1853Acadia Parish, Louisiana I98380
43 Savoy, Jean  Abt 1745Acadia Parish, Louisiana I1652
44 Spell, Florence  1901Acadia Parish, Louisiana I54131
45 Spell, Vidalee   I54142
46 Welch, Cahemical John  10 Mar 1834Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108065
47 Welch, Henry Malcolm  1869Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108066


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abshire, Ursule  10 Aug 1938Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108041
2 Andrus, Joseph Wilford Jr.  20 May 1980Acadia Parish, Louisiana I105368
3 Atkinson, Joseph Francois  26 Jul 1847Acadia Parish, Louisiana I87621
4 Bellard, Charles  Aft 1910Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25335
5 Bellard, Joyce  11 Oct 1931Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25312
6 Bellard, Willis  27 May 1982Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25317
7 Clark, Annie Eliza  18 Mar 1948Acadia Parish, Louisiana I98385
8 Daigle or Jeanise, Melinda  07 Jan 1967Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25314
9 Faulk, Arleaze  1 Feb 1909Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27456
10 Faulk, Edward W.  23 Jan 1928Acadia Parish, Louisiana I105269
11 Faulk, Malenion  31 Jan 1910Acadia Parish, Louisiana I87691
12 Faulk, Walter  12 Feb 1894Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27261
13 Forman, Malinda (Melissa)  11 Mar 1939Acadia Parish, Louisiana I26874
14 Green, Lorena Mae  8 Jun 1921Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108067
15 Hargraves, Anastasie Aspasie  Aft 1900Acadia Parish, Louisiana I21336
16 Harmon, Amelia  1871Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108064
17 Harrington, Elizabeth  1856Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27262
18 Hoffpauir, Ephraim Jr.  29 Jun 1922Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27378
19 Hoffpauir, Lillian  Feb 1912Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27449
20 Hoffpauir, Lorina (Leaze)  13 Feb 1867Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27439
21 Hoffpauir, Samuel  16 Nov 1959Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27384
22 Jones, Telespore "Telles"  1894Acadia Parish, Louisiana I28056
23 Laughlin, Joseph Milton  23 Feb 1892Acadia Parish, Louisiana I33556
24 Laughlin, Vestie  13 Aug 1949Acadia Parish, Louisiana I33554
25 Lavergne, Lucia  Aft 1910Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25336
26 Lejeune, Siphroyen  17 Feb 1910Acadia Parish, Louisiana I25371
27 Lejeune (Young), Hypolite (son?)  Abt 1887Acadia Parish, Louisiana I106810
28 Lyons, Daniel  3 Nov 1904Acadia Parish, Louisiana I7767
29 Lyons, Lydia  25 Jun 1927Acadia Parish, Louisiana I7765
30 Marceaux, Eugenia  20 Feb 1959Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27385
31 McCleland, Octavia Leland  1898Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27421
32 Richard, Theodule  30 Mar 1887Acadia Parish, Louisiana I7473
33 Richard, Victoria  15 Oct 1940Acadia Parish, Louisiana I105363
34 Richard, Victoria  15 Oct 1940Acadia Parish, Louisiana I105365
35 Robinson (Robertson), William Watson  19 Jan 1930Acadia Parish, Louisiana I98380
36 Sarver, Raymond  1950Acadia Parish, Louisiana I48303
37 Simon, Alicia  1956Acadia Parish, Louisiana I68899
38 Stutes, Wallace (son of who?)  13 Feb 1916Acadia Parish, Louisiana I105284
39 Stutes (Stout), Joseph Sidney  22 Aug 1929Acadia Parish, Louisiana I101433
40 Waggoner (Wagner), Amy  22 Mar 1978Acadia Parish, Louisiana I105352
41 Welch, Cahemical John  10 Jan 1913Acadia Parish, Louisiana I108065
42 Young, John Wesley  Bef 30 Jan 1924Acadia Parish, Louisiana I24082


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clark, Clara Edith  Acadia Parish, Louisiana I27438


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Guidry, Michael  1930Acadia Parish, Louisiana I35466
2 Hayes, Martha J.  1930Acadia Parish, Louisiana I41797
3 Lyons, Daniel  1900Acadia Parish, Louisiana I7767


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Forman, Edward* (son? speculation)  1794Acadia Parish, Louisiana I1654
2 Hayes, Bosman Jr  1860Acadia Parish, Louisiana I7417


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Forman, Dennis  3 Apr 1893Acadia Parish, Louisiana I26875


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hayes, William* "Guillermo" II (son?)  Bef 1784Acadia Parish, Louisiana I1555


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bellard / Bellard  Abt 1880Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9067
2 Bellard / Blanchard  Abt 1930Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9037
3 Bellard / Daigle or Jeanise  1897Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9034
4 Bellard / Janise  1910Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9039
5 Bellard / Lejeune  Abt 1926Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9066
6 Breaux / Istre  30 Oct 1901Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9169
7 Hayes / Richard  Abt 1897Acadia Parish, Louisiana F13965
8 Hoffpauir / Andrus  18 Jun 1966Acadia Parish, Louisiana F35590
9 Hoffpauir / Boulet  20 Jan 1898Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9619
10 Hoffpauir / Marceaux  22 Aug 1903Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9600
11 Morgan / Wagner  28 Apr 1925Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9531
12 Richard / Hoffpauir  2 Dec 1905Acadia Parish, Louisiana F35588
13 Robinson (Robertson) / Gielen  19 Mar 1885Acadia Parish, Louisiana F33053
14 Spell / Spell  Abt 1932Acadia Parish, Louisiana F17724
15 Stout / Hoffpauir  17 Sep 1888Acadia Parish, Louisiana F9601
16 Welch / Green  17 Nov 1892Acadia Parish, Louisiana F36609

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