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Albemarle Co, Virginia


Latitude: 38.0567092, Longitude: -78.6114999


Matches 1 to 66 of 66

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bates, Mary T. "Polly"  8 Oct 1808Albemarle Co, Virginia I101509
2 Bates, Robert Sr.  1766Albemarle Co, Virginia I101505
3 Bates, Robert Jr.  16 Jan 1786Albemarle Co, Virginia I101507
4 Bates, Mrs. Susanna (..)  1770Albemarle Co, Virginia I101506
5 Berry, Sanford  1762Albemarle Co, Virginia I85682
6 Blankenship, Barsheba  28 Dec 1853Albemarle Co, Virginia I79262
7 Coffey, Smith W.  1776Albemarle Co, Virginia I88643
8 Denny, Azariah  Abt 1760Albemarle Co, Virginia I55452
9 Denny, William  1750Albemarle Co, Virginia I55510
10 Driver, Elizabeth  1751Albemarle Co, Virginia I52694
11 Furlong, Elizabeth  1780Albemarle Co, Virginia I20885
12 Gentry, Mary (dau of who?)  31 May 1807Albemarle Co, Virginia I99221
13 Gilliam, Rebecca  23 Nov 1750Albemarle Co, Virginia I97641
14 Goode, Elizabeth  1740Albemarle Co, Virginia I72750
15 Gordon, John  1772Albemarle Co, Virginia I36841
16 Grubbs, Anna  23 Jun 1766Albemarle Co, Virginia I10713
17 Haggard, Elizabeth  18 Jan 1784Albemarle Co, Virginia I64222
18 Hall, Nathaniel  13 Mar 1749Albemarle Co, Virginia I356
19 Harbour, Lavinia  1720Albemarle Co, Virginia I73693
20 Harris, Mourning  4 Jun 1754Albemarle Co, Virginia I86933
21 Harvie, Colonel John Jr.  1742Albemarle Co, Virginia I47752
22 Jones, David  23 Apr 1784Albemarle Co, Virginia I79265
23 Jones, Hezekiah  24 Nov 1778Albemarle Co, Virginia  I66041
24 Jones, James  1724Albemarle Co, Virginia I79268
25 Jones, John  8 May 1750Albemarle Co, Virginia I79261
26 Jones, John M.  17 Oct 1780Albemarle Co, Virginia I79263
27 Jones, Mosias  1750Albemarle Co, Virginia I86926
28 Jones, Pleasant  20 Sep 1782Albemarle Co, Virginia I79264
29 Jones, Russell I  1745Albemarle Co, Virginia I83074
30 Jones, Stephen  1773Albemarle Co, Virginia I85443
31 Jones, Thomas J. (son of who?)  22 Jun 1777Albemarle Co, Virginia I80983
32 Jones, William Beasley  1775Albemarle Co, Virginia I91872
33 Kirby, Judith Elizabeth  1794Albemarle Co, Virginia I104529
34 Melton, Hannah  18 Jan 1779Albemarle Co, Virginia I52210
35 Melton, John Jr.  1747Albemarle Co, Virginia I52693
36 Melton, John  21 Jun 1753Albemarle Co, Virginia I52193
37 Monroe, Judge Thomas Bell  7 Oct 1791Albemarle Co, Virginia I91550
38 Oates, Nancy  1782Albemarle Co, Virginia I81921
39 Oglesby, Charles Mathew  17 Aug 1801Albemarle Co, Virginia I81665
40 Oglesby, Elizabeth  Bef 1780Albemarle Co, Virginia I81653
41 Oglesby, Frances  25 Mar 1796Albemarle Co, Virginia I81663
42 Oglesby, John Bailey  22 Sep 1790Albemarle Co, Virginia I81661
43 Oglesby, Maria  7 Nov 1798Albemarle Co, Virginia I81664
44 Oglesby, Martha  Abt 1784Albemarle Co, Virginia I81656
45 Oglesby, Martha Ann  9 Aug 1811Albemarle Co, Virginia I81668
46 Oglesby, Mary Christian  24 Oct 1780Albemarle Co, Virginia I81654
47 Oglesby, Mildred  Abt 1786Albemarle Co, Virginia I81657
48 Oglesby, Pleasant Bailey  15 Mar 1766Albemarle Co, Virginia I81659
49 Oglesby, Susannah  Abt 1788Albemarle Co, Virginia I81658
50 Oglesby, Tarlton Woodson  13 Jan 1793Albemarle Co, Virginia I81662
51 Perry, Elizabeth  1774Albemarle Co, Virginia I101508
52 Randolph, Lucy  1780Albemarle Co, Virginia I37296
53 Ruberson, Jennings "Jenny"  1791Albemarle Co, Virginia I88851
54 Shelton, Col. Abraham Cooper Sr.  1737Albemarle Co, Virginia I50797
55 Smith, Elizabeth Margaret  1744Albemarle Co, Virginia I88649
56 Suddarth (or Southard), Sarah  Abt 1720Albemarle Co, Virginia I55456
57 Sutherland, Diannah  1773Albemarle Co, Virginia I20881
58 Thurmond, Susannah  1766Albemarle Co, Virginia I72751
59 Wheeler, Mary "Polly"  1771Albemarle Co, Virginia I100617
60 Whittington, John Jr.  1724Albemarle Co, Virginia I97644
61 Woods, Andrew Jr.  1759Albemarle Co, Virginia I56450
62 Woods, Elizabeth  1753Albemarle Co, Virginia I56447
63 Woods, James Sr.  1751Albemarle Co, Virginia I56446
64 Woods, Martha  1761Albemarle Co, Virginia I56451
65 Woods, Rebecca  1755Albemarle Co, Virginia I56448
66 Woods, Robert  1757Albemarle Co, Virginia I56449


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Coffey, John  31 Mar 1775Albemarle Co, Virginia I88647
2 Craig, Thomas  16 Apr 1798Albemarle Co, Virginia I63666
3 Harris, Mary  12 Sep 1846Albemarle Co, Virginia I86922
4 Jameson, Jane  2 Jun 1800Albemarle Co, Virginia I63667
5 Jones, John  1798Albemarle Co, Virginia I74171
6 Jones, Robert  2 Oct 1766Albemarle Co, Virginia I85449
7 Mullins, Matthew  1786Albemarle Co, Virginia I97063
8 Poague, Robert  1788Albemarle Co, Virginia I56458
9 Smith, Elizabeth Margaret  1776Albemarle Co, Virginia I88649
10 Woodroffe, Sarah  Aft 1758Albemarle Co, Virginia I97645


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  11 Aug 1757Albemarle Co, Virginia I5772
2 Doak, Ann* (Immigrant)  11 Aug 1757Albemarle Co, Virginia I5773


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Oglesby, Jacob^ Y-DNA-step 2 match  18 Dec 1790Albemarle Co, Virginia I50742


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bates / Bates  Albemarle Co, Virginia F34218
2 Bates / Perry  14 May 1807Albemarle Co, Virginia F34219
3 Coffey / Smith  1762Albemarle Co, Virginia F29437
4 Gambill / Jouette  21 Jun 1761Albemarle Co, Virginia F17962
5 Haggard / Randolph  Abt 1766Albemarle Co, Virginia F12790
6 Jones / Blankenship  1775Albemarle Co, Virginia F25787
7 Melton / Jones  Abt 1771Albemarle Co, Virginia F17103
8 Melton / Melton  1775Albemarle Co, Virginia F17114
9 Melton / White  1748Albemarle Co, Virginia F17107
10 Moffett / Woodson  17 Nov 1774Albemarle Co, Virginia F14140
11 Oglesby / Gillum  14 Dec 1787Albemarle Co, VIrginia F26691
12 Randolph / Gentry  1777Albemarle Co, Virginia F12792
13 Stone / Ashley  16 May 1776Albemarle Co, Virginia F11619
14 Thurmond / Goode  Abt 1765Albemarle Co, Virginia F23561