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Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas


Latitude: 29.7730001, Longitude: -94.6826961


Sherman Family of Chambers County
Sherman Family of Chambers County (14)
Jacob Haven Sherman, Sr.,and wife Rebecca Stebbins Sherman left NY with their ever growing young family in about 1828 to began a journey lasting over a quarter a century and to cover over 2,000 miles. Jacob died while they were in St. Louis in 1850, but Rebecca and by then grown children and grandchildren traveled on till they reached Chambers County in 1855. This record is in honor of Amanda Sherman, my great-grandmother and granddaughter of this wonderful Pioneer Family.


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arterberry, Debra Ann   I6350
2 Barrow, Beula Mae  17 May 1919Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I21427
3 Barrow, Solomon Wesley  29 Apr 1918Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I34411
4 Broussard, Juana Marie  16 Aug 1917Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I24569
5 Harmon, (daughter)  30 Dec 1918Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I38800
6 Lee, Nancy Elizabeth   I18032
7 Scherer, Simien Samuel  4 Jun 1880Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I47206
8 Sherman, Betty Raye   I6338
9 Sherman, Ester Louise   I6317
10 Sherman, Ezra  9 Sep 1888Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6372
11 Sherman, Hoyle Wortham  21 Jan 1911Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6313
12 Sherman, Inez  10 Oct 1893Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6375
13 Sherman, Leverett Brockman "Leo"  3 Jul 1911Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I7071
14 Sherman, Lillian Ruth  2 May 1932Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6344
15 Sherman, Lyle  28 Jan 1916Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6315
16 Sherman, Marguerite "Dimmie"  10 Jun 1891Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6373
17 Sherman, Mary Fay  21 Nov 1917Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6316
18 Sherman, Norma Neva  29 Dec 1908Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6306
19 Sherman, Norman "Normie"  22 Oct 1882Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I114
20 Sherman, Roy Grandin  11 Feb 1920Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I34385
21 Sterling, James Bennett III   I6340
22 Townsend, Katheryn Mae   I6335
23 White, Mary Ann  24 Jan 1850Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I80
24 Whittington, George Oscar  17 Jul 1873Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I74766


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Daniel Godair  1 Nov 1904Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I89160
2 Barnes, Bernice Shelton  16 Aug 1980Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6289
3 Barnes, Bessie  11 Sep 1958Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6211
4 Barrow, Ralph James  15 Jul 1958Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I34410
5 Briggs, Bertha Nell  05 Jan 1960Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I26573
6 Broussard, James Earl Jr.  01 Jan 1932Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I26445
7 Broussard, James Earl Sr  21 Oct 1953Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6374
8 Broussard, Lawrence Desire  11 Jun 1962Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I24433
9 Burch, Herbert L.  22 Dec 2003Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I38816
10 Carr, Jimmalou Louisa  21 Aug 1892Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I26629
11 Clark, Beatrice Maureen  8 Mar 2008Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I102118
12 Cooley, Emmett C.  27 Oct 1992Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I68896
13 Grubenman, Mary Caroline "Carrie"  12 Dec 1984Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6631
14 Harmon, (daughter)  30 Dec 1918Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I38800
15 Harmon, Alva Joshua  12 Apr 1973Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I38876
16 Hawkins, Bertha Winnie  4 Jul 1966Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I34399
17 Heiman, Douglas Ernest  23 Apr 2000Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I31344
18 Heiman, John William  17 Feb 1998Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I31347
19 Jackson, Charlotte "Lottie"  22 Nov 1918Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I31364
20 Jackson, Rachel  10 Oct 1931Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I31362
21 Johnson, Helen Emmalene  30 May 1996Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I31349
22 Jones, William Barton  18 Dec 1940Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I477
23 Knupple, Henry Lester  21 Jul 1986Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I105735
24 Lands, Martin Luther  30 Oct 1922Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I76709
25 Munger, Clara Lavinia  11 Jul 1984Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6740
26 Ness, Margaret  4 Nov 1913Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I5604
27 Scherer, Simien Samuel  15 Nov 1953Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I47206
28 Sherman, Elder Haven  15 Aug 1966Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6646
29 Sherman, Hoyle Wortham  5 Jun 1990Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6313
30 Sherman, Leverett Sylvester  1 Sep 1914Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I5615
31 Sherman, Lillian Ruth  12 Jul 1990Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6344
32 Sherman, Lyle  25 Feb 1916Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6315
33 Sherman, Marguerite "Dimmie"  13 Dec 1968Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6373
34 Sherman, Mary Fay  Bef 31 Jan 2003Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6316
35 Sherman, Norman "Normie"  5 Oct 1969Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I114
36 Sherman, Winnie Elma  12 Jan 1964Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6645
37 Silva, Arthur  28 May 1973Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6630
38 Silva, Frank Clark  5 Apr 1964Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6272
39 Silva, Warren  9 Dec 1963Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6623
40 Sosby, Agnes Winifred  30 Apr 1971Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I31343
41 Stephenson, Adell Janetti  12 Jan 1924Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I58368
42 Stephenson, Mary Minerva  9 Mar 1962Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I125
43 Strange, Margaret  5 Jun 1957Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I38768
44 Townsend, William Normie  Mar 1982Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I6321
45 Trail, Jesse James Sr  12 Jan 1950Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I7109
46 Trail, Jesse James Jr.   I44141
47 Weaver, Benjamin  22 Jun 1951Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I38775
48 White, Mary Ann  20 Dec 1867Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I80
49 White, Mayes (MU)  28 Jan 1946Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I26411
50 Wingate, Estella  02 Aug 1972Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I22005


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Dockens, Norma Talmage  Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I105736
2 Knupple, Henry Lester  Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I105735
3 White, Estella E. "Stella" (MU)  Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I26407
4 White, Mayes (MU)  29 Jan 1946Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I26411


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Weaver, Clifton Orlie  1993Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas I38793


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Albritton / Sherman  24 Jan 1916Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2972
2 Arterberry / Sherman  20 Mar 1952Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2693
3 Barnes / Miles  6 Aug 1955Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2671
4 Clark / Lee  19 Sep 1975Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F6650
5 Clark / Sherman  26 Jul 1911Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2799
6 Dick / Sherman  19 Apr 1883Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F47
7 Fourcade / Sherman  28 May 1979Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2683
8 Franssen / Barrow  11 Feb 1917Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F31398
9 Friday / Sherman  14 Mar 1914Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F101
10 Heiman / Walter  1844Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F8803
11 Morris / Sherman  Abt 1915Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2705
12 Scales / LaFour  26 Oct 1913Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2796
13 Sherman / Munger  20 Dec 1911Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2798
14 Wiggins / Barnes  9 Apr 1912Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2647
15 Wiggins / Barnes  15 May 1924Anahuac, Chambers Co, Texas F2661