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Anne Arundel Co, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barber, Elizabeth  1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45510
2 Beard, John  Abt 1653Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96374
3 Beard, Rachel  Abt 1650Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96385
4 Beard, Rebecca*  Abt 1657Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96317
5 Beard, Richard Jr.  Abt 1651Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96373
6 Beddenfield, Eastor  Abt 1710Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96378
7 Beddenfield, George  Bef 13 Mar 1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96379
8 Beddenfield, Mary Ann  Abt 1707Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96377
9 Beddingfield (or Beddenfield), Anthony  1671Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96375
10 Bettenfield (or Beddenfield), Elizabeth  29 Oct 1705Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96258
11 Bishop, Elisha  1760Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45501
12 Bishop, John  1785Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45515
13 Bishop, Thomas  1709Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45509
14 Bishop, Thomas John  1731Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45511
15 Bouton, Sarah  1735Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45512
16 Brent, Anne  17 Apr 1777Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I20702
17 Carrol, Eleanor  Abt 1635Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55299
18 Carroll, Eleanor  17 Sep 1791Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I20703
19 Carroll, William Thomas  2 Mar 1802Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I20707
20 Cheney, Alice  Bef 5 Dec 1732Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96457
21 Cheney, Anne  18 May 1691Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96428
22 Cheney, Benjamin  10 Oct 1687Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96446
23 Cheney, Burgess  Bef 13 Aug 1727Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96456
24 Cheney, Charles  6 Jun 1673Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96333
25 Cheney, Charles III  Bef 2 Jun 1723Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96501
26 Cheney, Dinah  Bef 25 Sep 1710Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96493
27 Cheney, Dorcas  15 Feb 1725Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96502
28 Cheney, Elinor  Bef 18 Oct 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96470
29 Cheney, Eliza (or Elizabeth)  5 Oct 1732Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96506
30 Cheney, Elizabeth  1652Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96353
31 Cheney, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1688Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96447
32 Cheney, Elizabeth  Bef 19 Oct 1700Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96466
33 Cheney, Elizabeth  1709Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96329
34 Cheney, Elizabeth  28 Jan 1722Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96454
35 Cheney, Ezekiel  25 May 1727Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96503
36 Cheney, Greenberry (Greenbury)  Abt 1705Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96335
37 Cheney, Hannah  8 May 1697Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96448
38 Cheney, Jacob  Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96336
39 Cheney, Jeremiah  16 Jan 1732Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96504
40 Cheney, John Jr.  22 Dec 1719Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96453
41 Cheney, John  8 Mar 1862Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96444
42 Cheney, Joseph  25 May 1686Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96445
43 Cheney, Kathryn  1679Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96357
44 Cheney, Lewis  Bef 6 Apr 1724Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96473
45 Cheney, Lucretia  Bef 24 Jun 1721Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96455
46 Cheney, Mary  3 Aug 1688Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96442
47 Cheney, Mary  Bef 28 Jul 1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96331
48 Cheney, Mary  2 Apr 1735Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96463
49 Cheney, Mary Ann  1708Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96337
50 Cheney, Moses  20 Mar 1706Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96469
51 Cheney, Rachel  Abt 1710Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96330
52 Cheney, Rachel  Abt 1720Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96475
53 Cheney, Rebecca  1721Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96332
54 Cheney, Rebecca  Aft 1722Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96476
55 Cheney, Richard III  8 Mar 1683Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96443
56 Cheney, Richard "the elder" Jr.  Between 1649 and 1658Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96351
57 Cheney, Richard "the younger"  1682Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96328
58 Cheney, Ruth  Abt 1700Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96451
59 Cheney, Ruth  16 Mar 1702Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96468
60 Cheney, Samuel  25 Sep 1694Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96441
61 Cheney, Sarah  Abt 1675Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96403
62 Cheney, Sarah  4 Oct 1698Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96465
63 Cheney, Sarah  Bef 18 Oct 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96472
64 Cheney, Susannah  22 Aug 1700Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96449
65 Cheney, Susannah  Bef 5 Mar 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96474
66 Cheney, Thomas Jr.  Bef 19 Oct 1700Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96467
67 Childs, Ruth  Abt 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96425
68 Clark, Neal Jr.  Abt 1664Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96383
69 Dillingham, Joshua  21 Mar 1742Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I91770
70 Dillingham, William Sr.  16 Jan 1714Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I56229
71 Gardner, John Henry Harrison  4 Jul 1840Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I65239
72 Hammond (or Roper), Mary Katherine  1670Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55265
73 Hawkins, Matthew  Abt 1662Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I54951
74 Higgins, Hannah  1756Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45514
75 Hinton, Thomas Phillip  1693Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I59704
76 Hinton, William  1667Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I59977
77 Hopper, John  1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96346
78 Hopper, Robert  Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96342
79 Hopper, Thomas  18 Feb 1685Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96344
80 Howard, Abner  28 Feb 1701Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64401
81 Howard, Cornelius  1740Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I10946
82 Howard, Gent John  Abt 1690Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64396
83 Howard, Henry  Abt 1697Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64400
84 Howard, James  Abt 1697Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61284
85 Howard, John  Abt 1698Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55314
86 Howard, Capt John Norwood  1667Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55309
87 Howard, Matthew III  Abt 1669Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64391
88 Howard, Patience Deborah  Abt 1670Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55302
89 Howard, Priscilla  Abt 1696Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61539
90 Howard, Rachel  1699Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I59811
91 Howard, Ruth  Abt 1664Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55308
92 Howard, Samuel  Abt 1674Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64394
93 Howard, Samuel  Abt 1692Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61546
94 Howard, Sarah  Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61666
95 Howard, Sarah  Abt 1670Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64392
96 Howard, Sarah  Abt 1691Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61153
97 Howard, Sophia  23 May 1727Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I56583
98 Howard, Susan  Abt 1662Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55307
99 Iiams, Cassandra  20 Sep 1722Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96414
100 Iiams, Charity  Abt 1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96426

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cheney, Alice  5 Dec 1732Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96457
2 Cheney, Burgess  13 Aug 1727Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96456
3 Cheney, Charles III  2 Jun 1723Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96501
4 Cheney, Dinah  25 Sep 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96493
5 Cheney, Elinor  18 Oct 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96470
6 Cheney, Elizabeth  19 Oct 1700Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96466
7 Cheney, Elizabeth  12 Sep 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96329
8 Cheney, Elizabeth  3 Mar 1722Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96454
9 Cheney, Greenberry (Greenbury)  14 Sep 1713Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96335
10 Cheney, Hannah  4 Sep 1698Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96448
11 Cheney, John Jr.  21 Feb 1720Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96453
12 Cheney, Lewis  6 Apr 1724Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96473
13 Cheney, Lucretia  24 Jun 1721Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96455
14 Cheney, Mary  28 Jul 1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96331
15 Cheney, Rachel  12 Sep 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96330
16 Cheney, Rebecca  24 Jun 1721Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96332
17 Cheney, Rebecca  13 Aug 1727Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96303
18 Cheney, Ruth  29 Jul 1703Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96468
19 Cheney, Samuel  4 Sep 1698Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96441
20 Cheney, Sarah  20 Jul 1699Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96465
21 Cheney, Susannah  7 Sep 1701Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96449
22 Cheney, Susannah  5 Mar 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96474
23 Cheney, Thomas Jr.  19 Oct 1700Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96467
24 Iiams, John  6 Aug 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96422
25 Iiams, Plummer  6 Aug 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96424
26 Iiams, Thomas  24 Feb 1709Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96421
27 Nicholson, Benjamin  3 Apr 1724Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96439
28 Nicholson, John III  14 Jul 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96433
29 Nicholson, Joseph  28 Jul 1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96436
30 Nicholson, Sarah  28 Jul 1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96438
31 Phelps, William Jr.  12 Sep 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96461


Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Elizabeth  1788Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45510
2 Beard, John  2 May 1679Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96374
3 Beard, Richard (immigrant)  Aft 1668Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96369
4 Beddingfield (or Beddenfield), Anthony  1740Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96375
5 Bettenfield (or Beddenfield), Elizabeth  1790Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96258
6 Boyce, Anne Rogers  1837Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I20704
7 Brent, Anne  1805Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I20702
8 Cheney, Anne  Bef 13 Oc 1713Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96428
9 Cheney, Charity (..)  Abt 1669Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96350
10 Cheney, Charles  1745Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96333
11 Cheney, Dinah  Bef 1744Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96493
12 Cheney, Elizabeth  Aft 1725Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96353
13 Cheney, Elizabeth (..)  Jun 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96491
14 Cheney, Richard III  Mar 1716Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96443
15 Cheney, Richard "the elder" Jr.  Bef 6 Dec 1704Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96351
16 Cheney, Richard "the younger"  Mar 1716Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96328
17 Cheney, Samuel  Aft 1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96441
18 Cheney, Sarah  Bef 16 Nov 1765Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96472
19 Clark, Neal Sr.  Bef 3 Jul 1678Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96384
20 Clark, Neal Jr.  Aft 1724Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96383
21 Clarke, Daniel  Aft 2 Oct 1696Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96430
22 Duvall, Capt. John  19 Apr 1711Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96387
23 Grosse, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  Bef 1675Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96322
24 Hall, Anne Evans  Bef 1659Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55289
25 Higgins, Hannah  1802Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I45514
26 Howard, Gideon  Bef 23 Jul 1752Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64398
27 Howard, John Sr.  Between 30 Dec 1695 and 13 May 1696Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55294
28 Howard, John  06 Dec 1702Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64389
29 Howard, Capt John Norwood  1704Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55309
30 Howard, Matthew III  1700Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I64391
31 Howard, Matthew "of the Severn" Sr.  4 Sep 1659Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I5350
32 Howard, Philip  2 Feb 1700Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55301
33 Howard, Philip  Between 25 Jul 1701 and 24 Feb 1702Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55297
34 Howard, Priscilla  27 Jan 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61539
35 Howard, Rachel  1764Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I59811
36 Howard, Samuel  bett 28 Feb 1702 and 9 Nov 1703Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55295
37 Howard, Sarah  1681Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61666
38 Howard, Mrs. Sarah (..) (m this Philip?)  Aft 1720Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61460
39 Iiams, William Jr.  1738Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96404
40 Jones, Ann  Aft 14 Sep 1713Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96334
41 Jones, Elizabeth  Aft 1716Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96386
42 Jones, Jane  Aft 1724Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96382
43 Mobberly, John* Sr. (immigrant)  Abt 1727Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I14562
44 Mobberly, Reason  1791Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I14729
45 Mobberly, Thomas Clement* Sr.  5 Aug 1769Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I14559
46 Nicholson, Rachel  Abt 1721Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96327
47 Norwood, Susannah  1685Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55298
48 Pattison, Gilbert  5 Jan 1699Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96339
49 Phelps, William  Bef 20 Aug 1748Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96458
50 Phelps, William Jr.  Bef 30 Oct 1765Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96461
51 Skinner, Alice  Aft 1727Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I5383
52 Trogdon (or Throgden, Hogdon), Thomas  1701Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96380
53 Warfield, Benjamin  1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96389
54 Warner, Sarah  Jun 1712Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I5633
55 Welsh, Major/High Sheriff John  1686Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96320
56 Westhall, Sarah  14 Sep 1713Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96391


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cheney, Elizabeth (..)  7 Jun 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96491
2 Cheney, Richard III  Mar 1716Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96443
3 Cheney, Richard "the elder" Jr.  6 Dec 1704Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96351


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Cheney, Richard "the elder" Jr.  20 Apr 1679Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96351
2 Jacob, John  20 Apr 1679Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96402


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cheney, Richard Sr. (immigrant)  2 Jul 1649Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I96310
2 Howard, Matthew "of the Severn" Sr.  1649Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I5350


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Howard, Capt John Norwood  23 Feb 1704Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55309
2 Howard, Priscilla  1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I61539
3 Howard, Samuel  9 Nov 1703Anne Arundel Co, Maryland I55295


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chaney (or Cheney) / Gassaway  Abt 1759Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F6483
2 Cheney / Cheney  Between 1713 and 1718Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32454
3 Cheney / Cheney  23 Jun 1719Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32453
4 Cheney / Cheney  16 Nov 1725Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32397
5 Cheney / Donaldson  16 Feb 1745Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32451
6 Cheney / Hopper  7 Jun 1716Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32387
7 Cheney / Nicholson  7 Dec 1707Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32395
8 Cheney / Nicholson  11 Dec 1707Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32443
9 Cheney / Pindell  Between 1665 and 1670Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32388
10 Cheney / Rydell  Abt 1675Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32406
11 Cheney / Tylley  22 Sep 1709Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32445
12 Cheney / Westhall  19 Aug 1697Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32424
13 Cunningham / Howard  Abt 1710Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F12927
14 Deale / Cheney  Aft 1745Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32456
15 Duke / Ricketts  Bef 1765Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F1313
16 Duvall / Iiams  18 Jun 1697Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32439
17 Duvall / Jones  17 Aug 1685Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32420
18 Ellis / Welsh  Aft 1686Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32394
19 Fowler / Iiams  15 Oct 1696Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32441
20 Hatton / Cheney  17 May 1733Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32452
21 Hopkins / Mobberly  30 Oct 1777Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F6099
22 Hopper / Nicholson  Abt 1731Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32403
23 Hopper / Pattison  Abt 1715Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32400
24 Howard / Carrol  Aft 1687Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F18151
25 Howard / Carroll  17 Sep 1732Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F29043
26 Howard / Dorsey  Bef 07 May 1667Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F20776
27 Howard / Hammond (or Roper)  Abt 1683Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F18136
28 Howard / Howard  Abt 1714Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F12994
29 Howard / Norwood  Abt 1665Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F18150
30 Howard / Rockhould  Abt 1688Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F20838
31 Howard / Taylor  Abt 1717Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F13140
32 Howard / Warner  1655Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F18152
33 Howard / Warner  1690Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F2379
34 Iiams / Cheney  16 Jan 1706Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32436
35 Iiams / Childs  Abt 1738Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32434
36 Iiams / Iiams  Aft 1713Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32437
37 Iiams / Jones  9 Oct 1720Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32430
38 Iiams / Jones  Abt 1738Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32433
39 Iiams / Plummer  27 Aug 1696Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32429
40 Joyce / Cheney  22 Apr 1716Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32444
41 Mackelfish / Cheney  11 Jan 1727Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32449
42 Macubbin / Howard  Abt 1685Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F18153
43 Nicholson / Beard  Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32390
44 Nicholson / Iiams  23 Dec 1708Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32440
45 Pattison / Jones  Abt 1692Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32399
46 Phelps / Cheney  1 Dec 1702Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32442
47 Phelps / Cheney  8 Aug 1706Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32446
48 Pinkney / Howard  Aft 1705Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F13235
49 Puntany / Parrish  Abt 1722Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F11048
50 Ricketts / Cheney  Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32398
51 Ricketts / Cheney  19 Aug 1742Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32386
52 Ricketts / Powell  29 Feb 1728Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F33561
53 Ridgely / Skinner  Abt 1673Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F20777
54 Trogdon (or Throgden, Hogdon) / Jones  Abt 1694Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32417
55 Waters / Iiams  28 Jan 1724Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32435
56 Welsh / Nicholson  Abt 1701Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32391
57 Welsh / Welsh  1675Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32392
58 Williams / Cheney  Abt 1737Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32404
59 Worthington / Howard  Bef 1689Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F20839
60 Wright / Iiams  22 Dec 1726Anne Arundel Co, Maryland F32432

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