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Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana


Latitude: 30.983495994131456, Longitude: -92.06113815307617


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armand, Amanda L.  1862Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25256
2 Armand, Beatrice  Jan 1883Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25242
3 Armand, Charles  Aug 1890Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25244
4 Armand, Delphin Louis  03 Mar 1879Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25225
5 Armand, Delphine  Sep 1899Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25249
6 Armand, Edgar L  May 1895Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25246
7 Armand, Herbert  16 Feb 1908Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25236
8 Armand, Homere  06 Oct 1845Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25278
9 Armand, Joseph L.  Aug 1897Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25247
10 Armand, Lehman Lee  Mar 1893Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25245
11 Armand, Louise B.  21 Jul 1878Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25280
12 Armand, Lue  1858Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25255
13 Armand, Pierre Luke  1857Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25252
14 Armand, Robert  Jul 1886Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25243
15 Armand, Rose  Sep 1899Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25248
16 Armand, Victor  Mar 1881Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25241
17 Armand, William  1860Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25253
18 Cantey, Anna  Oct 1803Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13784
19 Cantey, Easter  25 Feb 1802Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13783
20 Cantey, George  Aug 1809Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13790
21 Cantey, James Jr  22 Oct 1800Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13782
22 Cantey, James Jr2  Jun 1807Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13789
23 Cantey, Susanne  Jul 1805Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13788
24 Chenevert, Aimee Edvise  17 Jun 1816Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25267
25 Clark, Daniel  6 Sep 1806Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13774
26 Clark, James  15 Jan 1800Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13772
27 Clark, Maria  14 Feb 1799Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13769
28 Clark, Patrick  15 Aug 1796Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13767
29 Ducote, Marie Octavie  Aug 1851Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25269
30 Hooter, Michael  9 Apr 1791Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13886
31 Jeansonne, Aurelien  21 May 1814Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25266
32 Jeansonne, Jean Pierre Honest "Ones"  09 Apr 1854Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25273
33 Jeansonne, Louis J.  25 Aug 1849Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25268
34 Jeansonne, Neuville  30 Dec 1820Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25271
35 Jeansonne, Ogere  15 Dec 1889Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25275
36 Laborde, Rosalie  1823Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25272
37 Smith, Louise  Jun 1854Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I85156
38 Wade, Augustin  15 Oct 1798Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13779
39 Wade, Patience  1802Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13780
40 Wade, Sarah  25 Jul 1800Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13781
41 White, Asa Jr  Jul 1805Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13903
42 White, Lewis Taylor  11 Feb 1853Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I85148
43 White, Mary  16 Apr 1803Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13902


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armand, Rosalie (Lodai)  Bef 1884Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25289
2 Clark, James (Jacobo)  Bef 15 Nov 1804Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I7597
3 Clark, Patrick  Abt 1809Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13770
4 Holt, David  Abt 1820Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I28707
5 Holt, Elizabeth  Bef 1860Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I32018
6 Hooter, Joseph  1809Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13883
7 Jeansonne, Aurelien  11 Aug 1909Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25266
8 Jeansonne, Charles  29 Feb 1864Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13740
9 Jeansonne, Neuville  30 Sep 1871Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25271
10 Kimble, Mary Barbara  22 Dec 1797Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13885
11 Laborde, Rosalie  Aft 1872Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25272
12 Paul, Mary "Polly"  Abt 1814Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I28712
13 Seimann, Curt Joseph "Doo"  Sep 1974Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25296


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cantey, Anna  16 Nov 1803Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13784
2 Cantey, Easter  14 May 1802Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13783
3 Cantey, George  19 Nov 1809Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13790
4 Cantey, James Jr  18 Feb 1801Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13782
5 Cantey, James Jr2  22 Nov 1807Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13789
6 Cantey, Susanne  6 Sep 1806Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13788
7 Clark, Hilaire (Eli)  24 Jul 1811Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13846
8 Clark, James  12 Apr 1801Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13772
9 Clark, Maria  20 Mar 1799Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13769
10 Clark, Patrick  20 Nov 1796Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13767
11 Clark, Susanna  28 Mar 1803Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13773
12 Wade, Patience  14 Aug 1803Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13780
13 Wade, Sarah  19 Apr 1801Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I13781


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Armand, Delphin Louis  1930Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25225
2 Armand, Roselius  21 Jun 1860Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25239
3 Couvillon, Rose  21 Jun 1860Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana I25251


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armand / Armand  03 Jul 1902Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F9022
2 Armand / Claude  Abt 1875Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F9021
3 Armand / Gosselin  1900Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F9010
4 Armand / Lemoine  1876Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F9011
5 Cantey / Wade  Abt 1799Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F5227
6 Clark / Clark  Abt 1790Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F5269
7 Clark / Quinter (or Cantey?)  Abt 1787Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F899
8 Hooter / Clark  1790Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F5257
9 James / Clark  2 Jan 1812Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F898
10 Jeansonne / Chenevert  05 Feb 1833Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F9015
11 Jeansonne / Dauzat  Abt 1910Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F9019
12 Jeansonne / Laborde  17 Feb 1841Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F9017
13 Vinsonner / Sweat  3 Dec 1826Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F36152
14 Wade / Clark  Abt 1779Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F5228
15 White / Cantey  5 Nov 1818Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F5230
16 White / Clark  Abt 1802Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F5258
17 White / Courtney  19 Oct 1818Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana F27951

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