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Baytown, Harris Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burrell, Jeremy Scott   I2283
2 Carter, Chanci   I6685
3 Cook, Claude Newman Jr   I6536
4 Cook, Shiela Rene   I6537
5 Harrington, Raleigh Ray Jr.  24 Feb 1927Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98366
6 Harris, Kark Wesley   I6671
7 Mullens, Robert Darrell Jr   I6415
8 Mullens, Stephanie Ann   I6416
9 Munger, Charlotte Lynn   I6689
10 Raiford, Kathleen Yvonne   I6496
11 Raiford, Nancy Diana   I6502
12 Russo, Jared Jeriah Thomas   I8481
13 Russo, Michal Laurie  22 Jul 1978Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I8480
14 Sapp, Deborah J'nene   I6486
15 Sapp, Jeri-Lynn Maree   I6490
16 Sherman, Billy Earl   I6457
17 Sherman, David Lee   I6458
18 Sherman, Lance Daniel   I6460
19 Sherman, Marian Yvonne  1 May 1931Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I6471
20 Smith, Maurice Everett   I6479
21 Stepleton, Shirley Mae   I6456
22 Sterling, Jennifer Suzanne   I6346
23 Sterling, Philip Hamilton   I6347
24 Watkins, Daniel Maurice Jr   I6498
25 Welch, Joseph Patrick   I6738
26 White, Amy Heather   I6392
27 White, Caleb Michael   I6393
28 White, John F.   I6386
29 White, Michael   I6387
30 Yount, Mary Ann   I6308


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Jesse West  29 Sep 1969Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I59487
2 Barrow, Forrest Albert  13 Feb 1960Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I53910
3 Bartel, Doris Marie  21 Mar 1986Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I59486
4 Carter, Clarence Bernard "CB"  11 Apr 2001Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I34382
5 Carter, William Chancy  12 Oct 1993Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I6673
6 Clark, Manson Lee  6 Aug 1986Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98352
7 Cook, Victor Brown  8 Jul 2007Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I101549
8 Cramer, Robert Harem  13 Mar 1989Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I7121
9 Dockens, Norma Talmage  1 Jun 2015Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I105736
10 Downs, Morgan Inman  14 Jul 1993Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I769
11 Dunman, James Lon  31 Mar 1957Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I24635
12 Fannett, Comelia  23 Jun 1981Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98353
13 Fisher, Bertram Ethridge  20 Aug 1969Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98363
14 Forman, J.C.  Aft 1929Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I8752
15 Franssen, Nina Lucille  24 Sep 2011Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I93286
16 Goode, Lillian  27 Feb 1974Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I8761
17 Hanna, Martha Rosalie  10 Aug 1973Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I88150
18 Harmon, David  2 Jun 1972Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I53907
19 Harrington, Raleigh Ray Sr.  Abt 1975Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98367
20 Harrington, Raleigh Ray Jr.  27 Aug 1988Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98366
21 Icet, Ross  11 Dec 1962Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98346
22 Jones, William Charles Sr., DDS  8 Dec 1957Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I40087
23 King, Virgie Mae  24 Nov 1981Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I83516
24 Loupe, Charles Alvin  20 Jan 2004Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I89164
25 Morgan, Ellen  23 Jan 1929Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I49917
26 Parker, Walter Lee  09 Jul 1948Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I24418
27 Peveto, Martha Rinie  9 Feb 1964Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I31898
28 Punter, Imogene "Jean"  11 May 1998Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I46792
29 Roy, Ednay  10 May 2007Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98368
30 Sherman, Bertha Vivian  25 Jun 1982Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I6652
31 Sherman, Magdalene  11 Dec 1946Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I6648
32 Sherman, Martha "Mattie"  28 Apr 1944Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I5549
33 Sherman, Roy Grandin  12 Jun 1980Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I34385
34 Silva, Jack Vernon  10 Oct 1974Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I6624
35 Sparks, Frank Marion  22 Jan 1976Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I16331
36 Stephenson, Rupert Cleveland  24 Mar 1961Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I58369
37 Stubbs, Ora Ola  23 Jun 1975Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I98324
38 Tilton, Nora Rosa  5 Jan 1969Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I53906
39 Tolliver, Everett E.  20 Jun 2001Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I38804
40 Watts, Patsy Ruth  28 Aug 1977Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I44689
41 Wiggins, Marvin Jesse  6 Mar 1999Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I6256


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sherman, Norma Neva  Baytown, Harris Co, Texas I6306


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jackson, Terri   I33206


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aulbaugh / Carter  25 Aug 1956Baytown, Harris Co, Texas F2815
2 Cater / Harrington  10 Jun 1929Baytown, Harris Co, Texas F3457
3 Harrington / Fisher  7 Aug 1948Baytown, Harris Co, Texas F33045
4 Sherman / Stepleton  24 Sep 1954Baytown, Harris Co, Texas F2734
5 Stewart / Clark  28 May 1983Baytown, Harris Co, Texas F6658
6 Watkins / Raiford  27 Jun 1969Baytown, Harris Co, Texas F2752
7 Watkins / Shafer  29 Oct 1988Baytown, Harris Co, Texas F2753
8 White / Petters  Abt 1973Baytown, Harris Co, Texas F2711

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