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Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas


Latitude: 30.078494548777417, Longitude: -94.0933084487915


Jefferson County Courthouse 1854
Jefferson County Courthouse 1854
The first Courthouse here was completed in 1854. Built by John A. Beaumont, it was a two story square structure surrounded by a six-foot picket fence. Baptist and Methodist congregations conducted Sunday services in the building and during the Civil War it was leased to D. T. Inglehart, a Confederate surgeon, for use as a hospital. http://www.co.jefferson.tx.us/historical_commission/hist_courthouse.htm

1920 Texas, Jefferson County, Beaumont, Census
1920 Texas, Jefferson County, Beaumont, Census
Jones, Ogden Kyle, Sr and Harvey Jones living together in a boarding house
1850 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass, Census pg 249
1850 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass, Census pg 249
John Sparks and Melinda Jones Sparks, James Court and Julia Ann Sparks Court, Solomon Sparks and family, and Brewer, Stockholm, Holt, Bludworth families.
1937 city directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont
Ogden K and Lillian Courts Jones (and Cleo, OK Jr and Gloria);
also Marguerite Merle Jones (dau of Clyde Jones)
1930 Texas, Jefferson County, Beaumont census
1930 Texas, Jefferson County, Beaumont census
Moyer family at 294 St. Anthony Ave. The house numbering does not go this low anymore. But from looking at the 1937 Street Guide, it says St. Anthony Avenue goes from Schwarner south to Doucette, 1 block west of Irving Ave. So, apparently it was close to the corner of St.Anthony at Schwarner. However, Tilson is inbetween St. Anthony and Irving. They were only in this place a short time anyway.
1937 City Directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont
1937 City Directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont
William H and Mary Jones Fisher
1937 city directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont
1937 city directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont
Elmer F and Ruth Moyer Ray (and Rose Mary - infant)
1949 City Directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont
Ogden Kyle and Lillian Courts Jones (At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.)
1937 City Directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont
1937 City Directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont
William A and Rose Snider Moyer and Robert E and Raymond L, also Arthur (not listed)
1920 Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont, census
1920 Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont, census
Kyle Jones and Harvey Jones
1920 Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont census
1920 Texas, Jefferson Co, Beaumont census
Helmer Courts, Lillian and Clyde "Sonny"
The Neches River, Its History and Culture
The Neches River, Its History and Culture
published at http://outdoorstudies.com, a site devoted to Southeast Texas waterways. History tells of John Sparks ferry and Sterling Spell's strength, and many interesting facts about the early days along the Neches River. (d)

(page duplicated for preservation only; thumb image also courtesy of http://outdoorstudies.com)

1949 - Beaumont, Texas, City Directory - Complete Street and Avenue Guide
1949 - Beaumont, Texas, City Directory - Complete Street and Avenue Guide
Listing of city streets and avenues, crossing intersections, including householders, occupants of office buildings and other business places in each block by street number. (h)


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Accardo, Charlcie Marie   I616
2 Ainsworth, Ira Paul  1896Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I57901
3 Ainsworth, Irene  1894Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I57900
4 Akins, John  12 Nov 1888Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16202
5 Albritton, Elston Ray   I7094
6 Albritton, James William   I7096
7 Albritton, Jimmie Lynne   I7098
8 Alexander, Bernice  1905Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I45011
9 Alexander, Estell  1906Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I45012
10 Andress, Bernice Helen  30 Jun 1921Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25100
11 Andrus, Albert Lee  6 Oct 1880Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I107301
12 Andrus, Belle  1894Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I107306
13 Andrus, Emma Mae  8 Mar 1883Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I107302
14 Andrus, Fred D.  2 Jan 1895Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I107304
15 Andrus, Homer James  18 Apr 1884Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I107303
16 Andrus, Pete  1898Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I107305
17 Armand, Jerome Michael   I25087
18 Arterberry, Dana Gail   I6356
19 Arterberry, Sharon Diane   I6358
20 Asbury, (infant)  10 May 1942Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22761
21 Aubey, Marianne Frances   I25759
22 Aubey, Mary Alzena  4 Nov 1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44722
23 Aubey, Rosa Irene  1877Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21934
24 Aulbaugh, John Melvin  8 Feb 1932Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I6675
25 Bailey, Neva Lou  1933Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22397
26 Baker, Jeffrey Damon   I24874
27 Baldree, Roslyn Ann  27 Aug 1946Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28255
28 Balston, Hazel Ruth  3 Oct 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I76655
29 Barrett, James Roland   I56486
30 Barrett, Jewell Elaine   I56487
31 Barrett, Mark  1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25556
32 Barrow, Daniel Walker   I6506
33 Barrow, Jonathan Wade   I6509
34 Barrow, Kathleen Diana   I6508
35 Barrow, Rebecca Anne   I6507
36 Beaumont, Alma  1915Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24243
37 Beaumont, Archie   I39701
38 Beaumont, Carl  1907Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24239
39 Beaumont, Clyde Marion  1906Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24238
40 Beaumont, Dora Raye  03 Apr 1956Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26137
41 Beaumont, Doyle Ray   I24226
42 Beaumont, Francis Alma  27 Sep 1937Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26136
43 Beaumont, Helen  11 Aug 1855Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1370
44 Beaumont, James  09 Jan 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24241
45 Beaumont, James Alexander  19 Jun 1856Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1372
46 Beaumont, James Clyde   I39702
47 Beaumont, Janice Gail   I24227
48 Beaumont, Leroy  25 Sep 1916Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24244
49 Beaumont, Manuel Archibald  16 Jan 1912Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24242
50 Beaumont, Marvin Hander  28 Mar 1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24246
51 Beaumont, Melvin Baker  28 Mar 1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24245
52 Beaumont, Nettie  1909Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24240
53 Beaumont, Rebecca Ann   I39705
54 Beaumont, Richard Sr  18 Sep 1899Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24214
55 Beaumont, Richard Jr  18 Oct 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24216
56 Beaumont, Stephen Cory   I24228
57 Beaumont, Violet Beau Margerie  25 Dec 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24210
58 Bell, Bret Thomas   I26440
59 Bellard, Deborah Lynn   I25105
60 Berthlot, Clifton Roger Sr.  15 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I608
61 Berthlot, Woodrow Wilson  10 Jul 1917Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I607
62 Berwick, Dorothy Ann  17 Oct 1944Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24291
63 Bilbo, Lee Roy  21 Mar 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I105786
64 Blackmann, Denea Delores  18 Aug 1938Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26085
65 Blain, Clara Marshall   I26088
66 Blain, Melissa  05 Oct 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26089
67 Blain, Spencer Hayward Jr.  03 Apr 1936Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26086
68 Blanchard, Edgar Caruthers  11 Jan 1893Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I98982
69 Blanchette, Hardy Sylvester  1 Oct 1870Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I58399
70 Block, Grace  Oct 1891Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44697
71 Block, Grover  Apr 1888Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44696
72 Block, Irene  1907Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I39818
73 Block, Lillian  1911Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44692
74 Block, Loyce  1916Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44449
75 Block, Oaladge  Jan 1881Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44698
76 Block, Percy C.  1913Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44700
77 Block, Rosadell  1915Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44693
78 Boardman (Bordeman), Clarence Ira  19 Apr 1898Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47241
79 Boardman (Bordeman), Clarence Ira Jr.  26 Aug 1924Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47289
80 Boardman (Bordeman), Gilbert L.   I47239
81 Boardman (Bordeman), Hal L.   I47252
82 Boardman (Bordeman), Vernon Charles  15 Aug 1909Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47245
83 Bobo, Diana Jean   I28030
84 Bobo, Roy Aaron   I28028
85 Boley, O.B.  Abt 1915Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24913
86 Bonin, Cecil James   I776
87 Bonin, Louise  1915Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I53934
88 Bonin, Mary Louise "Weesie"  19 Jan 1916Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I581
89 Bonin, Penny Lynne   I777
90 Bordeman, Charles Wayne   I47227
91 Bordeman, Dorsett Converse  18 Feb 1911Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47216
92 Bordeman, Harlin Reed  3 May 1946Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47226
93 Bordeman (Boardman), Glenn Edward   I47290
94 Bordeman (Boardman), Martha Jane  21 Sep 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47291
95 Boswell, Drexel Lynn   I3180
96 Boudreaux, Sadie Ray  21 Sep 1907Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I17566
97 Bower, Erline Faye  21 Feb 1927Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24251
98 Boyd, Geraldine "Gerri"   I643
99 Bradley, Carleen   I87750
100 Brady, James H. Sr.  26 Feb 1939Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I108048

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Frugia, Evie   I17796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abrams, Carl  30 Oct 1968Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I80290
2 Adams, Josie P.  4 Jan 2011Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47139
3 Adams, Thomas Jefferson  31 Jan 1946Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I93536
4 Ainsworth, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1976Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I89158
5 Albritton, Charles Copano  28 Mar 1953Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I7090
6 Albritton, Rose Ellie  Bef 16 Oct 2002Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I7091
7 Alexander, Martin F.  Bef 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24142
8 Allee, Worth  24 Nov 1984Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I85568
9 Anders, Barney  24 Apr 1950Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I46965
10 Anders, Gloria Yvonne  28 Dec 2005Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I46966
11 Anderson, Emily  11 Apr 1921Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I79997
12 Andress, Bernice Helen  12 Jan 1993Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25100
13 Andrus, Albert Lee  13 Jun 1972Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I107301
14 Andrus, Gabriel Albert  14 Jun 1932Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25566
15 Andrus, Marie Melanie  31 Dec 1880Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I43034
16 Arceneaux, Presley A.  18 Nov 1958Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I100848
17 Asbury, (infant)  11 May 1942Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22761
18 Asbury, Vernon Ray  14 Sep 1995Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I475
19 Ashworth, Harriet Isabel  18 Nov 1947Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I98639
20 Ashworth, Moses  1837Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I13713
21 Ashworth, William (Mulatto)  1864Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I57785
22 Aubey, Joseph Cornelius Sr  04 Jan 1966Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21528
23 Aubey, Mary Alzena  27 Dec 1985Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44722
24 Aubey, Victor  26 Jul 1954Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21521
25 Aubey, Victor Dale Sr  24 Dec 1968Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21523
26 Autwell, William Albert  4 Dec 1944Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I34724
27 Avera, Lawrence Alexander  24 Jun 1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22947
28 Avera, Olive  26 Dec 1939Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I17570
29 Babin, Augustin  26 Nov 1947Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I76237
30 Babin, Francois  10 Apr 1902Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I76238
31 Bailey, Neva Lou  08 Apr 2010Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22397
32 Baker, Mary Frances Nettie  30 May 1975Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24237
33 Bardon, Bertha Bettie  20 Nov 1986Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24147
34 Barrow, Josephine  02 Jan 1929Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26346
35 Barrow, Walter Thomas  9 Jul 1959Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I58027
36 Barton, Emma Isabelle "Belle"  3 Nov 1966Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21430
37 Barus, Mary Artemise  31 Jan 1929Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21998
38 Baten, Thomas James  12 Jul 1938Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I76531
39 Bean, Eugenia  12 May 1975Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I102174
40 Bean, Lucy  27 Jan 1946Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I102265
41 Beaumont, Carl  May 1976Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24239
42 Beaumont, Dora Raye  20 Jan 1969Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26137
43 Beaumont, Francis Alma  27 Sep 1937Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26136
44 Beaumont, Francis Marion  04 Nov 1936Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22738
45 Beaumont, James  Feb 1985Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24241
46 Beaumont, John Adams  01 Dec 1863Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1336
47 Beaumont, Leroy  01 May 1978Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24244
48 Beaumont, Manuel Archibald  29 Dec 1983Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24242
49 Beaumont, Melvin Baker  May 1995Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24245
50 Bell, Wilford John Sr.  16 Jan 1959Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25136
51 Bellair, Mary  5 Jan 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I100785
52 Bellar (Bellard), Clifton Joseph  1 May 1933Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47036
53 Bellar (Bellard), Mary B.  26 Apr 1941Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24168
54 Berwick, Charles Jr  Bef 2009Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24297
55 Berwick, Dorothy Ann  07 Feb 2009Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24291
56 Berwick, Emily Emma Zelphia  12 Jun 1903Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I79964
57 Billingsly, Irene Beatrice  27 Mar 1949Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I631
58 Blanchard, Edgar John (son?)  25 Jan 1948Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I101607
59 Blanchard, Emilia  4 Jan 1958Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I101609
60 Blanchard, Thaddeus "Thad"  14 May 1974Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I101598
61 Blanchette, Alexis Jr.  27 Jan 1902Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I31984
62 Blanchette, Hardy Sylvester  6 Dec 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I58399
63 Block, Dora Mildred  19 Aug 1967Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I26134
64 Block, Ezra Earl  10 Aug 2001Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I31653
65 Block, Frederick Adolph L.  16 Dec 1953Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I31685
66 Block, Mary  1934Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I31589
67 Block, Rosa Dieu  12 Aug 1980Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I31606
68 Boardman (Bordeman), Charles Ernest  3 Aug 1957Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47201
69 Boardman (Bordeman), Charles Ernest  25 Feb 1993Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47219
70 Boardman (Bordeman), John Frederick  4 Mar 1916Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47174
71 Boardman (Bordeman), Vernon Charles  25 May 1981Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47245
72 Bobo, Dewey Therman Sr.  01 Oct 1988Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28025
73 Bogan, Barbara Nell  22 Mar 1997Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68958
74 Bonin, Gertrude Matilda "Tilly"  14 Dec 1989Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I603
75 Bonin, Mary Louise "Weesie"  Bef 25 Jul 2010Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I581
76 Bonvillion, Walter Lee  21 Jul 1995Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I108030
77 Bordages, Mary Belle  3 Oct 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I100845
78 Bordeman, Dorsett Converse  19 Dec 1976Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47216
79 Bordeman, Edna  06 Aug 1916Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16167
80 Bordeman, Harlin Reed  11 Oct 1995Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47226
81 Bordeman, Mark Harlin  11 Oct 1995Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47217
82 Boudreaux, Sadie Ray  12 Sep 1990Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I17566
83 Bouse, Gertrude Eleanor  22 Dec 1994Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I53786
84 Bouse, John Cemore Sr.  20 Apr 1971Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24488
85 Bower, Erline Faye  1 Aug 2016Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24251
86 Bower, Lacy Eugene  02 Aug 1971Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24313
87 Bower, William Henry  6 Jun 1949Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24371
88 Boyd, Mrs. Sarah (..) (immigrant)  4 Mar 1902Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I82840
89 Breaux, Juanita Marie  5 Mar 1959Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I93436
90 Brewer, Emma  3 Mar 1972Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I32050
91 Brewer, Julia Norynetha "Nonie"  17 Mar 1958Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14256
92 Brewton, Silas Frank  27 Feb 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I445
93 Brewton, Wyley Lones  10 Sep 1962Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I32082
94 Bridges, Thenia Viola  19 Aug 1976Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I90143
95 Britnell, Charles Olan  21 Jan 1983Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I86989
96 Broussard, Albert E.  27 Jan 1946Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21391
97 Broussard, Alexander  10 Oct 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21390
98 Broussard, Alzema  26 Jul 1929Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21244
99 Broussard, Celia B.  30 Aug 1988Beaumont, JEfferson Co, Texas I50049
100 Broussard, Clara Roberts  Sep 1990Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24368

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Broussard, (daughter Mrs Carl Kirk)  12 Aug 1960Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24985
2 Choate, Joseph Charles  16 Feb 1959Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25698
3 Cuniff, Brad  Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24821
4 Grammier, Edward  19 Jul 1969Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25038
5 Holst, Louisa  Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21342
6 Jones, Cleo Etta  10 Jul 2019Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I2153
7 LeMaire, Mary Aspazee  21 Apr 1936Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25075
8 Maass (Devries), William  09 Apr 1947Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24120
9 Middleton, Gay  04 Mar 1931Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22559
10 Moyer, Cheryl Joyce* "Sherry"  22 Nov 2017Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1
11 Nobles, Julia  Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21544
12 Plummer, Capt. Ferdinand Cortez "Cott"  Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I94128
13 Sterling, Mildred  30 Jul 1948Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24838


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 McCauley, Patrick Roger (James R.)  Aft 1913Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I601


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Ovey Charley  2 Feb 1898Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I98986
2 Hebert, Editha  24 Feb 1886Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I43050
3 Hebert, Edward  Apr 1884Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I43049
4 Merritt, Floy A.  May 1881Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44191
5 Morgan, Almond Oliver Alvin "Bud"  12 Aug 1867Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I8924


Matches 1 to 100 of 329

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Willis Mark  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25555
2 Barrett, Willis Mark  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25555
3 Barrett, Willis Mark  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25555
4 Beaumont, Carl  02 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24239
5 Beaumont, Francis Marion  02 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22738
6 Beaumont, Harry Small  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22770
7 Beaumont, Helen  1880Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1370
8 Beaumont, James  02 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24241
9 Beaumont, James Alexander  1880Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1372
10 Beaumont, John Adams  1870Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1336
11 Beaumont, John Christian "Jack"  1880Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I429
12 Beaumont, Leroy  02 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24244
13 Beaumont, Louise  1880Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1369
14 Beaumont, Manuel Archibald  02 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24242
15 Beaumont, Marvin Hander  02 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24246
16 Beaumont, Melvin Baker  02 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24245
17 Blanchard, Edgar John (son?)  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I101607
18 Blanchard, Thaddeus "Thad"  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I101598
19 Boardman (Bordeman), Charles Ernest  15 Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47201
20 Boardman (Bordeman), Charles Ernest  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47201
21 Boardman (Bordeman), Clarence Ira  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47241
22 Boardman (Bordeman), Gilbert Anderson  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47222
23 Boardman (Bordeman), Vernon Charles  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47245
24 Bower, Lacy Eugene  05 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24313
25 Brewer, Julia Norynetha "Nonie"  1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14256
26 Brewer, Texanna "Annie"  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28257
27 Brewton, Inez  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I32077
28 Brewton, Silas Frank  1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I445
29 Brewton, Silas Frank  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I445
30 Brewton, Wyley Lones  1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I32082
31 Broussard, Celia B.  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I50049
32 Broussard, Celia B.  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I50049
33 Broussard, Dale Alexander  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I50038
34 Broussard, Dale Alexander  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I50038
35 Broussard, Dale Alexander  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I50038
36 Broussard, Desire Louis  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I38713
37 Broussard, Desire Louis  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I38713
38 Broussard, Guy L.  07 Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24958
39 Broussard, Jay J.  1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24915
40 Broussard, Mary Odia  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1778
41 Broussard, Price Paul  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24924
42 Burrell, Dewey M.  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24976
43 Burrell, Lamander S. "Mender"  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I2019
44 Burrell, Thomas Columbus  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I8413
45 Carey, Richard Sr.  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28131
46 Carnes, John Richard  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14525
47 Carnes, John Richard  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14525
48 Carroll, Mitchadell  10 Jun 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28154
49 Carroll, Thelma Leona (Mary)  10 Jun 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28153
50 Celeste, John  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47193
51 Chase, Norman Sr.  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33358
52 Chase, Norman Sr.  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33358
53 Collins, Eliza  1870Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I8181
54 Cooley, Alvin M.  5 May 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68906
55 Cooley, Emmett C.  5 Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68896
56 Cooley, Emmett C.  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68896
57 Cooley, Jacob Weaver  5 May 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68917
58 Cooley, James C.  1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68920
59 Cooley, John Salone  5 May 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68903
60 Cooley, Orion Salone  5 May 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68905
61 Corder, Alfred Eugene "Pat" Sr.  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44574
62 Cornwell, Allen D.  08 Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I23454
63 Cornwell, Lolette Janelle  04 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16279
64 Cornwell, Mrs Lucy (..)  08 Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I23465
65 Cornwell, Millard D  08 Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I23461
66 Cornwell, Samuel M  08 Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I23460
67 Cornwell, Susan Annie  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I76552
68 Cornwell, Walter L  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16278
69 Cornwell, Walter L  04 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16278
70 Cornwell, Wilburn Baxter  08 Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I23458
71 Cornwell, Wilburn Baxter  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I23458
72 Corrigan, George John (see Percy Gray Sr)  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24916
73 Corrigan, George John (see Percy Gray Sr)  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24916
74 Court, Barney Self Sr  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I600
75 Court, John Robert  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I566
76 Courts, Alma Beatrice  21 Jun 1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1323
77 Courts, Annie Melinda  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I515
78 Courts, Bert Wakefield Sr.  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I598
79 Courts, Charles Kirby  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I593
80 Courts, Coy Vernon Sr  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I9760
81 Courts, Edgar Blewett  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14122
82 Courts, Edgar Blewett  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14122
83 Courts, Elma Lorene  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16154
84 Courts, Emma Etta  15 Apr 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16183
85 Courts, Emma Louise  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I753
86 Courts, Gerald Helmer  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14123
87 Courts, Gerald Helmer  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14123
88 Courts, Hal Ogden Sr  21 Jun 1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1322
89 Courts, Hal Ogden Sr  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1322
90 Courts, Henry Clifton Sr  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I510
91 Courts, Henry Clifton Sr  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I510
92 Courts, Henry Clifton (Harry) Jr  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I595
93 Courts, Henry Clifton (Harry) Jr  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I595
94 Courts, James Cole "Coley"  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I582
95 Courts, James Cole "Coley"  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I582
96 Courts, Mixon Jerry  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I592
97 Courts, Ola Lena "Aunt Coot"  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I591
98 Courts, Opal  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14119
99 Courts, Samuel* Helmer  21 Jun 1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I504
100 Courts, Thelma "Sally"  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I597

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Kline, John Frederick  17 Nov 1905Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16295


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 (private), (private)   I26712


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Edgar John (son?)  7 Apr 1942Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I101607
2 Broussard, Leo  12 Sep 1913Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21395
3 Choate, Wiley J  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1338
4 Cooley, Claude Anderson  27 Apr 1942Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68919
5 Gallier, Radford William  9 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1935
6 Gentz, Lyle Edward  5 Jun 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21268
7 Gentz, Thomas Earl  5 Jun 1917Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14314
8 Gray, Percy Edgar Sr. (see G.J. Corrigan Sr)  27 Apr 1942Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22528
9 Guidry, Arthur Leon  5 Jun 1917Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I39816
10 Guidry, Arthur Leon  27 Apr 1942Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I39816
11 Hemmenway, Arthur Oran  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1531
12 Moyer, William Arthur*  1942Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I5722
13 Rowley, George Arthur  13 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I2154
14 Snider, James Herbert  12 Sep 1917Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47286


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Richard Sr  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24214
2 Broussard, James Perry Sr.  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24392
3 Cornwell, Joseph Columbus  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I23001
4 Court, William Fuller  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16169
5 Goode, Duke Richard Sr  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22501
6 Grammier, Fred  17 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24992
7 Hemmenway, Edward Paul  1917Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21263
8 Jones, Ogden* Kyle Sr  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I5494
9 Maass, Rufus  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14254
10 Shelton, Thomas Erastus  12 Sep 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I46191
11 Zorn, Herman Albert Robert (immigrant)  5 Jun 1917Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22532


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Denton, Kyle J.  Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I94594
2 Douglas, Joseph John  1927Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1354
3 Gallier, Radford William  1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1935
4 Selman, Joseph Paul  Abt 1845Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I3092


Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, John Adams  1854Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1336
2 Boardman (Bordeman), Charles Ernest  1916Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47201
3 Bordeman, Edna  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16167
4 Bordeman, Edna  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16167
5 Brewer, Texanna "Annie"  26 Jan 1914Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28257
6 Cooley, Claude Anderson  27 Oct 1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I68919
7 Cornwell, Millard D  14 Sep 1924Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I23461
8 Corrigan, Doris Frances  15 May 1977Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22680
9 Corrigan, George John (see Percy Gray Sr)  27 Apr 1942Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24916
10 Court, James* Madison  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I505
11 Court, James* Madison  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I505
12 Court, Sarah Ann  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I520
13 Court, Sarah Ann  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I520
14 Courts, (infant) Estie  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14191
15 Courts, (infant) Estie  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14191
16 Courts, Coy Vernon Sr  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I9760
17 Courts, Coy Vernon Sr  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I9760
18 Courts, Donald  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21555
19 Courts, Donald  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21555
20 Courts, Elias Madison "Matt"  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I512
21 Courts, Elias Madison "Matt"  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I512
22 Courts, Fannie Irene  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I536
23 Courts, Fannie Irene  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I536
24 Courts, Homer  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33291
25 Courts, Homer  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33291
26 Courts, James Bradley "Brad"  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16160
27 Courts, James Bradley "Brad"  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16160
28 Courts, James Franklin  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16153
29 Courts, James Franklin  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I514
30 Courts, James Franklin  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16153
31 Courts, James Franklin  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I514
32 Courts, Lillian Sarah "Lillie"  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I535
33 Courts, Lillian Sarah "Lillie"  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I535
34 Courts, Mary Ellen  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I511
35 Courts, Mary Ellen  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I511
36 Courts, Viola "Vee"  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I538
37 Courts, Viola "Vee"  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I538
38 Crawford, Phillip Howard  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I17565
39 Crawford, Phillip Howard  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I17565
40 Cuniff, Gloria Loidene   I47302
41 Davis, Hallie Inez (niece of C.Guinn)  7 Dec 1965Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I93457
42 Frugia, Geneva  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14434
43 Frugia, Geneva  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14434
44 Frugia, Robert Samuel "Cotton"  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14443
45 Frugia, Robert Samuel "Cotton"  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14443
46 Gallier, William M.  25 Aug 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1508
47 Gentz, Charlotte Carolina Maria (immigrant)  25 Aug 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1386
48 Gentz, Claude* "Claudie"  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1319
49 Gentz, Claude* "Claudie"  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1319
50 Gentz, Fredericka (immigrant)  1854Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1335
51 Gibson, Sally  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I532
52 Gibson, Sally  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I532
53 Harris, John George James  25 Aug 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I82818
54 Hawkins, Bertha Winnie  16 Mar 1959Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I34399
55 Henry, Edith  15 Mar 1943Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I8999
56 Johnson-McCormick, Lucille  28 Mar 1979Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I100861
57 Jones, Betty Rae  Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16276
58 Jones, Harvey Mabry Jr  10 Sep 1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I2815
59 Maass, Alvina  25 Aug 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1387
60 Maass, Tracy  25 Aug 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1397
61 Ritter, Cody Allen  Between 1930 and 1931Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I3085
62 Sargent, Dougal Lee  21 Mar 1922Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I107311
63 Smith, Irving (Ivy)  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14414
64 Smith, Irving (Ivy)  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14414
65 Smith, Martha Caroline  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I452
66 Smith, Martha Caroline  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I452
67 Smith, Thomas F  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I8225
68 Smith, Thomas F  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I8225
69 Sparks, Ada Lura  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I436
70 Sparks, Ada Lura  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I436
71 Sparks, James Christian (Coleman) Sr  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I412
72 Sparks, James Christian (Coleman) Sr  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I412
73 Sparks, James Edwin  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I456
74 Sparks, James Edwin  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I456
75 Sparks, John L Sr.  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I454
76 Sparks, John L Sr.  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I454
77 Sparks, Joseph Madison  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I503
78 Sparks, Joseph Madison  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I503
79 Sparks, Julia* Ann  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I507
80 Sparks, Julia* Ann  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I507
81 Sparks, Mary Susan  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I457
82 Sparks, Mary Susan  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I457
83 Sparks, William E.  30 Sep 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28215
84 Sparks, William E.  10 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28215
85 Spinks, Blanche (twin)  Jan 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I9799


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Yount, Mildred Frank "Mildred 1"  13 Apr 1934Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I58402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Sharp, Y.R.L.*   I2


Matches 1 to 70 of 70

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 (private), (private)   I26710
2 Bell, Wilford John Sr.  1937Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25136
3 Bell, Wilford John Sr.  1947Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25136
4 Bell, Wilford John Sr.  Between 1936-1959Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25136
5 Blanchard, John "Jack" (or Jean) Sr.  1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I101614
6 Bourgeois, Richard Scott  Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14218
7 Bouse, Frank  1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25649
8 Boyt, Averil  Between 1949 and 1950Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I46707
9 Boyt, Averil  1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I46707
10 Breaux, Iowa Joseph  1945Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25823
11 Broussard, Claude S.  1912Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47865
12 Broussard, Daniel  1906Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14436
13 Broussard, Sevenne (Sevan)  1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21387
14 Chase, Norman Sr.  1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33358
15 Chase, Norman Sr.  1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33358
16 Cook, Elnora E  1969Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22656
17 Copeland, John C.   I50057
18 Courts, Coy Vernon Sr  1937Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I9760
19 Courts, Gerald Helmer  Between 1938 and 1839Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14123
20 Courts, Mabel (..)  1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47319
21 Courts, William Thomas  1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I508
22 Cryer, Mary Camelia  1966Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22645
23 Cuniff, Seth J.  1957Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I46714
24 Davis, Laura  1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I2730
25 Davis, Laura  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I2730
26 Davis, Laura  1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I2730
27 East, Agnes  1957Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I47020
28 Fant, Mayon W.  1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I21272
29 Frugia, Goldie  1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I16204
30 Fulton, Mrs. Eula L. (..)  1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33362
31 Fulton, Mrs. Eula L. (..)  1938Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33362
32 Garvin, James H. Neches "Jim"  1921Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14440
33 Gray, H. Lawson  1903Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33438
34 Gray, H. Lawson  1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33438
35 Gray, Hugh B. (or E.)  1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1376
36 Gray, Percy Edgar Sr. (see G.J. Corrigan Sr)  1958Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22528
37 Himmel, James Paul Jr.  Between 1954 and 1960Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44816
38 Holst, U.B.  1943Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24209
39 Huddleston, Silas L.  1937Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I46817
40 Jones, Andrew* Prather  Abt Jul 1903Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1209
41 Jones, Beatrice  Between 1959 and 1960Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I845
42 Jones, Cyrus Young Sr.  1903Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I637
43 Jones, Daisy Marie  1895Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I9795
44 Jones, Harvey Mabry Jr  1941Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I2815
45 Jones, Harvey Mabry Sr  1947Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1825
46 Jones, Lorice  Between 1938 and 1958Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I22821
47 Jones, Runie Esther "Tack"  1949Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1423
48 Jones, William Victor  1992Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I45007
49 Jordan, Dr. Powhattan  1883Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I98810
50 Lott, Genevieve Nellie  1992Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I76683
51 Lynn, Tracy L.   I44514
52 Manovich, Johnnie M.  1903Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14240
53 Manovich, Martin  1903Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33336
54 Manovich, Martin  1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I33336
55 McCall, Leroy  1927Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28091
56 McCall, Leroy  1938Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I28091
57 McCleland, Conder Stewart  1916Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I44767
58 Merritt, Huil Holly Jr.  1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I58395
59 ODonnell, William Charles (twin)  1956Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I94680
60 Parrish, Oscar Elandrus  1935Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I58446
61 Parrish, Ruth Z.  Bef 1971Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I58451
62 Petty, Kathleen Nelda  Between 1940 and 1980Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I24781
63 Ryther, L.P.^  Between 1963 and 1988Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I17804
64 Selman, Allie   I44516
65 Selman, Clinton Brian   I44515
66 Selman, Jeremiah Paul   I44517
67 Smith, Leona Estelle  1937Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I14428
68 Stockholm, Ivy Dennis  Between 1852 and 1954Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I32109
69 Wallace, Mary Eloise  1948Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I40031
70 Ward, Thomas Henry  Abt 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I25091


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Gentz, Charles* Christopher Sr (immigrant)  27 Sep 1902Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas I1326


Matches 1 to 100 of 447

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 (private) / (private)   F9441
2 Abood / Ritter   F11637
3 Ainsworth / Ainsworth  Bef 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F19091
4 Alexander / Sparks  Abt 1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14957
5 Allen / Vieno  3 Sep 1850Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F33173
6 Anderson / Lawhon   F13431
7 Armand / Ward  Abt 1846Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8964
8 Asbury / Sparks  Abt 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F223
9 Ashworth / Gallier  13 Feb 1838Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F19038
10 Aubey / Comeau  Aft 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F24897
11 Aubey / Roapke  Abt 1946Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F9156
12 Baker / Holst  02 Jul 1966Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8904
13 Baldwin / Frugia  17 Mar 1917Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F6567
14 Barrett / Hargraves  Abt 1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F9103
15 Barrow / Clark  4 Apr 1923Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F3202
16 Barrow / Hilpipre  15 Jun 1991Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F2755
17 Barrow / Raiford  18 Jul 1970Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F2754
18 Beard / Stephenson  4 Oct 1953Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F2666
19 Beaumont / Baker  1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8728
20 Beaumont / Campbell  Abt 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8729
21 Beaumont / McCoy  Abt 1917Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8720
22 Beaumont / McMahon  17 Jul 1971Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8730
23 Beaumont / Whitaker   F13405
24 Bellard / McIntyre  04 Sep 1987Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8971
25 Bellard / Ward  Abt 1958Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8970
26 Berthlot / Courts  21 Feb 1916Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F309
27 Berthlot / Curry  Abt 1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F21123
28 Blain / Blackmann  23 Aug 1957Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F9249
29 Blanchard / Blanchard  Bef 1938Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F34263
30 Blanchette / Burrell  Bef 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14432
31 Blanchette / Merritt  Aft 1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F19249
32 Block / Block  Abt 1912Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14838
33 Block / Block  Abt 1926Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14760
34 Block / Nelson  1902Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F13426
35 Boardman (Bordeman) / Boardman (Bordeman)  Abt 1923Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15600
36 Boardman (Bordeman) / Dyson  1924Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15616
37 Boardman (Bordeman) / Kingham  Abt 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15592
38 Boardman (Bordeman) / Vernon  Abt 1936Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15603
39 Bobo / Gallier  04 Nov 1934Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F9814
40 Bonds / Mahana  13 Jul 2002Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8978
41 Bonin / Courts   F334
42 Bordeman / Spinks   F15596
43 Bordeman / Vick  Abt 1945Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15593
44 Bordeman / Weidel   F15594
45 Boswell / Fisher  20 Apr 1945Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F1234
46 Bourgeois / Courts   F5365
47 Bower / Broussard  Bef Sep 1960Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8765
48 Breaux / Aiken  1941Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F9171
49 Bres / Arterberry  25 Jan 1975Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F2696
50 Brooks / Burrell  Abt 1927Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8955
51 Broussard / Brainard  Abt 1896Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16489
52 Broussard / Broussard  Abt 1897Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16487
53 Broussard / Broussard  Abt 1901Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16491
54 Broussard / Broussard  1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16494
55 Broussard / Broussard  Abt 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16497
56 Broussard / Broussard  Bef 1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14841
57 Broussard / Browand  Abt 1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16490
58 Broussard / Burrell  Abt 1901Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8775
59 Broussard / Church  6 Jun 1973Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F362
60 Broussard / Comeaux   F16496
61 Broussard / Gregory   F16495
62 Broussard / Hamblein  Abt 1908Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8926
63 Broussard / Hawkins  1 Mar 1911Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F13143
64 Broussard / Langham  Abt 1885Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16486
65 Broussard / Noble  1921Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16493
66 Broussard / Smith  Abt 1904Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16498
67 Broussard / Sturlese  Between 1901 and 1909Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15957
68 Bryan / Spinks  13 Nov 1922Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14795
69 Burks / Seymour  Abt 1903Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14884
70 Burrell / Burrell  1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F11284
71 Burrell / Johnson  1925Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14433
72 Butto / Carr  1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F10984
73 Byers / Wallace  Bef 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F13481
74 Cady / Davis   F14818
75 Cain / Smith  21 Feb 1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8212
76 Carey / Garrett  Abt 1914Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14899
77 Carey / Parker   F14900
78 Carey / Steinhagen   F14901
79 Carlson / Crossman  1888Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F28969
80 Carper / Eubank  Abt 1938Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F24896
81 Carr / Jackson  06 Mar 1929Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8879
82 Celeste / Frugia  Aft 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15585
83 Childress / Church  30 Jun 1972Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F360
84 Choate / Choate  1928Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F9141
85 Choate / Courts  17 Jan 1914Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F559
86 Church / Courts   F283
87 Clark / Pruett  15 Oct 1968Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F6638
88 Claxton / Will  25 Dec 1908Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F23116
89 Cliffe / Sherman  15 Aug 1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F5442
90 Clubb / Grimes  Abt 1925Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F17714
91 Cobbs / Nolen  25 May 1993Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8798
92 Coggins / Hall  1952Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F26181
93 Comte / Church  28 May 1968Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F358
94 Cooley / Guidry   F13455
95 Cooley / Mires  21 Jun 1924Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F22273
96 Copeland / Broussard  Abt 1921Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F16492
97 Corder / Jones  Abt 1925Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14799
98 Corey / Conley   F350
99 Corrigan / Davis  Abt 1921Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F31452
100 Court / Billingsly  Abt 1941Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F315

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Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 (private) / Moyer   F1
2 Adams / Garvin  Bef 1810Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F6016
3 Bellard / Ward  Bef 1986Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8970
4 Brooks / Burrell  Bef 1937Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8955
5 Burrell / LeMaire  Bef 1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8962
6 Byers / Wallace  Abt 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F13481
7 Cliffe / Sherman  Bef 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F5442
8 Court / Courts  Bef 1918Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15624
9 Courts / Boyd  15 Jul 1970Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F295
10 Courts / Seymour  Bef 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F307
11 Courts / Sidwell  25 May 1984Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F13478
12 Cuniff / Ratliff  Abt 1921Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8886
13 Cunniff (Cuniff) / Kilpatrick  Bef 1938Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15537
14 Davis / Cornwell  7 Mar 1984Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F13851
15 Derutte / Savoi   F9080
16 Edwards / Gentz   F14667
17 Gentz / Patterson  Aft Jan 1920Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F7905
18 Hayes / Broussard  Bef 1914Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8318
19 Heckford / Jones  Bef 1929Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F622
20 Heiman / Marsh  23 Mar 1983Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8883
21 Himmel / Sidwell  Aft 1940Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14891
22 Jones / Bean  28 Feb 1984Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8503
23 Jones / Davis  Between 1930 and 1933Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F865
24 Jones / Douglas   F584
25 Jones / Hebert   F476
26 Jones / Shippey  Abt 1943Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F1367
27 Jones / Ward  Abt 1944Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F1441
28 Juhan / Crawford  05 Aug 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F9083
29 Lawhon / Guidry  Aft 1934Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F13427
30 LeMaire / Mathers  Bef 1961Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14436
31 Mires / Miller  Bef 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F22271
32 Moore / Ratliff  Bef 1923Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F15591
33 Ritter / Bailey   F8174
34 Rivet / Wallace  Bef 1933Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F13482
35 Smith / Courts  Bef 1900Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F7918
36 Smith / Smith  Bef 1830Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F33159
37 Stockholm / Smith  Bef 1910Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F11262
38 Van Auken / West  Between 1920 and 1930Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F14692
39 Westerterp / White   F14843
40 Westerterp / Wiggins   F5363
41 Will / Courts  Bef 1919Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F247
42 Young / Bower  Bef 1951Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F8731
43 Zorn / Fulton  Bef 1830Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F11690


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hargraves / Trahan  10 Jan 1876Beaumont, Jefferson Co, Texas F670