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Bienville Parish, Louisiana



Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Jesse Jordan  14 Feb 1847Bienville Parish, Louisiana I82904
2 Bean, John Egbert  22 Jun 1851Bienville Parish, Louisiana I82921
3 Bean, William Edward  6 Mar 1851Bienville Parish, Louisiana I82901
4 Brown, Rebecca A.  25 Nov 1855Bienville Parish, Louisiana I81780
5 Henson, Louisa Mae  4 Mar 1865Bienville Parish, Louisiana I85895
6 Madden, Auston  1850Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73243
7 Madden, Edna Lee  26 Apr 1886Bienville Parish, Louisiana I10350
8 Madden, Ivie Angeline  2 Oct 1892Bienville Parish, Louisiana I100409
9 Madden, Maggie Elizabeth  26 Jul 1889Bienville Parish, Louisiana I10351
10 Madden, Sidney B  27 Jun 1892Bienville Parish, Louisiana I10352
11 Madden, Thomas C  23 Oct 1856Bienville Parish, Louisiana I10267
12 Madden, Thomas Jesse  13 Apr 1881Bienville Parish, Louisiana I10349
13 Murphy, Elizar Susanner "Anne"  26 Jul 1871Bienville Parish, Louisiana I100408
14 Scarborough, Rachel Frances  15 Oct 1846Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73372
15 Stahl, Jessie Mary  12 Dec 1869Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73182
16 Stewart, A. Judge  3 Aug 1858Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73257
17 Stewart, Minnie Ola  Nov 1884Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73251
18 Stewart, Thurman Dewey  Sep 1898Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73269
19 Stewart, William Jefferson  Dec 1896Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73268


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alford, Nancy  Bef 1854Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73275
2 Cole, Emma Frances  4 Jan 1900Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73258
3 Cole, James Lampkin  2 May 1928Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73264
4 Cole, John Gardiner  14 May 1929Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73262
5 Cole, Joseph August  5 Jun 1934Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73263
6 Jones, Henry Lightfoot  21 Apr 1865Bienville Parish, Louisiana I94830
7 Koonce, Amander  1884Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73187
8 Madden, Albert  23 Nov 1914Bienville Parish, Louisiana I3696
9 Madden, Ivie Angeline  2 Dec 1958Bienville Parish, Louisiana I100409
10 Madden, James H  28 Apr 1886Bienville Parish, Louisiana I10269
11 Madden, Reed Right  17 Feb 1870Bienville Parish, Louisiana I3606
12 Madden, Thomas C  3 Sep 1926Bienville Parish, Louisiana I10267
13 Marcus, Mary Elizabeth  1863Bienville Parish, Louisiana I94831
14 Mims, Frances Parmelia  13 Apr 1886Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73249
15 Stewart, A. Judge  10 Jul 1885Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73257
16 Stewart, Alfred W.  Abt 1876Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73273
17 White, John Dent  13 Jan 1942Bienville Parish, Louisiana I100428
18 Whitlock, Thomas Walter  26 Dec 1938Bienville Parish, Louisiana I100410
19 Wiggins, Augustus Harmon  31 Mar 1963Bienville Parish, Louisiana I85905
20 Wiggins, James Madison  24 Dec 1934Bienville Parish, Louisiana I85909
21 Wiggins, Samuel Lawrence  21 Jun 1952Bienville Parish, Louisiana I85906
22 Wiggins, William J.  23 Mar 1945Bienville Parish, Louisiana I85903
23 Worsham, Samantha  10 Jan 1896Bienville Parish, Louisiana I4219


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bean, John Egbert Bell  1850Bienville Parish, Louisiana I82910
2 Elliott, Lizzie  1880Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73224
3 Elliott, Matilda  1880Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73225
4 Elliott, Texanna  1880Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73180
5 Madden, Albert  1870Bienville Parish, Louisiana I3696
6 Madden, Albert  1880Bienville Parish, Louisiana I3696
7 Madden, Nathaniel Lafayette  1870Bienville Parish, Louisiana I10203
8 Scarborough, Silas  1850Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73348
9 Worsham, Lovick  1850Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73246
10 Worsham, William  1850Bienville Parish, Louisiana I73245


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Madden / McGuire  Abt 1916Bienville Parish, Louisiana F23720
2 Madden / Mims  Aft 1860Bienville Parish, Louisiana F23729
3 Madden / Murphy  17 Dec 1891Bienville Parish, Louisiana F33766
4 Madden / Stewart  5 Oct 1856Bienville Parish, Louisiana F1788
5 Scarborough / Russell  12 May 1832Bienville Parish, Louisiana F23767
6 Stewart / Cole  17 Feb 1881Bienville Parish, Louisiana F23732
7 Stewart / Cole  15 Jan 1896Bienville Parish, Louisiana F23734
8 Stewart / Madden  20 Dec 1866Bienville Parish, Louisiana F23730
9 Wiggins / Myers  28 Feb 1901Bienville Parish, Louisiana F28227

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