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Bucks Co, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 66 of 66

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nancy Paff  Abt 1837Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I87878
2 Barnhill, James William  Abt 1710Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62271
3 Barnhill, Jane  1772Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I63686
4 Barnhill, Samuel Marcus  29 Dec 1761Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62260
5 Barnhill, William  4 May 1735Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62274
6 Barnhill, William  1771Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I63685
7 Bonham, Aaron R.  29 Jul 1792Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I49565
8 Brown, Mercy  1730Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I65765
9 Carrell, Benjamin  Abt 1697Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17631
10 Carrell, Elizabeth  1698Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17632
11 Carrell, Lydia  Abt 1702Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17635
12 Carrell, Rebecca*  25 May 1725Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2579
13 Carrell, Sarah  Abt 1700Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17633
14 Craig, Daniel  1708Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62248
15 Craig, Jane  1734Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62250
16 Craig, John  1731Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62254
17 Craig, Rebecca  Abt 1742Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62257
18 Craig, Thomas  27 Feb 1738Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62255
19 Craig, William  ab 1740Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62256
20 Dungan, Levi  1740Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17678
21 Fretz, Dianna  30 May 1768Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I11907
22 Funk, Elizabeth  Abt 1800Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I11937
23 Hiatt, John  1724Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I49372
24 Horton, Daniel Brissell  13 Sep 1752Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I97036
25 Janney, Abel  Abt 1678Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22902
26 Janney, Martha  1704Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22894
27 Janney, Rebecca  9 Nov 1702Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I16140
28 Lupton, John Sr.  4 May 1725Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I42527
29 McCarty, Benjamin  5 Aug 1731Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47766
30 McCarty, Carrell  15 Sep 1723Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47765
31 McCarty, Elizabeth  1735Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47768
32 McCarty, Hannah  6 Dec 1737Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47769
33 McCarty, James  1 Nov 1725Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47774
34 McCarty, Lydia  11 Aug 1733Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47767
35 McCarty, Paul  29 Apr 1744Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47772
36 McCarty, Silas  16 Jun 1727Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47773
37 McCarty, Thomas  12 Apr 1741Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47771
38 McCarty, William  29 Dec 1739Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47770
39 Parker, Nicholas  1700Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22895
40 Poole, Aaron  Abt 1740Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22923
41 Poole, Abel  07 Feb 1736Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22875
42 Poole, Amos  28 Oct 1744Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22888
43 Poole, Edward  Abt 1740Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22917
44 Poole, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1730Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22871
45 Poole, Elizabeth  Abt 1734Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22921
46 Poole, James  Abt 1700Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22913
47 Poole, John  Abt 1738Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22918
48 Poole, Joseph  1704Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22909
49 Poole, Joseph  17 Dec 1734Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22874
50 Poole, Rebecca  26 Nov 1732Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22873
51 Poole, Sarah  Abt 1736Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22922
52 Poole, Sarah  07 Mar 1742Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22886
53 Poole, Thomas  28 Jul 1739Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22876
54 Poole, William  26 Jan 1729Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22868
55 Rich, Anna (daughter?)  1778Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I35595
56 Rittenhouse, John  22 May 1800Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I11921
57 Roark, Michael  8 Sep 1745Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I92005
58 Shannon, . Janetta  30 Nov 1777Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I38448
59 Stewart (or Bromfield), Margaret  1712Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I62249
60 Wear, John*  12 Jan 1741Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2503
61 Wear, Rebecca  Abt 1745Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I3099
62 Wear, Samuel  23 May 1766Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I2536
63 Wear (Weir), John McKinstry  10 Nov 1793Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I87885
64 Wear (Weir), Mrs. Mary (..)  1731Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I87882
65 Wear (Weir), Samuel  1731Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I87881
66 Yardley, Rebecca  Abt 1747Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22914


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Biles, Rebeckah  1704Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22897
2 Bolton, Jemima  2 May 1802Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I14091
3 Brown, Ann  12 May 1755Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I65763
4 Drake, Mary  22 Jun 1759Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17745
5 Dungan, Clement  1732Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17665
6 Dungan, Jeremiah  6 Apr 1761Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17656
7 Dungan, Sarah*  20 May 1760Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I3146
8 Dungan, Thomas  23 Jun 1759Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17667
9 Dungan, Thomas* (immigrant)  1 Feb 1688Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17657
10 Heath, Margery  Aft 1697Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22899
11 Hendricks (Hendrix), Johannes "John"  Aft 1725Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I87067
12 Hibbs, Joseph  1762Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I14043
13 Janney, Thomas  1697Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22898
14 McCarty, Benjamin  27 Oct 1794Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47766
15 Pickering, Rachel  Aug 1827Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I89692
16 Poole, Abel  1740Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22875
17 Poole, Joseph  1745Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22874
18 Poole, Joseph (immigrant)  Aft 1771Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I16139
19 Twining, Mercy  25 May 1768Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I47653
20 Wells, Rebecca  17 Oct 1779Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17676


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Parker, Rebecca "Becca"  1734Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I14005


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Janney, Thomas  1683Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22898
2 Lucas, Elizabeth  1692Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22908
3 Poole, Nathaniel  1692Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22907


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Carrell, James* Sr. (immigrant)  1707Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I3145
2 Poole, Nathaniel  1692Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I22907


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 McCarty, Silas (immigrant)  1 May 1750Bucks Co, Pennsylvania I17634


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnhill / Craig  1750Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F14292
2 Barnhill / Craig  Dec 1750Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F14270
3 Carrell / Van Kirk  17 Aug 1723Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F1228
4 Compton / Nelson  1762Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F25490
5 Janney / Biles  1703Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F8333
6 Lupton / Pickering  8 Jul 1745Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F15739
7 Lupton / Scarborough  4 Aug 1730Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F15737
8 Poole / Janney  1725Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F5304
9 Wear / Carrell  Abt 1740Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F1188
10 Yardley / Poole  13 Apr 1758Bucks Co, Pennsylvania F8326

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