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Buna, Jasper Co, Texas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Joseph  16 Jul 1895Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I82908
2 Bean, William Milam  1894Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102131
3 Burrell, Arthur James  16 Mar 1878Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I1995
4 Burrell, John Clark  20 Sep 1875Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I1994
5 Burrell, Lillie Idell  19 Oct 1886Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I21463
6 Burrell, Lou Nettie  14 May 1891Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I21449
7 Burrell, Marion David  16 Sep 1873Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I1993
8 Burrell, Mary Alice  05 Mar 1879Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I1996
9 Hester, Joyce Athalea  12 Sep 1914Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I46958
10 Lowe, Sarah Ann "Sally"  4 May 1872Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I82898
11 Reese, Buena Vista  26 Nov 1873Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102357
12 Reese, Carrie Lena  Nov 1883Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102364
13 Reese, Jordan "Man"  14 Apr 1886Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102365
14 Reese, Joseph Jordan  10 Apr 1878Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102359
15 Reese, Louise Wilmeth  9 Nov 1888Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102351
16 Reese, Lovenia  1876Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102358
17 Reese, Mary Emma  19 Mar 1882Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102362
18 Reese, Sarah "Bonnie"  2 Jan 1872Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102232
19 Richardson, Blanche  29 Aug 1907Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I97564
20 Richardson, Fairy  9 Sep 1904Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I97563
21 Richardson, Roy  1902Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I97562
22 Scott, Dora Belle "Dorie"   I97580
23 Scott, Shirley Ann   I97581
24 Stanley, Doyle Holt "Buck"  18 Aug 1927Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102236
25 Strange, Margaret  26 Jan 1907Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I38768


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Anders-Yarborough, Addie  4 Sep 1949Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I82994
2 Bean, Walter  Aug 1967Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I82940
3 Chapman, Virginia Rose  26 Aug 1981Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I51629
4 Clark, Bertha Ellen  14 Apr 1997Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102614
5 Cole, Rachel  24 Jul 1913Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I1989
6 Crow, Charley Clarence  8 Jul 1963Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102363
7 Darby, Clement  15 Aug 1953Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I24367
8 Fisher, Norman  16 Dec 1996Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I25458
9 Hester, J.P.  11 Dec 1983Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I46957
10 Jeter, Sarah Molan  24 Nov 1912Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102231
11 Jimerson, Carroll McAllister  21 Jan 1987Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I49914
12 Jones, Jessie Riggs "J.R."  21 Dec 1987Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I103219
13 Muckleroy, Oberia "Bera"  9 Jul 1995Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I49908
14 Ratcliff, Myrtie Jane  2 Dec 1954Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I101981
15 Reese, Buena Vista  26 Feb 1876Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102357
16 Reese, Jordan  18 Sep 1901Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102230
17 Reese, Joseph Jordan  18 Jan 1881Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102359
18 Reese, Mary Emma  12 Jan 1975Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102362
19 Richardson, Birdie Laura  3 May 1971Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I97594
20 Rodgers, Dock Washington  19 May 1936Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I82895
21 Sheppard, Sarah Molan  1 Mar 2000Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102234
22 Stanley, Doyle Holt "Buck"  10 Jun 2005Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102236
23 Stanley, Stanmore Bishop  27 May 1978Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102235
24 Whittaker, William Elton "Willie"  2 Aug 1985Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I102606
25 Williamson, Ben F.  13 Apr 1998Buna, Jasper Co, Texas I23926


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Kirkpatrick / Reese  23 Feb 1902Buna, Jasper Co, Texas F34543
2 Reese / Jeter  7 Apr 1869Buna, Jasper Co, Texas F34490
3 West / Richardson  10 Oct 1920Buna, Jasper Co, Texas F32817