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Chambers Co, Texas



Sherman Family - Chambers County, Texas, Map of Land Divisions (d)
Sherman Family - Chambers County, Texas, Map of Land Divisions (d)

1859 Texas, Chambers County, Tax Roll census
1859 Texas, Chambers County, Tax Roll census


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albritton, Charles Copano  26 Nov 1895Chambers Co, Texas I7090
2 Alford, Mary E.  16 Apr 1857Chambers Co, Texas I53909
3 Andres, Lillie Mae  3 Aug 1920Chambers Co, Texas I47192
4 Barber, Ada Estelle  18 Dec !864Chambers Co, Texas I98361
5 Barnes, Clinton  21 Apr 1889Chambers Co, Texas I6270
6 Barnes, Mary  3 Nov 1894Chambers Co, Texas I6287
7 Barnes, Milfred  2 Sep 1882Chambers Co, Texas I6210
8 Barnes, Nina Vivian  22 Feb 1887Chambers Co, Texas I6259
9 Barnes, Richard L.   I44679
10 Barnes, Vida  1 Jun 1891Chambers Co, Texas I6271
11 Barrow, Albert  1869Chambers Co, Texas I58020
12 Barrow, Amos Henry Jr.  24 Feb 1868Chambers Co, Texas I17910
13 Barrow, Benjamin Franklin  30 Nov 1838Chambers Co, Texas I26343
14 Barrow, Clara Alice  1872Chambers Co, Texas I17911
15 Barrow, Clarence  20 Feb 1882Chambers Co, Texas I6998
16 Barrow, Elizabeth  Apr 1917Chambers Co, Texas I34413
17 Barrow, Eugenia Hortense  21 Nov 1860Chambers Co, Texas I26350
18 Barrow, Haysel  1895Chambers Co, Texas I58028
19 Barrow, Josephine  17 Jan 1848Chambers Co, Texas I26346
20 Barrow, Martin  1866Chambers Co, Texas I6954
21 Barrow, Mary  18 Dec 1827Chambers Co, Texas I17915
22 Barrow, Mary Ann  03 Jan 1845Chambers Co, Texas I26345
23 Barrow, Permelia Jane  10 Feb 1856Chambers Co, Texas I26349
24 Barrow, Ralph James  7 Dec 1890Chambers Co, Texas I34410
25 Barrow, Robert Cade  25 Nov 1852Chambers Co, Texas I26348
26 Barrow, Sarah Amanda  15 May 1860Chambers Co, Texas I26355
27 Barrow, Sarah Cade  4 Apr 1842Chambers Co, Texas I26344
28 Barrow, Solomon  14 Nov 1850Chambers Co, Texas I26347
29 Barrow, Ura Minerva  Sep 1894Chambers Co, Texas I98364
30 Barrow, Wilma Wilde  16 Jul 1901Chambers Co, Texas I93289
31 Branch, Tara (B)  Dec 1894Chambers Co, Texas I33183
32 Broussard, Darris E.   I47205
33 Burch, Betha C.  1916Chambers Co, Texas I38815
34 Burch, Herbert L.  1917Chambers Co, Texas I38816
35 Carter, Clarence Bernard "CB"  1914Chambers Co, Texas I34382
36 Carter, John T.  16 Sep 1909Chambers Co, Texas I34380
37 Carter, Wiggins H.  1907Chambers Co, Texas I34387
38 Clark, Barton Daniel  1866Chambers Co, Texas I17893
39 Clark, William  1852Chambers Co, Texas I46837
40 Claxton, Pheobe (granddaughter)  1907Chambers Co, Texas I44361
41 Claxton, Ruth (granddaughter)  1905Chambers Co, Texas I44360
42 Clough, James Monroe  1856Chambers Co, Texas I30303
43 Corbello, (infant)  Abt 1879Chambers Co, Texas I17902
44 Corbello, Betty  Abt 1875Chambers Co, Texas I17900
45 Corbello, Charles  Abt 1888Chambers Co, Texas I17907
46 Corbello, Eugene  Abt 1873Chambers Co, Texas I17899
47 Corbello, Henry William  Abt 1884Chambers Co, Texas I17905
48 Corbello, Mary  Abt 1877Chambers Co, Texas I17901
49 Corbello, Selina Margarette  Abt 1882Chambers Co, Texas I17904
50 Corbello, Solomon  Abt 1886Chambers Co, Texas I17906
51 Doebner, Duncan  28 Jun 1902Chambers Co, Texas I6196
52 Doebner, Neal  23 Dec 1908Chambers Co, Texas I6197
53 Doebner, Rachel Louise  20 May 1875Chambers Co, Texas I59368
54 Dugat, Boaz Paul  30 May 1880Chambers Co, Texas I38860
55 Dunman, Alice  1851Chambers Co, Texas I31493
56 Dunman, Edward  1856Chambers Co, Texas I31494
57 Dunman, John T.  11 Jun 1861Chambers Co, Texas I31492
58 Fisher, Bertram Ethridge  15 Sep 1889Chambers Co, Texas I98363
59 Fisher, James Madison  26 Jan 1862Chambers Co, Texas I98362
60 Fulks, Annie  1886Chambers Co, Texas I76713
61 Fulks, Carroll  1889Chambers Co, Texas I76714
62 Fulks, Hazel  1891Chambers Co, Texas I76715
63 Fulks, James C.  1897Chambers Co, Texas I76717
64 Fulks, Mary E.  1894Chambers Co, Texas I76716
65 Godfrey, Amelia Permelia "Millie" (B)  1856Chambers Co, Texas I26429
66 Godfrey, Jeff (B)  01 Jan 1856Chambers Co, Texas I26433
67 Godfrey, Leonidus F. (B)  1861Chambers Co, Texas I26423
68 Godfrey, Margaret (B)  1863Chambers Co, Texas I26424
69 Godfrey, Samantha (B)  1853Chambers Co, Texas I26428
70 Godfrey, Solomon (B)  1859Chambers Co, Texas I26422
71 Godfrey, Zach (B)  1860Chambers Co, Texas I26430
72 Gordon, Lee Hawkins  1904Chambers Co, Texas I48275
73 Gordon, Mary Lura  1906Chambers Co, Texas I48276
74 Hankamer, Adolph Stanley  14 Oct 1902Chambers Co, Texas I58381
75 Hankamer, Almond Dewey  14 Sep 1898Chambers Co, Texas I58386
76 Hankamer, Anna Grace  17 May 1906Chambers Co, Texas I58387
77 Hankamer, Augusta Mildred "Gussie"  28 Jul 1894Chambers Co, Texas I58384
78 Hankamer, Chloe E.  Nov 1884Chambers Co, Texas I38887
79 Hankamer, Clyde E.  Mar 1883Chambers Co, Texas I38886
80 Hankamer, Cora N.  Feb 1888Chambers Co, Texas I38889
81 Hankamer, Earl C.  Jan 1892Chambers Co, Texas I38898
82 Hankamer, Edna Lois  30 May 1896Chambers Co, Texas I58385
83 Hankamer, Ella E.  1891Chambers Co, Texas I58389
84 Hankamer, Ernest L.  Jun 1889Chambers Co, Texas I38897
85 Hankamer, Forest J.  Feb 1886Chambers Co, Texas I38888
86 Hankamer, Ida M.T.  Nov 1885Chambers Co, Texas I38896
87 Hankamer, Ira Jett  29 Feb 1904Chambers Co, Texas I58382
88 Hankamer, Mildred  1917Chambers Co, Texas I38910
89 Hankamer, Peter C.  Feb 1878Chambers Co, Texas I38894
90 Hankamer, Quinton A.  Oct 1880Chambers Co, Texas I38883
91 Hankamer, Robert  Dec 1865Chambers Co, Texas I38900
92 Hankamer, Royal R.  Sep 1882Chambers Co, Texas I38895
93 Hankamer, Sadie Bell  27 Dec 1908Chambers Co, Texas I58388
94 Hankamer, Walter C.  Dec 1889Chambers Co, Texas I38890
95 Hankamer, Wilmer  1914Chambers Co, Texas I38909
96 Hankamer, Winnie J.  Oct 1894Chambers Co, Texas I38899
97 Harmon, (daughter)   I38803
98 Harmon, Albert  27 Aug 1914Chambers Co, Texas I38799
99 Harmon, Alva Joshua Jr.  14 Jun 1922Chambers Co, Texas I38878
100 Harmon, Alva Joshua III  28 Jun 1961Chambers Co, Texas I38880

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Andrews, May  7 Feb 1957Chambers Co, Texas I31376
2 Barnes, Clinton  3 Sep 1898Chambers Co, Texas I6270
3 Barnes, Milfred  9 Mar 1914Chambers Co, Texas I6210
4 Barnes, Vida  15 Feb 1937Chambers Co, Texas I6271
5 Barnes, William S  Aft 1869Chambers Co, Texas I5159
6 Barrow, Benjamin Franklin  07 Feb 1877Chambers Co, Texas I26341
7 Barrow, Benjamin Franklin  12 May 1896Chambers Co, Texas I26343
8 Barrow, Eugenia Hortense  28 Aug 1944Chambers Co, Texas I26350
9 Barrow, John Shadrick  14 Jun 1892Chambers Co, Texas I26342
10 Barrow, Joseph  4 Apr 1942Chambers Co, Texas I93287
11 Barrow, Mary Ann  13 Oct 1864Chambers Co, Texas I26345
12 Barrow, Sarah Cade  17 Dec 1865Chambers Co, Texas I26344
13 Barrow, Solomon  25 Sep 1858Chambers Co, Texas I14336
14 Branch, Jacob (B)  31 Aug 1947Chambers Co, Texas I33180
15 Branch, Rainey (B)  28 Dec 1961Chambers Co, Texas I26415
16 Broussard, Edna Ray  17 Sep 1955Chambers Co, Texas I24405
17 Brown, Florence S.  1933Chambers Co, Texas I38874
18 Carpenter, Rebecca A.  Aft 1900Chambers Co, Texas I44345
19 Christiansen, Sophie L.  1987Chambers Co, Texas I107065
20 Clark, Barton Daniel Sr.  1868Chambers Co, Texas I17889
21 Corbello, (infant)  Abt 1879Chambers Co, Texas I17902
22 Dunman, Sarah  15 May 1919Chambers Co, Texas I31495
23 Fisher, James Madison  9 Jun 1938Chambers Co, Texas I98362
24 Frisbie, James  10 Dec 1927Chambers Co, Texas I38843
25 Godfrey, Jeff (B)  23 Nov 1951Chambers Co, Texas I26433
26 Griffith, Permelia  20 Jun 1894Chambers Co, Texas I76723
27 Hankamer, Johann Wilhelm (John William)  11 Apr 1907Chambers Co, Texas I58355
28 Harmon, Alva Joshua III  14 Jun 1981Chambers Co, Texas I38880
29 Harmon, Alva Joshua Jr.  15 Apr 1986Chambers Co, Texas I38878
30 Harmon, Charles Saxton  1953Chambers Co, Texas I38873
31 Harmon, Leon Leslie  31 Jul 1917Chambers Co, Texas I33456
32 Harmon, Oliver Elmo  26 Feb 1895Chambers Co, Texas I33458
33 Hartwell, Julia  Bef 1880Chambers Co, Texas I65169
34 Hawkins, Mary  1913Chambers Co, Texas I35153
35 Hawkins, Robert  28 Dec 1927Chambers Co, Texas I34412
36 Hawkins, William H. (m Cuniff)  16 Jan 1895Chambers Co, Texas I34395
37 Heiman, Harvey Robert  1 Apr 1999Chambers Co, Texas I31346
38 Heiman, William George  25 Jun 1991Chambers Co, Texas I24510
39 Higginbotham, Nancy  5 Oct 1910Chambers Co, Texas I58360
40 Jackson, Alexander Bond  25 Sep 1866Chambers Co, Texas I26623
41 Jackson, Guy Cade  23 Feb 2009Chambers Co, Texas I26631
42 Jackson, Hugh  15 Jun 1877Chambers Co, Texas I26621
43 Jackson, Humphrey Taylor  01 Oct 1876Chambers Co, Texas I26562
44 Jackson, James Bert  06 Nov 1957Chambers Co, Texas I26574
45 Jackson, James Merriman  05 Jun 1895Chambers Co, Texas I26436
46 Jackson, John "Smith Point John"  15 Jun 1877Chambers Co, Texas I26309
47 Jackson, Liticia  01 Nov 1881Chambers Co, Texas I26620
48 Jackson, Mary Permelia  09 Mar 1914Chambers Co, Texas I26563
49 Jackson, Sarah Ellen  1 Oct 1876Chambers Co, Texas I6362
50 Jackson, Zuill Briggs  22 Jan 1912Chambers Co, Texas I26576
51 Jones, James J  1871Chambers Co, Texas I6941
52 Jones, Laura Cecelia  28 Aug 1917Chambers Co, Texas I488
53 Jones, Tabitha Jane  13 Apr 1980Chambers Co, Texas I7105
54 Kirkwood, Mila Amma (black)  30 Dec 1968Chambers Co, Texas I107056
55 Kranz, Wilhelmina Elizabethe  20 Nov 1888Chambers Co, Texas I58350
56 Lawrence, Sylvester Hallie  21 Apr 1909Chambers Co, Texas I93288
57 Mayes, Effie Clarice  17 Apr 1951Chambers Co, Texas I44254
58 Mayes, Jackson  1899Chambers Co, Texas I44252
59 Mayes, Joshua Jackson (white)  10 Jan 1912Chambers Co, Texas I26427
60 Mayes, William Fields  23 Jul 1930Chambers Co, Texas I31498
61 Mayes, Woodson B.  14 Oct 1915Chambers Co, Texas I31502
62 Middleton, Randall Mayes  26 Jan 1961Chambers Co, Texas I44343
63 Moor, Mildred Ora  17 Aug 1991Chambers Co, Texas I38877
64 Moss, Mary  Aft 1870Chambers Co, Texas I31369
65 Ozan (Auzenne), Nora  27 Dec 1958Chambers Co, Texas I107035
66 Paschall, Ruth Mae  29 May 2007Chambers Co, Texas I18028
67 Raymond, Matilda (black)  30 Apr 1943Chambers Co, Texas I107058
68 Scales, John Henry  15 May 1901Chambers Co, Texas I14
69 Shelton, Robert  4 Jul 1964Chambers Co, Texas I6914
70 Shelton, Tabitha Jane  Aft 1870Chambers Co, Texas I6933
71 Sherman, Charles Lloyd  30 Oct 1943Chambers Co, Texas I6472
72 Sherman, Emma  8 Jan 1899Chambers Co, Texas I3
73 Sherman, Henry Carroll  14 Jun 1926Chambers Co, Texas I7077
74 Sherman, Leverett R Sr  2 Apr 1874Chambers Co, Texas I5593
75 Sherman, Mrs. Louise M. (..)  1968Chambers Co, Texas I10355
76 Sherman, Myrtle  30 Jan 1965Chambers Co, Texas I7108
77 Sherman, Richard Hamilton  Abt 1893Chambers Co, Texas I366
78 Sherman, William Kirk  18 Nov 1917Chambers Co, Texas I5049
79 Silva, Frank Lawrence  19 Jul 1896Chambers Co, Texas I46833
80 Smith, Lurenda  23 Jan 1877Chambers Co, Texas I58376
81 Speights, Amanda Melvina  25 Dec 1892Chambers Co, Texas I26333
82 Speights, Edwin Hannes  9 Jun 1966Chambers Co, Texas I44713
83 Speights, Reuben Columbus  14 Mar 1910Chambers Co, Texas I76725
84 Stengler, John  21 Nov 1910Chambers Co, Texas I58348
85 Stephenson, Daisy S.  9 Feb 1956Chambers Co, Texas I58365
86 Stephenson, Reason Green  4 Mar 1895Chambers Co, Texas I58364
87 Stubbs, Minerva Ann  09 Sep 1876Chambers Co, Texas I17909
88 Swindle, Ara  18 Feb 1958Chambers Co, Texas I7052
89 Tilton, Benjamin Wesley  3 Dec 1909Chambers Co, Texas I14338
90 Tilton, Rachel Viola  28 Jun 1976Chambers Co, Texas I53905
91 Wallis, Elisha Nicholas  30 Apr 1894Chambers Co, Texas I44730
92 Wallis, Emmett  Bef 1900Chambers Co, Texas I44264
93 Wallis, Sarah Ann  Bef 1870Chambers Co, Texas I26308
94 Weaver, John (immigrant)  21 Jun 1894Chambers Co, Texas I38907
95 White, Elizabeth "Betsy"  Dec 1890Chambers Co, Texas I6993
96 White, Forrest E.  06 Jul 1944Chambers Co, Texas I26339
97 White, Jacob Cade  Oct 1993Chambers Co, Texas I33191
98 White, James Taylor  24 Dec 1905Chambers Co, Texas I26299
99 White, James Taylor  30 Dec 1927Chambers Co, Texas I26334
100 White, John Booth (DNA Circle-g)  15 Feb 1859Chambers Co, Texas I6910

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Sherman, Leverett R Sr  Chambers Co, Texas I5593
2 Sherman, Lothrop* Brockway  Chambers Co, Texas I3428
3 Sherman, Rebecca  Chambers Co, Texas I4607
4 Sherman, Richard Hamilton  Chambers Co, Texas I366
5 Wiggins, Elizabeth Ann  Chambers Co, Texas I44202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barnes, William "Willis"  1859Chambers Co, Texas I4499
2 Barnes, William Edward  1940Chambers Co, Texas I7075
3 Barrow, Benjamin Franklin  17 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I26341
4 Barrow, John Shadrick  17 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I26342
5 Barrow, Solomon  1859Chambers Co, Texas I14336
6 Barrow, Solomon Winfree Jr  28 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I17919
7 Carter, William Arnold  1930Chambers Co, Texas I34379
8 Cuniff, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1900Chambers Co, Texas I24161
9 Cuniff, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1910Chambers Co, Texas I24161
10 Cuniff, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1930Chambers Co, Texas I24161
11 Frugia, Richard Joseph  1940Chambers Co, Texas I47194
12 Gibbons (Hartwell), William K.  16 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I6955
13 Hamshire, Barney  16 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I24612
14 Hankamer, Ira Alvin  1940Chambers Co, Texas I58377
15 Hawkins, Bertha Winnie  27 Jan 1920Chambers Co, Texas I34399
16 Hawkins, Robert  1900Chambers Co, Texas I34412
17 Hawkins, Robert  1910Chambers Co, Texas I34412
18 Hawkins, Robert  1920Chambers Co, Texas I34412
19 Hawkins, William John "Willie"  1930Chambers Co, Texas I34398
20 Hill, John Edward (Edward P.)  1880Chambers Co, Texas I44297
21 Holst, Floyd Grover Sr.  1930Chambers Co, Texas I24180
22 Jackson, Hugh  1860Chambers Co, Texas I26621
23 Jackson, James Merriman  1860Chambers Co, Texas I26436
24 Jackson, James Merriman  1870Chambers Co, Texas I26436
25 Jackson, James Merriman  1959Chambers Co, Texas I26436
26 Jackson, John "Smith Point John"  1859Chambers Co, Texas I26309
27 Jackson, John "Smith Point John"  1860Chambers Co, Texas I26309
28 Jackson, John "Smith Point John"  1870Chambers Co, Texas I26309
29 Jones, James Burton Sr  1910Chambers Co, Texas I6426
30 Jones, James J  1859Chambers Co, Texas I6941
31 Jones, James J  1860Chambers Co, Texas I6941
32 Jones, James J  1870Chambers Co, Texas I6941
33 Jones, Martin H  1859Chambers Co, Texas I7016
34 Jones, Martin H  16 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I7016
35 Jones, Martin H  10 Jun 1870Chambers Co, Texas I7016
36 Kiker, Charles Aubrey Sr.  1920Chambers Co, Texas I22008
37 Kirk, Mary* Sophronia  24 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I3537
38 Mayes, Herbert (Mulatto)  1930Chambers Co, Texas I107040
39 Mayes, Joshua Jackson (white)  1859Chambers Co, Texas  I26427
40 Scherer, Sadie Ray  1920Chambers Co, Texas I47207
41 Shelton, Amos Clinton  1859Chambers Co, Texas I550
42 Shelton, Amos Clinton  20 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I550
43 Shelton, Cordelia Frances (Cornelia)  16 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I26300
44 Shelton, Maria  1870Chambers Co, Texas I26275
45 Shelton, Tabitha Jane  16 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I6933
46 Shelton, Thomas Haywood  17 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I6912
47 Shelton, Thomas W.  1859Chambers Co, Texas I6907
48 Shelton, Thomas W.  17 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I6907
49 Sherman, Elder Haven  1930Chambers Co, Texas I6646
50 Sherman, Jacob Haven Jr  1859Chambers Co, Texas I5748
51 Sherman, Jacob Haven Jr  23 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I5748
52 Sherman, John T.  1859Chambers Co, Texas I4389
53 Sherman, John T.  20 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I4389
54 Sherman, Leverett R Sr  1859Chambers Co, Texas I5593
55 Sherman, Leverett R Sr  20 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I5593
56 Sherman, Lothrop* Brockway  1859Chambers Co, Texas I3428
57 Sherman, Lothrop* Brockway  24 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I3428
58 Sherman, Rebecca  24 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I4607
59 Sherman, Richard Hamilton  1859Chambers Co, Texas I366
60 Sherman, Richard Hamilton  24 Jun 1860Chambers Co, Texas I366
61 Sherman, Willie R  1930Chambers Co, Texas I6366
62 Smith (?), Elizabeth  1870Chambers Co, Texas I7022
63 Summers, Sarah Magdelena  23 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I5759
64 Wallis, David  17 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I26321
65 Wallis, Eugene Hansel  1920Chambers Co, Texas I44258
66 Wallis, Hansel Roberts "Robert"  1900Chambers Co, Texas I6959
67 Wallis, Martha (DNA Circle-g)  17 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I6911
68 Wallis, Solomon Barrow  1859Chambers Co, Texas I6968
69 White, Landon Guy (B)  1910Chambers Co, Texas I26382
70 White, Permelia Jane  17 Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas I26340
71 White, Robert  17 Jul 1850Chambers Co, Texas I26297


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 White, Landon Guy (B)  1917Chambers Co, Texas I26382


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hankamer, Ira Alvin  24 May 1904Chambers Co, Texas I58377


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wallis, Daniel Boone  1859Chambers Co, Texas I6962
2 Wallis, Solomon Barrow  1859Chambers Co, Texas I6968


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Jackson, John Henry  1934Chambers Co, Texas I26625


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 / White  25 Oct 1881Chambers Co, Texas F9326
2 Barnes / Atkins  7 Feb 1868Chambers Co, Texas F108
3 Barrow / Barrow  Abt 1855Chambers Co, Texas F19134
4 Barrow / Lawrence  Abt 1857Chambers Co, Texas F9329
5 Barrow / Lawrence  21 Aug 1894Chambers Co, Texas F31397
6 Barrow / Miles  Jul 1860Chambers Co, Texas F34857
7 Barrow / Shelton  1782Chambers Co, Texas F2930
8 Barrow / Stubbs  12 Jul 1964Chambers Co, Texas F6614
9 Barrow / Tilton  4 Jan 1920Chambers Co, Texas F17656
10 Barrow / Wilburn  26 Jul 1886Chambers Co, Texas F33047
11 Black / Wiggins  1887Chambers Co, Texas F31481
12 Booth / Barrow  1864Chambers Co, Texas F2944
13 Broussard / Broussard  Abt 1906Chambers Co, Texas F9357
14 Broussard / Rush  Bef 1920Chambers Co, Texas F8817
15 Burch / Harmon  27 Jun 1915Chambers Co, Texas F13188
16 Carr / Schrier  26 Jul 1886Chambers Co, Texas F8782
17 Carter / McManus  6 Jul 1905Chambers Co, Texas F11974
18 Carter / Weaver  29 Sep 1973Chambers Co, Texas F11975
19 Clark / Barrow  1862Chambers Co, Texas F6608
20 Clough / Holland  Abt 1867Chambers Co, Texas F2698
21 Clough / O'Leary  14 Jul 1897Chambers Co, Texas F10895
22 Clough / Wiggins  5 Jul 1852Chambers Co, Texas F10897
23 Corbello / Corbello  Aft 1870Chambers Co, Texas F6613
24 Crocker / Kelly   F13216
25 Davis / Mayes  Abt 1885Chambers Co, Texas F14731
26 Doebner / Barnes  16 Jul 1867Chambers Co, Texas F113
27 Dugat / Stubbs  Abt 1875Chambers Co, Texas F6615
28 Fisher / Barrow  11 Dec 1911Chambers Co, Texas F33044
29 Frisbie / Harmon  19 Aug 1880Chambers Co, Texas F13195
30 Fulks / Jones  19 Oct 1884Chambers Co, Texas F2924
31 Gatlin / Hankamer  1 Oct 1902Chambers Co, Texas F13201
32 Gibbons (Hartwell) / Doebner  Abt 1768Chambers Co, Texas F2931
33 Godfrey / Baker  Abt 1885Chambers Co, Texas F11089
34 Godfrey / Mayes-Godfrey  Abt 1852Chambers Co, Texas F9351
35 Gordon / Hawkins  1902Chambers Co, Texas F15958
36 Hamshire / Hamshire  Abt 1859Chambers Co, Texas F9331
37 Hankamer / Hankamer  Bef 1935Chambers Co, Texas F19244
38 Hankamer / Hankamer  Aft 1938Chambers Co, Texas F19241
39 Hankamer / Harmon  Abt 1913Chambers Co, Texas F13215
40 Hankamer / Higginbotham  Abt 1861Chambers Co, Texas F13212
41 Hankamer / Smith  Abt 1868Chambers Co, Texas F19240
42 Hankamer / Weaver  1880Chambers Co, Texas F13210
43 Hargraves / DeBlanc  Aft 1910Chambers Co, Texas F8815
44 Harmon / Alford  1874Chambers Co, Texas F17655
45 Harmon / Brown  24 Aug 1892Chambers Co, Texas F13207
46 Harmon / Kramer  7 Aug 1912Chambers Co, Texas F13179
47 Harmon / LeBlanc  Aft 1930Chambers Co, Texas F13168
48 Harmon / Moncrief  Abt 1927Chambers Co, Texas F11711
49 Harmon / Moor  Abt 1915Chambers Co, Texas F13208
50 Harmon / Mull  Abt 1950Chambers Co, Texas F13209
51 Harmon / New  16 Sep 1920Chambers Co, Texas F11710
52 Hartwell / Worten (or Wooten)  Abt 1876Chambers Co, Texas F9332
53 Hawkins / Hawkins  1918Chambers Co, Texas F11979
54 Hawkins / Nelson  Abt 1901Chambers Co, Texas F11980
55 Heiman / Johnson  18 Apr 1966Chambers Co, Texas F11039
56 Hill / Hill  1900Chambers Co, Texas F14739
57 Hill / Wiggins  Abt 1872Chambers Co, Texas F14722
58 Icet / Holt  Abt 1918Chambers Co, Texas F33036
59 Inman / Jones  13 Jul 1879Chambers Co, Texas F2952
60 Jackson / Andrews  Abt 1888Chambers Co, Texas F11043
61 Jackson / Briggs  1904Chambers Co, Texas F9398
62 Jackson / Jackson  1900Chambers Co, Texas F9397
63 Jackson / White  23 Dec 1847Chambers Co, Texas F9354
64 Jones / Hill  1879Chambers Co, Texas F2949
65 Jones / Jones  Abt 1900Chambers Co, Texas F14738
66 Jones / Shelton  Abt 1840Chambers Co, Texas F2946
67 Jones / Shelton  1852Chambers Co, Texas F226
68 Jones / Smith (?)  1853Chambers Co, Texas F2948
69 Jones / Wiggins  1882Chambers Co, Texas F225
70 Junghans / Hankamer  Bef 1910Chambers Co, Texas F19243
71 Katterick / Scales  Abt 1908Chambers Co, Texas F2794
72 Kent / Crocker   F13218
73 Land / Wiggins  1883Chambers Co, Texas F31480
74 Long / Jackson  Abt 1846Chambers Co, Texas F11044
75 Mayes / Dunman  2 Mar 1853Chambers Co, Texas F11087
76 Mayes / Kuhlenthal  Aft 1885Chambers Co, Texas F14730
77 Mayes / Mayes  1870Chambers Co, Texas F11093
78 Mayes / Mayes-Godfrey  Abt 1841Chambers Co, Texas F9352
79 Mayes / Van Pradelles  Abt 1860Chambers Co, Texas F14729
80 Mayes / Wooten  Abt 1895Chambers Co, Texas F14712
81 Maze / Godfrey  1914Chambers Co, Texas F11090
82 Middleton / Mayes  Abt 1897Chambers Co, Texas F14713
83 Moss / Booth  Abt 1753Chambers Co, Texas F11042
84 Nelson / Jackson  Abt 1878Chambers Co, Texas F11981
85 Nelson / Shelton  1851Chambers Co, Texas F2919
86 Newton / Jones  Abt 1876Chambers Co, Texas F2951
87 Robinson / Clark  6 Dec 1877Chambers Co, Texas F6609
88 Shelby / Shelby  Abt 1868Chambers Co, Texas F2947
89 Shelton / Moss  Abt 1881Chambers Co, Texas F2914
90 Shelton / White  Abt 1860Chambers Co, Texas F2912
91 Sherman / Jackson  29 Jan 1873Chambers Co, Texas F2418
92 Sherman / Johns  25 May 1854Chambers Co, Texas F167
93 Sherman / Jones  8 Oct 1874Chambers Co, Texas F198
94 Sherman / Merritt  4 Mar 1891Chambers Co, Texas F2391
95 Sherman / Munger  29 May 1901Chambers Co, Texas F2961
96 Sherman / Shelton  Abt 1872Chambers Co, Texas F2368
97 Sherman / Shelton  17 Oct 1879Chambers Co, Texas F26
98 Sherman / Shelton  23 Mar 1882Chambers Co, Texas F38
99 Sherman / Shelton  29 Dec 1886Chambers Co, Texas F22
100 Sherman / Stanley  14 Jan 1885Chambers Co, Texas F168

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Heiman / Heiman   F11040
2 Jones / Sherman  06 Sep 1882Chambers Co, Texas F144
3 Sherman / Wallace  06 Mar 1889Chambers Co, Texas F54
4 White (Lewis) / White   F11623