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Charles Co, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Charles  1663Charles Co, Maryland I40201
2 Allison, Charles Sr.  Abt 1732Charles Co, Maryland I64798
3 Allison, John Sr.  Bef 1732Charles Co, Maryland I64800
4 Allison, Richard  Abt 1730Charles Co, Maryland I64797
5 Allison, Thomas Jr.  Abt 1734Charles Co, Maryland I64799
6 Bachelor, Elizabeth  31 May 1668Charles Co, Maryland I20625
7 Barnes, Catherine  1762Charles Co, Maryland I21784
8 Barton, Elizabeth  27 Feb 1671Charles Co, Maryland I21649
9 Barton, Margaret  Abt 1638Charles Co, Maryland I21661
10 Barton, Margaret  Abt 1665Charles Co, Maryland I21652
11 Barton, Mary  25 Mar 1667Charles Co, Maryland I19219
12 Barton, Nathan  Abt 1637Charles Co, Maryland I21660
13 Barton, William  29 Jun 1662Charles Co, Maryland I48331
14 Barton, William III  27 Feb 1668Charles Co, Maryland I21655
15 Boarman, John Hoskins  Abt 1752Charles Co, Maryland I20649
16 Boarman, Thomas Courtney Sr  Abt 1791Charles Co, Maryland I20629
17 Brawner, Henry Middleton  17 Oct 1807Charles Co, Maryland I21155
18 Briscoe, Catherine Elizabeth  10 Feb 1834Charles Co, Maryland I21154
19 Briscoe, Edward  Abt 1706Charles Co, Maryland I16004
20 Briscoe, George  Abt 1714Charles Co, Maryland I16005
21 Briscoe, Gerard  17 Aug 1737Charles Co, Maryland I16073
22 Briscoe, James  1726Charles Co, Maryland I16009
23 Briscoe, John  Aft 1751Charles Co, Maryland I21856
24 Briscoe, John Hanson  Aft 30 Dec 1741Charles Co, Maryland I21073
25 Briscoe, Lydia  Abt 1710Charles Co, Maryland I16006
26 Briscoe, Margaret  Abt 1746Charles Co, Maryland I2761
27 Briscoe, Philip  Abt 1714Charles Co, Maryland I16008
28 Briscoe, Phillip  1719Charles Co, Maryland I21019
29 Briscoe, Priscilla  Abt 1712Charles Co, Maryland I16007
30 Briscoe, Robert  1718Charles Co, Maryland I14952
31 Briscoe, Susanna*  Abt 1676Charles Co, Maryland I2729
32 Briscoe, Walter Hanson  20 Mar 1801Charles Co, Maryland I21782
33 Briscoe, William Dent  Abt 1770Charles Co, Maryland I21781
34 Brooke, James Neale  1758Charles Co, Maryland I20671
35 Brooke, Richard  Abt 1730Charles Co, Maryland I64700
36 Burch, Barbara  1689Charles Co, Maryland I40200
37 Chandler, John  1714Charles Co, Maryland I21049
38 Chapman, Henry Hendley  9 Jun 1764Charles Co, Maryland I21099
39 Chunn, Margaret Amory  16 Aug 1798Charles Co, Maryland I100440
40 Clarke, Thomas  Dec 1654Charles Co, Maryland I21744
41 Coffer (or Cofer), Francis  1672Charles Co, Maryland I93333
42 Coffer (or Cofer), Mary  Bef 1703Charles Co, Maryland I93346
43 Compton, Eleanor  1 Dec 1711Charles Co, Maryland I2945
44 Compton, John C Jr  21 Sep 1667Charles Co, Maryland I2854
45 Compton, Lucinda  24 Sep 1806Charles Co, Maryland I2905
46 Compton, Mary Ann  1762Charles Co, Maryland I2772
47 Compton, Mathew* Sr  17 Jun 1671Charles Co, Maryland I2763
48 Compton, Mathew* Jr  Bef 26 Jun 1709Charles Co, Maryland I2887
49 Compton, Phillip  11 Apr 1744Charles Co, Maryland I2895
50 Compton, Samuel  19 May 1716Charles Co, Maryland I2947
51 Compton, Sarah  24 Mar 1714Charles Co, Maryland I2949
52 Compton, Susanna  6 Feb 1707Charles Co, Maryland I2948
53 Cotton, Verlinda  Abt 1640Charles Co, Maryland I21773
54 Cottrell, Buford  Abt 1730Charles Co, Maryland I21864
55 Courts, Charity  1717Charles Co, Maryland I93368
56 Davis, Esther (or Hester)  Abt 1687Charles Co, Maryland I91365
57 Dent, Anne  Abt 1738Charles Co, Maryland I20613
58 Dent, Eleanor  Abt 1730Charles Co, Maryland I20605
59 Dent, George  27 Sep 1690Charles Co, Maryland I16040
60 Dent, John Sr  1724Charles Co, Maryland I16076
61 Dent, John  1733Charles Co, Maryland I85262
62 Dent, John Turner  1789Charles Co, Maryland I100439
63 Dent, Joseph Manning  1750Charles Co, Maryland I100437
64 Dent, Judith  Abt 1734Charles Co, Maryland I20607
65 Dent, Mary  Abt 1748Charles Co, Maryland I20611
66 Dent, Michael  1812Charles Co, Maryland I96109
67 Dent, Thomas  15 Nov 1685Charles Co, Maryland I16036
68 Dent, Thomas Marshall  22 Oct 1761Charles Co, Maryland I85261
69 Dent, Warren  1744Charles Co, Maryland I20609
70 Douglas, Benjamin  1741Charles Co, Maryland I21083
71 Douglas, Eleanor  1736Charles Co, Maryland I21069
72 Douglas, Jesse (son?)  Abt 1734Charles Co, Maryland I36735
73 Douglas, Sarah  1727Charles Co, Maryland I36734
74 Douglass, Capt. Benjamin  1687Charles Co, Maryland I21868
75 Douglass, Benjamin Jr.  Abt 1707Charles Co, Maryland I102214
76 Douglass, Benjamin  Abt 1719Charles Co, Maryland I21080
77 Douglass, John  29 Oct 1686Charles Co, Maryland I21865
78 Douglass, John*  1668Charles Co, Maryland I21866
79 Douglass, Sarah  1688Charles Co, Maryland I21869
80 Dyson, Mary  1708Charles Co, Maryland I48098
81 Dyson, Thomas  1688Charles Co, Maryland I48099
82 Edelen, Elizabeth  1693Charles Co, Maryland I21666
83 Edwards, Mary Magdalene  1750Charles Co, Maryland I100438
84 Fendall, Mary  Abt 1710Charles Co, Maryland I41119
85 Fowke, Elizabeth  1668Charles Co, Maryland I2831
86 Fowke, Roger  Abt 1702Charles Co, Maryland I19092
87 Garner, Bradley  1768Charles Co, Maryland I8212
88 Graves, Elizabeth Anna "Ann"  1620Charles Co, Maryland I21750
89 Gwinn, Elizabeth  1761Charles Co, Maryland I48326
90 Gwinn, John  Bef 1739Charles Co, Maryland I48322
91 Gwinn, John  1759Charles Co, Maryland I48325
92 Gwinn, Mary Ann Jones  1763Charles Co, Maryland I48327
93 Gwinn, Violetta  Abt 1751Charles Co, Maryland I21672
94 Gwinn, William Barton  Abt 1765Charles Co, Maryland I48328
95 Hagan, Anne*  Abt 1676Charles Co, Maryland I21809
96 Hagan, James  1671Charles Co, Maryland I21871
97 Hanson, Miss (..)  Abt 1732Charles Co, Maryland I41113
98 Hanson, Anne  1734Charles Co, Maryland I20570
99 Hanson, Charity  15 Aug 1724Charles Co, Maryland I21028
100 Hanson, Dorothy  Abt 1715Charles Co, Maryland I20601

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Aisquith, Mary*  04 Feb 1725Charles Co, Maryland I21811
2 Allison, Charles  1698Charles Co, Maryland I40201
3 Allison, John Sr.  Bef 10 Dec 1793Charles Co, Maryland I64800
4 Bachelor, Elizabeth  19 Mar 1698Charles Co, Maryland I20625
5 Bachelor, Francis  05 Apr 1664Charles Co, Maryland I21721
6 Bachelor, Mrs Sarah (..)  Bef 1680Charles Co, Maryland I21722
7 Bailey (Bayley), James  29 Apr 1724Charles Co, Maryland I48318
8 Bailey (Bayley), John  17 Mar 1687Charles Co, Maryland I48319
9 Barker, Margarett*  Aft 1696Charles Co, Maryland I21974
10 Barnes, Catherine  01 Aug 1814Charles Co, Maryland I21784
11 Barton, Elizabeth  Bef 6 Jan 1704Charles Co, Maryland I21649
12 Barton, Grace  Aft 1645Charles Co, Maryland I21712
13 Barton, William  Abt Jun 1666Charles Co, Maryland I48331
14 Barton, William  Abt 1675Charles Co, Maryland I21657
15 Barton, Col William Gent  Bef 22 Sep 1717Charles Co, Maryland I21650
16 Batten, Jane  Aft 1670Charles Co, Maryland I43081
17 Boarman, John Hoskins  Bef 7 Apr 1804Charles Co, Maryland I20649
18 Boarman, Raphael  Bef 22 Aug 1807Charles Co, Maryland I20640
19 Boarman, Richard Bennett  Bef 8 Jul 1758Charles Co, Maryland I20631
20 Boughton, Katherine  Aft 26 Oct 1749/50Charles Co, Maryland I19058
21 Boughton, Richard  Bef 25 Jun 1706Charles Co, Maryland I20581
22 Brandt, Catherine  Bef 16 Jan 1755Charles Co, Maryland I21988
23 Brandt, Randolph  Abt 1713Charles Co, Maryland I21647
24 Brawner, Henry Middleton  16 Oct 1836Charles Co, Maryland I21155
25 Briscoe, George  Bef 21 Sep 1756Charles Co, Maryland I16005
26 Briscoe, Samuel  1796Charles Co, Maryland I21070
27 Briscoe, Sarah  1735Charles Co, Maryland I2766
28 Briscoe, Susanna*  11 Jan 1739Charles Co, Maryland I2729
29 Briscoe, William Dent  Aft 1802Charles Co, Maryland I21781
30 Brooke, Richard  9 Apr 1771Charles Co, Maryland I64700
31 Burch, Ann  17 Apr 1743Charles Co, Maryland I16103
32 Cage, Margery  Bef 12 Feb 1676Charles Co, Maryland I21715
33 Chapman, Anne  30 Oct 1781Charles Co, Maryland I96112
34 Clarke, Mary* Rebecca  Bef 1718Charles Co, Maryland I2759
35 Clarke, Robert* Sr  1654Charles Co, Maryland I2915
36 Compton, Eleanor  Bef 6 Dec 1783Charles Co, Maryland I2945
37 Compton, John* C Sr. (immigrant)  18 Jan 1718Charles Co, Maryland I2757
38 Compton, Margaret  Dec 1817Charles Co, Maryland I2893
39 Compton, Mathew* Sr  8 Sep 1747Charles Co, Maryland I2763
40 Compton, Stephen  Bef 20 Nov 1784Charles Co, Maryland I2890
41 Compton, Susannah  1745Charles Co, Maryland I2889
42 Cotton, Rev William (Immigrant)  Bef 7 Oct 1642Charles Co, Maryland I21772
43 Cottrell, Buford  Aft 1807Charles Co, Maryland I21864
44 Courts, Coniers  Bef 1698Charles Co, Maryland I21732
45 Dent, Anne  Bef 1786Charles Co, Maryland I20613
46 Dent, Chloe Hanson  1804Charles Co, Maryland I21791
47 Dent, Margaret*  Between Aug 1705 and 1709Charles Co, Maryland I2801
48 Dent, Thomas  1725Charles Co, Maryland I16036
49 Dent, Warren  Abt 1794Charles Co, Maryland I20609
50 Dent, William  Bef 13 Feb 1705Charles Co, Maryland I2813
51 Dent, William  Bef 21 Feb 1757Charles Co, Maryland I16047
52 Douglas, Benjamin  Bef 28 Sep 1747Charles Co, Maryland I21020
53 Douglas, Benjamin  Bef 28 Feb 1772Charles Co, Maryland I21083
54 Douglas, Sarah  Aft 29 Aug 1775Charles Co, Maryland I36734
55 Douglass, Benjamin  Bef 24 Apr 1772Charles Co, Maryland I21080
56 Douglass, John  1735Charles Co, Maryland I21865
57 Douglass, John*  01 Dec 1705Charles Co, Maryland I21866
58 Douglass, Joseph  Bef 10 Mar 1722/3Charles Co, Maryland I21065
59 Douglass, Sarah  Aft 1688Charles Co, Maryland I21869
60 Duncastle, John  Aft 1772Charles Co, Maryland I21842
61 Dyson, Thomas  24 Mar 1760Charles Co, Maryland I48099
62 Edelen, Elizabeth  Bef 14 Mar 1771Charles Co, Maryland I21666
63 Fendall, Mary  31 Jan 1759Charles Co, Maryland I41119
64 Ford, Anne  Between 1782 and 1788Charles Co, Maryland I48324
65 Fowke, Elizabeth  1703Charles Co, Maryland I2831
66 Fowke, Gerald  19 Mar 1793Charles Co, Maryland I20563
67 Fowke, Jane  Bef 21 May 1760Charles Co, Maryland I20564
68 Fowke, Verlinda Stone  5 Mar 1871Charles Co, Maryland I21124
69 Goodrick, Anne  Aft 1761Charles Co, Maryland I21839
70 Graves, Elizabeth Anna "Ann"  Bef 18 Jul 1683Charles Co, Maryland I21750
71 Graves, Martha (Grieve)  1742Charles Co, Maryland I21858
72 Graves, Verlinda*  15 Jul 1675Charles Co, Maryland I19070
73 Greenfield, Marianne Truman  Aft 1758Charles Co, Maryland I21788
74 Gwinn, John  Jun 1766Charles Co, Maryland I48322
75 Gwinn, Joseph  Bef 12 Aug 1778Charles Co, Maryland I21850
76 Gwinn, Violetta  Aft 1780Charles Co, Maryland I21672
77 Gwinn, William Barton  Bef 1772Charles Co, Maryland I48328
78 Hagan, James  11 Sep 1749Charles Co, Maryland I21871
79 Hagan, Thomas*  Bef 21 Feb 1716Charles Co, Maryland I21810
80 Hanson, Miss (..)  Bef 1761Charles Co, Maryland I41113
81 Hanson, Alexander Contee  16 Jan 1806Charles Co, Maryland I21089
82 Hanson, Anne  Bef 1778Charles Co, Maryland I20570
83 Hanson, Charity  Bef 23 Oct 1775Charles Co, Maryland I21028
84 Hanson, Eleanor  20 Jul 1796Charles Co, Maryland I21088
85 Hanson, Elizabeth  27 Nov 1757Charles Co, Maryland I21087
86 Hanson, Helloise  Bef 3 Jun 1763Charles Co, Maryland I21094
87 Hanson, Hoskins  Bef 6 Sep 1796Charles Co, Maryland I21008
88 Hanson, Jane  Aft 19 Mar 1764Charles Co, Maryland I21027
89 Hanson, Robert Jr.  19 Nov 1734Charles Co, Maryland I20599
90 Hanson, Robert Sr.  Bef 27 Sep 1748Charles Co, Maryland I20596
91 Hanson, Samuel  Bef 5 Mar 1740/1Charles Co, Maryland I20998
92 Hanson, Samuel  7 Jul 1750Charles Co, Maryland I41118
93 Hanson, Samuel  Bef 8 Dec 1794Charles Co, Maryland I21023
94 Hanson, Samuel  1810Charles Co, Maryland I21103
95 Hanson, Sarah  Bef 1739Charles Co, Maryland I19247
96 Hanson, Violetta  Bef 30 Aug 1786Charles Co, Maryland I20600
97 Hanson, Walter Jr.  Bef 3 Dec 1785Charles Co, Maryland I21097
98 Hanson, William  2 Sep 1721Charles Co, Maryland I21018
99 Hanson, William  Bef 14 May 1766Charles Co, Maryland I19093
100 Hanson, William  Bef 26 Jan 1797Charles Co, Maryland I21045

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Stone, Gov William*  1660Charles Co, Maryland I19069
2 Ward, Elizabeth  12 Sep 1784Charles Co, Maryland I21801


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Dent, Thomas* Esq (immigrant)  1658Charles Co, Maryland I2806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Howard, Edmund* Sr  1705Charles Co, Maryland I2800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Briscoe, Sarah  1724Charles Co, Maryland I2766
2 Briscoe, Sarah  Aug 1734Charles Co, Maryland I2766
3 Briscoe, Sarah  1736Charles Co, Maryland I2766
4 Briscoe, Sarah  1739Charles Co, Maryland I2766
5 Calvert, Hon William  11 Mar 1683Charles Co, Maryland I19094
6 Dent, Margaret*  31 Aug 1705Charles Co, Maryland I2801
7 Groves (maybe), Anne  3 May 1722Charles Co, Maryland I21848
8 Gwinn, Josh  3 May 1722Charles Co, Maryland I102103
9 Hanson, Walter Jr.  26 May 1778Charles Co, Maryland I21097
10 Howard, Edmund* Sr  20 Nov 1676Charles Co, Maryland I2800
11 Howard, Edmund* Sr  10 Oct 1702Charles Co, Maryland I2800
12 Howard, Edmund* Sr  6 Jun 1704Charles Co, Maryland I2800
13 Howard, Edmund* Sr  31 Aug 1705Charles Co, Maryland I2800
14 Howard, Edmund* Sr  25 Apr 1709Charles Co, Maryland I2800
15 Howard, Edmund* Sr  7 Oct 1713Charles Co, Maryland I2800
16 Howard, Edmund* Sr  6 Feb 1714Charles Co, Maryland I2800
17 Howard, Rachel*  15 Dec 1733Charles Co, Maryland I2764
18 Howard, Thomas  13 Aug 1713Charles Co, Maryland I2837
19 Howard, Thomas  1 Jul 1718Charles Co, Maryland I2837
20 Howard, Thomas  11 Jul 1726Charles Co, Maryland I2837
21 Howard, William* Stevens  3 Oct 1685Charles Co, Maryland I2799
22 Howard, William* Stevens  31 Aug 1705Charles Co, Maryland I2799
23 Howard, William* Stevens  3 Jan 1709Charles Co, Maryland I2799
24 Howard, William* Stevens  9 May 1709Charles Co, Maryland I2799
25 Howard, William* Stevens  1712Charles Co, Maryland I2799
26 Howard, William* Stevens  7 Jul 1716Charles Co, Maryland I2799
27 Howard, William* Stevens  1 Jul 1718Charles Co, Maryland I2799
28 Howard, William* Stevens  3 Dec 1725Charles Co, Maryland I2799
29 Howard, William* Stevens  23 Mar 1726Charles Co, Maryland I2799
30 Howard, William* Stevens  11 Jul 1726Charles Co, Maryland I2799
31 Howard, William* Stevens  1735Charles Co, Maryland I2799
32 Jenifer, Daniel  14 May 1778Charles Co, Maryland I21068
33 Jenifer, Daniel  20 Jun 1778Charles Co, Maryland I21068
34 Maddox, Notley II  1736Charles Co, Maryland I2771
35 Smoot, Barton  25 Apr 1709Charles Co, Maryland I43077
36 Smoot, Rachel  9 Jan 1709Charles Co, Maryland I20587
37 Stone, Capt/Gov Thomas (signer)  28 May 1778Charles Co, Maryland I20565
38 Stone, Gov William*  20 Aug 1640Charles Co, Maryland I19069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Politics    Person ID 
1 Stone, Capt/Gov Thomas (signer)  Between 1775 and 1776Charles Co, Maryland I20565


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Dent, Thomas  30 Nov 1726Charles Co, Maryland I16036
2 Dent, Thomas  14 Dec 1726Charles Co, Maryland I16036
3 Dent, Thomas  16 Nov 1728Charles Co, Maryland I16036
4 Scott, Alexander  1792Charles Co, Maryland I36720
5 Speake, Sarah  12 Nov 1766Charles Co, Maryland I36730
6 Stone, Betty Ann "Betsey"  30 Apr 1772Charles Co, Maryland I36721
7 Stone, Betty Ann "Betsey"  1791Charles Co, Maryland I36721
8 Stone, Catherine  30 Apr 1772Charles Co, Maryland I19246
9 Stone, Catherine  1791Charles Co, Maryland I19246
10 Stone, Daniel Jenifer  30 Apr 1772Charles Co, Maryland I19235
11 Stone, Frederick  1792Charles Co, Maryland I19240
12 Stone, Grace  30 Apr 1772Charles Co, Maryland I19236
13 Stone, Grace  1792Charles Co, Maryland I19236
14 Stone, Col, Gov John Hoskins  30 Apr 1772Charles Co, Maryland I19233
15 Stone, Col, Gov John Hoskins  15 Sep 1790Charles Co, Maryland I19233
16 Stone, Margaret  1792Charles Co, Maryland I19238
17 Stone, Michael Jenifer Rep  30 Apr 1772Charles Co, Maryland I19237
18 Stone, Michael Jenifer Rep  1792Charles Co, Maryland I19237
19 Stone, Mildred  1792Charles Co, Maryland I19239
20 Stone, Samuel  19 Jan 1758Charles Co, Maryland I36725
21 Stone, Capt/Gov Thomas (signer)  30 Apr 1772Charles Co, Maryland I20565
22 Stone, Walter  14 Sep 1790Charles Co, Maryland I36722
23 Stone, William  14 Sep 1790Charles Co, Maryland I41108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Addison, Esq. John  6 Jun 1704Charles Co, Maryland I2830
2 Howard, Edmund* Sr  13 Aug 1713Charles Co, Maryland I2800
3 Howard, Edmund* Sr  Abt 1720Charles Co, Maryland I2800
4 Howard, Edmund* Sr  3 May 1722Charles Co, Maryland I2800
5 Wilkinson, Rebecca*  6 Jun 1704Charles Co, Maryland I2819


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Barton, Col William Gent  22 Sep 1717Charles Co, Maryland I21650
2 Bayne, Eleanor  1701Charles Co, Maryland I20588
3 Boughton, Katherine  26 Oct 1750Charles Co, Maryland I19058
4 Brandt, Randolph  17 Sep 1713Charles Co, Maryland I21647
5 Briscoe, Samuel  20 May 1786Charles Co, Maryland I21070
6 Briscoe, Sarah  1735Charles Co, Maryland I2766
7 Briscoe, Sarah  29 May 1735Charles Co, Maryland I2766
8 Clarke, Robert* Sr  21 Jul 1664Charles Co, Maryland I2915
9 Cotton, Rev William (Immigrant)  Aug 1640Charles Co, Maryland I21772
10 Dent, William  21 Feb 1757Charles Co, Maryland I16047
11 Douglas, Sarah  29 Aug 1775Charles Co, Maryland I36734
12 Douglass, John*  27 Jan 1677Charles Co, Maryland I4687
13 Graves, Elizabeth Anna "Ann"  26 Dec 1683Charles Co, Maryland I21750
14 Graves, Verlinda*  03 Mar 1675Charles Co, Maryland I19070
15 Groves (maybe), Anne  02 Oct 1736Charles Co, Maryland I21848
16 Gwinn, John Jr.  28 Sep 1734Charles Co, Maryland I48316
17 Gwinn, Joseph  12 Aug 1778Charles Co, Maryland I21850
18 Hagan, James  11 Sep 1749Charles Co, Maryland I21871
19 Hagan, Thomas*  21 Feb 1716Charles Co, Maryland I21810
20 Hanson, Charity  31 Mar 1778Charles Co, Maryland I21028
21 Hanson, Robert Jr.  19 Nov 1734Charles Co, Maryland I20599
22 Hanson, Robert Sr.  27 Sep 1748Charles Co, Maryland I20596
23 Hanson, William  14 May 1766Charles Co, Maryland I19093
24 Hawkins, Randolph Morris  16 Jan 1770Charles Co, Maryland I21831
25 Hawkins, Thomas  15 Mar 1743Charles Co, Maryland I21830
26 Hawkins, Thomas Marshall  30 Apr 1761Charles Co, Maryland I21840
27 Howard, Edmund* Sr  09 May 1709Charles Co, Maryland I2800
28 Howard, Edmund* Sr  1712Charles Co, Maryland I2800
29 Howard, Edmund* Sr  14 Jan 1713Charles Co, Maryland I2800
30 Howard, Edmund* Sr  15 Mar 1713/14Charles Co, Maryland I2800
31 Howard, Edmund* Sr  12 Apr 1715Charles Co, Maryland I2800
32 Howard, Edmund* Sr  1 Jul 1718Charles Co, Maryland I2800
33 Howard, William* Stevens  15 Dec 1733Charles Co, Maryland I2799
34 Howard, William* Stevens  Apr 1734Charles Co, Maryland I2799
35 Howard, William* Stevens  9 May 1734Charles Co, Maryland I2799
36 Howard, William* Stevens  2 Jul 1736Charles Co, Maryland I2799
37 Hungerford, Capt Barton  25 Jan 1758Charles Co, Maryland I21667
38 Hungerford, Barton Jr.  05 Aug 1765Charles Co, Maryland I21669
39 Langworth, Elizabeth Anne  10 Sep 1765Charles Co, Maryland I21872
40 Middleton, James  10 Aug 1790Charles Co, Maryland I21837
41 Middleton, James*  06 Oct 1769Charles Co, Maryland I21806
42 Middleton, Sarah  24 Jun 1751Charles Co, Maryland I21829
43 Mitchell, Hugh  16 Feb 1761Charles Co, Maryland I21060
44 Mitchell, Gen John  16 Feb 1761Charles Co, Maryland I21056
45 Smith, John (Jordan) Jr  13 Dec 1776Charles Co, Maryland I21870
46 Smith, John* (Jordan)  16 Nov 1716Charles Co, Maryland I21808
47 Smith, William  07 Feb 1717Charles Co, Maryland I21975
48 Smoot, Charles  20 Mar 1778Charles Co, Maryland I21644
49 Smoot, Capt Thomas  25 Apr 1709Charles Co, Maryland I15006
50 Smoot, William Barton  1821Charles Co, Maryland I21054
51 Stoddert, John  18 May 1767Charles Co, Maryland I21787
52 Stone, David  26 Feb 1774Charles Co, Maryland I19063
53 Stone, Frederick  12 Jun 1773Charles Co, Maryland I19244
54 Stone, John  5 Nov 1776Charles Co, Maryland I21663
55 Stone, John* Gent  10 Aug 1698Charles Co, Maryland I19066
56 Stone, Josias  12 Jun 1781Charles Co, Maryland I41117
57 Stone, Matthew  07 Nov 1748Charles Co, Maryland I20586
58 Stone, Ensign Samuel Jr  26 May 1778Charles Co, Maryland I19249
59 Stone, Thomas  Aft 1670Charles Co, Maryland I19072
60 Stone, Thomas Sr.  19 Jan 1758Charles Co, Maryland I36724
61 Stone, Capt Thomas* (of Poynton Manor)  25 May 1727Charles Co, Maryland I19061
62 Stone, Walter  1791Charles Co, Maryland I36722
63 Stone, William (Poynton Manor)  12 Aug 1731Charles Co, Maryland I20593
64 Stone, Gov William*  21 Dec 1660Charles Co, Maryland I19069
65 Story, Walter  03 Feb 1705Charles Co, Maryland I20992
66 Swann, Samuel A. Sr.  17 Apr 1743Charles Co, Maryland I14944
67 Thomas, Philip  07 Apr 1794Charles Co, Maryland I21676
68 Truman, James  1744Charles Co, Maryland I3044
69 Warren, Benjamin  11 Feb 1706Charles Co, Maryland I21006


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 / Brown  Bef 4 Jan 1756Charles Co, Maryland F7763
2 / Story  Bef 1658Charles Co, Maryland F7760
3 Allison / Posey  Abt 1696Charles Co, Maryland F13538
4 Bachelor / Bachelor  Abt 1660Charles Co, Maryland F7981
5 Bailey (Bayley) / Gwinn  Abt 1720Charles Co, Maryland F15967
6 Barton / Barton  Aft 1663Charles Co, Maryland F7953
7 Barton / Smoot  Bef 1634Charles Co, Maryland F7947
8 Boarman / Boarman  16 Jul 1810Charles Co, Maryland F7600
9 Boarman / Thompson  27 Dec 1802Charles Co, Maryland F7608
10 Boughton / Cotton  Aft 20 Jun 1668Charles Co, Maryland F7997
11 Brawner / Briscoe  10 Jun 1856Charles Co, Maryland F7758
12 Briscoe / Dent  Abt 1751Charles Co, Maryland F7595
13 Briscoe / Stone  Bef 1785Charles Co, Maryland F8002
14 Briscoe / Warren  Abt 1750Charles Co, Maryland F8035
15 Briscoe / Warren  Aft 1781Charles Co, Maryland F8036
16 Briscoe / Wood  9 Sep 1736Charles Co, Maryland F5595
17 Brooke / Marsham  1690Charles Co, Maryland F20916
18 Brooke / Neale  Abt 1747Charles Co, Maryland F20967
19 Compton / Briscoe  1700Charles Co, Maryland F1300
20 Compton / Clarke  Abt 1666Charles Co, Maryland F1322
21 Compton / Smott  15 Jan 1792Charles Co, Maryland F1400
22 Compton / Wilson  19 Nov 1758Charles Co, Maryland F1393
23 Cottrell / Warren  Abt 9 May 1778Charles Co, Maryland F8039
24 Courts / Henley  Abt 1680Charles Co, Maryland F7983
25 Daniel / Stone  Abt 1793Charles Co, Maryland F7066
26 Dent / Magruder  1781Charles Co, Maryland F27998
27 Dent / Manning  1733Charles Co, Maryland F33780
28 Dent / Short  Bef 1718Charles Co, Maryland F1382
29 Dent / Turner  1703Charles Co, Maryland F32329
30 Dixon / Compton  Bef 1706Charles Co, Maryland F9198
31 Douglas / Hanson  Abt 1730Charles Co, Maryland F7784
32 Douglass / Bonner  17 Aug 1663Charles Co, Maryland F1467
33 Douglass / Heard  Abt 1685Charles Co, Maryland F8040
34 Douglass / Land  Abt 1707Charles Co, Maryland F34484
35 Doyne / Stone  Abt 1664Charles Co, Maryland F7016
36 Duncastle / Hawkins  Bef 1748Charles Co, Maryland F8028
37 Durham / Riggan  14 Dec 1705Charles Co, Maryland F29872
38 Dyson / Swann  1708Charles Co, Maryland F15889
39 Fowke / Hanson  1724Charles Co, Maryland F7589
40 Fowke / Stone  Abt 1732Charles Co, Maryland F7009
41 Gwinn / Ford  21 May 1751Charles Co, Maryland F15971
42 Gwinn / Groves (maybe)  1695Charles Co, Maryland F8032
43 Gwinn / Warren  Bef 1759Charles Co, Maryland F15970
44 Hagan / Langworth  Abt 1694Charles Co, Maryland F8041
45 Hanson / Fendall  1730Charles Co, Maryland F13802
46 Hanson / Hoskins  Abt 1704Charles Co, Maryland F7587
47 Hanson / Hoskins  Bef 15 Nov 1744Charles Co, Maryland F7782
48 Hanson / Howard  Abt 1779Charles Co, Maryland F7726
49 Hanson / Stone  Abt 1734Charles Co, Maryland F7010
50 Hanson / Story  Abt 1706Charles Co, Maryland F7772
51 Hanson / Thompson  Abt 1769Charles Co, Maryland F7777
52 Harrison / Hanson  Abt 1743Charles Co, Maryland F7590
53 Hawkins / Goodrick  Aft 1748Charles Co, Maryland F8027
54 Hawkins / Middleton  Abt 1757Charles Co, Maryland F8025
55 Hawkins / Smith  Abt 1687Charles Co, Maryland F14354
56 Hawkins / Smoot  Bef 11 Aug 1750Charles Co, Maryland F8080
57 Henley / Bachelor  Aft 1665Charles Co, Maryland F7982
58 Hoskins / Harrison  Abt 1710Charles Co, Maryland F7596
59 Howell / Smoot  Abt 9 May 1673Charles Co, Maryland F7969
60 Hungerford / Barton  Abt 1685Charles Co, Maryland F7948
61 Hungerford / Gwinn  Abt 1719Charles Co, Maryland F7957
62 Hungerford / Gwinn  17 Nov 1778Charles Co, Maryland F7959
63 Hungerford / Smoot  Abt 1650Charles Co, Maryland F7949
64 Hungerford / Warren  Abt 1753Charles Co, Maryland F7958
65 Hussey / Hussey  Abt 1660Charles Co, Maryland F8044
66 Jenkins / Jenkins  Bef 17 Mar 1760Charles Co, Maryland F7731
67 Jenkins / Story  Abt 1732Charles Co, Maryland F7771
68 Jenkins / Story  Abt 1736Charles Co, Maryland F7766
69 Jones / Stone  Abt 1714Charles Co, Maryland F14350
70 Lampton / Piggott  1677Charles Co, Maryland F30829
71 Langworth / Johnson  Abt 1650Charles Co, Maryland F8043
72 Lee / Gwinn  24 May 1744Charles Co, Maryland F8030
73 Lee / Hanson  Aft 1749Charles Co, Maryland F8029
74 Maddox / Compton  1790Charles Co, Maryland F1334
75 Maddox / Dyson  1758Charles Co, Maryland F15888
76 Maddox / Turner  1748Charles Co, Maryland F15887
77 Magruder / Howard  Abt 1740Charles Co, Maryland F1443
78 Middleton / Goodrick  Aft 1748Charles Co, Maryland F8026
79 Middleton / Hawkins  Abt 1747Charles Co, Maryland F8073
80 Middleton / Hutchison  Abt 1735Charles Co, Maryland F8011
81 Middleton / Smith  Abt 1715Charles Co, Maryland F8015
82 Middleton / Tears  Abt 1710Charles Co, Maryland F8013
83 Middleton / Ward  Abt 1752Charles Co, Maryland F8012
84 Middleton / Wheeler  1672Charles Co, Maryland F8014
85 Mitchell / Barnes  Abt 1790Charles Co, Maryland F8003
86 Mitchell / Compton  1827Charles Co, Maryland F8004
87 Mitchell / Hanson  Abt 1754Charles Co, Maryland F7714
88 Moore / Courts  Bef 18 Nov 1748Charles Co, Maryland F31431
89 Moore / Smith  Abt 1712Charles Co, Maryland F8019
90 Morris / Rowland  Abt 1702Charles Co, Maryland F7979
91 Musgrove / Warren  Abt 1751Charles Co, Maryland F8034
92 Overzee / Willoughby  Abt 1659Charles Co, Maryland F15926
93 Robertson / Fowke  28 Dec 1842Charles Co, Maryland F7744
94 Robertson / Hanson  1804Charles Co, Maryland F7778
95 Rowland / Cage  Abt 1674Charles Co, Maryland F7978
96 Slye / Compton  Abt 1730Charles Co, Maryland F1419
97 Smith / Bachelor  1684Charles Co, Maryland F7980
98 Smith / Barker  14 Feb 1665Charles Co, Maryland F8072
99 Smith / Hagan  Abt 1694Charles Co, Maryland F8016
100 Smoot / Barton  1687Charles Co, Maryland F7946

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