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Cherokee Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, May Egbert  21 May 1881Cherokee Co, Texas I102216
2 Bounds, Billy Neal  12 Sep 1947Cherokee Co, Texas I94710
3 Chandler, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1902Cherokee Co, Texas I94693
4 Cooper, Emma Lucille   I82806
5 Cooper, Eveline T.  Aug 1892Cherokee Co, Texas I81478
6 Cooper, Henry Adams  25 Oct 1898Cherokee Co, Texas I81480
7 Cooper, Jack Thomas  1928Cherokee Co, Texas I82805
8 Cooper, Jimmie Henry  16 Jul 1924Cherokee Co, Texas I82803
9 Cooper, Lorene   I82804
10 Cooper, Margaret  1922Cherokee Co, Texas I82802
11 Cooper, Mineola  Dec 1894Cherokee Co, Texas I81479
12 Cooper, Opal Edna  25 Jan 1932Cherokee Co, Texas I85754
13 Cooper, Thomas Clay Sr.  12 Feb 1902Cherokee Co, Texas I81481
14 Davis, Willie Leola  1 Apr 1898Cherokee Co, Texas I57895
15 Duvall, Verda Lou  21 Feb 1923Cherokee Co, Texas I104239
16 Felder, Nora Lee  20 Mar 1889Cherokee Co, Texas I23675
17 Forrest, William  1869Cherokee Co, Texas I103194
18 Gallagher, Bridget Ruth  1898Cherokee Co, Texas I51327
19 Gallagher, James F.  15 Feb 1900Cherokee Co, Texas I51328
20 Gallagher, John Archie  29 Apr 1895Cherokee Co, Texas I51326
21 Gallagher, Margaret L.  20 Jan 1893Cherokee Co, Texas I52480
22 Gallagher, Mary A.^  1904Cherokee Co, Texas I51190
23 Helm, William Albert "Pete"  20 Mar 1917Cherokee Co, Texas I100822
24 Jones, Bertha  1876Cherokee Co, Texas I103406
25 Jones, E.E.  1879Cherokee Co, Texas I103408
26 Jones, James Anthony  4 Oct 1854Cherokee Co, Texas I83808
27 Jones, John Thomas  1 Jan 1853Cherokee Co, Texas I103400
28 Jones, W.C.  1878Cherokee Co, Texas I103407
29 Kent, Misti Elizabeth   I38928
30 Moreland, Lieuvenia Caroline  4 Mar 1850Cherokee Co, Texas I69590
31 Myers (Moyers), Andrew Callaway  25 Nov 1872Cherokee Co, Texas I1183
32 Myers (Moyers), Delmar E.  23 Nov 1906Cherokee Co, Texas I104523
33 Myers (Moyers), Rutha  28 Jan 1869Cherokee Co, Texas I1228
34 Myers (Moyers), Sarah D.  21 Jan 1874Cherokee Co, Texas I59272
35 Parker, Isaac Lowe (or Isiah)  9 Feb 1852Cherokee Co, Texas I94714
36 Parker, Margaret Ann  1855Cherokee Co, Texas I94715
37 Parker, Rebecca  10 Dec 1847Cherokee Co, Texas I41857
38 Parker, Susan  25 Oct 1849Cherokee Co, Texas I40968
39 Parker, William (Willis) Houston  1 Jan 1841Cherokee Co, Texas I41860
40 Parmley, Wyatt Denman  17 Jan 1911Cherokee Co, Texas I22165
41 Stovall, Grace M. (or Graw?)  1881Cherokee Co, Texas I81593
42 Tarrant, Harrison Elam  18 Aug 1850Cherokee Co, Texas I59270
43 Tarrant, William Myers  10 Feb 1877Cherokee Co, Texas I59271
44 Tindel, Helen G.  1 Oct 1932Cherokee Co, Texas I95520
45 Turney, Billie Sue  24 May 1926Cherokee Co, Texas I94709
46 Turney, Virgil  7 Apr 1899Cherokee Co, Texas I94692
47 Warren, Cary "Buck"  18 Dec 1872Cherokee Co, Texas I93491
48 Wornack, Beatrice Marie  24 Sep 1931Cherokee Co, Texas I79001


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arrington, Sarah L.  28 Aug 1963Cherokee Co, Texas I94684
2 Boles, Elizabeth E.  24 Jan 1891Cherokee Co, Texas I103399
3 Bounds, Billy Neal  27 May 1991Cherokee Co, Texas I94710
4 Bounds, Nancy Amanda  13 Feb 1901Cherokee Co, Texas I41292
5 Clark, Evie Jewell  25 Oct 1927Cherokee Co, Texas I102843
6 Deaton, Jesse Arlando  17 Jan 1963Cherokee Co, Texas I94685
7 Ellis, Sarah Eliza  23 Jan 1908Cherokee Co, Texas I41271
8 Gallagher, Margaret L.  15 Feb 1902Cherokee Co, Texas I52480
9 Hollis, William Starling  25 Nov 1897Cherokee Co, Texas I76603
10 Jones, Annie Belle  19 Mar 1959Cherokee Co, Texas I76604
11 Jones, John Thomas  25 Feb 1919Cherokee Co, Texas I103400
12 Jones, Stephen B.  28 Feb 1886Cherokee Co, Texas I103398
13 Jones (?), Sarah F.  6 Feb 1900Cherokee Co, Texas I103404
14 Lauderdale, William  Bef 11 Dec 1882Cherokee Co, Texas I81576
15 McEwen, Hugh Alexander  5 Jan 1862Cherokee Co, Texas I103189
16 Mitchell, Anna Julia  20 Jun 1934Cherokee Co, Texas I102842
17 Myers (Moyers), Mary Elizabeth  24 Feb 1884Cherokee Co, Texas I59268
18 Myers (Moyers), Sarah D.  28 Aug 1878Cherokee Co, Texas I59272
19 Parker, Jesse (related?)  1862Cherokee Co, Texas I41872
20 Parmley, Edward Mitchell "Mitch"  9 Mar 1935Cherokee Co, Texas I89578
21 Shaw(?), Caldona (Elizabeth?)  1895Cherokee Co, Texas I83809
22 Skinner, Edna Mae  23 Oct 1988Cherokee Co, Texas I93261
23 Stovall, Catherine Ann  10 Aug 1951Cherokee Co, Texas I81600
24 Wilcox, William J.  Aft 1880Cherokee Co, Texas I69627
25 Wilson, Adam Lackey "Ad"  21 Mar 1932Cherokee Co, Texas I73384


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bounds, Cornelius E.  1900Cherokee Co, Texas I32783
2 Bounds, Cornelius E.  1920Cherokee Co, Texas I32783
3 Cooper, Henry Adams  1930Cherokee Co, Texas I81480
4 Cooper, John H.^ (son of who?)  1900Cherokee Co, Texas I71995
5 Cooper, John H.^ (son of who?)  1910Cherokee Co, Texas I71995
6 Cooper, Lugina Vesti^ (Lingenior or Louisa Jane) "Lue"^  1910Cherokee Co, Texas I51325
7 Gallagher, James William^  1900Cherokee Co, Texas I51324
8 Gallagher, James William^  1910Cherokee Co, Texas I51324
9 Gallagher, John Archie  1900Cherokee Co, Texas I51326
10 Gallagher, John Archie  1910Cherokee Co, Texas I51326
11 Gallagher, Mary A.^  1910Cherokee Co, Texas I51190
12 Jones, Enoch Calvin  1870Cherokee Co, Texas I19102
13 Jones, Harrison Clement  1870Cherokee Co, Texas I43316
14 Jones, Jasper Hamilton  1870Cherokee Co, Texas I19103
15 Jones, Stephen B.  1850Cherokee Co, Texas I103398
16 Jones, Stephen B.  1880Cherokee Co, Texas I103398
17 Myers (Moyers), David (Haden) Henry  1860Cherokee Co, Texas I1159
18 Myers (Moyers), David (Haden) Henry  1870Cherokee Co, Texas I1159
19 Parker, Jesse (related?)  1850Cherokee Co, Texas I41872
20 Parker, Joseph T.  1850Cherokee Co, Texas I41871
21 Parker, Matthew Arnold  1850Cherokee Co, Texas I40969
22 Parker, Susan  1850Cherokee Co, Texas I40968
23 Parker, William  1850Cherokee Co, Texas I41869
24 Scarborough, Silas S.  1860Cherokee Co, Texas I103181


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Lauderdale, Elvira Jane  11 Dec 1882Cherokee Co, Texas I81413
2 Lauderdale, Isaac  11 Dec 1882Cherokee Co, Texas I81591
3 Lauderdale, Mary Ann  11 Dec 1882Cherokee Co, Texas I81589


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Parker, Matthew Arnold  Between 1847 and 1854Cherokee Co, Texas I40969


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Lauderdale, William  Bef 11 Dec 1882Cherokee Co, Texas I81576


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boozer / Davis  12 Jul 1860Cherokee Co, Texas F34866
2 Clark / Mitchell  1890Cherokee Co, Texas F34711
3 Cooper / Ewing  Abt 1920Cherokee Co, Texas F27074
4 Davis / Felder  17 May 1899Cherokee Co, Texas F27478
5 Doebner / Burt  28 Jan 1904Cherokee Co, Texas F28219
6 Forrest / McEwen  Abt 1868Cherokee Co, Texas F34850
7 Jones / Minton  23 Dec 1971Cherokee Co, Texas F32721
8 Jones / Shaw(?)  23 Oct 1875Cherokee Co, Texas F27403
9 Latham / Cox  31 Aug 1848Cherokee Co, Texas F34612
10 Lee / Dick  7 Apr 1880Cherokee Co, Texas F19770
11 McIver / Doebner  10 Sep 1903Cherokee Co, Texas F28218
12 Moreland / Campbell  12 Aug 1847Cherokee Co, Texas F31535
13 Myers (Moyers) / Click  9 Dec 1880Cherokee Co, Texas F534
14 Myers (Moyers) / Musick  1903Cherokee Co, Texas F35287
15 Parker / Caddell  19 Sep 1859Cherokee Co, Texas F31050
16 Parmley / Horton  12 Sep 1872Cherokee Co, Texas F8125
17 Stovall / Lauderdale  24 Mar 1880Cherokee Co, Texas F26611
18 Stovall / Utley  23 Nov 1880Cherokee Co, Texas F26676
19 Walton / Clark  25 Jul 1910Cherokee Co, Texas F34712
20 Willett / Ellis  9 Jul 1885Cherokee Co, Texas F13876
21 Young / Williams  31 Mar 1870Cherokee Co, Texas F8646

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