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Chester Co, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 90 of 90

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, John* Sr  24 Dec 1740Chester Co, Pennsylvania I827
2 Bonham, Jacob Jr  Abt 1749Chester Co, Pennsylvania I3382
3 Bonham, John  1770Chester Co, Pennsylvania I4165
4 Bonham, Moses  1750Chester Co, Pennsylvania I3383
5 Bounds, Elizabeth  1738Chester Co, Pennsylvania I39036
6 Bryan, Eleanor (Ellender)^  1722Chester Co, Pennsylvania I43254
7 Bryan, Joseph Sr  1720Chester Co, Pennsylvania I10927
8 Bryan, Samuel Col  1721Chester Co, Pennsylvania I10991
9 Bryan, William "Billy"  7 Mar 1733Chester Co, Pennsylvania I10781
10 Buchanan, William  Abt 1736Chester Co, Pennsylvania I52928
11 Chrisman, Isaac  9 Nov 1736Chester Co, Pennsylvania I105441
12 Cole, Mark  1740Chester Co, Pennsylvania I14969
13 Cole, Stephen  1733Chester Co, Pennsylvania I14967
14 Cole, Stephen  1736Chester Co, Pennsylvania I10508
15 Cole, William  1735Chester Co, Pennsylvania I14968
16 Collins, Sarah  1709Chester Co, Pennsylvania I75830
17 Denny, James  1715Chester Co, Pennsylvania I78636
18 Donnell, Daniel  1755Chester Co, Pennsylvania I71420
19 Donnell, William  1747Chester Co, Pennsylvania I78870
20 Foulke, Priscilla  1724Chester Co, Pennsylvania I67962
21 Hayes, Anne  Abt 1700Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1750
22 Hayes, James  Abt 1702Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1746
23 Hayes, Joanna  Abt 1708Chester Co, Pennsylvania I96920
24 Hayes, John  Abt 1704Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1747
25 Hayes, John  2 Aug 1726Chester Co, Pennsylvania I16538
26 Hayes, Joshua (twin)  24 Mar 1741Chester Co, Pennsylvania I16547
27 Hayes, Ruth  Abt 1712Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1753
28 Hayes, Stephen  Abt 1706Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1748
29 Hendricks (Hendrix), Ann  Abt 1692Chester Co, Pennsylvania I87071
30 Hendricks (Hendrix), Henry  14 May 1704Chester Co, Pennsylvania I11050
31 Hendricks (Hendrix), Jacobus "James"  1667Chester Co, Pennsylvania I87069
32 Hendricks (Hendrix), Johannes "John"  Abt 1672Chester Co, Pennsylvania I87067
33 Hendricks (Hendrix), Tobias  1680Chester Co, Pennsylvania I87047
34 Hollingsworth, Abraham  Abt 1744Chester Co, Pennsylvania I57491
35 Hollingsworth, Enoch Jr.  Aft 1731Chester Co, Pennsylvania I57484
36 Hollingsworth, George  1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I57495
37 Hollingsworth, Jehu  Bef 1731Chester Co, Pennsylvania I57483
38 Hollingsworth, Rachel  Abt 1750Chester Co, Pennsylvania I57494
39 Hollingsworth, Ruth  Abt 1746Chester Co, Pennsylvania I57492
40 Hollingsworth, Stephen  Abt 1748Chester Co, Pennsylvania I57493
41 Hughey (Huey), Lewis  20 Apr 1762Chester Co, Pennsylvania I35366
42 Irey, John B. Jr.  1780Chester Co, Pennsylvania I35963
43 James, Anne  18 Feb 1713Chester Co, Pennsylvania I16536
44 James, Elizabeth  11 Jul 1717Chester Co, Pennsylvania I16537
45 James, Hannah  17 Mar 1711Chester Co, Pennsylvania I16535
46 James, Jane* Elizabeth  28 Nov 1707Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1557
47 Jones, Ann  11 Nov 1709Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95792
48 Jones, Hannah  8 Nov 1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95793
49 Jones, Hannah  Abt 1727Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95736
50 Jones, Rees  4 Feb 1705Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95791
51 Lamborn, Hannah  Abt 1754Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95762
52 Linville, Alice (Aylee)  1722Chester Co, Pennsylvania I10929
53 Linville, Joseph  1720Chester Co, Pennsylvania I68929
54 Linville, Morgan L.  1741Chester Co, Pennsylvania I43249
55 Malin, Isaac Jr.  8 Jan 1708Chester Co, Pennsylvania I44910
56 Maxwell, Henry  12 Apr 1774Chester Co, Pennsylvania I31066
57 McMachen, Margaret  1721Chester Co, Pennsylvania I52543
58 Millikan, William  7 Jan 1753Chester Co, Pennsylvania I90466
59 Morgan, David  Aft 1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95679
60 Morgan, Joseph  Aft 1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95677
61 Morgan, Moses  Aft 1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95678
62 Morgan, Robert  Aft 1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1762
63 Morgan, Sarah  Aft 1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95680
64 Mulligan, Miss F.P.  1720Chester Co, Pennsylvania I68930
65 Patton, Andrew Sr.  1741Chester Co, Pennsylvania I30982
66 Powell, Esther  1740Chester Co, Pennsylvania I93824
67 Rentfroe, George  Abt 1708Chester Co, Pennsylvania I15119
68 Rentfroe, John III  1697Chester Co, Pennsylvania I15038
69 Rentfroe (or Renfro), Susannah*  Between 1699 and 1705Chester Co, Pennsylvania I10507
70 Rentfrow (Rentfro), Tailor John R.* Jr.  1679Chester Co, Pennsylvania I15283
71 Robinette, Catharine  1729Chester Co, Pennsylvania I103425
72 Robinette, George  1719Chester Co, Pennsylvania I15293
73 Robinette, Mrs. Hester (..)  1700Chester Co, Pennsylvania I93030
74 Robinette, Margaret*  1697Chester Co, Pennsylvania I15034
75 Robinette, Priscilla  4 Mar 1740Chester Co, Pennsylvania I35106
76 Ross, Albenah  Abt 1705Chester Co, Pennsylvania I47701
77 Ross, David  Abt 1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I47697
78 Ross, George  Abt 1718Chester Co, Pennsylvania I47700
79 Ross, John  18 Feb 1713Chester Co, Pennsylvania I47699
80 Ross, Katherine  Abt 1716Chester Co, Pennsylvania I47698
81 Ross, Lydia  3 Jul 1708Chester Co, Pennsylvania I47696
82 Scott, Mary  1718Chester Co, Pennsylvania I51897
83 Shannon, William  5 Oct 1756Chester Co, Pennsylvania I38449
84 Shewin, Barbara "Betty"  1706Chester Co, Pennsylvania I57487
85 Thompson (?), Mrs. Mary Elizabeth*  Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95662
86 Vernon, Rebecca  1684Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95790
87 Whistler, Magdalena  15 Sep 1778Chester Co, Pennsylvania I31067
88 Woods, Margaret  1710Chester Co, Pennsylvania I30985
89 Woodward, Samuel  9 Aug 1750Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95706
90 Woodward, Sarah  Abt 1706Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95734


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bonham, Jacob Sr  1798Chester Co, Pennsylvania I3380
2 Elliott, Mrs. Sarah (..)  28 Oct 1791Chester Co, Pennsylvania I67964
3 Hager, Anna Maria  1815Chester Co, Pennsylvania I58443
4 Hayes, Anne  Bef 1754Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1750
5 Hayes, David  Aft 1771Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95757
6 Hayes, David  1785Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1510
7 Hayes, Margaret (immigrant)  Aft 1745Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1749
8 Hayes, Mordecai  1824Chester Co, Pennsylvania I16544
9 Hayes, Thomas (twin)  Bef 9 Mar 1784Chester Co, Pennsylvania I16546
10 Hendricks (Hendrix), Albertus (immigrant)  5 Feb 1714Chester Co, Pennsylvania I87066
11 Jones, Dr. Edward (immigrant)  26 Dec 1737Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95797
12 Jones, Hannah  19 Feb 1765Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95736
13 Jones, Ruth  Aft 1784Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95754
14 Kirk-Jacobs, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1812Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95703
15 Lamborn, William  16 Jan 1808Chester Co, Pennsylvania I16541
16 Robinette, Margaret*  Bef 1733Chester Co, Pennsylvania I15034
17 Sidwell, Hugh  Bef 2 Jun 1741Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1761
18 Stanfield, Deborah (immigrant)  Abt 1737Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95732
19 Starr, James  13 Jan 1781Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95737
20 Thompson (?), Mrs. Mary Elizabeth*  Aft 1728Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95662
21 Vernon, Rebecca  23 Feb 1747Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95790
22 Woods, Margaret  1756Chester Co, Pennsylvania I30985
23 Woodward, Sarah  28 Aug 1769Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95734


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, Benjamin* I (Immigrant)  Between 1724 and 1742Chester Co, Pennsylvania I855
2 Hayes, William E.* I (immigrant)  1707Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1556
3 Matthews (Mathes), James Sr.  Abt 1719Chester Co, Pennsylvania I49613


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID 
1 Jones, Ruth  9 Mar 1784Chester Co, Pennsylvania I95754


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Patton, William  29 Dec 1792Chester Co, Pennsylvania I48118
2 Robinette, Samuel* (immigrant)  1745Chester Co, Pennsylvania I15286
3 Sidwell, Hugh  2 Jun 1741Chester Co, Pennsylvania I1761


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Blackburn / Provine  Abt 1748Chester Co, Pennsylvania F424
2 Bonham / Laycock  Abt 1791Chester Co, Pennsylvania F1933
3 Bonham / Mason  1770Chester Co, Pennsylvania F1651
4 Bonham / Parke (Parks)  Abt 1767Chester Co, Pennsylvania F1581
5 Bonham / Warford  Abt 1748Chester Co, Pennsylvania F1582
6 Boone / Hite  1766Chester Co, Pennsylvania F4208
7 Cole / Rentfroe (or Renfro)  Abt 1719Chester Co, Pennsylvania F3962
8 Cowan / Mathias (Matthews)  20 Jan 1723Chester Co, Pennsylvania F17036
9 Finley / Wallace  1734Chester Co, Pennsylvania F17357
10 Hayes / Andrews  Between 1735 and 1745Chester Co, Pennsylvania F704
11 Hayes / Hayes  Aft 1730Chester Co, Pennsylvania F703
12 Hayes / Jones  25 Apr 1763Chester Co, Pennsylvania F32234
13 Hendricks (Hendrix) / Boyer  Abt 1703Chester Co, Pennsylvania F28734
14 Hendricks (Hendrix) / Linville (?)  1729Chester Co, Pennsylvania F28725
15 Hollingsworth / Brooks  Abt 1768Chester Co, Pennsylvania F18948
16 Linville / Linville (not Hendricks)  Abt 1717Chester Co, Pennsylvania F3079
17 Linville / Richards  9 Feb 1714Chester Co, Pennsylvania F4278
18 Maxwell / Whistler  Abt 1798Chester Co, Pennsylvania F10958
19 Morgan / Hayes  Aft 1740Chester Co, Pennsylvania F819
20 Morgan / Lloyd  8 Sep 1728Chester Co, Pennsylvania F4295
21 Morgan / Roberts  27 Aug 1713Chester Co, Pennsylvania F4296
22 Morgan / Robeson  7 Oct 1731Chester Co, Pennsylvania F4297
23 Patton / Woods  Abt 1735Chester Co, Pennsylvania F10932
24 Robinette / Robinette  Abt 1720Chester Co, Pennsylvania F31292
25 Robinette / Wilson  Abt 1735Chester Co, Pennsylvania F29987
26 Thomas / Morgan  1 Mar 1713Chester Co, Pennsylvania F4286
27 Woodward / Nayle  1705Chester Co, Pennsylvania F6085