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Christian Co, Kentucky



1850 Kentucky, Christian County, District 2 census
1850 Kentucky, Christian County, District 2 census
transcription of listing of several members of the Oglesby, Knight, Harkins, Mannana, Fox, Grace, Johnson, Lewis, Dukes, and Allison families living in the Christian County in 1850 within their own community. Census notation is made to the head of the families.

note - see note of Jane Oglesby. She was living with a Johnson family from VA not yet identified but seems to have early ties with the Meltons who show up later. There is another Johnson family in this community from NC who connected a little later with the Dukes and Grace families.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, David Montgomery  12 Oct 1848Christian Co, Kentucky I52084
2 Allison, Robert Francis  1844Christian Co, Kentucky I52083
3 Allison, Sarah J.  1842Christian Co, Kentucky I52082
4 Boyd, Earl Hicks  8 Mar 1896Christian Co, Kentucky I58430
5 Boyd, John V.  22 Jan 1863Christian Co, Kentucky I58429
6 Boyd, Margaret J.  1821Christian Co, Kentucky I58424
7 Boyd, Mary Alice  29 Jan 1860Christian Co, Kentucky I58435
8 Cannon, Clifton "Dude"  14 Jul 1885Christian Co, Kentucky I58432
9 Cannon, Pearl  20 Apr 1908Christian Co, Kentucky I58431
10 Davis, Pres of Confederate States Jefferson Finis  03 Jun 1808Christian Co, Kentucky I28411
11 Durbin, Nancy  1857Christian Co, Kentucky I103737
12 Durbin, Pissity A.  1850Christian Co, Kentucky I103735
13 Fletcher, Elizabeth Jane  11 Sep 1818Christian Co, Kentucky I40991
14 Fox, Caldwell L.  1842Christian Co, Kentucky I52140
15 Fox, Elbert G.H. (or Albert)  1836Christian Co, Kentucky I52137
16 Fox, Jesse  1849Christian Co, Kentucky I52132
17 Fox, John  1828Christian Co, Kentucky I52133
18 Fox, Madison  1834Christian Co, Kentucky I52136
19 Fox, Morris  1846Christian Co, Kentucky I52141
20 Fox, Preston  1830Christian Co, Kentucky I52134
21 Fox, Salina  1840Christian Co, Kentucky I52139
22 Fox, Sarah E.  1832Christian Co, Kentucky I52135
23 Fox, William B.  1838Christian Co, Kentucky I52138
24 Fuller, James Robert  25 Sep 1847Christian Co, Kentucky I58426
25 Fuller, Mary T.  20 Jul 1873Christian Co, Kentucky I58428
26 Grace, (son)  1850Christian Co, Kentucky I52001
27 Grace, Effie  1896Christian Co, Kentucky I60860
28 Grace, Finis E.  1847Christian Co, Kentucky I52000
29 Grace, Frances D.  1836Christian Co, Kentucky I52007
30 Grace, George M.  Sep 1862Christian Co, Kentucky I52086
31 Grace, James H.  1833Christian Co, Kentucky I51507
32 Grace, James L.  1838Christian Co, Kentucky I52008
33 Grace, John H.  1846Christian Co, Kentucky I52050
34 Grace, Lee  Jan 1899Christian Co, Kentucky I60861
35 Grace, Mariel C.  1848Christian Co, Kentucky I52043
36 Grace, Martha M.  1 Nov 1830Christian Co, Kentucky I52005
37 Grace, Mary J.  2 Sep 1852Christian Co, Kentucky I52649
38 Grace, Noel  20 Mar 1869Christian Co, Kentucky I52656
39 Grace, Sarah E.  1845Christian Co, Kentucky I51999
40 Grace, Susan A.  1848Christian Co, Kentucky I52051
41 Grace, Susan E.  1858Christian Co, Kentucky I52655
42 Grace, Unity Jane  8 Oct 1841Christian Co, Kentucky I52009
43 Grace, William J.  1831Christian Co, Kentucky I52006
44 Grace, Winfield W.  1844Christian Co, Kentucky I52010
45 Harkins, Eudora A.  Dec 1852Christian Co, Kentucky I51990
46 Harkins, James D.  28 Jul 1853Christian Co, Kentucky I51991
47 Harkins, James E.  1830Christian Co, Kentucky I51550
48 Harkins, John H.  27 Aug 1833Christian Co, Kentucky I51548
49 Harkins, Mary C.  1849Christian Co, Kentucky I51989
50 Harkins, Nancy C.  Aug 1859Christian Co, Kentucky I51992
51 Hooker, Mary "Mollie" T.  Abt 1842Christian Co, Kentucky I60922
52 Johnson, Amanda I.  1847Christian Co, Kentucky I52098
53 Johnson, Christopher Columbus  25 Sep 1871Christian Co, Kentucky I52653
54 Johnson, Elizabeth  1837Christian Co, Kentucky I52114
55 Johnson, George Nash  14 Sep 1831Christian Co, Kentucky I52123
56 Johnson, James Henry  8 May 1839Christian Co, Kentucky I52088
57 Johnson, John  1841Christian Co, Kentucky I52116
58 Johnson, John Rasco  27 Oct 1819Christian Co, Kentucky I52110
59 Johnson, Mary  1850Christian Co, Kentucky I52099
60 Johnson, Robinson  1845Christian Co, Kentucky I52117
61 Johnson, Samuel  5 Mar 1814Christian Co, Kentucky I52108
62 Johnson, Samuel  1835Christian Co, Kentucky I52124
63 Johnson, Sarah  Abt 1811Christian Co, Kentucky I52107
64 Johnson, William  1839Christian Co, Kentucky I52115
65 Johnson, Winfield W.  1844Christian Co, Kentucky I52097
66 Knight, Barney K.  15 Jan 1823Christian Co, Kentucky I51537
67 Knight, Elizabeth  1802Christian Co, Kentucky I52128
68 Knight, James  6 Jul 1833Christian Co, Kentucky I51495
69 Knight, John  1848Christian Co, Kentucky I51555
70 Knight, John W.  10 Mar 1829Christian Co, Kentucky I51540
71 Knight, Louisa Betty  10 Jan 1828Christian Co, Kentucky I51121
72 Knight, Sarah "Sally"  11 Jul 1803Christian Co, Kentucky I51468
73 Knight, Sarah Elvira  11 Aug 1835Christian Co, Kentucky I51497
74 Knight, Susan A.  1819Christian Co, Kentucky I51499
75 Knight, Wade Hampton  1798Christian Co, Kentucky I51488
76 Lynn, John W.  2 Apr 1819Christian Co, Kentucky I61172
77 Mannahan, Angelina  1849Christian Co, Kentucky I51981
78 McFarland, Esteen  4 Dec 1912Christian Co, Kentucky I85192
79 McKinney, Maurice S. (or E.)  1909Christian Co, Kentucky I60135
80 Mitchell, Milenesia (Melissa)  1823Christian Co, Kentucky I60721
81 Myers, Hallie  7 Jul 1889Christian Co, Kentucky I58433
82 Myers, Henry Clay  14 Mar 1862Christian Co, Kentucky I58434
83 Oglesby, (daughter)  1840Christian Co, Kentucky I93422
84 Oglesby, Benjamin F.  30 Oct 1875Christian Co, Kentucky I51530
85 Oglesby, Benjamin Franklin  Between 1813 and 1819Christian Co, Kentucky I51465
86 Oglesby, Claud E.  1902Christian Co, Kentucky I51532
87 Oglesby, Cyprissa A.  1836Christian Co, Kentucky I51544
88 Oglesby, Elvira F.  1840Christian Co, Kentucky I51545
89 Oglesby, George Washington  5 May 1813Christian Co, Kentucky I51435
90 Oglesby, Gustavus Adolphus (Y-DNA step 2 match)  9 Sep 1829Christian Co, Kentucky I50727
91 Oglesby, James Decatur  31 Jul 1856Christian Co, Kentucky I51526
92 Oglesby, Mary E.  5 Mar 1855Christian Co, Kentucky I51527
93 Oglesby, Mary Elizabeth Ann "Molly"  27 Nov 1877Christian Co, Kentucky I51557
94 Oglesby, Parmelia "Amelia"  16 Aug 1825Christian Co, Kentucky I51538
95 Oglesby, Paul  1910Christian Co, Kentucky I51533
96 Oglesby, Susan E.  17 Mar 1853Christian Co, Kentucky I51525
97 Oglesby, Wade Hampton  30 Dec 1818Christian Co, Kentucky I51560
98 Oglesby, William A.  1848Christian Co, Kentucky I52011
99 Russell, Daniel  1810Christian Co, Kentucky I52155
100 Shrum, Alonzo Eleazer  3 Oct 1856Christian Co, Kentucky I73524

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Boyd, Margaret J.  6 Mar 1906Christian Co, Kentucky I58424
2 Boyd, Mary Alice  27 Sep 1942Christian Co, Kentucky I58435
3 Calmes, Colonel Spencer Neavill  28 Jun 1834Christian Co, Kentucky I36402
4 Cannon, Clifton "Dude"  4 Nov 1964Christian Co, Kentucky I58432
5 Catlett, Henrietta Calmes  21 Jun 1831Christian Co, Kentucky I36481
6 Cloud, William Mordica  26 Apr 1911Christian Co, Kentucky I89030
7 Combs, Benjamin Bullitt  Sep 1834Christian Co, Kentucky I60949
8 Combs, Nancy  Aft 1850Christian Co, Kentucky I60894
9 Coombs, Samuel C.  22 Apr 1935Christian Co, Kentucky I79112
10 Coursey, Nancy Ann^  Abt 1830Christian Co, Kentucky I50721
11 Dillingham, Vachel Sr.  9 Dec 1802Christian Co, Kentucky I28882
12 Dillingham, Vachel Jr.  1803Christian Co, Kentucky I56203
13 Dukes, James Francis  22 Apr 1913Christian Co, Kentucky I52092
14 Dukes, Sampson  Aft 1880Christian Co, Kentucky I52634
15 Dukes, Temperance Jane  Aft 1900Christian Co, Kentucky I52062
16 Dulin, George  13 Apr 1849Christian Co, Kentucky I42666
17 Finley, Elizabeth  13 Aug 1824Christian Co, Kentucky I58179
18 Fuller, Mary T.  28 Oct 1903Christian Co, Kentucky I58428
19 Fuller, William C.  24 Jun 1878Christian Co, Kentucky I58425
20 Grace, Divinah  Aft 1850Christian Co, Kentucky I51510
21 Grace, James Marion  26 Sep 1921Christian Co, Kentucky I97429
22 Grace, Joseph  8 Apr 1860Christian Co, Kentucky I51995
23 Grace, Mrs. Nancy (..)  Bef 1870Christian Co, Kentucky I52045
24 Grace, Nancy Ellen  14 May 1916Christian Co, Kentucky I52650
25 Grace, Noel  3 Nov 1925Christian Co, Kentucky I52656
26 Harkins, Anna  5 Feb 1888Christian Co, Kentucky I51511
27 Harkins, James  Bef 1850Christian Co, Kentucky I51467
28 Hoskins, Mary Levada "Mollie"  17 Jun 1917Christian Co, Kentucky I79079
29 Hunt, Warner J.  13 Jun 1924Christian Co, Kentucky I105529
30 Johnson, Amanda Jane  22 Apr 1927Christian Co, Kentucky I52087
31 Johnson, Christopher Columbus  22 Apr 1916Christian Co, Kentucky I52653
32 Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  Aft 1830Christian Co, Kentucky I52119
33 Johnson, George Nash  28 Aug 1913Christian Co, Kentucky I52123
34 Johnson, John Rasco  15 Apr 1879Christian Co, Kentucky I52110
35 Johnson, Robinson  20 Jun 1850Christian Co, Kentucky I52105
36 Johnson, Samuel  24 May 1846Christian Co, Kentucky I52103
37 Johnson, Samuel  10 Oct 1893Christian Co, Kentucky I52108
38 Johnson, Sarah  Abt 1865Christian Co, Kentucky I52107
39 Johnson, William J. (son?)  Bef 1860Christian Co, Kentucky I52094
40 Johnson, Winfield  1908Christian Co, Kentucky  I52106
41 Keith, Mary Elizabeth  22 Feb 1910Christian Co, Kentucky I51554
42 Knight, Nancy Ann  13 Mar 1846Christian Co, Kentucky I50715
43 Knight, Susan A.  18 Sep 1860Christian Co, Kentucky I51499
44 Mitchell, Eunice  1843Christian Co, Kentucky I51547
45 Myers, Col. David F.  25 Jan 1848Christian Co, Kentucky I58438
46 Myers, Henry Clay  27 Aug 1948Christian Co, Kentucky I58434
47 Myers, Johan Heinrich (Henry)  27 Sep 1837Christian Co, Kentucky I58440
48 Myers, Sarah A.  29 Oct 1897Christian Co, Kentucky I51988
49 Negley, Anna Catherine  14 Nov 1855Christian Co, Kentucky I58441
50 Oglesby, Alexander Camuel  27 Feb 1910Christian Co, Kentucky I51502
51 Oglesby, Ann  10 Oct 1856Christian Co, Kentucky I51493
52 Oglesby, Benjamin Franklin  3 Dec 1878Christian Co, Kentucky I51465
53 Oglesby, Christian C.  25 Jan 1869Christian Co, Kentucky I50725
54 Oglesby, Sheriff Constant Jr.  19 Sep 1838Christian Co, Kentucky I50714
55 Oglesby, Constant^ Sr. (FFDNA-Y step 2)  1830Christian Co, Kentucky I50717
56 Oglesby, Jacob B.  6 Aug 1858Christian Co, Kentucky I51460
57 Oglesby, Louisa (Lucinda)  20 Feb 1855Christian Co, Kentucky I51458
58 Oglesby, Martha Lourainie  6 Mar 1952Christian Co, Kentucky I83443
59 Oglesby, Winfield Scott  3 Oct 1915Christian Co, Kentucky I51503
60 Payne, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (..)  27 Jul 1886Christian Co, Kentucky I60904
61 Payne, William  Aft 1880Christian Co, Kentucky I60898
62 Petty, William Henry  19 May 1951Christian Co, Kentucky I100615
63 Puckett, Susan Ann Dayton  11 May 1919Christian Co, Kentucky I104531
64 Taylor, Frances Elizabeth  31 Jan 1918Christian Co, Kentucky I52654
65 Wade, Sarah^  12 Oct 1854Christian Co, Kentucky I51487
66 Waldrop, John  Abt 1810Christian Co, Kentucky I52582
67 Wells, James Benjamin  29 Jan 1932Christian Co, Kentucky I52651
68 Wells, Sue Mary  1 Sep 1956Christian Co, Kentucky I52652
69 Young, Eddie Lee  16 Mar 1934Christian Co, Kentucky I83444
70 Young, Martha Jane  4 Feb 1917Christian Co, Kentucky I60873


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dukes, Ephraim Herrod  1840Christian Co, Kentucky I51434
2 Durbin, John Van Buren (or John M.) Sr.  1860Christian Co, Kentucky I103694
3 Knight, Nancy Ann  1840Christian Co, Kentucky I50715
4 Oglesby, Benjamin F.  1910Christian Co, Kentucky I51530
5 Oglesby, Benjamin Franklin  1870Christian Co, Kentucky I51465
6 Oglesby, Sheriff Constant Jr.  1840Christian Co, Kentucky I50714
7 Oglesby, Constant C.  1840Christian Co, Kentucky I52023
8 Oglesby, Elvira F.  1850Christian Co, Kentucky I51545
9 Oglesby, Mrs. Jane (..)  1830Christian Co, Kentucky I51522
10 Oglesby, Walker  1830Christian Co, Kentucky I60619
11 Oglesby, Winfield Scott  1910Christian Co, Kentucky I51503
12 Payne, William  1850Christian Co, Kentucky I60898


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Oglesby, Constant^ Sr. (FFDNA-Y step 2)  8 Jul 1809Christian Co, Kentucky I50717
2 Payne, Dennis  21 Aug 1816Christian Co, Kentucky I60893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Combs, Nancy  12 Dec 1842Christian Co, Kentucky I60894
2 Payne, Dennis  3 Jun 1813Christian Co, Kentucky  I60893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Oglesby, Constant^ Sr. (FFDNA-Y step 2)  Abt 1803Christian Co, Kentucky I50717
2 Padfield, William M. (or R.) Sr.  1793Christian Co, Kentucky I97042
3 Shaw, Olive  1799Christian Co, Kentucky I15202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Samuel  6 Jul 1846Christian Co, Kentucky I52103
2 Payne, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (..)  6 Sep 1886Christian Co, Kentucky I60904


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allen / Goad  14 Feb 1811Christian Co, Kentucky F34302
2 Allison / Young  30 May 1805Christian Co, Kentucky F20977
3 Boyd / Fuller  Abt 1895Christian Co, Kentucky F19266
4 Cannon / Myers  Abt 1905Christian Co, Kentucky F19268
5 Cloud / Barker  28 Sep 1874Christian Co, Kentucky F29612
6 Dukes / Oglesby  25 Oct 1832Christian Co, Kentucky F16898
7 Durbin / Durbin  Bef 1860Christian Co, Kentucky F35037
8 Fox / Pennington  Abt 1848Christian Co, Kentucky F17095
9 Fuller / Collins  Abt 1870Christian Co, Kentucky F19265
10 Grace / Oglesby  1895Christian Co, Kentucky F19925
11 Grace / Vincent  Abt 1744Christian Co, Kentucky F17064
12 Harkins / Harkins  Abt 1843Christian Co, Kentucky F17059
13 Harkins / Myers  4 Jan 1849Christian Co, Kentucky F17061
14 Harkins / Walker  2 Aug 1855Christian Co, Kentucky F16936
15 Hooker / Payne  30 Nov 1837Christian Co, Kentucky F19938
16 Johnson / Cooper  7 Apr 1850Christian Co, Kentucky F17089
17 Johnson / Taylor  12 Apr 1857Christian Co, Kentucky F17244
18 Johnson / Wells  30 Oct 1898Christian Co, Kentucky F17243
19 Killibrew / Lynch  1774Christian Co, Kentucky F19401
20 Knight / Keith  Abt 1847Christian Co, Kentucky F16939
21 Knight / Oglesby  6 Mar 1847Christian Co, Kentucky F16931
22 Knight / Oglesby  19 Dec 1850Christian Co, Kentucky F16701
23 Lile / Harkins  9 Mar 1865Christian Co, Kentucky F17060
24 Lynn / Shelton  23 Feb 1820Christian Co, Kentucky F20023
25 Myers / Boyd  Abt 1887Christian Co, Kentucky F19269
26 Myers / Cavanah  Abt 1861Christian Co, Kentucky F19270
27 Myers / Hord  Abt 1830Christian Co, Kentucky F19271
28 Oglesby / Durham  5 May 1824Christian Co, Kentucky F19860
29 Oglesby / Knight  30 Oct 1810Christian Co, Kentucky F16698
30 Oglesby / Knight  17 Jun 1824Christian Co, Kentucky F16696
31 Oglesby / Knight  18 Oct 1840Christian Co, Kentucky F16922
32 Oglesby / Knight  11 Mar 1851Christian Co, Kentucky F16809
33 Oglesby / Mannahan  1 Feb 1867Christian Co, Kentucky F16894
34 Oglesby / Oglesby  Abt 1901Christian Co, Kentucky F16930
35 Oglesby / Stanley  Abt 1870Christian Co, Kentucky F16929
36 Oglesby / Young  23 Jan 1873Christian Co, Kentucky F19927
37 Putman / Knight  20 Jan 1859Christian Co, Kentucky F16933
38 Rasco / Johnson  3 Mar 1837Christian Co, Kentucky F17092
39 Shrum / Oakley  29 Jul 1859Christian Co, Kentucky F33626
40 Waldrop / McAllister  11 Jan 1829Christian Co, Kentucky F12242
41 Williams / Cloud  18 Nov 1908Christian Co, Kentucky F29613
42 Wilson / Shelton  4 May 1870Christian Co, Kentucky F20585


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Oglesby / Stanley  Bef 1910Christian Co, Kentucky F16929