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Clark Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, John S.  Jun 1833Clark Co, Kentucky I45472
2 Baber, Mahala Elizabeth  8 Apr 1809Clark Co, Kentucky I91753
3 Baker, John Andrew  18 Oct 1803Clark Co, Kentucky I106389
4 Boone, Isiah N.  1842Clark Co, Kentucky I38550
5 Boone, Martha B.  18 Sep 1829Clark Co, Kentucky I43252
6 Boone, Sarah Ellen  13 Sep 1825Clark Co, Kentucky I43251
7 Brooks, Ann Weir  18 Aug 1798Clark Co, Kentucky I149
8 Brown, Mary  Abt 1775Clark Co, Kentucky I15968
9 Bush, Anderson Patterson  2 May 1806Clark Co, Kentucky I65710
10 Bush, Ann  1799Clark Co, Kentucky I65708
11 Bush, George Walton  1797Clark Co, Kentucky I65707
12 Bush, Stephen Jonathan  11 Feb 1823Clark Co, Kentucky I65698
13 Bush, William Walton  1801Clark Co, Kentucky I65709
14 Combs, Cuthbert  Abt 1800Clark Co, Kentucky I60952
15 Combs, Marquis T  Abt 1828Clark Co, Kentucky I528
16 Combs (Coombs), Samuel Richardson  1776Clark Co, Kentucky I92010
17 Duncan, Joseph  14 Jan 1786Clark Co, Kentucky I95208
18 Embree, Ambrose  31 Mar 1794Clark Co, Kentucky I47476
19 Embree, Amelia Mildred  20 Sep 1792Clark Co, Kentucky I47475
20 Finnell, Jones  24 Jan 1824Clark Co, Kentucky I55031
21 Goosey, John^ Jr.  20 Jun 1810Clark Co, Kentucky I84623
22 Holder, Theodoshea Cladora  1781Clark Co, Kentucky I92011
23 Lampton, Benjamin Logan  24 Feb 1802Clark Co, Kentucky I91752
24 Mathis, Mary Ann  6 May 1800Clark Co, Kentucky I88770
25 Morris, David M. "Bud"  1933Clark Co, Kentucky I18406
26 Raisor, Joseph  1876Clark Co, Kentucky I44851
27 Rice, Nancy P.  1834Clark Co, Kentucky I55077
28 Riley, Elizabeth  16 Jan 1807Clark Co, Kentucky I73541
29 Schooler, John  2 Oct 1810Clark Co, Kentucky I89615
30 Sutherland, Beldad  13 Feb 1813Clark Co, Kentucky I45492
31 Sutherland, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1811Clark Co, Kentucky I45491
32 Sutherland, Luaner  20 Mar 1807Clark Co, Kentucky I45490
33 Sutherland, Travis  3 Jun 1805Clark Co, Kentucky I45489
34 Sutherland, William W. (son?)  1826Clark Co, Kentucky I45498
35 Trowbridge, David  6 Nov 1807Clark Co, Kentucky I88564
36 Wells, Hasten  Abt 1780Clark Co, Kentucky I10924


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Joseph  1 Mar 1843Clark Co, Kentucky I86166
2 Baber, Obadiah  28 Jan 1822Clark Co, Kentucky I91792
3 Barnett, Agatha  Abt 1808Clark Co, Kentucky I47544
4 Boone, Levina  6 Apr 1802Clark Co, Kentucky I10716
5 Boone, Mary  28 Sep 1825Clark Co, Kentucky I10666
6 Boone, Rebecca  14 Jul 1805Clark Co, Kentucky I10718
7 Boone, Sarah Ellen  21 Apr 1849Clark Co, Kentucky I43251
8 Brinegar, John  1833Clark Co, Kentucky I46211
9 Brock, Rebecca Jane  14 Feb 1906Clark Co, Kentucky I55003
10 Bryan, Mary  28 Sep 1825Clark Co, Kentucky I10930
11 Bryan, Sarah  Bef 1830Clark Co, Kentucky I43250
12 Bullitt, Sytha "Seth" Harrison  1820Clark Co, Kentucky I14064
13 Bush, Francis "Franky"  23 Feb 1818Clark Co, Kentucky I47495
14 Bush, Jonathan  6 Mar 1857Clark Co, Kentucky I65694
15 Bush, Capt William "Billy"  26 Jul 1815Clark Co, Kentucky I47494
16 Christy, Julius  1808Clark Co, Kentucky I47545
17 Combs, Cuthbert T. Sr.  Abt 25 Jun 1815Clark Co, Kentucky I43450
18 Cox (or Cockes), Elizabeth^  1854Clark Co, Kentucky I97039
19 Denison, John J.  30 Jun 1925Clark Co, Kentucky I84392
20 Embree, William Simpson  31 Oct 1787Clark Co, Kentucky I47473
21 Finnell, Jones  25 Jun 1892Clark Co, Kentucky I55031
22 Foster, Jeremiah  Aft 1790Clark Co, Kentucky I47635
23 Foster, William  7 Feb 1825Clark Co, Kentucky I47617
24 Gholson, Lucy  25 Jul 1815Clark Co, Kentucky I47479
25 Hazelrigg, Patty  1800Clark Co, Kentucky I10792
26 Holder, Theodoshea Cladora  1822Clark Co, Kentucky I92011
27 Lampton, John Eubanks  22 Dec 1827Clark Co, Kentucky I91750
28 Linville, Caroline  Aft 1830Clark Co, Kentucky I10799
29 Linville, Morgan L.  Aft 1830Clark Co, Kentucky I43249
30 Moore, James  Aft 1758Clark Co, Kentucky I93374
31 Mullins, Jesse^  24 Nov 1817Clark Co, Kentucky I97038
32 Nickell, Mary  1825Clark Co, Kentucky I63679
33 Porter, Mary  1828Clark Co, Kentucky I72477
34 Quisenberry, Elizabeth  27 Jan 1844Clark Co, Kentucky I85635
35 Quisenberry, Rev James  5 Aug 1830Clark Co, Kentucky I64219
36 Scholl, Joseph  1835Clark Co, Kentucky I10717
37 Scholl, Peter Sr, Lt  11 Sep 1821Clark Co, Kentucky I10665
38 Scott, Mary  1788Clark Co, Kentucky I88563
39 Shropshire, Abner  3 Dec 1841Clark Co, Kentucky I72455
40 Shropshire, Ann Nancy  3 Dec 1827Clark Co, Kentucky I72488
41 Shropshire, Benjamin  1815Clark Co, Kentucky I72479
42 Shropshire, John  23 Apr 1810Clark Co, Kentucky I72476
43 Stone, Franklin  11 Jan 1926Clark Co, Kentucky I55027
44 Stone, Mary Sue  17 Jul 1885Clark Co, Kentucky I55023
45 Wright, Frances "Fannie"  17 Nov 1843Clark Co, Kentucky I86167


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Boone, Squire  1850Clark Co, Kentucky I10859
2 Linville, Morgan L.  1810Clark Co, Kentucky I43249
3 Linville, Morgan L.  1830Clark Co, Kentucky I43249
4 Scholl, John  1820Clark Co, Kentucky I10667
5 Scholl, John  1830Clark Co, Kentucky I10667
6 Young, John Thomas  1830Clark Co, Kentucky I97869


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Welty, Peter  22 Jul 1800Clark Co, Kentucky I15961
2 Withers, Thomas C.  Clark Co, Kentucky I13998


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Combs, Cuthbert T. Sr.  12 Feb 1814Clark Co, Kentucky I43450


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baber / Gordon  21 Jan 1808Clark Co, Kentucky F30800
2 Boone / Hazelrigg  9 Jul 1793Clark Co, Kentucky F4139
3 Boone / Linville  31 Mar 1822Clark Co, Kentucky F4198
4 Boone / Locke  4 Jun 1794Clark Co, Kentucky F4136
5 Boone / Locke  15 Oct 1801Clark Co, Kentucky F4138
6 Combs / Payne  26 Aug 1796Clark Co, Kentucky F19953
7 Combs (Coombs) / Holder  Abt 1800Clark Co, Kentucky F30897
8 Copher / Boone  Abt 1792Clark Co, Kentucky F4173
9 Duncan / Quinn  1838Clark Co, Kentucky F25879
10 Hunter / Wagevill  Abt 1767Clark Co, Kentucky F14393
11 Lampton / Baber  15 Feb 1828Clark Co, Kentucky F30779
12 Lampton / Taylor  1787Clark Co, Kentucky F30778
13 Nickell / Wilson  Abt 1790Clark Co, Kentucky F20569
14 Payne / Combs  29 Mar 1802Clark Co, Kentucky F19952
15 Payne / Combs  29 Dec 1809Clark Co, Kentucky F19934
16 Payne / Richardson  17 Dec 1798Clark Co, Kentucky F19939
17 Scholl / Jones  1815Clark Co, Kentucky F4131
18 Stone / Brock  13 Dec 1860Clark Co, Kentucky F18015
19 Stone / Rice  22 Nov 1858Clark Co, Kentucky F18043
20 Sutherland / Sutherland  29 Aug 1823Clark Co, Kentucky F15082
21 Welty / Brown  22 Nov 1796Clark Co, Kentucky F5962
22 Wilson / Nickell  13 Oct 1796Clark Co, Kentucky F20571

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