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Coryell Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baird, James Henry  6 Mar 1884Coryell Co, Texas I105901
2 Court, Martin  04 Oct 1898Coryell Co, Texas I22497
3 Court, Willie May  30 Sep 1906Coryell Co, Texas I14157
4 Dietrich, Elizabeth Ellen "Eliza"  24 Nov 1862Coryell Co, Texas I103661
5 Durham, (child)  Between 1890 and 1894Coryell Co, Texas I76875
6 Durham, Melvin O.  Feb 1899Coryell Co, Texas I76874
7 Harbinger, Hessee F.  1878Coryell Co, Texas I40097
8 Kinsey, Gerge W.  1878Coryell Co, Texas I68140
9 Kinsey, James Elisha  8 Jul 1894Coryell Co, Texas I68573
10 Kinsey, Madison Gaines  1869Coryell Co, Texas I68120
11 Kinsey, Martha J.  1875Coryell Co, Texas I68125
12 Kinsey, Mary E.  1877Coryell Co, Texas I68139
13 Kinsey, Remus  1871Coryell Co, Texas I68122
14 Kinsey, Retta Launa  10 Feb 1896Coryell Co, Texas I68574
15 Kinsey, Thomas Lawrence  1865Coryell Co, Texas I68117
16 Kinsey, William Andrew  26 Feb 1903Coryell Co, Texas I68577
17 Kinsey, William Henry  1869Coryell Co, Texas I68119
18 Kinsey, Zada Elma  5 Apr 1893Coryell Co, Texas I68572
19 Oglesbee, James Edward (or August James)  01 Jan 1869Coryell Co, Texas I22618
20 Sellers, Mary Rebecca Viola  15 Mar 1885Coryell Co, Texas I76892
21 Vandiver, Charles E  Abt 1890Coryell Co, Texas I21568
22 Vandiver, Charles William  28 Oct 1877Coryell Co, Texas I14167
23 Vandiver, George W  May 1896Coryell Co, Texas I21571
24 Vandiver, Graves  Aug 1898Coryell Co, Texas I40027
25 Vandiver, Herbert  Jan 1897Coryell Co, Texas I40026
26 Vandiver, High David  1909Coryell Co, Texas I40003
27 Vandiver, James  Jun 1883Coryell Co, Texas I40021
28 Vandiver, Kate  1902Coryell Co, Texas I39999
29 Vandiver, Lula  Sep 1886Coryell Co, Texas I40022
30 Vandiver, Mabel  Abt 1892Coryell Co, Texas I21569
31 Vandiver, Maggie  Jan 1894Coryell Co, Texas I21570
32 Vandiver, Margaret  Jul 1892Coryell Co, Texas I40024
33 Vandiver, Margaret L.  21 Jan 1874Coryell Co, Texas I40017
34 Vandiver, Pierce  Jan 1894Coryell Co, Texas I40025
35 Vandiver, Robert Graham  Abt 1925Coryell Co, Texas I100972
36 Vandiver, Travis  1905Coryell Co, Texas I40001
37 Vandiver, Travis Everett (T.V. by everettvandiver) (Ag-DNA-4th-6th)   I107032
38 Vandiver, Walter  1907Coryell Co, Texas I40002
39 Vandiver, Winnie Tabitha  14 Mar 1884Coryell Co, Texas I39994
40 Wiggins, Mary Ellen  15 Nov 1850Coryell Co, Texas I40015
41 Winters, Simon Bartlett  1874Coryell Co, Texas I40065


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adams, Nancy M.  2 Sep 1876Coryell Co, Texas I40078
2 Bullock, Winnie  27 Mar 1910Coryell Co, Texas I40053
3 Coskrey, Nancy Elizabeth  10 Dec 1963Coryell Co, Texas I68169
4 Court, Martin  20 Sep 1899Coryell Co, Texas I22497
5 Davis, Grace Truman  2 Aug 2000Coryell Co, Texas I105683
6 Draper, Michael  11 Dec 1865Coryell Co, Texas I78931
7 Durham, (child)  Bef 1900Coryell Co, Texas I76875
8 Freemon, Mary (immigrant)  Aft 1800Coryell Co, Texas I84317
9 Hammack, Mary Elizabeth  12 Nov 1905Coryell Co, Texas I72759
10 Jacks, Mary Ann  13 May 1885Coryell Co, Texas I68113
11 Kinsey, Elisha K.  16 Aug 1898Coryell Co, Texas I68116
12 Kinsey, Madison Gaines  29 Sep 1919Coryell Co, Texas I68127
13 Kinsey, Thomas Lawrence  Aft 1870Coryell Co, Texas I68117
14 Kinsey, Thomas Lawrence Jr.  1875Coryell Co, Texas I68133
15 Krueger, Augusta  Aft 1861Coryell Co, Texas I40482
16 Lamb, Mary Sarah (immigrant)  Aft 1770Coryell Co, Texas I84315
17 Latham, John Mastin  13 Jun 1869Coryell Co, Texas I102580
18 Moore, Sarah  11 Jul 1874Coryell Co, Texas I102581
19 Saunders (Sanders), Amanda America  28 Dec 1922Coryell Co, Texas I81673
20 Saunders (Sanders), Julius  1880Coryell Co, Texas I81675
21 Saunders (Sanders), Mary Elizabeth  1880Coryell Co, Texas I81674
22 Saunders (Sanders), Sarah Permelia  1896Coryell Co, Texas I81670
23 Saunders (Sanders), William Henry Clay  15 Jan 1920Coryell Co, Texas I81676
24 Sparks, Susan "Sussie"  8 Apr 1878Coryell Co, Texas I72138
25 Stampley, Clara D.  14 Apr 1895Coryell Co, Texas I105883
26 Vandiver, Carlisle Graves  27 Dec 1900Coryell Co, Texas I40008
27 Vandiver, Davis Allen  13 Jan 1996Coryell Co, Texas I105684
28 Vandiver, Homer Lewis  23 Jun 1954Coryell Co, Texas I21567
29 White, Thomas Lawrence  24 May 1864Coryell Co, Texas I68114


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Caddell, Sarah Ellen  1900Coryell Co, Texas I8086
2 Courts, Walter Jackson "Bunk"  1900Coryell Co, Texas I8088
3 Jones, James Henry "Jim"  1880Coryell Co, Texas I40082
4 Renfro (Renfrow), Sarah Nancy (Sarah F. "Sally" Lucinda)  1880Coryell Co, Texas I39996
5 Vandiver, Carlisle Graves  1900Coryell Co, Texas I40008
6 Vandiver, William  1900Coryell Co, Texas I40016
7 Winters, George Thomas  1880Coryell Co, Texas I40052


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kinsey, Thomas Lawrence Sr.  1850Coryell Co, Texas I68126


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Caddell / Sparks  Abt 1850Coryell Co, Texas F23360
2 Durham / Guthrie  8 Mar 1882Coryell Co, Texas F24973
3 Harbinger / Winters  Abt 1877Coryell Co, Texas F13492
4 Kelly / Latham  1 May 1866Coryell Co, Texas F34621
5 Kinsey / White  24 Oct 1861Coryell Co, Texas F22037
6 Moseley / Caddell  Aft 1905Coryell Co, Texas F23564
7 Moseley / Hammack  31 Aug 1893Coryell Co, Texas F23565
8 Saunders / Wells  9 Oct 1870Coryell Co, Texas F24020
9 Vandiver / Davis  4 Aug 1928Coryell Co, Texas F35717
10 Vandiver / Vandiver  Abt 1891Coryell Co, Texas F13477
11 Vandiver / Wiggins  23 Jan 1870Coryell Co, Texas F13476
12 Winters / Lemons  23 Dec 1875Coryell Co, Texas F13503