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Edgecombe Co, North Carolina


Latitude: 35.8840053, Longitude: -77.6536125


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnhill, Effie Novela  6 Feb 1909Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I68536
2 Borden, Mary  24 Nov 1767Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I102249
3 Cherry, (2 sons)  Between 1775 and 1790Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57358
4 Cherry, (daughter)  Between 1801 and 1810Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57354
5 Cherry, (son)  Bef 1774Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57357
6 Cherry, (son)  Between 1791 and 1800Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57350
7 Cherry, Peggy  1798Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57348
8 Cherry, Theopilus  1800Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57347
9 Cooper, David  1725Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I73193
10 Culpepper, Benjamin  1755Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I105150
11 Culpepper, Joseph  1746Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I105175
12 Culpepper, Martha  1746Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I105190
13 Howell, Joseph  1733Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I74191
14 Jones, Philip  1720Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I85457
15 Kindrick (or Hindrick), Mildred A.  Abt 1793Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I63348
16 Knight, John^  Jan 1772Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I51486
17 Mallory(?), Martha (DNA-LL)  1696Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I105188
18 Mercer, Martha M. (dau of who?)  1831Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78699
19 Oates, Frances M. "Fannie"  1855Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78700
20 Oates, Jethro  1797Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78706
21 Oates, John  1795Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78705
22 Oates, John O.  1859Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78703
23 Oates, John Olin  abat 1819Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78698
24 Oates, Thomas D.  1858Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78702
25 Oates, William L.  1856Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78701
26 Owens, Etheldred  1742Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I93174
27 Powell, Edward Berkley  26 Sep 1907Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I68541
28 Rentfroe, James  Between 1742 and 1748Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I15122
29 Rentfroe, Joel  1755Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I95646
30 Rentfroe, John  1756Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I95649
31 Rentfroe, William  Between 1743 and 1748Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I15121
32 Richardson, Lydia  1721Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I105174
33 Saunders, William  1770Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I102248
34 Scarborough, Alice  1792Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I84445
35 Scarborough, Allen  1 Jan 1768Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I73353
36 Scarborough, Allen  1794Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I84447
37 Scarborough, Lawrence Allen  22 Oct 1767Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I73168
38 Scarborough, Mary  1790Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I84446
39 Scarborough, Nancy Ann  1796Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I84448
40 Simmons, Edward  Abt 1700Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58014
41 Stringer, Nancy  1763Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I73356
42 Sugg, George Augustus  Abt 1758Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I74148
43 Sugg, Josiah  Abt 1770Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I75681
44 Wilder, Elizabeth  18 Sep 1826Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I73194


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cherry, (2 sons)  Aft 1810Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57352
2 Cherry, Aaron  Between 1830 and 1840Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57351
3 Cherry, Cader  Bef 27 May 1782Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57312
4 Cherry, Harrell Wright  1804Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57320
5 Culpepper, Mrs. Elizabeth U. (..)  1788Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I105172
6 Culpepper, Joseph (DNA-LL)  1745Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I105153
7 Doak, Charles Wilson "Chick"  30 Aug 1988Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I50372
8 Hardy, Robert  Bef 3 Dec 1821Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57324
9 Oates, Frances M. "Fannie"  1860Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78700
10 Oates, John Olin  1850Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78698
11 Oates, Thomas D.  1860Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I78702
12 Rentfroe, John III  30 May 1748Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I15038
13 Scarborough, David  Aft 20 Nov 1773Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I73375
14 Scarborough, Major James  1 Mar 1836Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I73354
15 Simmons, Edward  17 Oct 1735Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58014
16 Simmons, Mrs. Mary (..)  1743Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58015
17 Worsley, Mary  Aft 1798Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57346


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Cherry, Cader  27 May 1782Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57312
2 Cherry, Harrell Wright  1804Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57320


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Holley, Nathaniel  14 Mar 1742/3Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58017
2 Holley, Nathaniel  26 Aug 1753Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58017
3 Rentfrow (Rentfro), Tailor John R.* Jr.  14 Mar 1742Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I15283
4 Simmons, Edward  5 Aug 1732Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58014
5 Simmons, Edward  17 Oct 1735Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58014
6 Simmons, Mrs. Mary (..)  3 Aug 1739Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58015


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Everitt, Esq. James  Between 1734 and 1737Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57373
2 Everitt, John  Between 1734 and 1737Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57384
3 Everitt, William  Between 1734 and 1737Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57387


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Hardy, Robert  25 Nov 1822Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I57324
2 Rentfrow (Rentfro), Tailor John R.* Jr.  1748Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I15283
3 Scarborough, David  1774Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I73375
4 Simmons, Mrs. Mary (..)  14 Mar 1743Edgecombe Co, North Carolina I58015


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cherry /   Abt 1788Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F18892
2 Cherry /   Bef 1790Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F18893
3 Cherry / Biggs  Bef 1790Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F18887
4 Cherry / Worsley  Aft 1790Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F18896
5 Hardy / Burnett  Aug 1804Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F18889
6 Oates / Mercer  20 Jul 1852Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F25578
7 Rentfrow (Rentfro) / Simmons  Aft 1742Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F5641
8 Ridgeon / Simmons  Aft 1748Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F32179
9 Ross / Bonham  3 Apr 1803Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F28793
10 Saunders / Borden  24 Dec 1790Edgecombe Co, North Carolina F34496